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  1. Of course, “Americans” can be enemy combatants.

    “Americans” named Mohammed al-Terroristiqua, who got to be “Americans” either by some phony birthright citizenship, or as a result of the refugee racket.

    Sorry, HW, I have to part ways with you here. If “American” Mohammed al-Terroristiqua runs back over to Whackistan to go jihad it up with his coreligionists and coracialists, and he gets his 72 virgins by way of one of our armed drones, I’m not shedding one tear nor flinching an inch.

  2. Let’s stick with LG’s open borders immigration treason, and the fact that he’s a flaming queer and the fact that South Carolina doesn’t have a straight Southern man in the offices of governor, US Senators.

    This Drone attacks are about to be launched on regular US citizens – this CT stuff makes our opposition look lunatic fringe, also brings us back in to the Aron and Rand Aul 5% cult. We don’t want to be back with them.

  3. No one bothered to ask him WHY these Muslims are here in the first place so that they can recruit at all.

  4. The US Army is already planning for such a scenario. Remember this?


    Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A “Vision” of the Future

    “In May 2016 an extremist militia motivated by the goals of the “tea party” movement takes over the government of Darlington, South Carolina, occupying City Hall, disbanding the city council, and placing the mayor under house arrest. Activists remove the chief of police and either disarm local police and county sheriff departments or discourage them from interfering. In truth, this is hardly necessary. Many law enforcement officials already are sympathetic to the tea party’s agenda, know many of the people involved, and have made clear they will not challenge the takeover. The militia members are organized and have a relatively well thought-out plan of action.”

  5. My God, Graham has nothing on Roehm. In fact, he’s practically the reincarnation of the perverted bastard!

    “It was a quiet night in Munich. The people moving along the streets in the heart of the city were grim. They walked heads down, hands deep in the pockets of their frayed coats. All around, the spirit of defeat hung like a pall in the evening air; it was etched on the faces of the out-of-work soldiers on every street corner and in every café. Germany had been defeated in the war, but it had been crushed by the terms of the Versailles Treaty. Everywhere the people were still mired in depression and despair, several years after the humiliating surrender of Kaiser Wilhelm.
    In this atmosphere the purposeful stride of Captain Ernst Roehm seemed out of place. But Roehm was accustomed to being different. A homosexual with a taste for boys, Roehm was part of a growing subculture in Germany which fancied itself a superior form of German manhood. A large, heavy man, Roehm had been a professional soldier since 1906, and, after the war, had temporarily lent his talents to a socialist terror organization called the Iron Fist. On this night Roehm was on his way to meet some associates who had formed a much more powerful socialist organization.
    At the door of the Bratwurstgloeckl, a tavern frequented by homosexual roughnecks and bully-boys, Roehm turned in and joined the handful of sexual deviants and occultists who were celebrating the success of a new campaign of terror. Their organization, once known as the German Worker’s Party, was now called the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, The National Socialist German Worker’s Party — the Nazis.

    Yes, the Nazis met in a “gay” bar. ‘

    opening paragraphs of ‘The Pink Swastika’ 5th (internet) edition.

    Just change some of the names, and call the Party the Obama Party, and we’re right back where we were, a hundred years ago- except now they’re called ‘liberals,’ and WE’re the ones called ‘Nazis.’

    Damn Graham. Damn him and his ilk to Hell. He’s a full-on pink triangle TRAITOR to his country.

  6. HW wrote:

    The US Army already lists the CofCC and League of the South as its domestic enemies.

    I respond:

    Probably because the Army is cutting and pasting stuff from the SPLC. All to please their Commander-in-Chief. I don’t necessarily take that to mean that they’re going to drone strike us to death tomorrow.

    Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A “Vision” of the Future

    I respond:

    Same deal. And besides, why would a “tea party militia” take over the city government in Darlington, South Carolina when it can just as easily win all the city council seats there by means of the regular political process? If not that, then the people elected to that city’s council already agree with the TPM even if they happened to be elected before the TPM coalesced.

    Whoever wrote that stupid crock of crud is probably a hack extremist looking to impress his bosses, all of whom are either Barack Obama or someone appointed by Barack Obama.

    Still, that doesn’t make me live in mortal fear of “my” government assassinating me via drones.

    • Re: countenance

      1.) Lindsey Graham believes that Obama should have the discretion to designate “enemy combatants,” even if they are Americans, and use drones to kill them on American soil.

      2.) I’m sure the US Army is getting this material from the SPLC. The same is true of local law enforcement agencies. They had the police department in Shelbyville, TN thinking that we were a terrorist group.

      3.) From the US Army’s perspective, it has foreign enemies (al-Qaeda) and domestic enemies (groups like the League of the South) as well. Lindsey Graham didn’t specify that Obama should have the discretion to send drones in against Muslim terrorists. An “enemy combatant” could be anyone, a foreign or domestic enemy.

      4.) If we were ever successful and, say, South Carolina seceded from the Union, do you believe that Obama would hesitate to order a drone stroke, or that he would refrain from doing so until the act was accomplished?

      5.) It was a retired colonel at Fort Leavenworth.

      6.) The FBI and DHS put out reports on “domestic rightwing extremism.” The federal government already sees groups like the League as being their domestic enemies.


  7. Jack Ryan

    You pretty much took the words out of my mouth.

    We have Lindsay Grahamnesty on the rocks with one issue and one big issue, and one only: Immigration.

    (The light in the loafers stuff: Spread it sub rosa.)

    If we start talking about drones, we’ll only confuse people and punt on valuable time that we need to pound his cake on immigration.

  8. Didn’t he say on that clip that Americans who helped the Nazis were hung by (actually he said “in”) a military court? I don’t recall Great Grandpappy “Prescott” Bush being hanged?

    This guy is the epitome of what’s wrong with Washington. Not just the nauseating fairy part (DC is packed with them – just ask Barney Frank who ran a male prostitution ring out of his townhouse and said if he gets anything more than a censure he would reveal the names of 25% of the House who were clients) but the worst that walk the planet, all funded by the American taxpayer.

    This truly is a war between good and evil!

  9. HW

    1. I know he said it, because I watched the video. But it’s highly highly highly unlikely that either, you, Jack Ryan, I, or almost everyone who is reading these words will ever be so classified.

    2. The good news is that most PDs ignore the SPLC, they send the lit and propaganda the SPLC mails them into File 13.

    3. That the military claims it has domestic enemies shouldn’t be read in the same way as it/us having foreign enemies. Its classification of certain people (us) as domestic enemies is little more than political butt kissing.

    4. I think it’s a moot point. By the time you/we are able to succeed/secede, it will be precisely because the Federal government has collapsed. When we can secede (and succeed), they won’t be able to do anything about it anyway. While they are that powerful, secession won’t be possible.

    5. Pass

    6. That is a fact not lost on me. Remember the infamous report from 2009 claiming that people with Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin bumper stickers were potential terrorists? That actually came from here, the Missouri State Highway Patrol, parroting a report done by Missouri’s fusion center, which was in turn more or less SPLC cut and paste. That happened not long after Nixon became Governor, and of course all these Federal agency reports about “right wing extremism” are happening while Obama is President.

    What is their real purpose?

    Feteing and whetting the paranoia of left wingers, so that they’ll write big checks to the SPLC and ADL and the rest of the paranoia-industrial complex. And also, citing someone other than Muslims as real potential terrorists, because it irks the left that someone in their own grand Democrat-left coalition is responsible for much terrorism and so many real or sting-imagined terrorist plots.

    • Re: countenance

      1.) The SPLC has been keeping tabs on me since at least 2001/2002. It is the SPLC that is feeding this information to the FBI, DHS, the US Army and local law enforcement agencies. In Shelbyville, the police showed us their file on Michael Cushman and Matt Heimbach.

      2.) In Michael Weaver’s case, the SPLC was also cooperating with the Columbus Police Department.

      3.) I don’t think so.

      Just because a drone hasn’t been used to kill one of DHS’s “domestic enemies” yet doesn’t mean that it won’t happen at some point in the future. The drones have already been used to kill “foreign enemies,” who happen to be American citizens, overseas. I suppose you could argue that foreigners with names like Muhammad are Muslims who aren’t “real Americans,” but I doubt Barack Hussein Obama (and there is no telling who will come after him) is someone who would make that distinction.

      Lindsey Graham doesn’t have a problem with using drones on American soil against American citizens. He believes that it is up to Obama to use his discretion to decide who constitutes an “enemy.” Once again, the Left is more interested in “domestic enemies” than foreign ones. See Gabrielle Giffords, James Holmes, or the Boston bombers.

      4.) It is reasonable to assume that the federal government would use every weapon at its disposal (at least those which aren’t banned under international law) against any secession or rebellion in the United States. Drones fall into that category.

      6.) From here on, we can expect paranoid leftwingers to control the federal government. With each subsequent federal election, we can also expect it to get worse and worse. It is not unreasonable to imagine the US going the way of Canada or Germany. So the question is whether you trust such a government to restrain itself. The government we have now is already reading every text message and email, listening to every phone call, monitoring every social media interaction. It is even tracking every electronic movement you make online.

      The US Army already considers us a domestic enemy. DHS and the FBI are already monitoring us. You even have retired colonels at Fort Leavenworth war gaming against the Tea Party. The federal government also depends on the SPLC to tell them who is the enemy.

      Maybe it won’t happen. I’m not so sure. Why wouldn’t it happen? The government has already demonstrated on multiple occasions that it will kill people it considers “domestic rightwing extremists.” Why wouldn’t it use a predator drone on, say, a future Waco or Ruby Ridge?

  10. The ability of the US to project military force elsewhere in the world is beginning to lessen. Not by much though. This is mainly a fiscal issue (much like the Byzantine decline). However the national government could easily use military force to suppress the citizenry. Fortunately it’ll be the Light LGBT Brigade and the Ultra Marine Corrs doing their fighting for them.

    • I can see where Jack and countenance are coming from.

      I’m also averse to anything that strikes of paranoid conspiracy theories. At the same time, it should be noted that there was talk on the internet about PRISM for years and years before its existence was verified by Edward Snowden. Big Brother really was snooping and spying on private citizens that whole time.

  11. HW

    1. The SPLC has you on their hate list. But that doesn’t mean any time soon you’ll be classified as an “enemy combatant” that needs to be killed with a drone missile.

    2. Granted. But Weaver was an isolated incident. A very very very bad isolated incident that shouldn’t have happened. But take it from me, I know most agencies ignore the SPLC and their mailings.

    3. Even if you want to think that that will happen, what can we do about it? If someone in our Yankee government is going to assassinate me with a drone strike tomorrow, there’s nothing I can do to stop it. Therefore, I don’t spend much time worrying about it.

    4. Back to my point: We won’t be able to secede until they’re powerless, drone or otherwise, to stop us.

    6. I expect that to be the general ideological trajectory of our Yankee government, more and more left wing, more and more non-white. However, I wouldn’t expect such a government to be able to last very long. The good model for such a government isn’t Canada or Germany, but Yugoslavia or the Soviet Union, writ much worse because the American Federal government is trying to be a unitary central government over practically every race of people on Earth. A government that will eventually fall down go boom. At least (for now) Canada and Germany are way more white in terms of percentage than Amurrika.

  12. HW

    Re Waco

    Notice there haven’t been any Wacos since Waco?

    Any government that keeps pulling Wacos fast loses legitimacy. Hell, the one Waco it pulled immensely hurt its credibility, esp. among people not dependent on it. (Which is partially why they’re electing a new people via immigration open borders and amnesty.)

    What Waco was, was the end result of a long desperate attempt on the part of the ATF to save its existence as an agency, because there was serious talk in the late 80s early 90s of folding it into the FBI. So the ATF had to do this and do that and bust up this supposed gun/bomb plot and that one to save itself. It all ended at Waco.

    Remember, though, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, that the Branch Davidians were a bunch of pseudo-philo-Semitic apocalyptic race mixers and multiracialists. Even some (supposed) Kluxers demonstrated in favor of the ATF pulverizing the BDs.

    Which, of course, shouldn’t have happened. If Koresh was so bad, he certainly made himself easy to capture individually, as he often left the BD compound. The ATF, FBI, county mounties, Texas Rangers, or whoever, could have nabbed him at any time when he was alone and away from the compound, and that would have been the end of that.

  13. HW

    Re: Police departments and the SPLC

    In 2005, after the CofCC national conference, in Montgomery, Alabama, a bunch of us went on an extracurricular activity, to protest the SPLC right where they live, in front of their tin can HQ. Montgomery black-and-whites cruised past us several times, honking their horns in approval each time.

    So while we’ve seen bad experiences re Shelbyville and Columbus, if these were emblematic of a chronic national trend, you’d think the PD right there in the SPLC’s own city would be the worst of all. Yet they were on our side.

  14. Hunter: In Shelbyville, the police showed us their file on Michael Cushman and Matt Heimbach.

    I don’t stay abreast of the Most Wanted lists, but what exactly were the contents of this file? Of what criminal rampage did the Shelbyville PD suspect Cushman and Heimbach? Mattress tag removal? Loss of consortium to the local Chi-O sorority?

    One naively presumes that police files are obliged to contain police business. Though perhaps they were just full of porn records.

    • I didn’t see it myself, but it was something to the effect that Cushman and Heimbach were terrorists. Yes, it is absurd, but that’s the sort of stuff that it is put out there.

  15. Agreed on that Socialism only works if you have a virtually all white population. The Scandinavians are beginning to realize this problem. Thus the Folks Partei in Denmark.

  16. countenance, You come across on this particular issue as an apologist for some of the worst elements of the US gov. Steering HW away from engaging these critical issues seems important to you. Are you a cop, retired cop, military consultant, blackwater contractor, or have connections to cops? You’re defending the NDAAs provisions that let the government detain citizens without due process as “enemy combatants,” all of them not just brown ones. And you’re making pretty strong claims here about how the gov and LE views things with weak backing other than your opinion. Regarding your comment at 12:o3 in particular, point # 1, I’d like to ask how you can possibly know that with such certainty.

    Edit: HW, please delete the comment above. I typed countenance’s name in the name box by accident.

  17. Lew, are you a nationalist? Or a civic nationalist?

    I don’t consider all holders of Danish passports to be Danish.

  18. Lew wrote:

    Are you a cop, retired cop, military consultant, blackwater contractor, or have connections to cops?

    I respond:

    At the moment, I’m a public relations slash lobbyist hack. (Just got back from yet another work related Christmas “party,” thankfully this one was short. I’ll be going to a lot of these before Christmas.) But no, I am not and have never been any of those things.

    You’re defending the NDAAs provisions that let the government detain citizens without due process as “enemy combatants,” all of them not just brown ones.

    Has this conversation been about the NDAA until now? (Which is a bad idea as such, the NDAA). No, my point is that we shouldn’t be paranoid about things like “enemy combatants.” When have I said on this thread that we should round up people that look like me as enemy combatants? When I have I said that we should use drones to launch missiles on white people that run stop signs in Des Moines? I’ll give you a hint: Never. Because I don’t think that, and I don’t advocate that.

    But by the same token, I don’t think I should run around in constant mortal fear of “enemy combatant” detention or being killed in a drone strike, nor do I think those issues should occupy much of my time or attention. Nor do I think that doing so somehow makes me being against NDAA, blanket EC designation authority or domestic armed drones all the more credible. I’ll put it to you this way: Sure, I could die tomorrow as a result of foul play. But if I do, the chances that it will be result of being whacked to death in a secret CIA prison because Obama declared me an EC are infinitesimally small, ditto for killed in a domestic armed drone strike. 99.9999999% chance of Africanus Bellcurvius jacking me then shooting me.

    • http://rt.com/usa/obama-ndaa-appeal-suit-229/

      The Obama administration has won the latest battle in their fight to indefinitely detain US citizens and foreigners suspected of being affiliated with terrorists under the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012.

      Congress granted the president the authority to arrest and hold individuals accused of terrorism without due process under the NDAA, but Mr. Obama said in an accompanying signing statement that he will not abuse these privileges to keep American citizens imprisoned indefinitely. These assurances, however, were not enough to keep a group of journalists and human rights activists from filing a federal lawsuit last year, which contested the constitutionality of Section 1021, the particular provision that provides for such broad power.

  19. Well said Countenance.

    Bellcurvius is the drone. On balance he’s probably more expensive than a drone though. 100 grand wasted on k-12 and another 100 grand on NU. Add legal aid to that and emergency room bills each Bellcurvius costs the tax payer 500k. This does not include the cop salaries or the EMT services.

  20. Oh dear.

    We’re letting a flaming queer homosexual who champions replacing White Southerners from the South through mass third world Immigration, we’re letting this guy rap himself in the American flag to rally South Carolina military and vets to fight Islamic terrorists and us – evil racist Nazis who supposedly support Al Qaeda Muslim Terrorists . Graham stands for Amuricah and Amurica’s only friend in the Middle East Israel, as God stated in the Bible.

    Oh dear.

    Folks, life isn’t complicated. Sometimes it’s OK to make the basketball free throw .

    We can defeat Lindsey Graham – he’s a flaming homosexual queer pushing race replacing immigration of Whites from South Carolina for god’s sake!

    Why in hell do we want to fall down in to crazed, paranoid conspiracy theory nonsense of “drone attacks” by the US military against regular US Citizens?

    Are Kelso and the Rand Paul campaign posting on OD?

    • Re: Jack

      1.) There’s no proof that Lindsey Graham is a queer. It’s probably true, but we don’t have any way to prove it. Even if it is true, the response of lots of people will be … so, that’s his private life, what impact does that have on the state?

      2.) There are lots of reasons why Lindsey Graham should be kicked out of office. Immigration is the most important, but there are other like his warmongering. Different issues appeal to different people. Graham is essentially an agent of a foreign government at this point.

      3.) Lindsey Graham is on record supporting drone attacks on American citizens on US soil.

      It’s not crazed or paranoid to criticize Lindsey Graham over public positions he has taken on national television. I suppose you could argue that the drones are only used on non-White Muslims who aren’t really Americans, but Obama doesn’t make that distinction.

      If US citizens can be classified as “enemy combatants,” there’s nothing stopping Obama from using his “discretion” to declare some domestic group or another to be “terrorists” and to go after them too.

  21. Hunter,

    You’re killing me…

    South Carolina doesn’t have a straight, white Southerner in the offices of Governor, US Senator.

    And we’re going off the deep end obsessing with US military drone attacks on regular US citizens….

    Oh dear.

    Fluoridated water….

    Black helicopters…..


    Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova are coming to get us….

    (These fine Russian chicks can get me anytime)

    Drone attacks…


    Kooks, nut cases, loners, societal misfits, drop outs, paranoid, conspiracy theory loons.

    Closing a dark, damp night in Chicago…

    Lots of dangers, sexual attacks by Russians like Anna Kournikova or US Military drone attacks… Well, not a big concern.

    Think I’ll go brush my teeth with, yeah….

    Fluoridated toothpaste. The COMMIES infiltrated US dental schools in the 1950s… They actually did some good, Floride helps to prevent tooth decay.


    • Re: Jack

      Let’s review:

      1.) There is no evidence that Lindsey Graham is a homosexual. It could be true, but there is no way to prove it, so you are just speculating here.

      2.) Lindsey Graham has publicly said on national television that he supports using drones on “enemy combatants” (this is up to Obama’s discretion) who are American citizens on US soil. He did not specify that an “enemy combatant” has to be a non-White Muslim terrorist.

      3.) Thanks to Edward Snowden, the whole world knows that PRISM … WASN’T a paranoid conspiracy theory. The federal government really does record your phone conversations, track your movements online, read your email and text messages, analyze your social media accounts, etc., etc.

      4.) Similarly, NDAA indefinite detention of US citizens … that’s a law which has been litigated in the courts, not a conspiracy theory.

      None of that has anything to do with black helicopters, fluoridated water, and so on … there is more proof of all of the above than your speculation that Lindsey Graham is a homosexual. It could be true, but there is no evidence to support it. OTOH, there is proof of NDAA, PRISM, and Graham’s position on using drones on “enemy combatants.”

  22. Jack Ryan

    We keep saying it over and over again.

    Nobody but a few loudmouth gnats is seriously proposing using armed drones against white Americans on domestic American territory or against anyone on domestic American territory. Nobody period that I know of is suggesting that we should use NDAA powers to detain indefinitely regular white American citizens — If “American citizens” are ever detained under such powers, they will be the Mohammed al-Terroristiqua types.

    So why are so many of our people going on like it will happen?

    We both know the answer:

    It’s the opiate of ideological consistency and the opiate of ideological rectitude to the cult of whatever abstract ideology.

    Really, to me, I don’t see any sequitur to armed drone attacks against “American citizen” Mohammed al-Jihadist in Crudistan and hypothetical use of armed drones in regular American territory. Just because we have been doing the first thing doesn’t mean that we’re somehow on a slippery slope to the second thing. Also, I also don’t see any sequitur to the possibility of a President using NDAA power to hold one of these Muslim “rag heads” who happen to be American citizens on whatever pretext they got it who are on a direct string to AQ and involved in a serious terrorist plot and a President using NDAA to detain you, me or Hunter Wallace. Again, doing one does not necessarily mean that the other will happen.

  23. Jack Ryan wrote:

    Black helicopters

    I respond:

    We already know what those were about. They were really Blackhawk helicopters flown in the middle of the night looking for dope fields. Yeah, they really couldn’t be seen, (which was the point), but they made a lot of noise and scared people.

    But that doesn’t really happen much anymore. Because they’re not needed.


    Ironically, drones. Much smaller, much cheaper, easier to deploy, quieter, more effective.

  24. Jack Ryan is attacking nothing but strawmen. No one is obsessing over Russians or fluoridated water. However, a U. S. Senator is on record as saying that “American citizens can be enemy combatants.” If Southern nationalism is indeed successful in persuading large numbers of Southerners that secession is the only viable option in face of the federal leviathan, what is to stop this or any future regime from declaring such Southerners “enemy combatants”? A future President, faced with the prospect of Southern secession, could easily invoke the “venerable” examples of Lincoln and Sherman in ordering large-scale drone strikes against Southerners.

    Contemplating the consequences of avowed policy is a hallmark of foresight, not paranoia.

    Obviously, none of this obviates the fact that Graham is most vulnerable on the immigration issue. This is, after all, a man who sees nothing wrong with delivering groveling speeches in front of La Raza.

  25. One more thing before I start sawing logs.

    While we’re arguing over great taste vs less filling, broccoli vs cauliflower, and other useless things to our cause, check out the front of Drudge.

    Yep, the supposedly “dead” amnesty bill is back again. Just like I said when it was “dead” the last time they said it was dead: There is nothing more alive than something billionaires, jillionaires and zillionaires want that is said to be dead.

    The big news is that Boehner is going to wait out until the end of the last state’s filing deadline for the 2014 cycle to start trying to salami slice his way to amnesty and open borders. So the amnesty crowd can lay low and wait until nobody can file to challenge the RINOs that vote for amnesty and open borders will they start pushing it again.

    Which means my temporary break in phone calling is now over.

    OTOH…if amnesty does pass, then our drone “problem” and NDAA “problem” will be solved because eventually the Yankee government will have to ground all the drones and shutter all the secret NDAA torture chambers in order to have money to pay all the mamacitas and their five six seven kids she’ll have that flood across what used to be called the “border.”

  26. Nero fiddled while Rome burned…

    White Americans obsessed with ridiculous Conspiracy Theories of “drone attacks”, UFOs, Nazi flying saucers (aren’t we supposed to be the Nazis?), birth certificates, sectarian church disputes “oh, those Latterday Saints! Donny and Marie Osmond”!….

    Kooks, screwballs, nut cases, loners, societal misfits…

    To be honest, it’s a miracle that we’ve managed to make it this far.

    Is Lindsey Graham a flaming queer?

    Are there Chinese People in China?

    Is the Pope Catholic? (That’s seriously in doubt)

    Do the Jews control the US media?

    Oh dear.


    Danger of US military drone attacks on regular White US citizens….


    Oh dear.

    • Re: Jack

      That’s Lindsey Graham and John McCain’s position: it is “ridiculous” to imagine the president ordering drone attacks on ordinary US citizens.


      The guy who is now the CIA director said in public at his Senate confirmation hearing that he wouldn’t rule out using predator drones against American citizens on American soil.

      I’ve linked to the videos above. Graham and McCain said on the Senate floor that it is up to the discretion of the president to define “the enemy” and to designate who is an “enemy combatant.”

      If you are designated an “enemy combatant,” then you are subject to death and indefinite detention, even if you are an American citizen on US soil.

      I’m sure everyone feels better knowing that Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and Barack Obama have appointed themselves judge, jury, and executioner of anyone they imagine to be “terrorists.”

  27. I’d be happy enough if drones were deployed for each black in the US. Like a proverbial fury over watching them. That’s essentially what CCTV does to us all now anyway. Except a Drone for each black would be a deterrent.

  28. Countenance has taken the same stance in the past, but Sam Francis knew better.

    I don’t have anything against Countenance, but he’s just repeatedly wrong on this matter. These laws can potentially be used against white American Christians.

  29. The reason this is important: we need to be aware of the potential danger and back politicians who wish to repeal these laws.

    Keep it simple.

  30. HW wrote:

    This whole debate over using predator drones on American citizens on US soil came up during John Brennan’s Senate Confirmation Hearing to become CIA director.

    The “whole debate” was nothing more than Rand Paul yapping on for hours and hours over almost nothing, deliberately confusing the issue when it’s not a confusing issue, in order to engineer publicity for himself, and to set himself up as the “hero” as someone who doesn’t want “armed drones to be used in American territory” (which will never happen) against those big bag meanies John McCain and Lindsey Graham who wants that (again, something which will never happen).

    All the while, we’re not supposed to notice that all three of them, Paul, Graham, McCain, want to swing the borders wide open to, among other no-good non-white miscreants, non-white Muslims.

    • Re: Jack

      The gallery is free to watch the three videos of Lindsey Graham above.

      Graham repeatedly brings up domestic Nazi sympathizers who were stripped of their rights and held in detention centers.

      It’s not a conspiracy when he is sitting there on the floor of the Senate on C-SPAN on national television repeatedly saying it.

      John McCain elaborates that an “enemy combatant” wouldn’t be safe in a cafe in Middle America either.

    • Re: countenance

      Lindsey Graham is many other awful things besides just an open borders advocate.

      I agree that Rand Paul was grandstanding for attention over drones. I said so at the time. Still, there is a substantial issue, which is that Obama has the power to designate anyone or any group an “enemy combatant” on his whim and do all kinds of horrible things to them.

      We’re ultimately left with TRUSTING the likes of Graham, McCain, and Obama not to use some kind of Reichstag fire incident – one like the Left desperately wanted with Newtown and Gabrielle Gifford s – as an excuse no to declare war on the “Radical Right.”

      In the final analysis, one doesn’t have to look any further than Germany or Canada to see where the US Left wants to go, or the PRISM program to see that the federal government is not above secret courts and lying to the public for years.

  31. HW writes:

    “If you are designated an “enemy combatant,” then you are subject to death and indefinite detention, even if you are an American citizen on US soil.”

    JR responds:

    Casualties from any drone attack on my home will be disproportionately gay people, liberals , people of color… Maybe it’s true-racist NAZIs from Outer Space have taken over….Lindsey Graham and John McCain are….


    Resistance is futile, unless…

    Our one hope is a small band of Constitutional patriots who know…


    These Constitutionalists now led by KY Senator Rand Paul are spreading the gospel of
    Free markets
    Less government
    More personal responsibility
    A merit society where race doesn’t matter, people are judged by the content of their character – it’s Martin Luther King Jr and Jack Kemp’s dream realized and millions of regular Americans especially impoverished Blacks in Detroit MI are waking up to…

    The Truth!

    All that stands in the way of victory are a tiny group of INSIDERS conspiring to launch drone attacks and ray gun blasts from

    OUTER Space….

    (Oh dear. I finally left Stormfront after a thread about the Haitian earthquake got taken over by sci fi conspiracy theorists who insisted Zionists and US Military intelligence caused the earth quake from a Death Star ray gun in yes…

    Outer space)

    Hope this drone attack digression is a well staged practical joke.

  32. Hunter,

    Here’s the photo and story of the only “American citizen” ever killed by US military drone attack, assasination:


    He ain’t a handsome, White South Carolina Good Ol boy! Compared to the (thankfully) dead Al Qaeda leader in Yemen, Ossam Bin Ladin and Mohammed Ata like the young Musical group The Beach Boys!

    This AINO “American in name only” terrorist leader in Yemen was an American by the technicality of birth right citizenship, something no sane, racially conscious country like Japan, Switzerland or Israel would ever consider. If some race denying, Constitutionalist purist like Ron Paul or Rand Paul got up in the Japanese parliament and argued that Japan should grant full Japanese citizenship to the children of ugly Muslim “students” born in Japan, they would be sliced to small pieces, or confined to a lunatic asylum!

    Yeah,in theory the US government could start launching drone attack assasinations on regular White Americans anywhere in America. Also, “in theory” Russian tennis star and international sexy super model might start sexually attack Jamie Kelso. But, both have never happened and 99.99% will never happen.

    We have real, violent threats in our country that don’t involve paranoid, conspiracy theory kook stuff, that worse puts us on the side of ugly, nasty, racially alien Islamic terrorists.

    Regular White folks in South Carolina fear and hate ugly, nasty, racially alien Islaimic extremists. I know that well over 80% of Whites in South Carolina strongly supported the US Navy Seal military assault on Osama Bin Ladin in Pakistan.

    Only White hating Marxists, Blacks, Islamic extremists and confused WN like David Duke took Osama Bin Ladin’s side and booed the White Navy Seal victory of Osama and ugly, nasty Islamic extremist.

    Also note. Unlike our side, Jews ain’t stupid. When Whites can soft on the worst Muslim terrorism, Muslim immigration, some Neo Con Jew or one of their puppets will step up as a “strong man” to fight the Muslim terrorists, invaders.

    That’s how Hungarian Greek Jew Sarkozy became President of France after posing as the tough guy interior minister who cracked down on Muslims rioting in Frnch suburbs.
    Michael Savage/Michael Wiener does this all the time.

    Again, I’ m not telling you anything controversial or anything you don’t know.

    Just work to win in South Carolina, tell regular White people there what they want to hear and avoid crazy, contrarian conspiracy theory nonsense that strongly alienates regular Whites (especially Whites in and retired from the military).

    And we all need to get some fresh air, get off the Net, especially if we are cooped up with pregnant women.


    • Re: Jack Ryan

      1.) Once again, it is not a “paranoid conspiracy theory” when Lindsey Graham goes onto the floor of the US Senate and publicly says on C-SPAN on at least three separate occasions that A.) the president has the “discretion” to define the enemy in wartime and B.) that once the president has designated any group an “enemy combatant” that lethal force can used to destroy that enemy … even if they are an American citizen on American soil.

      2.) Once again, it is not a “paranoid conspiracy theory” when that is the stated position of the man who is now in charge of the CIA.

      3.) Once again, while you attach great importance to the fact that only non-White Muslims have been designated “enemy combatants,” so far, you are ignoring the fact that THE. PEOPLE. IN. POWER. DON’T. MAKE. THAT. DISTINCTION. As far as Obama is concerned, Anwar al-Awlaki is just as much an American citizen as anyone here. There is nothing in the law that states that ONLY non-White Muslims are “enemy combatants” and can be killed and/or detained in such a fashion.

      4.) It is Lindsey Graham and John McCain’s position that such talk is “ridiculous” … because, and I stress because, ordinary Americans are not designated “enemy combatants.” So who decides who is and who is not an “enemy combatant”? The president, and purely by his discretion, which is no substantially no different than Josef Stalin’s Russia. You also have people like Graham in the Senate who are nothing put AIPAC puppets who sign off on this.

      5.) The people who support Lindsey Graham and blowing up as many Muslims as possible, and even they are a minority in South Carolina (Graham’s approval is below 50 percent) aren’t going to support secession or show up at League demonstrations.

      6.) Finally, if you want to discuss crazy talk, then we can ask where did you come up with the idea that Lindsey Graham is “a flaming queer.” It’s probably true, but unlike Graham’s stated public positions on national television in the three videos above, you don’t have any evidence of this. We know, for example, that PRISM exists because Obama himself has admitted it. We know that the NDAA exists because it was passed by Congress and has been litigated in the courts.

      We know Lindsey Graham’s position on all of these issues – the wars, the wiretapping, indefinite detention, immigration, supporting Israel, drones – because he goes on the floor of the Senate and talks to the media on national television and spells it out in detail for us. But what about Lindsey Graham’s private life? How does anyone know that Graham is a homosexual? Is there any proof of that? No, it is just armchair speculation.

      A few years ago, William Gheen of ALIPAC accused Graham of being a homosexual:


      Because he didn’t have any proof of it, Gheen was widely ridiculed in the media, even in South Carolina. Far more people in South Carolina are concerned about drones, indefinite attention, warmongering, and wiretapping, and especially when all these things add up too an overreaching, unrestrained, all-powerful central government that reaches into their own private lives, than Lindsey Graham being a queer.

  33. Hunter writes:

    “Re: countenance

    Lindsey Graham is many other awful things besides just an open borders advocate.”

    JR responds:

    OK, but immigration is the issue you can use to defeat Lindsey Graham in South Carolina. Why not go with what works, you know winning for a change as opposed to always losing like the Chicago Cubs and the uniquely American cult of conspiracy obsessed loners, societal misfits that have us trying to form alliances with the likes of ugly, nasty, urine colored, Afro Arab terrorist in Yemen looking to go to community colleges in South Carolina and Tennessee?

    • Re: Jack Ryan

      My position is that 1.) there are lots of reasons to despise Lindsey Graham and 2.) that he should be attacked on as many fronts as possible (including immigration, the most important reason, which I was saving for last) in order to get as many people as possible who dislike him to come out and oppose him at the South Carolina rally.

      There are lots of people who are motivated by Graham’s position on immigration, no doubt, but there are others who despise his warmongering, his obsequious relationship with Jews, his position on drones, his position on wiretapping, his erosion of civil liberties, etc. Similarly, there are lots of reasons to hate John McCain because he has done many awful things besides supporting “comprehensive immigration reform.”

      By focusing exclusively on one issue, we appeal to only the people who care about that one issue. Graham’s stated public positions on those issues have angered lots of people, not just “the uniquely American cult of conspiracy obsessed losers.” The only actual “conspiracy” anywhere in this thread is your argument that Lindsey Graham is a “flaming queer” and that other people know it and are deliberately hiding it from the public.

      When an elected official states in public on national television on the floor of the US Senate his position on drone strikes and indefinite detention, that’s not a “conspiracy.” A “conspiracy” necessarily involves secrecy and deception, but there is none of that here.

  34. Sigh

    South Carolina should be the most solid, White a conservative state, leading the fight for Southern independence. South Carolina did Southern war for White Southern independence the first time, Fort Sumpter, but now:

    South Carolina does not have a pro White Southerner, Southern male in the offices of Governor (Indian Hindu affirmative action woman), US Senator (Black African American affirmative action appointee, the first Black US Senator from the South since Reconstruction, and Lindsey Graham… Leaving aside the obvious signs that he’s a lisping, flaming queer – RINO Graham combines everything we oppose from cultural Marxist Left to Neo Conservative Christian Zionist war mongering fake Right.

    Why are things so bad in South Carolina where the threatening Black % is so high, where we’re doing solidly well in every other Southern state.

    Hunter, it’s just a pathetic fact of life that our side does a terrible job of campaigning in South Carolina, we don’t know how to talk to regular Whites in South Carolina, we choose issues and candidates that repel instead of attract regular Whites and the result is Whites I South Carolina vote for…

    Lindsey Graham
    Newt Gingrich (GOP Presidential Primary)
    Mike Huckabee (GOP Presidential primary)

    • 67% of Republicans in South Carolina oppose Graham’s position on military intervention in Syria.

      45.2% of Republicans and Republican leaning independents support Lindsey Graham.

      The four most important issues to South Carolina voters are, in this order, jobs/unemployment, education, politicians/government, economy/financial crisis.

      Whites in South Carolina oppose affirmative action, 62% to 31.4%

      Whites in South Carolina oppose racial preferences in college admission, 80.1% to 14.3%

      South Carolina voters oppose gay marriage, 52.2% to 38.5%.


  35. HW wrote:

    My position is that 1.) there are lots of reasons to despise Lindsey Graham and 2.) that he should be attacked on as many fronts as possible (including immigration, the most important reason, which I was saving for last) in order to get as many people as possible who dislike him to come out and oppose him at the South Carolina rally.

    I respond:

    HW, I understand your zeal in wanting to send LG to early retirement. We all do.

    But throwing any and everything against the wall to oppose him and hope as many things as possible stick isn’t really productive.

    You seem to imagine a grand coalition of right of center people who are disgruntled with LG over anything and everything. The problem is, LG is going to go into 2014 with the power of incumbency, huge advantages in name recognition, money and media publicity, and on top of that it’ll be an open primary so he can try to turn out a few blacks. The only way to beat someone like that in his own party’s primary is to have a powerful wedge. There are far far far far many more people who will vote to turn out LG if they knew what an open borders traitor he was than would turn him out based on esoteric squabbles over Israel, AIPAC, NDAA, drones.

    Hypothetical media buys:

    Voice: “Throw out Linsdey Graham because he’s for the use of drones.”

    Reaction of average South Carolina voter: “But drones means we’re killing Muslim terrorists from the sky meaning my son in the Marines isn’t in harm’s way. I’m voting for Lindsey.”

    Voice: “Throw out Lindsey Graham because he stands with Israel.”

    Voter: “I stand with Israel, because of the Second Coming. Jesus tells me so. So I’m voting for Lindsey.”

    Voice: “Throw out Lindsey Graham because he’s for NDAA detention powers.”

    Voter: What’s that?

    Voice: “Throw out Lindsey Graham because he wants to throw the borders wide open to let zillions of non-whites flood into our state and change our demographics and steal our jobs.”

    Voter: “Yeah! Right On! Throw out that bum Lindsey Graham!”

    Now, considering Lee Bright’s limited resources, which media buys would you go with?


    • Re: countenance

      I disagree.

      As things stand today, there are 36 people (including me and my wife) who plan to show up in South Carolina to oppose Lindsey Graham. Where are the hundreds, if not thousands of people, who are coming out to oppose Graham solely on the basis of immigration?


      Has VDARE said anything about our Lindsey Graham rally? Nope. What about Amren or NumbersUSA or any of the various anti-illegal immigration groups in South Carolina? Nope. Can we count on their support? Nope.

      You keep saying that Lindsey Graham will be thrown out of the Senate over immigration. If that is the case, why has he been in Congress since 2003? Graham was working with Ted Kennedy to pass the original McCain-Kennedy amnesty over eight years ago. He has supported amnesty for years now.

      Graham has only become vulnerable in the last few months. Why has there been a massive drop for Graham in the polls with Republican primary voters? It is largely because of his support for NSA wiretapping and his warmongering against Iran and Syria. 67 percent of Republicans in South Carolina oppose Graham for that reason. OTOH, Graham has supported amnesty for illegal aliens for at least eight years now, and was reelected in 2008 in spite of his support for “comprehensive immigration reform” from 2005 through 2007.

      BTW, John McCain was not only reelected over JD Hayworth in Arizona, he even won the 2008 South Carolina Republican Primary. In 2008, South Carolina reelected Lindsey Graham, nominated John McCain, and voted for John McCain for president.

  36. Dorothy Hendrix in Anderson, S.C. was recently murdered.

    Did an Obama-ordered armed drone strike kill her?

    Or did drones of another sort, the bipedal well tanned low IQ undeveloped frontal lobe high T if-Obama-had-sons variety, kill her?

  37. Weaver

    I knew Sam Francis fairly well. I am pretty certain in saying that if he were here right now, commenting on this thread, while he would on principle oppose NDAA and the use of armed drones in American territory (like we all do), he would be much closer to Jack Ryan and I in our ridicule of those of us who are excessively worried about those things in lieu of much more crucial issues.

    • Sam Francis also thought there was going to be a “Middle American Revolution.”

      He opposed secession. How did that turn out? Did a non-Southern “Middle America” ever rise up and oppose America’s drift to the Left or did the Midwest vote for Obama and then reelect him after all the shit he did in his first four years in office?

  38. 67% of Republicans in South Carolina oppose Graham’s position on military intervention in Syria.

    Very good. All Lee Bright has to do to reap that harvest is say that he’s against going into Syria and LG supports it. Don’t get sidetracked there by droning on about drones.

    The four most important issues to South Carolina voters are, in this order, jobs/unemployment, education, politicians/government, economy/financial crisis.

    That might be, but I also know the way these “most important issues to voters” surveys work — They leave out important ones like immigration and blacks as choices.

    Whites in South Carolina oppose affirmative action, 62% to 31.4% Whites in South Carolina oppose racial preferences in college admission, 80.1% to 14.3%

    Very good again. But once again, I fail to see how talking about drones, Israel, AIPAC, NDAA etc. helps that cause. “Lindsey Graham is weak on affirmative action slash on the other side. I will do everything in my power to get rid of AA. I’m Lee Bright and I approved this message.” That’s how it’s done.

    South Carolina voters oppose gay marriage, 52.2% to 38.5%.

    I know the rumors out there about LG’s personal proclivities, but I didn’t know he was weak on gay “marriage.”

    • Re: countenance

      1.) If immigration is such a winning issue in South Carolina, why did South Carolina nominate John McCain for president and reelect Lindsey Graham in 2008?

      2.) If immigration is such a slam dunk issue, where are the hundreds or thousands of people who are going to show up at our rally and oppose him, seeing as how the Lindsey Graham rally is solely about immigration?

      3.) Show me a recent poll where South Carolina voters say that immigration is anywhere close to being the most important issue in the state.

      4.) Lindsey Graham has sunk in recent polls because of his support for NSA wiretapping and especially because of his support for Obama’s warmongering against Syria.

      5.) Who cares about Lee Bright? No one can say with any confidence that he won’t “evolve” in office like Rand Paul or Marco Rubio or flat out lie to get himself elected like John McCain.

      6.) He’s not vulnerable on gay marriage.

  39. HW wrote:

    No, but the December 7th rally is about Lindsey Graham, and his position on drones is unpopular, so we should take advantage of that.

    Just because you can get several hundred people to turn out to protest LG over drones doesn’t mean that the state’s electorate will turn out an incumbent Senator in his own party’s primary just on that one single issue alone. I’d say the same thing if the theme of the rally is immigration. But the big difference is that the people who will show up at an anti-LG b/c of drones rally will probably the only people in SC that will turn out LG b/c of drones alone, while the immigration issue resonates far far far beyond the kind of people that turns out at rallies.

  40. You keep saying that Lindsey Graham will be thrown out of the Senate over immigration.

    I’m not saying it’s a certainty. I’m saying that it’s the best chance we have.

    Graham has only become vulnerable in the last few months. Why has there been a massive drop for Graham in the polls with Republican primary voters?

    Because he voted for the Gang Bangers of Eight bill?

    John McCain was not only reelected over JD Hayworth in Arizona

    Because McCain promised to finish the danged fence, and Hayworth had a past doing infomercials, or something like that. Plain words, McCain faked being an immigration patriot as long as he needed to be to fool enough people who don’t ordinarily pay attention.

    he even won the 2008 South Carolina Republican Primary. In 2008, South Carolina reelected Lindsey Graham, nominated John McCain, and voted for John McCain for president.

    John McCain won the 2008 SC-R-President primary with 33% in a crowded field. John McCain beat Obama in SC that November b/c SC is a red state in Presidential politics. As for Lindsey Graham in 2008, well, if Buddy Witherspoon wore a toupee, he probably would have had a better chance. That, and in 2008, immigration as an issue had cooled down.

    • Re: countenance

      1.) Lindsey Graham and John McCain’s full throated support for amnesty didn’t prevent either of them from winning in South Carolina in 2008. McCain was nominated for president, went back home, defeated JD Hayworth, and was reelected to the Senate.

      2.) Graham was sinking in the polls before the Senate vote on the Gang of 8 bill.

      3.) The people in Arizona who were most motivated by immigration voted for Hayworth, not McCain, but he lost anyway because immigration isn’t everyone’s most important issue. Come to think of it, Russell Pearce also lost out there too.

      4.) In 2008, South Carolina voted for John McCain and Lindsey Graham in the immediate aftermath of the failure of the “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007.” The people who voted for both of them in 2008 knew their position of immigration.

  41. I’m showing a great, maybe the best political advertisement in my lifetime – the advert that hit the hearts and minds of White American voters and won the US Presidency for George Bush Sr. Over Mass Governor Mike Dukakis.

    The Willie Horton weekend furlough


    This is good propaganda. It was also true.

    The truth is the best propaganda.

    Our side could show photos of before and after the Muslim illegal aliens crashed the airplanes in to the WTC and photos of scaryMuslims that Lindsey Graham wants to flood in to South Carolina.

    The Swiss People’s Party shot up from no support to the number 1 party in Switzeland by using great propaganda opposing Muslim terrorist immigration. Why can’t our side do the same in South Carolina? Instead we try to sell regular White folks that very White man in The police and and military is part of some weird conspiracy to assassinate regular Whites like them and we should find common cause with Al Qaeda terrorist leaders in Yemen or worse attending junior college in South a carolina and Middle Tennesee.

    • Re: Jack Ryan

      For over a month now, “our side” has made the Lindsey Graham rally 100% about immigration, and the result is that 36 people (including me and my wife, who are traveling from Alabama) actually plan to show up to oppose Lindsey Graham. So explain that one for us.

      Where are all these people who are so motivated by immigration? Do you see them? Where are they? IMO, if they can’t be bothered to show up, we ought to encourage people who care about other issues to do so.

  42. HW

    I’ll have to respond to everything else later, because I’ve got to hit the rubber chicken Christmas party circuit soon. But I wanted to react to this part before I go:

    Who cares about Lee Bright? No one can say with any confidence that he won’t “evolve” in office like Rand Paul or Marco Rubio or flat out lie to get himself elected like John McCain.

    He might. But if so, if you think that Lee Bright or whoever could beat LG could morph into just another LG, why bother worrying about LG? Your last 10 posts here on OD have been about LG. So you want us to get worked up in a lather about LG and his transgressions, (rightly so IMHO), but then you’re going to pull the rug out from under our feet when we finally get to standing up, saying that whoever can beat him will eventually turn into him.

    • Re: countenance

      That’s because we know from experience how futile it is to replace him with someone else.

      What’s the point of replacing Lindsey Graham with someone else who is just going to have his pockets stuffed by Sheldon Adelson? Case in point, John Boehner hiring John McCain’s immigration adviser, and planning to fuck over the Republican base by supporting amnesty after the 2014 filing deadline. Why should we squander our time, money, and energy trying to “reform” the Republican Party when electing even “good Republicans” only empowers a leadership like Boehner and McConnell?

      We should get ourselves worked up into a rage over Lindsey Graham, in order to build up our movement in South Carolina, but we shouldn’t pretend that replacing him with Lee Bright is any solution to the problem.

  43. Good post jack. Perhaps we should see a post about the Swiss People’s Party. It looks like they are not constrained by silly EU rules on equality for Terrorists and Camel Jockeys.

  44. Hunter,

    Sam Francis was one of the best populist thinkers when I came into politics. He got that capitalism is a threat, when almost no one else did. He tried to fuse culture with race, when no one else was brave enough to speak clearly on what they were actually fighting to preserve. He got that secession could be divisive, which it sure can be if not handled right. He got that the middle class is being hit hardest. He was a Machiavellian when everyone around him was some ridiculous ideologue.

    Anarcho-tyranny concept and Burnham’s managerial state concept were brilliant to me.

    The guy just shouldn’t be criticised imo. Most everyone around him was pathetic. That’s how I saw things anyway. Today it seems we’ve all become Sam Francises to some degree.

    The “Rainbow Confederate” term comes from Dickson’s essay in Race and the American Prospect (edited by Francis) I’m fairly certain.

    I’ll see if I can find the article regarding the Patriot Act. I haven’t been able to find it so far, but I’m sure he at least wrote a sentence like “who is this going to be used against?” Probably I’m exaggerating what he said in my mind.

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