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  1. The Orlando area is one of the worst places to protest for secession from “Obamaland”. The Orlando area went to Obama by a wide margin and probably provided his 2012 margin of victory in Florida.

  2. “Secede to survive.” This is an excellent slogan. Peak Jew, Peak Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex and Peak Oil have probably all been reached. The Digital Overclass realizes that the District of Columbia game is nearly over.
    “Silicon Valley’s ultimate exit basically means an opt-in society, ultimately outside the United States, run by technology.” – Balaji S. Srinivasan
    http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/29/us/silicon-valley-roused-by-secession-call.html Silicon Valley Roused by Secession Call – NYTimes.com
    “Ten percent of adults in the District of Columbia identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, nearly three times the national average.” http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/17/fashion/Washington-DC-has-thriving-gay-lesbian-and-transgender-population.html?src=recg The Gayest Place in America? – NYTimes.com
    Are the Jews and lgbties destined to be the most desperate supporters of the great Cesspool of the Potomac?

  3. But use a new, better name than Florida (La Florida), the name of their northernmost Latin American colony, for your proposed future independent state!

  4. Florida is the traditional name. Why change it after half a millennium?

    Explorer, conquistador, and soldier in the battle to expel the Moors, Ponce de Leon named it La Florida in recognition of the verdant landscape and because it was the Easter season, during which the Spaniards have a festival on April 2nd (the exact day Ponce de Leon sighted it) called Pascua Florida (Festival of Flowers).

  5. Alright then, be sure to keep the Latin name that is so fitting as the state becomes fully Latinised!

    Recent street preaching scene from ‘La Florida’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7fOAdoBzec As long as southern (and northern, and western, etc.) whites continue to reject the true Christ of the Gospel they will continue to decline.

  6. Mosin Nagant, Latin was used for the motto of the CSA and is still used for university mottos across the South (Baylor’s motto is ‘Pro Ecclesia, Pro Texana – ‘For Church, For Texas). Latin was the universal language of the Western world for a very long time. You are equating Latin with Mestizo apparently because of the term ‘Latin American’ and the use of the Spanish language (which evolved from Latin) by the Mestizo majority of most Latin American countries. But you are not considering the many millions of White people in Latin America or the historic role of the Latin language in our civilisation.

  7. Florida above Orlando, particularly the panhandle, is very nice. And it is still, by-and-large, White! From Miami I’ll be moving to Destin or thereabouts sooner rather than later.

  8. Really good looking family. You could make them the public face of SNsm.

    I hate how the NSM groups and similar groups shoot themselves in the foot with distracting imagery when they right on substance just like SNsts.

  9. E C raises a credible issue. Miami, South Florida and Orlando aint gonna be seceding from Ocoonaland any time soon. Is the LOS thinking of terms of entire states breaking away or regions only? North Florida and the panhandle might be open to it.

  10. Lew, the FL LS and the MD LS have both discussed the possibility of county secession and the division of States. In fact, they are not alone. In most of our States we have large areas that are Third World. I am open to whatever as long as it leads to our survival, well-being and independence.

  11. Well, Palmetto—

    The White Latins SOCIALIZED the mestizos into their system. There is a level where they are culturally alike, (since they were “latinized” back when they were “natives.” So on that score Mosin seems right. Of course White Latins ARE associated with the people they conquered and socialized to be like them. They share religion, language, etc.

  12. The NSM shoots itself in the foot because it is a national socialist organization. NS is a foreign, Anti-Christian ideology that, IMO, has no place in any American nationalist movement. Most knowledgeable Americans reject any kind of socialism, because they see what great harm that ideology did in the twentieth century. We can grow our own nationalism from our own soil, without borrowing from Europe’s failed experiments, thank you very much.

  13. Palmetto, I didn’t mean Latin, the classical language. DixieGirl, you understood.

    Re: changing the state name: I thought the established name ‘(La-) Florida’ is becoming ever more appropriate for the state no longer dominated by whites of Northwest European Protestant heritage, but of course I knew that none of you would want to change the name to something clearly Anglo-Celtic or Northwest European.

  14. http://www.tufts.edu/alumni/magazine/fall2013/features/up-in-arms.html

    Meanwhile, people are only just now beginning to note what was talked about on this blog, over a year or more ago.

    Again, HW you are in the forefront.

    ” Most knowledgeable Americans reject any kind of socialism, because they see what great harm that ideology did in the twentieth century. ”

    Mr. Dalton- ummm, did YOUR parents collect Social Security payments? Reality trumps ideology, every single time. Socialism can be called by different names, (such as Catholic Distributivism) but it’s merely ‘caring for the tribe,’ writ large. Now, INTERNATIONAL socialism… well, that’s a different story.

  15. Good link, Fr John. BTW your Greek Columbus origin hypothesis was worth mentioning. Why NOT present our ideas freely here? If this is nothing but an echo chamber of ‘yes’ men, it is a waste of time.

  16. Fr. John, socialism in any form is Anti-God. It worked out well in Europe, Russia, and Asia in the 20th century, didn’t it? Heck, all those mass murders, wars, seizures of private property, anti-religious crusades, promotion of abortions, socialized medicine, were just wonderful, no? I bet your fellow Orthodox Christians in those lands were just thrilled about those things, right? And I bet if they heard you talk publically about the glories of socialism, they would hail you for your advocacy of it. Or would they tell you to to put a sock in it? Probably!

  17. At rallies, hope attention is paid to health care. Someone from nc who is looking at health insurance just told me some of the things they were going through…omg. The 2014 lowest cost plan at 385$ a month has limited doctors, 5500 in network deductible, 11K out of network, and covers 0% until the deductible is met (so my gf can pay $4620 a year for the privilege of paying $5000. to meet deductible, so after NINE THOUSAND six hundred twenty, she can get a THIRTY PERCENT CO-PAY ON A VISIT!

    Apparently (though unsure) this is only one of two companies approved by law!

    For $416 a month (5500 a year) she could get the FOUR VISIT A YEAR PLAN. So, she can go to doctor 4 X a year at a $45 “co-pay.” Then, after paying 5000 in-network, or 10,000 out of network deductible, additional visits would be HALF covered.

    Previously, the person was paying about half this for large network of docs, reasonable $50 co pay, could go to a doc more than 4 x in one year (all that is allowed to her now).

    Did not know what to say or how to advise. Seriously, that’s pretty mind-blowing level of extortion.

    Even jews, under Toroh law anyway, see anything over 16 percent markup as unGodly (observant ones)

    Why is that not genocide?

    And: “Baby Boomer” is just a code word for Northwest european protestant.

  18. Seriously—

    for many this seems to mean going from paying about $4000. a year and having “coverage” to paying $10,000 a year and no coverage, and having wages taken (I guess) if one is “non-compliant?” Wow!

    Even criminals would call it criminal, right?

  19. Going after ObamaCare over its impact on the white middle/working class is a GREAT idea. Howver, any opposition to Obamacare should NOT be framed in terms of opposition to “socialism” when Obamacare is actually stealth corporate welfare. Obamacare represents a CONSERVATIVE approach to healthcare. Essentially, it de facto privatizes healthcare by forcing people to buy private, for-profit insurance. Insurance can now raise prices all they want knowing that people are compelled by law to buy the product.

  20. ‘It is an echo chamber of crackpot ideas from the disreputable religious fringe.’

    The REPUTABLE religions include Judaism and Roman ‘Catholicism’, forming the centre, surrounded closely by various ‘High’ Protestant churches emulating Judaism and Roman ‘Catholicism’ such as mainline, liberal Lutheranism and the ‘Reformed’ United Church of Christ’ denomination. Ignorant snake handlers are mere satellites in distant orbit.

  21. Obamacare (not really socialism, but stealth corporate welfare, as Lew said) is rather innocuous in comparison to the effects of Endless Global War and Global Bankers’ theft.

  22. Agreed about Obamacare. It is not socialism. The NHS taxes the wage earner and provides reasonable coverage.

    Obamacare forces people to buy a private product that delivers profit to shareholders in insurance companies. That’s capitalism or some sort of fascism. It should lead to politicians getting messed up badly by constituents.

  23. ‘It should lead to politicians getting messed up badly by constituents.’

    It won’t! Corrupted, deluded, LOST constituents WILL continue to give their consent to the tyranny. If Obamacare losses could move them, their much GREATER losses to Endless War and Banker Theft would have already caused them to revolt, yet they continue to vote for the worst choices at the polls. There will be no escape from the cycle of corruption and slavery, but through repentance!

  24. “The REPUTABLE religions include Judaism and Roman ‘Catholicism’, forming the centre, surrounded closely by various ‘High’ Protestant churches emulating Judaism and Roman ‘Catholicism’ such as mainline, liberal Lutheranism and the ‘Reformed’ United Church of Christ’ denomination. Ignorant snake handlers are mere satellites in distant orbit.”

    It all comes down to whether or not you believe in the Resurrection doled out by God’s grace or not. I don’t. Believers of all stripes are simply thinking metaphorically it’s just that they don’t realize it.

  25. Compare these pictures to the pictures of Cobb in the previous post.
    Imagine if folks like this tried to transform a small town like Leith. The media response would be a bit different.

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