Lindsey Graham: “Free Speech Is a Great Idea, But We’re In a War”

District of Corruption

Sen. Lindsey Graham reminds us that in the Second World War there were “limits on what you could say” and wishes “he could find some way to hold people accountable” for their views because “we’re in a war”:

Note: If Lindsey Graham had his way, we would already be “in a war” with Iran and Syria, and possibly even Russia.

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  1. You sure Graham is a Southernor. Sounds like he’s working straight from the Lincoln WBTS playbook, muzzling free speech, suspending habeas corpus, might makes right, and with a damned Yankee Supremacism suffusing his entire Weltanschauung.

    He smells like a YANKEE!

  2. It is rumored that he’s a homosexual. If he hides this it leaves him open to blackmail. I’ve heard people speculate before that funding is given to politicians with flaws for precisely the reason that they can be controlled.

    • Re: Sam2

      I would bet money that Lindsey Graham is a homosexual, but I have no way to prove it. While it is possible that Graham is being blackmailed, I find it unlikely that everyone who knows about it could keep quiet about it. See Ted Haggard, Larry Craig, and Mark Foley.

  3. Lindsey Graham, you are a traitor to every precept of freedom. Shame on you. We the people renounce you. We are taking back the original condition of our states and the Constitution that our states ratified. The states at the start of the Republic were each the same as an independent and sovereign nation with the same sovereignty and power that any nation has. The Constitution was ratified by every state (nation) individually and separately and they did not ratify their own sovereignty and independence out of existence. The states organized into a federation of cooperating states (or nations) for the purpose of mutual benefit. The states retained all the power and sovereignty unto themselves with a few express powers delegated to the three branches of the Federal Government. Since that time and beginning actually from the ratification usurpers in all branches of the Federal Government have slowly and insidiously stolen and pilfered, lied and cheated power and sovereignty away from the nations (states) that created it and, I might add, who still supply it with everything it needs to exist. The grants that the Federal Government use to control and whip the states into submission came from the states (sovereign citizens) to begin with. The Federal Government is wholly dependent upon the states and their citizens for its very existence and that is exactly as the planners meant for it to be. If we the people can’t control you, we will dissolve you (by secession) and start again. We will be free and sovereign.

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