New Pope is a Traitor

On the Cover of the Rolling Stone

Some more bad news.

The new Catholic Pope is a traitor. His recent papal position papers embracing liberation theology is as bad as anything the Sandinistas or Rev. Jeremiah Wright ever wrote. Now this idiot is flying his expensive private airplane to the Italian island that has been invaded and overrun with Black African Muslim boat people. Pope Francis welcomes the Black African Muslim invaders and spouts predictable Cultural Marxist lies that “Islam is a religion of peace.”

As the Elvish King Elrod said in Lord of the Rings: “Our list of allies grows thin”

Here’s the sad story of the new idiot, traitor Catholic Pope.


  1. “He’s just another Calvinist idiot”. Uh, you’re aware the pope is Catholic, right? And that Calvin really didn’t understand St. Augustine, yes?

  2. ‘Joe Whitlock wrote: ‘Like I said; it really doesn’t matter what the Pope
    does, you protesting heretics are going to hate him no matter what (…)
    because you hate authority (…) You morons are on here disrespecting a man
    in charge of over a BILLION people world wide, but half of you can’t
    control your own trailer with 8 people living in it’:

    Do fast-breeding (eight in a trailer) ‘trailer trash’ whites hate
    ‘AUTHORITY’? Yes, we not only ‘disrespect’ the Italian tyrant who rules
    over a billion people, we SHOW it by burning his image every Fifth of

    The motto of OD paraphrased: ‘Let natural slaves worship a despotism, but
    free white MEN will despise and resist it’!

    Re: ‘but what world white religious leader do you have that is conservative
    on the issues of race? AND, I’m talking a real leader, not some hick
    preacher from the back woods’:

    We allow ONLY ‘hick’ preachers, since the true, Biblical church is not only
    racial but ethnic, even tribal, and local, and CONGREGATIONAL! We ARE those
    ‘ignorant Pennsyltuckian trailer trash backwoods hicks’ that you FEAR, and
    we alone have the courage to disrespect, despise and resist your so-called
    ‘world religious leaders’, and it makes NO difference AT ALL to us whether
    the Antichrist of Rome is going to be liberal or ‘conservative’. Every
    Pope, so-called Vicar of Christ, is WORSE than a traitor.

  3. The Vatican has hired ‘the most gay-friendly’ homosexual firm to manage Bergoglio’s ‘reform’:

    ‘They shall wax worse and worse’, But ‘let the wicked be wicked still’, because ‘worse is better’ in this case — because ‘better’ (a return to Roman traditionalism) would be worse for us — and so as Babylon rises higher to the peak of liberalism and diversity, including ‘diversity of perversity’, it will fall that much harder and destroyed more thoroughly when its time comes. Its time is coming. Rome is NOT eternal.

  4. This article (‘The Pope is a Traitor’) is unique in that there is NO difference of opinion, everyone, north and south, agrees with the conclusion!

  5. Good coming news from the Vatican today, 16 of the 19 new ‘princes of the “church”‘ are young and multicultural, and will be choosing the next Pope in a few years (assuming there will BE another Pope, which we hope not) have been chosen by Mr. Bergoglio, who some OD commenters believe is only pretending to be liberal and biding his time before he comes out as a ‘Traditional’:

    ‘Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said the pope’s selection of churchmen from HAITI and BURKINO FASO, which are among the world’s poorest nations, reflects Francis’ attention to the destitute as a core part of the church’s mission (…) His selections also came from Managua, Nicaragua; Santiago, Chile; and Rio de Janeiro …and…) South Korea’

  6. ‘Good coming news from’ should have been ‘Good news coming from’. Again I dashed one off without reading it.

    One of Jorge’s (as he likes to be called) many predecessors’ many good examples: Perverted, Polish Pope Paul (reportedly a habitual pornography user, and on official record defending nudity) celebrating with Black priests and a naked female delivering an offering: and and while another naked Black female reads the Scripture:

    Jorge’s Papacy is on track to expand freedom of divorce even further, and destroy the Biblical concept of marriage:

  7. THIS is the correct link on divorce policy for my previous comment:

    ‘it is hypocritical for the Vatican and the Bishops to pretend that they are not promoting divorce when, in fact, they increasingly have taken practical measures to make it easy and to speed up the process. Catholic History has never seen such an escalation of the number of “annulments” of marriage (…) The United States is the saddest example, leading the list of annulments granted. The name “divorce” is forbidden, but (…) it is the same as a divorce (…) Today it is quite simple to declare fundamental error of person or lack of maturity of one of the spouses in assuming the responsibility of marriage in order to receive an annulment (…) The situation that was already bad before 2005 when these new norms were issued by the Vatican, has become worse now. With the English translation of the norms and commentaries, we can only expect a further increase of Catholic divorces in the United States’ (referring to the recent English-language commentary on Dignitas connubii, to guide American Bishops and priests on how to proceed with the ‘annulments’).

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  9. The new PC Liberal Catholic Pope (he appeared on a positive cover story of Rolling Stone Magazine) is publishing more treasonous nonsense about the 3rd world invasion of the White 1st world.

    Vdare’s Brenda Walker has an excellent article about the latest Pope support for the Muslim/3rd World Immigrant invasion.

    I would add that position of Catholic Pope has gotten to be virtually the same as the position of Queen of England. All sorts of nonsense, treason gets published, announced in the name of the Pope, the Queen – it’s always multi cult, Lib, Leftist nonsense – like the Queen’s Christmas speech where she urges the British people to study the Koran for inspiration.

    Some other people are writing these insane, multi cult, treasons for the new PC Catholic Pope and for the old Senile British queen.

    It’s all a part of the cultural marxists “Long march through the institutions”. They made it to the top, right next to the throne.

    Thus, we must work much, much lower on the scale – not the top, nor the bottom – the mob. Our best opportunities are in the middle class, lower middle class, working class. Until we can get some mass/mob support/power of our own, these corrupt elites will keep doing what they do – treasonous nonsense.

  10. My people were happy before the advent of Christianity in England, Scotland and Ireland, and I am beginning to think that the old religions, that is, the pre-Christian indigenous faiths deserve a second look.
    Everything inside me screams out against the purveyors of White genocide, and the Roman Catholic Church, sadly, is one such purveyor.
    Maybe I should continue worshiping Almighty God in the Person of Wodan.
    The Church teaches things that are ridiculous, an obvious one being that self-gratification be a “mortal sin.” Insane!
    I am all for reversing the anti-White trends of the last few decades, and we should use every means at our disposal. The hour is LATE.

  11. “Fr. John, the Orthodox Church isn’t going to save our bacon. That church is under the control of people who were communist operatives. I fail to see how the godless can lead a Christian Church. Putin is a former KGB agent who still honors the founder of the Soviet intelligence agency, an agency that murdered millions of people, especially Christians, who rejected communism. How anyone can see this man as a Christian is beyond me. And the Orthodox Church is a child of the East. It’s culture is Eastern, not Western. It has no understanding of the Western mind, so I fail to see how a culture that is as alien to us as Hinduism is going to revive the West.”

    Mr. Dalton, thanks for actually giving me the benefit of the doubt about my ordination, by not ‘parenthesizing’ my title. It’s a very small gesture, but I appreciate it. As to your comments, when I first started posting on this news bit in NOVEMBER (and now it’s almost January) I did so, not out of a sense of either superiority, or glee, but of pastoral care.

    The Church will survive to the end, (and we may be AT the end, but that’s another issue alltogether!) but to mix up the idea of the Church (what Protestants do) with a false Church (what Mormons, Anglicans, and RC’s do) – whether because of vererability (Anglicanism’s cathedrals, church music, Rome’s numerical superiority, even as it is comprised of a serf/slave/xenos class for most of its membership, or the supposed ‘golden plates’ and ‘testimony’ of the LDS faction) does NOT mean that either of these groups IS the Real Church, nor can they effectively stand against ‘the world, the flesh, and the devil,’ and/or the Antichrist, which the father say will be born from ‘the loins of a whoring Jewess from the tribe of Dan.’

    Mr. Dalton, you state the old propaganda of the decades prior to Russia’s rebirth from the ashes of the USSR. I was unwilling to believe that any of that could change, myself, 15 years ago (@2000). But, clearly, things HAVE changed.

    And this is from five years ago. Think what that means (if it is true). Why is it that the Jewish-dominated West and the EU vassal state is egging Russia on to WWIII? It’s not oil, it’s not technocratic superiority- the Chinese already outstrip us as ‘Nation #1’ thanks to the Obamanation, itself!

    No, it has to do with the renaissance of Russian CHRISTIANITY coming ALIVE AGAIN, after a seventy-year Babylonian Captivity. Dalton, if Rome could have such a thing (and we all know they did) then, why not Russia?

    Moreover, the blood on the hands of the Jewish manipulators (Nudelman) in Ukraine has even led to a letter of protest from the first Russians who left in 1917, (and/or their descendants) to point out what this ‘cold war’ really is- the forces of EVIL (and yes, the USA is now officially the ‘Evil Empire’) against the ONE NATION that is standing for CHRIST and Christianity!

    “[Ukrainian] junta forces are also allowing numerous attacks on Russian Orthodox churches, condoning acts of violence against Her, even extending to the murders of priests, the destruction of church buildings and staging repressions against Russian Orthodox believers. It said, “We can’t remain indifferent and silent in the face of the planned elimination of the Donbass population, open Russophobia, and hypocritical approaches that contradict the interests of EU nations themselves. We hope that the countries that in their time had shown hospitality to our families will again set out on the path of reason and impartiality”.

    Dalton you cannot believe that Russia is still mired in a Soviet apparatchnik methodology, when it is the WEST who is the blatant aggressor in all of this!?? Can you? Witness what everyone outside of our provincial hell-hole called America, knows for fact!

    No, Dalton, what this is, is an irrational unwillingness to realize that HERE, with the Whore of Babylon astride the Beast, we see the rise of all of Christendom against her heresies and errors, just as all Christians have known throughout the centuries. You are not a romanist, you are a Christian. But to worship Rome as IF she were that Body of Christ, is to worship a WHORE.

    “The fact is that some in Russia are beginning to understand that some things are more important than the dubious material ‘blessings’ of Western consumerism, which often turn out in fact to be curses. They have understood that what is more important is the return to Orthodoxy, the ancestral spirit of self-sacrifice for faith, home and the peace and future of the whole world. What path for Russia? There is a third path, neither a westernizing tyranny, nor a CIA banana republic. On 8 December it was reported that a simple blacksmith from Donetsk, Viktor Mizalev, has from the scrap metal of junta missiles, launched against civilians, forged a crown, a sceptre and an orb. The Sanhedrin in Washington has no answer to this.”

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