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  1. Countenance,

    Regardless of whether I find my alleged Francis sentence,

    I believe he’d have argued it positive that Americans mistrust their government. When someone says “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”, Francis gets uneasy. He praised the X-Files for how it encouraged mistrust with the Feds.

    The 2nd amendment is important, because we fear the Feds. It’s a legitimate fear.

    A majority nonwhite America will be angry at the white minority. It’ll support actions against “white racists” (conservatives), especially if Europe goes far right.

    Regardless of whether the power balance is dangerous today or in the near future, it’s at least a positive that whites identity less strongly with the polity and more strongly as an ethnicity, as does every other ethnicity. And no, I don’t buy into the pop-HBD claim that whites are genetically more individualistic than are northeast Asians.

    It’s not worth bickering further over, but if I find the Francis article I’ll post back once more.

  2. Let’s put this to rest.

    We’re all on the same team.

    I/we support Hunter Wallace.

    The protests in Middle Tennessee were solid successes.

    It’s tough to get White Americans to take to the streets, protest anything, protests attract cranks, kooks.

    But, let’s stay positive.


    Hunter, please be careful about falling down/in with conspiracy mongering kooks, loners, misfits, race denying libertarian loons. Nasty, ugly, Paki/Turk/Ayrab rapists Jihadists are not our friends, Reagan and idiot Conservatives wasted the 1980s fighting …

    The Russians.

    Yep, White a conservative Americans spent $billions arming mountain, Muslim throat cutters in Afghanistan fighting the Russians, these are the same nasty throat cutting, foul smelling rapists US military is fighting now.

    Boy, were we stupid!


  3. countenance,

    Your comments are always good. But I have to say I don’t understand your views on this one, or what you think avoiding these issues accomplishes. People need to understand these matters. Many don’t, especially in the South.

  4. HW

    I guess I owe you an apology.

    Here I thought the goal all along with your exposes of Lindsey Grahamnesty was to replace him with someone better. That’s what most people would conclude.

    But it seems like you have another goal in mind. What that is, I’ll try to wrap my mind around later after I can settle in and unwind.


    I too am a Francisian. He’s probably my ideological father, so to speak. Of course, he’s the ideological father to a lot of us. IMHO this world and our movement are noticeably less well off since he’s been gone.

    So let me take this chance to clear up some loose ends.

    NDAA, the use of armed drones on American soil, AIPAC, “Standing with Israel,” the Pat-RIOT Act, NSA snooping — Those are all bad things.

    But I’m not paranoid about them. I don’t think Obama/Lindsey Grahamnesty is going to declare me an enemy combatant and send me to a secret torture dungeon tomorrow or probably ever. I don’t think armed drones will ever be used on real American territory, probably never. AIPAC is not some all powerful munch machine that corrupts and buys off otherwise pure politicians, its power is based on the pro-Israel sentiment in the United States that already exists and exists for other reasons. I don’t think every bad thing that happens in this world has a path through Tel Aviv. And I’m not going Amish to live in a cave just so the NSA won’t listen to or read anything I say. Hell, I actually hope the motherfudgers are reading my words right now, and the words of almost everyone who has made posts and comments here at OD. Their asses would learn something.

  5. Re: countenance

    The goal is to build up the strength of our own organization in South Carolina.

    If we channeled all our time, energy, and money into advancing Lee Bright’s political career, what would we get out of it if Bright went to Washington and “evolved” after he got there like Rand Paul or Marco Rubio?

    Even if Bright was another Jeff Sessions (best case scenario), sending him to Washington would only empower the likes of Mitch McConnell and John Boehner.

    The GOP is incapable of being reformed. It’s a dead end.

  6. I don’t know if it’s subliminal snobbery or self-righteousness that makes a man believe something logic would dictate otherwise. The term “conspiracy theorist” is a CIA creation. Here we have a slew of supposedly educated and knowledgeable people who, without thorough personal research, consistently and often without hesitation dismiss even the most suspect information or event as a theory? Herd mentality? Peer pressure? Does’t want to be labeled a kook? If this is all that it takes to disarm your most primal of instincts, what exactly are you fighting and who? A natural course of events? Hardly.

    Woodrow Wilson, Henry Ford, J. Edgar Hoover, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and John F. Kennedy all openly warned the American people that conspiracies do exist. And, they all had a hell of a lot more to lose than anyone who comments here. Conspiracies exist. They may not be the culprit in all that ails us, but they’re out there and they are not benevolent.

  7. “Conspiracies exist.”

    Indeed they do and you can read all about them every weekday in the pages of Investor’s Business Daily, The Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Times.

  8. Countenance,

    I appreciate the reply.

    I did know, or suspect, you like Francis, though I only know you from your blog.

    When I see a policeman, I tend to feel safer. I haven’t gone kook, not that I’d be worth going after.

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