When Sharpton Incited NYC Black Mobs to … Kill the Jews

(Editor’s note: black New York City Punks are in the news again targeting Whites for the “knockout game”, it’s in the MSM media because Blacks are now attacking NYC Jews. I’m reposting an OD article about the Black mob attacks on Jews in Crown Heights Brooklyn, this anti Jewish pogrom changed New York City political history as even once liberal NYC Jews voted for White law and order mayor Guiliani – White civilization in NYC was restored. Maybe history will repeat and White civilization will be restored now that Jews are being attacked)

Al Sharpton is back in the news. Sharpton – Trayvon Martin’s “family adviser” has been leading street protests, holding inflammatory press conferences, feeding compliant mainstream media (MSM) contacts a narrative: an evil White RACIST – George Zimmerman supposedly chased and shot down Trayvon Martin – a:
sweet and innocent, young Black child. A RACIST police force in a terrible, RACIST Southern State, supposedly let the RACIST murderer go! Reverend Al shouts “No Justice No Peace” – and there are rumors of Black riots if a special prosecutor isn’t appointed. The special prosecutor is appointed and a RACIST, HATE CRIMES show trial is on.

But, thanks to the very hard work of the alternative, internet media – the Trayvon Martin case has been exposed as just another Sharpton hoax.

Those of us who lived in New York City during the late 1980s, early 90s are not surprised that Al Sharpton is currently inciting Black mobs in Florida – “Reverend Al” was inciting Black mobs to attack White people many, many times in the hell that turned in to Black Mayor David Dinkin’s NYC (See Tawana Brawley rape hoax, Central Park wilding gang rape attack,)

We battled hardened, White urbanites expect terrible Black criminality and we also have to deal with Black race hustlers like Rev. Al Sharpton, Jessie “Jetstream” Jackson, Jeremiah Wright, James Meeks (Chicago guys) and a pathetic assortment of White Liberals, Leftists, who deny or excuse the worst Black crimes against White victims. But, there was one New York City Black mob attack that was different. In 1991 Al Sharpton incited Black mobs in Crown Heights Brooklyn to:

Kill the Jews

A Look At the REAL Al Sharpton-The Crown Heights Pogrom yidwithlid.blogspot.com

Al Sharpton played a leading role in inciting Black mobs to attack Orthodox Jewish New Yorkers in what became known as the 1991 Crown Heights Pogrom and the once solid Black-Jewish alliance broke apart. Jewish New Yorkers joined other White Gentile New Yorkers in saying “enough was enough”. Incompetent Black Mayor David Dinkins was voted out of office and the incompetent Black Police Commissioner Lee Brown was let go. White mayor Rudolph Giuliani, White Police Chief William Bratton took back the streets of New York from the criminal Black underclass – Al Sharpton had to regroup, repackage himself as a reformed community activist and MSNBC progressive journalist. But, the Trayvon Martin case shows that Al Sharpton is still… Al Sharpton. The “Rev. Al” was taken down in New York City, he now needs to be taken down in Florida and in any/all fly over states he tries to push his fake RACIST hate crime hoaxes.


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