The Knockout Game: Why Now?

Israel Blizovsky, a victim of "Knockout King"
Israel Blizovsky, a victim of “Knockout King”

New York

OD, SBPDL, CofCC, Thug Report, Amren, Stormfront and other pro-White websites have been drawing attention to the “Knockout King” game for almost two years now. In fact, OD and SBPDL shifted our focus to other issues after Colin Flaherty started writing his excellent articles about black violence on WND.

Suddenly, the “Knockout King” game is all over the Mainstream Media. What’s changed? Why is “Knockout King” a national story now? When it was just White people in St. Louis who were getting attacked, the Mainstream Media suppressed the story, but now that Jews in New York City are being targeted, it gets on FOX News.

Note: See here, here, here, and here.

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  1. Yep, the Jew is the sacred cow that can’t be hurt in any way. So, the media, which has a large number of Jews in it, is raising holy hell about knock out. What’s funny about this, for years the Jews and the blacks had this special relationship. Now, it’s literally being knocked out by these young thugs. I wonder if the Jewish leadership will be able to broker a deal with Jackson, Sharpton, & Co. to stop Judeo-Polar Bear hunting, or has the hatred that has been building up for years between the two communities make it open season of them for good?

  2. WND had a very recent article about it. I commented about the frequency of black on White crime, the futility of forced integration and billions spent to equalize the races. I suggested it’s well past time to have an honest discussion about race. Not a word about Jews or any racial slurs. They deleted my comment and banned me from posting on their site.

    Apparently, WND is another bunch of respectable conservatives who love to complain about the effects of anti-White policies but will do nothing about the causes.

  3. Good point Stephen E Dalton. Reminds me of the Jews, both part of the media and not, pushing for open borders and massive immigration, including groups that don’t much care for them (read muslims and arabs). It does come back to bite them, doesn’t it. But they will soon forget, once they somehow arrest the current problem, as their goal remains to destroy the white gentiles. This is war, do not forget that. One side needs to be stopped or the war continues. And we of course have the great misfortune that the Jews control the levers of power in the West.

  4. When the Jews are getting their statistical share of black violence, it’s tolerable. But when Jews get more than their share of the punishment, it’s intolerable.

    “Jews own America. I call it the Jewification of America. … They want to wipe Christianity off the face of the Earth, and they’re doing it! … Now we have the unification of synagogue and state. … They are not innocent victims. They are not martyrs. … They despise the goyim. … It’s hardball ethnocentric politics.” – Brother Nathanael Kapner, The Political Cesspool, 05/28/2010, hour 2

  5. more of the same,
    WND is totally under the control of the Jews. The proprietor, Joseph Farah, is an Arab, but also an Evangelical. He might actually believe that he has to worship the Jews, or maybe he is just following directives. I don’t know, as the Evangelicals have serious difficulty seeing any truth when Jews are the indicated problem, and that’s very, very often.

  6. MOTS, Joe Farah is a unabashed Jew butt kisser. He’s hypersensitive to anything that might be criticism of the kosher sacred cow. You may have not said anything about da chosen, but Joe and his fellow tush smoochers know that some people will figure out the part Jewish political power plays in this game, so they have to censor anything that remotely comes near the truth.


    Reps. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) and Yvette Clarke (D-N.Y.) on Monday joined other black leaders from Brooklyn, New York, to call for an end to the “knockout game,” which involves attempts to knockout strangers on the street with a single punch.

    Several incidents of the knockout game have been reported in Brooklyn, but also in Washington, D.C., Illinois and Missouri. Video and other reporting of these events indicate the “game” is played mostly by black teens, and many assaults have been against Jewish victims. …

  8. I became a race realist after hearing about the Knock Down in Tower Grove Park.

    More blacks need to be encouraged to act out their savage nature. Tis a quick way to get folk to wake up!

  9. Fat Nigzi Sharpton was told to go out and tell the younger blacks to stop it. FTR the. Jewdiots and. Shiksas at Salon are minimizing this when the blacks are. Out there saying stop.

  10. Ha, that’s amusing Hunter. The jews quickly grow weary and the blacks quickly grow concerned. It seems no matter how feral the negro, they remain capable of discerning which hand holds the whip.

  11. The scrambling nignog politicians afraid of their campaign cash drying up is a sight to behold. Would these subhumans have said a word if Brad Ellingham III was the knockdown target, instead of Moshe Moshewitzbergstein?

  12. Rudel,

    It is a fake crisis in a way. After a few years of completely ignoring the specific methodology of the KDK, now they splash it on the header. Yeah it’s fake. The black sucker punch on the oblivious white appears to be a feature of black interaction with whites ever since…well, ever since we allowed them to be legally equals.

  13. In Public Skoo’s all over the Tristate area teachers are loading up power point demonstrations telling the niglettes which type of white devils they cannot hit or torment. Mosche’s image comes up and the teacher says:

    “if dey gots da funny hat on or dey is skinny wit da glasses Dough heet em? Gnomesayin? If dey got da kippa, yo mamma says not to hitta.”

  14. Do Hikind, a New York state representative, just said on the Faux News Greta show that most of the victims are Jewish. My, my, my. Since this is TV, it must be true.

  15. Good lord the attack inflation is remarkable. Possibly a few incidents in New York and suddenly it’s Auschwitz all over again. I think that Occidental Observer got it right the knockdown game needs a blindside game with whites dropping their guard acting unracist to even be effective.

  16. Good article Hunter. Hope you also come up with good article on JFK and his speeches against Segregation. Also his speeches on Civil Rights. The 65 Immigration Act was the dagger in heart of White America. Civil Rights Act and Affirmative Action–sll from the wonderful Kennedys…The Media makes JFK like he is a God or something. If you say anything against the Kennedsy its a Hate Crime…By the way—all the crazy attacks on whites thru the years is a direct result of JFKs insane social justice garbage,,,

  17. Since a Jew or two got their bell rung in New Yawk, the knockout game is getting national media attention. Let’s remember, in New York the Jews run things, and a Jew getting attacked makes for instant political support from Jewish & Catholic politicians.

    Now any number of White Protestants can be attacked by Blacks, or other minorities, and the Catholic and Jew politicians could care less. It’s about time we realize this fact about the big cities, and even large towns with non-White populations.

    Hunter you and Kyle Rogers really broke the story on your small, but, still national websites. You may have more muscle than you realize.

  18. Police say as she was walking home, two men approached her and beat her over the head with a blunt object. The men robbed her and then escaped the scene.

    This is going on all over the country.

  19. Anyway, before that, wasn’t it called “WILDING” in nyc? This “game” goes on and on, and now they just RENAMED IT “knockout.” Then there was the thing of punching people with syringes, seemingly found on the street. Idk, I think it was “Wilding” around the bernie goetz central park jogger time. At any rate, it is always good old clean sounding fun, a GAME (even if people’s lives end) and sorta WILD!

  20. “It’s everywhere over the entire country.” – Colin Flaherty “WHITE GIRL BLEED A LOT” by Colin Flaherty

    “We have a government that is out to kill us …” – Hutton Gibson

    Jews have used money, media and manipulation to conquer most of the world just as Mongols made use of ponies, bows and arrows to conquer most of the world. Jews have taken down the U.S.A. and western Europe – now all they need to do is take down China.

  21. It is reported that Al Sharpton broke an alliance of Blacks with Jews in New York City, and that Jews formed alliance with whites?

  22. “Possibly a few incidents in New York and suddenly it’s Auschwitz all over again. ”

    It’s ALWAYS Auschwitz, all over again.

    That’s what makes making them tremble in their boots so much fun.
    We just have to divest them of their power, and THEN do it non-stop 24/7.

    “His blood be on US, and on our children.”
    Payback’s a b*tch, as they say. And Kissinger put it succinctly, when he noted ‘Jews have an expiration date.’

    Go thou, and do likewise.

  23. @Stephen E. Dalton: “… they have to censor anything that comes remotely near the truth.” Yes, the BST is difficult to maintain. The situation is bad even in the absence of ethnic resentment.

    “He jes’ a normal child.” 9 year old Black Bully Punches, Kicks, & Chokes Toddlers at Daycare Center, WLBT News Report, Vicksburg

  24. Just like the use of elephants in ancient warfare always had its risks. An elephant goaded to war by the groundlings frequently tossed its handler, turned and charged the ranks attempting to drive it forward.

    The ‘apple of h’shem’s eye’ is going to regret the use of the negroid behemouth in their war against the Whites. I can see it now, they’ll all be playing the race card, the righteous indignation card and running their victim schtick. If the state manages to convict any of tha bruthas, they’ll probably have to do community service at the holocaust museum so the Jewish overlords can get them back on track with target reconition.

    Unless of course one is cynical enough to think that the bruthas have their script and the deal is to rough up the precious ones, draw swastikas on the synagogues and generally get loud and out there with the anti-semanticism so the Jews can run their victim schtick.

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