Lindsey Graham on The Israeli Jewish Lobby

District of Corruption

Here’s another one of Sen. Lindsey Graham’s greatest hits: his questioning of Chuck Hagel about the “Israeli Jewish Lobby” at his Senate confirmation hearing.

Note: If Lindsey Graham isn’t “controlled by the Jews,” he sure gives off that impression. Every syllable that comes out of his mouth is the Likud party line.

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  1. “… Likud party line” The neocons back Likud. The neocommies back the Israel Labour Party – there is not an overwhelming difference.
    “It’s an ongoing five thousand year race war. That’s what we’re in. … I’m calling the Jew out. … They want to kill the White man. … They are persecuted because they do shady things. … Jews created communism. … It’s a giant race war to this day. … It’s time for solutions. … A traitor is ten times worse than an enemy.” – Angelo John Gage, Nov. 4, 2013

  2. From Wikipedia
    “Hagel initially received orders to go to Germany, but he asked for a transfer to Vietnam so he could fight in the war. Against protocol, he was placed in the same infantry squad as his younger brother Tom. Just four months into his tour, Hagel was caught in a mine blast, taking shrapnel wounds to his chest that his brother bandaged up. A month later, in April 1968, Hagel returned the favor after their troop carrier hit another mine. Hagel pulled Tom from the burning vehicle under heavy fire, sustaining serious burns to his face. (Hagel’s wounds in the two incidents won him two Purple Hearts.) In 2007, he recalled what went through his head when rescuing his brother: “I told myself, ‘If I ever get out of this and I’m ever in a position to influence policy, I will do everything I can to avoid needless, senseless war.'” He should have told Senator Fag where he could go.
    One person who is intimidated by the Jewish lobby? How about light in the loafers Lindsay?? This guy is such a transparent shabbas goy..South Carolina are you proud??

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