The Economist on Tom Watson Statue Removal


The Economist has has a new article on the League of the South and the removal of the Tom Watson statue.

Note: In hindsight, I wish we would have protested the renaming of the Confederate parks in Memphis and the obstruction of the Selma City Council that followed the theft of the Nathan Bedford Forrest bust.

My own mindset has changed since August when the League started doing these protests in Uvalda and Vidalia, GA. I’m convinced now that the single biggest factor holding us back is our own passivity and preoccupation with the internet. I wish that I could go back in time and have 2011 and 2012 back to do over again.

No Watson, No Deal

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  1. It’s interesting it coupled the issue of monument removal (and of a presidential level candidate) with the demographic changes of the south, showing they have been intentionally “latinized.” They come close to openly discussing the question of ethnic “cleansing,” right?

  2. I mean… how many MLK statues can cities simply NOT BE ABLE TO AFFORD to put back after renovations, lol. Have you ever heard of anyone going broke for any other kind of statue?

  3. Damn, that article made me like Watson even more. It would have been more fitting too see an accompanying photo with blacks carrying the statue away. Or, a few rabbis.

  4. I’m impressed that the Economist is following you!

    Someone should point out to the Economist that Tom Watson’s politics never changed that much. For example, in the infamous Leo Frank affair which occured late in Watson’s career, Leo Frank had at first tried to put the blame for the murder of Mary Phagan on the Negro night watchman of his factory, and then on the factory’s Negro janitor. That has escaped the Economist.

  5. They got a movie coming out about Ol’ Nelly next week. Sheesh, they just shoveled dirt on his face, and they’re already releasing a flick about him. What’s next, a cartoon series on the Cartoon Network?

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