Stand With Tom Watson Rally


As expected, the CofCC and League of the South’s “Stand With Tom Watson Rally” was held at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta without any problems.

13 activists turned out to participate in the event. There was no leftwing opposition present. To my knowledge, this was the first time the CofCC and League of the South have ever worked together to hold a joint protest. If so, this was a milestone in our project of fostering greater unity in the movement and changing the image and trajectory of “the Radical Right” in the South.

For several months now, the League of the South has been holding these smaller, local rallies in Central Florida in between the “Southern Demographic Displacement” rallies which are held every two months. The “Stand With Tom Watson” protest in Atlanta was the first rally of this sort in Georgia.

While the CofCC was known for holding lots of these rallies in the past, there has been a drop off in activity in recent years, mostly due to health-related issues. Like the League after the Uvalda protest, we plan to reverse this trend and get CofCC members meeting up and holding similar protests on a regular basis.

Personally, I think the signs that we used in Atlanta looked really sharp, and when we can get more people to turn out at our protests (first, we have to demonstrate that the world isn’t going to end when they do so), we could order them on a larger scale and at a much cheaper price. Instead of 10 people holding those signs, we could have 100 holding them whenever we do something like this.

The most memorable aspect of the “Stand With Tom Watson” protest wasn’t the absence of “anti-fa” opposition. It was the dozens of homeless black people who were living across the street from us in front of a Presbyterian church. Throughout the entire “Stand With Tom Watson” demonstration, the homeless black people watched without once rousing themselves to walk over and oppose us.

At one point, we had one of them come up to us, and he told one of our activists that he didn’t give a damn about the Tom Watson statue. Naturally, we had several of them approach us and ask for money, and at the end of the demonstration a fight erupted among the homeless black people across the street and the Capitol police swarmed over and made an arrest.

More than anything else, that put the exclamation point on the Tom Watson protest: black politicians in Atlanta are incapable of providing employment, housing, education, or even public safety (100 percent of homicide in Atlanta is black) for their own constituents, and because of their failure as elected public officials, they routinely try to change the subject by demagoguing against “racist” monuments and statues.

Note: I spent a lot of time talking to Joeff Davis who is the reporter from Creative Loafing. We also suspect the SPLC was on scene because someone who “just happened to be walking by” recognized one of our activists.





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  1. It’s important that normal white people see other normal whites standing up for what used to be common sense. Your efforts are appreciated and there is never a good reason to go down without a fight. That being said, I agree with what Mindweapon said:
    “If they remove the statues and replace them with blacks and Asians and Hispanics, those will become symbols of the USA’s decline and fall. All they are doing is ensuring that diversity is that much more strongly associated with civilizational decline.”

    Imagine Atlanta in 2030. The metro Atlanta area extending damn near to Chattanooga as whites flee farther and farther away, Georgia Tech becomes a small liberal arts school renowned for its Africana Studies program, and the city struggles to keep its 32 Michael King statues lit at night because of the rolling blackouts. Atlanta doesn’t deserve a statue of Tom Watson.

  2. @tom “… normal whites standing up for what used to be common sense.” When parasites infect your brain you may indeed lose what used to be your common sense and what used to be your survival instinct.
    “Come in! Come in! For you our hearts do bleed.
    We’ll share our happy lot with you – just tell us what you need.” – G. L. Rockwell “The Fable of the Ducks & the Hens”
    “Jews live among other peoples, and the other peoples disappear. … The problem now is: How do we survive them?” – TANSTAAFL

  3. Great meeting you all. Sorry I couldn’t hang around for the picture, but with an expiring parking meter and another commitment, I had to split early. That guy from Creative Loafing sure played the typical role of the media types. They are out to destroy us. Truth and facts are only inconvenient hurdles to brush aside. Let me say I was extremely impressed with our guys. Highly intelligent, articulate, polished…..etc.

  4. Maybe some of Matt Parrot’s friends from the neo-Nazi cargo cult could have helped you folks add some spice to your protest? “Light the swastika and they will come back”

  5. hugh,

    Great meeting you!

    Hopefully, we will be doing more of these events in Atlanta. I believe this was the first ever joint protest by the League and CofCC. I’m about to eat breakfast, post some more photos, and edit this thread with a write up of the event.

  6. Waste of time. 10 people? Why bother?

    And what’s with those silly white flags? Do they represent surrender? Stick with the rebel flag.

  7. Waste of time. 10 people? Why bother?

    13 people.

    The League wants its chapters to start doing smaller, local events in between the “Southern Demographic Displacement” rallies which are held every two months. The Orlando chapter held another one of these events last weekend:

    I also wanted to illustrate 1.) how easy it would be for the League and CofCC to work together and 2.) that the CofCC could start doing the same thing.

    And what’s with those silly white flags? Do they represent surrender? Stick with the rebel flag.

    There’s another photo with the 1956 Georgia state flag.

  8. Doubtless, “Blah” is one of those people who criticizes everything others attempt to do, but never does anything himself, and then persists in asking — whenever some outrage has been perpetrated against us — “What is anyone gonna do about this?”

    Thanks gentlemen, for standing up for the cause: Your ancestors are proud of you, just as the CofCC is…

  9. Exactly Mr Holt. That complacent mentality,that is exhibited by “Blah”, is exactly what is wrong with the Right. Defeatist mentality is fueled by fear. You keep pounding on your keyboard attacking those who are not afraid to stand up, Blah, and we’ll keep listening to you as much as we do the anti’s.

  10. @Earl P. Holt III: “… standing up for the cause …” We need reasonable protests and reasonable goals. IMO “White survivalism” is easier to sell than WN, which is easier to sell than White supremacy. Let liberals proclaim that they are against “White survivalism”. The Imperialist Carpetbagger regime is likely to collapse only when the money collapses.
    “In a worrying precedent for Americans, the Greek government is exterminating the Greek people—just as the larger European Union officially pursues what can only be called the genocide of the historic European population. But there are signs it is not working.”
    “A lot of people have been waking up … and … the repetitive brainwashing by the media … is breaking down … within an ever-growing percentage of the people.” – Pete Papaherakles

  11. Great job I do believe you folk will have a much easier time liberating the Southern people from the tyranny than the NSM will convincing people to join their cargo cult (which any day will awaken the Reich Monster from the Antarctic ice).

  12. Great job Hunter, Renee, and the gang. I give you guys a lot of credit. Your loyalty and consistency in defending the great American South, and her symbols, is admirable and inspiring. I just wonder where all those other Southrons were??? Only 10 people could find the time to defend Nathan Deal?

    As the late, great Bob Chapman once said “Only an empty belly will get Americans out into the streets. They have neither the courage or the determination to defend anything, whether it’s their honor and dignity or their ancestors and descendants.”

  13. Very well chosen issue and location, but any of our local Tea Party and Republican and Constitutionalist groups regularly turns out more than one or two dozen for public demonstrations. Don’t imagine that every OD commenter who doesn’t drive to LOS and CofCC events is ‘inactive in the real world’! We are used to unpaid, voluntary, real life activism here, including holding signs and flags while the public walks and drives by, honking, waving and calling out if they favour our positions, and media sometimes interviews us.

  14. Biblical churches led by Biblical pastors need to step out and denounce and expose all forms of evil. Revival must come first. Everything else good will follow. Other approaches, schemes and devices may yield some temporary, pyrrhic victories, but without God, final failure is certain.

  15. Greg Johnson says:

    ‘The great-great-great grandchildren of Tom Watson are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. How much did they put up?’

    Interesting question. Most wealthy Whites love establishing and contributing to foundations that help every race but their own.

    They could have offered to pay for the expense of moving the statue, at the very least, if they cared at all.

    Snowhitey says:

    ‘I just wonder where all those other Southrons were??? Only 10 people could find the time to defend Nathan Deal?’

    When there is a demonstration against White racists they will produce greater numbers.

    Bank on it.

    The South is catching up to the North.

  16. good article on golden dawn: “To communists, there are only two sorts of people on the planet: communists and “fascists.” And every “fascist” is a genocidal racist, who seeks to bring about another Holocaust….”

    The same is true of the militarist-corporatist style t.v. fascist like fox news. Both need to be told that POLARIZATION is a step on the road to full Genocide. Therefore they are supporters of white Genocide. How could you explain to Hannity that he is a supporter of white Genocide?

    Explain that it is a JOKE to live off of military spending and bureaucracy while pretending you are so moral b/c you are “anti-abortion,” even as you support overseas wars doing in babies, and even as your own cronies rule the supreme court, too, and you know the law is never going to change, but you bitch about it anyway and act moral…

    Polarization is a step in white Genocide. Commie v militarist-corporatist Fascist is a polarization TACTIC and a step to Genocide.

  17. Greg Johnson says:

    ‘The great-great-great grandchildren of Tom Watson are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. How much did they put up?’

    —- The real question is why is that Greg Johnson’s commentary?

    Um… do you know how many great-great-great’s one has? Well…four grandparents, eight greats, sixteen great-greats, thirty-two great-great-greats…


    You’re talking about hundreds, maybe over a THOUSAND people.

    And yet, we’re supposed to think that all these descendants are just STUPID RICH WHITE PEOPLE.

    Who is “Greg Johnson” LOL. He is just being a Hater.

  18. Seriously,

    Out of ALL THOSE PEOPLE name a thousand of them “worth hundreds of millions.”

    Are they EVERY SINGLE ONE worth “hundreds of millions?” Do you know all these people? LOL

  19. @Sam

    Yeah, it is disappointing that the Watson family, or the descendants of Tom Watson’s many friends didn’t show up in numbers.

    I don’t know if any attempt was made to contact any of the Watson family, or Watson’s friends’ families. Hunter did make some contact, or attempted to make contact with a great-granddaughter of Tom Watson.

    You would think the CofCC & LOS would have the inside track on these types of contacts, and if they don’t, they should work to establish them, as I have suggested to Hunter in the past. Just a little friendly reminder that many still do admire their ancestor. I hope this little rally at least proves that.

    I don’t know if anyone talked to the Watson-Brown Foundation, particularly the members of the board of directors? Or the people who run Watson’s old home place Hickory Hill? If anyone asked, who of these place holders was interested in keeping the statue of Tom Watson in its rightful historical place?

    Maybe someone should write a letter to the Atlanta Journal Constitution suggesting that the State of Georgia bulldoze Hickory Hill while they are at it.

    Money talks, and bullshit walks. But, sometimes money apologizes, and I hope it does in this case.

  20. The Southern Avenger had said some pretty atrocious things…He worried about “racial double standards for white people” and that “a non-white majority America would simply cease to be America.”

    “Atrocious.” That’s the sound a man’s honor and dignity make upon hitting the ground.

  21. Here are my comments on the original story of “The Southern Avenger” pandering to our enemies, embracing Big Brother, anti White political correctness:

    “This former principled Southern young man has now embraced his torturers, loves political correctness, loves Big Brother, thinks Martin Luther King Jr. is a God, greater than Jesus Christ. He thinks Jack Kemp, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul’s slight Libertarian twist on straight out Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton hate Whitey cultural Marxism will save the day – Blacks in Detroit, East St. Louis, Haiti and Zimbabwe will embrace FREE MARKETS and vote Republican.

    Really pathetic.

    How does this guy now feel about gay rights?

    Will he perform homosexual prostitution acts in public to give further proof that he’s not racist?

    Oh, and then there’s something he said or thought about Islamic extremist immigrants. I guess he will support Rand Paul’s defense of Al Qaeda terrorists in Yemen – full American Citizens like you and I because of “birth right citizenship” – yep, idiot traitor Libertarian loon Rand Paul said that nonsense.

    Pathetic, really pathetic.

    30 pieces of silver.”

  22. The Paul family are pretty damn flakey. Ask about the one Paul who ran around wearing a dago-tee, and a oversized Alpine hat—Summer & Winter I guess he was prepared for either? I don’t think Ron will deny it. LOL.

    Btw, who are those inner city “enterprise zones” working out.

  23. The Paul family are pretty damn flakey. Ask about the one Paul who ran around wearing a dago-tee, and a oversized Alpine hat—Summer & Winter I guess he was prepared for either? I don’t think Ron will deny it. LOL.

    Btw, how are those inner city “enterprise zones” working out.

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