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  1. Proud Global Race Traitor

    White male, Black female marriages / mating is very rare, mostly older academics – very similar to gays. It’s nothing to riot over, just better kept quiet, as there have always been gays who should be left alone but persuaded not to make public spectacles of themselves and not encouraged to work to destroy White Western Cilivilization, embrace Al Qaeda, the Black Panthers etc.

    In contrast, Black African males lusting after White women, chasing White women, raping White women is a huge problem, same goes for Arab and other non White Muslims doing the same. These non White males should court their own women, not chase after our women.

    Tigers marry tigers
    Lions marry lions
    Humans should do the same.

    It’s natural.

    Humans get in to severe trouble when they think they are above the laws of nature.

  2. White men do however marry Hispanic and especially Asian women a lot. From a racialist perspective, it is generally argued that blacks are less intelligent than other nonwhites, so apparently this is not as big of a problem, but according to the people who like to talk about white genocide, marriages between white men and Asian women are also a problem.

    Even if it were true that equality does not exist, the social costs of trying to destroy equality are higher than the costs of maintaining it. Any attempt to “wake up” white people will only be successful through revolution, and this revolution will inevitably lead to a dictatorship of some kind, which is what many of you admit that you want. Such a dictatorship however will not be guardians of white civilization. Many white people do in fact have nonwhites in their circle of friends and family, and not all have had bad experiences.
    Mosin Nagant understands that returning to God is the only possible way to improve our situation, and that is correct. However, we will hve to bring the nonwhites to God with us.

  3. Re: ‘we will have to bring the nonwhites’, @PGRT: Not WANTING any NON-Whites to come to God (assuming they could) would be evidence that we have not come to God ourselves, but on the other hand, FOREIGN missionary activity is not necessarily in order. Revival, like charity, begins at home — and revivals and conversions cannot be created, planned or controlled by man. Suppose some nations wake up and others never do?

  4. The 200 or so common ancestors of Asians and Europeans (Australasians too) jumped on some rafts 75,000 years ago to escape the blacks. They must have had good reason to brave such a perilous journey from East Africa to the Arabian peninsular. Let us not piss all over their intrepid pioneering wisdom by treating the blacks as anything but a genetic throwback.

  5. Mosin, a nigger is gonna Nig. In his mind The St of Liseux is every white wimminz who turned down his muh dick routine.

    Fucking savages.

  6. Is that pastor a stealth Muslim? Even the Puritans justified such shines with sound doctrine.

  7. He didn’t know it wasn’t Mary, or thought his audience wouldn’t know the difference. Note the glee, when he gets to smash the artwork.

  8. Capt. John, I believe the whites fled from the blacks too, but I believe the flight took place at the Tower of Babel, not Africa.. Nimrod, who was a son of Cush, the father of the black people, tried to unite all mankind under his rule. God overthrew his plan with the confusion of tongues. History, sacred and profane, shows the ancestors of the people we call white settled in what was called Asia Minor soon after, and over the next few hundred years migrated out to various places in the lands that would be called Europe. It is interesting to note that the origin stories of many of these folks have tales about a primordial enemy who was black, so the antagonism between the blacks and whites must have been intense way back then.

  9. The black preacher is destroying a symbol of the church that shaped our civilization in the West, just like his fellow blacks are destroying the civilization that produced it.

  10. Over 80,000 people show up each year to watch ‘Giant effigies of (…) the Pope and other enemies – often pesky politicians, paraded through the streets and later burned by the societies at their bonfires. There are no holds barred (…) highlighted in the county motto of, “We won’t be druv” (We won’t be driven)’.

    That sounds as white as white, as Gadsden-flag-like, as can be: WE WON’T BE DRIVEN!


  11. It’s not even good bigotry either. The Nig doesn’t even know what these disputes are about. The Virgin is basically an iconographic borrowing from Isis, however the image of Mary allowed the image of Christ to mature into the bearded long haired guy with the soulful eyes. Before that artists showed a boyish Apollo like figure. Even then this statue is a saint’s representation. It’s sad to see a retard like this ape quite complex iconoclastic disputes.

    OT for a moment, most if not all men who are shot or suffering call out for “mom” “ma” “mother” “mum” not “father”. It’s a primal need.

  12. English anti-Catholicism is wrapped up with nationalism though. The Pope can seem as a worldly prince, Guy Fawkes as an agent of a foreign power. The November 5 fireworks are simply Samhain festivals anyhow. My guess is that celts burned wickermen around that time long before the Romans. The Danes burn bonfires on the Solstice. Americans burn the bonfires at Homecoming, complete with a Homecoming Queen. It’s disturbing to see the black stepchildren of these rituals ape the outer form though.

  13. So when the Klan burned a cross now and then, in defiance of our enemies, what is that in comparison to the HUNDREDS of cross burnings and effigy burnings attended by 80,000 yearly on one night at Lewes in Sussex? Opponents of the event may fear that people will begin to take its real meaning to heart again.

  14. Who knows. St Patrick’s Day is the nearest thing Americans get to have to a white people day. A Romano-Briton kidnapped by heathen Irish slavers.

  15. “Weasel, we should clarify that the cowardly “Hunter” is Jack Hunter, not to be confused with OD’s Hunter Wallace.”

    Yes, Jack Hunter.

  16. “St Patrick’s Day is the nearest thing Americans get to have to a white people day.”

    You’re forgetting Columbus Day and Washington’s b-day RIP anyhow July 4th is White peoples day.

  17. “OT for a moment, most if not all men who are shot or suffering call out for “mom” “ma” “mother” “mum””

    Not necessarily.

  18. Big schmucks have little schmucks on their backs to bite em
    And little schmucks have littler schmucks and so on infinitem.

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