Jews and Northern Integration

Morris Milgram, interracial housing pioneer
Morris Milgram, interracial housing pioneer

American North

As I said in the OD comments, there’s no shortage of discussion of the Jewish Question in Thomas Sugrue’s Sweet Land of Liberty: The Forgotten Struggle for Civil Rights in the North.

“Even more influential than their local activism was that sociologists and psychologists consulted for foundations, religious groups, and civil rights organizations and wrote articles to distill their findings for the general public.

The National Conference of Christians and Jews, the National Council of Churches, the National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials, the American Friends Service Committee, and the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith all underwrote scholarship on prejudice and published pamphlets that popularized it. Liberal foundations, perhaps none more important than the Fund for the Republic, also subsidized work on discrimination. In a climate where social scientists were rewarded for serving as public intellectuals, they felt no stigma in distilling their findings in popular periodicals, with hopes of undermining racial prejudice. They cooperated with journalists who disseminated their findings to the wider public. In all these forms, social science made its way into general circulation.”

There’s also no doubt that there was a Jewish war against “racial prejudice” in the postwar years and that this played a significant role – through the popularization of these concepts in Northern middlebrow news magazines – in the shift in White Northern racial attitudes between the Second World War and 1964.

“The open housing movement fused liberal religion and social science. Christian and Jewish antidiscrimination organizations popularized and disseminated social scientific findings about race and prejudice, fusing morality and psychology. By the 1940s, liberal theologians were making peace with psychology, in part because of its emphasis on the power of personal transformation.”

Jews were very active in the Northern “open housing movement.” Sugrue spends almost an entire chapter discussing Morris Milgrim’s work as a pioneer of interracial housing and his fight to integrate Levittowns in New York and Pennsylvania.

“Jewish organizations funded the lion’s share of intergroup advocacy work in the postwar years. The American Jewish Committee conducted and disseminated research on “the basic nature of prejudice as a social and individual maladjustment”; the American Jewish Congress joined challenges against housing segregation. …”

As one might expect, Jewish activists worked through a coalition of groups to advance their agenda. In particular, they worked closely with the National Council of Churches and liberal Protestant organizations and newspapers to popularize anti-racism.

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    Jack Greenberg, Alphonse Fletcher Jr., Professor of Law at Columbia University
    Mr. Greenberg has been at the forefront of many of the landmark civil-rights cases of the 20th century, including serving as co-counsel with Thurgood Marshall in the Brown v. Board of Education case in 1954. He succeeded Mr. Marshall as director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense & Education Fund, a position he held until in 1984.

    Rabbi David Saperstein, Director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
    During his 30-year tenure as Director of the RAC, Rabbi Saperstein has advocated on a broad range of social justice issues emphasizing civil rights concerns. For over two decades, he has served on the executive committee of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and has been the only Jewish member of the National Board of the NAACP

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  2. Let’s not forget that the Jews would have gotten nowhere without help from their Roman Catholic political allies in the big cities of the North who provided the votes.

  3. “… undermining racial prejudice…” Undermining racial prejudice in White goyim for the economic and political benefit of Jews.
    “When Mom and Dad whispered ‘shvartze’ in annoyed terms … I knew that what they really meant was ‘nigger’.” – Nina Silver
    “It’s really amazing that people still resist the notion that oil is the reason for Iraq. … sending our poorer kids to Iraq.” – Ray McGovern Ray McGovern on the Corruption of U.S. Intelligence
    “Any American president has only two windows of opportunity to take on the Zionist lobby – in the first nine months of his first term and the last year of his second term if he has one.” – Jimmy Carter, quoted in “Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews” by Alan Hart
    The neocons use military spending and cheap labor to destroy Whites and enrich themselves. The neocommies use welfare state spending and open immigration to destroy Whites and enrich themselves. Denise has the right idea.

  4. Let’s face facts, a tiny minority like the Jews could not have pushed through integration without the help of their Roman Catholic political allies in the big cities of the North who supplied the votes.

  5. Mosin asks about Sugrue’s own background and whether he deals with the role of Christianity in all this.

    Sugrue’s religion is not mentioned in any of the material I have read about him. He does make reference in one interview to his aunt, who was a Roman Catholic nun. This would seem to hint he may have come from a Catholic background, especially as his surname, Sugrue, is Irish, and his aunt’s surname was given as Ryan.

    He apparently grew up in Detroit, and if you read his Penn faculty page it seems his work has been almost exclusively about race and interracial issues. Read the list there of his many associations with and awards from hyper-liberal ‘foundations’ and various pro-diversity groups.

    I think he is likely the typical secular liberal, not religious himself.

  6. @Fr. John: “One law for them, another law for us.” Fr. John soundly hammers the nail here.
    “The old religious authorities, at least, defined a heresy before they condemned it, and read a book before they burned it.” – G. K. Chesteron
    “… they oppose any sense of identity among White Europeans. … That is our biggest problem, right there.” – Kevin MacDonald
    “… Very few people down here in the South are Jew-wise. … The two greatest taboos are race and Jewish power and influence.” – Keith Alexander The Political Cesspool Podcast, 1/5/2013
    “… the lies said about me. … There was no objectivity. … There was no interview. … And people accepted it as fact. … Unless it’s a sports score … I almost have a knee-jerk reaction to believe the precise opposite.” – James Edwards, TPC, 7/21/2012, Hour 2
    Jews have hijacked and/or destroyed Christianity, and they play the White Christians’ sense of the 7 spiritually deadly sins like a fiddle. We need to rethink what we are doing and how to survive and form alliances. Norse Nine Noble Virtues

  7. Part of the Jewish involvement was not altruistic, but because Jews found, after 1920 in many areas of the North (I cannot speak of the South, not having lived there) they found that they were STILL (oh, the humanity!) being ‘discriminated against’ by the WASP Elites in their country clubs, the new concept of subdivisions, and, most of all, in the halls of the Ivy League Academies.

    The scene in Auntie Mame (the movie which was the forerunner of the Musical, Mame- the former, written by Patrick Dennis, the latter, by a Jew) where Mame decries her nephew’s fiancee, as “…an Aryan from Darien, (CT) with braces on her brains.” Such was/is typical of the hatred- YES, HATRED f-or those who had the power, who wanted to KEEP IT IN WHITE HANDS.

    The Northern Yankee may have looked down on the Southernor, but they both held to the same ideological beliefs, until the Jews, aligned with the Fundamentalist/ Modernist controversy’s apostate clergy (the ‘liberal’ clergy, who, denying Christ’s Humanity, spuriously gave it to the Black and the Jew, in their replacement religion of Egalitarianism), started the ‘long marches on the institutions.’

    As a clergyman, it is absolutely mind-boggling to read the critiques of this nascent liberalism, from almost every denomination, from the period 1920-1970. They all saw it coming, they all knew it was blasphemous, and yet, by and large, they didn’t strike at the root of it all- the ontological differences between Whites and non-Whites.

    And, imho, the reason for that was, that we all believed the Lincolnian lie that ‘blacks and whites are equal free men.’ We had substituted an alternative RELIGION to that of our Christian forebears. And then, with the rise of Darwinism, we substituted the ‘infallibility’ of ‘scientism’ for either our Christianity, or our ‘xtianity’ was aligned, meshed with our Darwinism, and it appeared that only ‘backwater hicks’ and ‘religious bigots’ actually could hold the faith of the prior 1900 years of Christendom.
    This is now the position of most of the ‘mega-churches,’ amazingly, as well as the ‘lamestream’ big four- UMC, ELCA, UCC, and TEC.

    They hold to egalitarianism, and yet claim to be Christian. They deny the anti-miscegenationist prohibitions in the Pentateuch for themselves, yet they (and the Hagee-ites) consider the Jews’ aping of OUR God-given Laws, as somehow ‘noble.’ Evangelicals are ready, willing and able to call someone a ‘racist’ as if that were the equivalent to a heretic, yet even here, some are now condoning gay marriage (already with gay Bishops in the most liberal of those liberal churches!), an act which YHWH God calls an abomination; and the most ‘fundie’ of all of those synagogues of Satan preach ‘rainbow adoption’ as somehow the reverse of the Curse of Babel.

    But above all, and before all, it is the Mischling actions of the Deicides that lead the way, like a Pied Piper.. and none of it would have occured, if we had merely kept them ‘beyond the Pale,’ and unable to hold positions in commerce, land-owning, teaching, banking, or science….

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