Polling Data on Northern Racial Attitudes

American North

Here’s another excerpt from Sweet Land of Liberty on the shift in White Northern racial attitudes after World War II:

“The struggle over equality in education had paradoxical effects on whites. On one hand, white attitudes toward school integration changed dramatically in the years following World War II. In 1942, a Gallup poll showed that 40 percent of northern whites agreed with school integration; by 1956, two years after the Brown decision, the figure had risen to 60 percent; by 1963, another polling firm discovered that 75 percent of northern whites agreed with Brown.”

Note: Among other things, we have seen how the Northern states passed fair employment practices laws and anti-discrimination laws that covered public accommodations after World War II. At the same time, White Northerners were changing their views on school segregation and racial equality.

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  1. They said they supported Brown to please the phone interviewer – and then promptly moved to a White suburb as soon as niggers showed up at their children’s school.

  2. The change didn’t occur here until the mid-1960s. Northern Klan cross burnings continued less than a mile away until then. The silence came after about 1968.

  3. Boston’s public schools were desegregated amidst race riots in the 1970s. White flight ensued after police-enforced segregation was achieved.

  4. So in the early 1940s, over 40% of Yankees supported both multiracial neighborhoods AND multiracial schools? That’s a huge number. Did Segrue have any survey’s on Southron attitudes? I’d be very surprised if more then 10% of Southerners in 1942 supported multiracial neighborhoods or schools.

    The more I learn about Northern and Southern history, the more it becomes evident that Yankees and Southrons are most definitely NOT allies in the war for racial survival. Yankees are the group of American Whites that buy into all the insane utopian bullshit. Southrons didn’t start doing that until after 1970 when:

    -The market/business economy become the South’s dominant economic model, as best displayed by the rise of Wal Mart (too much material “prosperity” is poison to the entire White race around the globe, IMO)

    -Yankees moved down there in droves as the post-1970 South became ‘Murika’s new top economic zone of jobs and “opportunities.” The result was a severe dilution of Southron blood. Centuries old ethnic bonds were and are being destroyed.

    The Old South is a successful model for how to psychologically resist the Puritanical leveling-culture that Hunter, Dr. Hill and others have long discussed. Unlike Yankees, Southrons were never conquered by propaganda. Both the Antebellum South and the Jim Crow South were defeated by brute force alone. As Uncle Sam discovered in Iraq, brute force does NOT persuade the conquered people to accept the “values” of the conqueror. Brute force is a last resort when all your propaganda tactics fail.

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