Lindsey Graham on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

District of Corruption

Here’s Sen. Lindsey Graham on the floor of the Senate during the latest successful push for “comprehensive immigration reform”:

Note: This is the last installment of the Lindsey Graham-athon. Please take the time to watch the videos. I think it was worth reminding everyone here why we are protesting Lindsey Graham this weekend in South Carolina.

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  1. He says it, and it’s a canard the open borders hacks keep trucking out. It’s this business about needing to throw the borders open so that the non-whites that come pouring in can pay for Social Security and Medicare.

    I refuted that a long time ago.

    Warning: These are wonky posts.

    He also said that the Gang Bangers of Eight bill doesn’t go far enough in his opinion. I guess he thinks we should annex the whole world and make everyone in it Amurrikans.

  2. “I guess he thinks we should annex the whole world and make everyone in it Amurrikans.” If Graham doesn’t think that, then many of his paymasters do think that. George Soros might like to give everyone in the whole world an American passport and American citizenship. If everyone in the world were an American citizen, then ZOG would have many more pretexts for foreign intervention. If everyone in the world were an American citizen, pro-White Whites might find it more difficult to oppose Jews (and to survive).
    What about this idea? Create a video docudrama consisting of a moot court that accuses LBJ of treason in connection with the attack on the U. S. S. Liberty. Omit the decision of the jury. LBJ might have ordered the recall of jet fighters sent to protect the U. S. S. Liberty and was almost certainly involved in the cover-up.
    “If the truth about the U. S. S. Liberty were to be told to … the American people … there would not be another nickel of aid to go the state of Israel …” – Phil Tourney

  3. Hollings was strong on trade and war, opposed the Iraq War.

    Thurmond was pretty good. I’m not familiar with their stances on immigration, but I know enough that they cared about us more than today’s politicians. I’m sure a close examination would find flaws, but they’re sure better than Graham.

    I guess no one bothered to send children to a school that taught our values, so we’re just not the same as past generations – reconstructed.

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