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  1. It’s all too absurd for the intelligent and educated but organized mainstream religion is a useful tool for keeping the lower orders behaving in a civilized manner.

    Open carry is legal in most Western states.

  2. From the video we can see nothing was wrong legally and complied with ND laws and that Mr. Cobb did not engage first in the conversation but was assaulted by Lee Cook.

    Deborah has been under going a lot of stress this season and needs our combined support, if you wish to send dry food goods or cash both are welcomed sights to three little ones this holiday season. She has to drive several towns over to get the basics of life since many businesses have conspired to not sell them food or services while trying to run them out of town.

    Send what you can to:
    Deborah Henderson
    245 N. Main Ave.
    Leith, ND 58529

  3. Martin Lindstedt and Terrible Tommy Metzger has best assesment of Cobb. Staged Planned Event for Discrediting a Cause. This has been done many times in past. With Justice Department Agents, ADL Agents, JDL Agents, Mossad Agents, FBI Agents., and now they have DHS Agents also. The Powers That Be will not let any Whites set up an open White Racist Community. The only way to do it is secretly and not make waves. Look how Warren Jeffs and his FLDS Church is always under attack. Alex Curtiss, Tom Metzger and Louis Beam have best approach that will be more and more in the future. LONE WOLF TACTICAL CONCEPT and Leaderless Resistance and Ghost Wolf and White Resistance Insurgency. and Martin Lindstedts 10000 Warlords Prgram. Since WW 2 the White Movement has been heavily infiltrated. The Justice Departm,ent Agents are trained in CONTROL, MONITORING and NEUTRALIZATION. Some Justice Department Agents even set up phoney organizations and run them. And you knoe the REST OF THE STORY…Hail Victory!!

  4. It’s interesting that the Left never feels compelled to hang its dirty linen in public and subject it to ridicule and derision.

  5. Open carry may be legal in most Western states, but acting in a threatening manner while carrying a firearm isn’t.

  6. Making fun of, and blaming, whites again — at least ‘lower class’, ‘stupid’ whites, and whites north-of-the-Line in general?

    How many southern whites might be carrying a little Sub-Saharan DNA by now, thanks to that old African-slavery-based, ‘Norman’ or ‘Golden Circle’ Talmudistic multiracial system?

  7. Re: ‘a useful tool for keeping the lower orders behaving’:

    Is Christianity really ‘just a useful tool’ for controlling ‘stupid’, ‘lower class’ whites — NOT REALLY FACTUAL, NOT TRUE IN ITSELF?

    So-called ‘Low church’ and ‘Bible Belt’ white southern (and northern) readers of this blog will certainly NOT agree with that sentiment!

  8. Cobb is wearing sandals in North Dakota in November…

    Wearing sandals, brandishing guns, flying Swastikas, going on trash TV, butt showing – might as well be reading from a Hollywood script.

    So many of these Cobb type problems can be solved by implementing a strict dress code. If we do any demos in Chicago in winter… No sandals.


  9. Second video she says ” Mugblood”. Too much JK Rowling for her I suspect.

    Kynan, the sidekick looks like Daniel Radcliffe with a rifle, for what it is worth…

  10. What an incredibly courageous fighter for white rights. A true martyr. As a result of these activities millions of whites all across America are going to be asking themselves just what the hell would is supposedly so “wrong” about a white ethnostate.

  11. Walking down a country lane carrying a gun is hardly illegal. It certainly wasn’t anywhere except in big cities in the east as late as the 1970’s. I remember shooting rats with cops at the city dumps in both Berkeley Ca and San Francisco back then.

    You people are a bunch of pussies for not standing up for gun rights. Jack Ryan seems to have internalized the ethos of the Coalition Against Gun Violence.

  12. I agree about sandals, feminine footwear that is not even sensible for women. Maybe he can’t afford new boots. But even whites who are poor or don’t know any better shouldn’t be ridiculed and blamed this way. Why should whites be so ashamed of themselves? The only true shame is pride and disobedience to God.

  13. All these measures to be taken to prevent WN from appearing ‘low class’ assume that WNs are mostly stupid people who need to be trained to appear intelligent.

  14. Re: Mosin

    There were hundreds of comments on the previous post about Craig Cobb.

    Here’s the video of the infamous “patrol” of Leith. The gallery is free to draw their own conclusions. This is White Nationalism in action “north-of-the-Line.” Cobb himself says in the video that he is the most famous White Nationalist in America.

    My position is that it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s a choice to act this way, to present yourself to the public this way, and especially to be seen this way by the general public.

  15. On the other hand, wearing sandals in North Dakota in November may just prove he is ‘wiry tough’, able to walk on frozen ground and sleep in an unheated trailer or cardboard box under a bridge. A lot of persecuted good white males are in that position today, and surviving nobly. The scene in the video is not necessarily shameful.

  16. ‘This is White Nationalism in action “north-of-the-Line.”’

    Yes, because on the WARM side of the Line good white men driven into poverty by the tyrannous System don’t need to be QUITE as tough to survive through winter in unheated/poorly heated shacks and boxes without plumbing and electricity. I’m not saying Cobb was in that position, but some white men are. I’ve met some, and helped some. Don’t make fun of the Great White North.

  17. The MSM reality TV is now looking for addition kooks, nut cases, screwballs, societal misfits like Cobb to get on TV and make WN look stupid. One might be tempted to think that Cobb was just an actor, reading from some Jew Holwyood script, nut Noooooooooo – our side attracts kooks like this who enjoy embarrassing themselves and our people on TV.

    These Kooks really enjoy going “the full Monty” , dressing and acting the part as deranged evil Nazis going on “patrol” in sandals no less, brandishing guns at the locals.

    M’thinks Cobb wanted to get arrested, why dress and act this way if he didn’t? Seems Cobb never got around to fixing up a winterized indoor toilet, so sitting in a cold out house through a North Dakota Winter, well, even with flying Swastika flags, it’s a cold thought, better to let the county jail house and feed ya.

    Oh dear.

  18. Talmudvision and Unholywood are supposedly breaking the Amish, too — making fun of every white ethnic Christian group, portraying them all as fools and hypocrites. Sticks and stones can break our bones, but false stories cannot hurt us — unless we accept the lies, and come to despise each other.

  19. Outhouses make much more sense than toilets with plumbing in many rural situations. City People (Jack) cannot understand.

  20. ‘our side attracts kooks’

    Great Televangelists and Megachurch founders admit their meteoric careers depending most of all on purging their membership of misfits who would have spoiled the atmosphere and image they wanted to create. If Mainstream WN is to go truly ‘mainstream’ and grow big, it will need to expel and distance and distinguish itself from all the kooks and misfits, clowns, Nazis, anti-Semites, religious nutcases, bigots, conspiracy theorists and other non-mainstream types that predominate in existing WN.

  21. If Cobb were able to act in a rational manner, he would have had those people in Leith, North Dakota eating out of his hand.

  22. Who goes around his own town and people threatening to shoot them? You don’t shoot your own generally speaking. Certainly not people you claim to protect.

    Kynan (some sort of halfwitted spelling of Conan?) and Deborah are egging the egotistical bastard over a cliff.

  23. The SPLC has found the videos and posted a transcript. I found them at VNN Forum, but they were deleted, so I looked on YouTube and someone else had posted them there:


    “Do you think this is going to win people over to what you’re trying to do?” the resident asks.

    “Hey, listen asshole,” Cobb shouts back. “I’m one of the most famous racists in the world, you son of a bitch. Don’t talk to me about winning people over.”

    “I know you are,” the resident says. “But I’m asking, do you think this is going to win people over?

    “Jackasses like you, we don’t care,” Cobb says. “You’re a tool of the kikes. You understand. You’re deceived up in your own brain. You think you’re really somebody. Fuck you and your fucking pie-in-the sky, spooks-in-the-sky crap.”

    Cobb rants on and eventually the man says, “I pray for you everyday.”

  24. Are there other groups covertly in Leith? It’s almost as if he knows the guy.

    Most people up there are probably very conservative, it almost sounds like he’s attempting to entrap someone. Why for example did he even attempt to put Leith on the map? Was he attempting to get the DOJ to block bust?

  25. David Duke was about the only American White nationalist leader who came off well on American media, he was wise to try for live interviews, when you/we get taped, we get raped.

  26. Is Christianity really ‘just a useful tool’ for controlling ‘stupid’, ‘lower class’ whites — NOT REALLY FACTUAL, NOT TRUE IN ITSELF?…

    Mosin, you probably know there are “mainstream” christianities that are that way; it’s what I always thought about romanism, so maybe Rudel really doesn’t know there are other kinds of christianity, communities that functioned in a radically different way from many things seen now, and the people certainly thinking of themselves as “christian,” (not like the t.v. or megachurch or other versions which really do seem more about crowd control.)

  27. I agree, DixieGirl, that someone who has experienced only typical ‘Mainstream Christianity’ might doubt that Christianity could have any ‘use’ besides entertaining, showing off, making money and controlling and gaining power over others. But in the old days (I think even in some of the ‘high church’ denominations then) many more of our people took the Bible entirely SERIOUSLY, and experienced the FEAR of God and lived with TENDER consciences. Handshake deals can be made with such people, and their marriage promises are never broken.

    What I meant in that comment is that there are: (1) some who truly believe the Gospel, and practice Biblical Christianity by conviction, while (2) others doubt or disbelieve it, yet may find some of the ‘trappings’ of Christianity or other religions make ‘useful tools’ for various carnal purposes.

    If the Gospel is true, WN and everything else should be built only on that foundation. If it is false, then we (believers) are ‘of all men most miserable’ (as the Apostle Paul said, though he did not doubt at all) and WN can use any tools or tactics it pleases.

  28. re Mosin N. @9:32:

    In other words, the Republican party and mainstream conservatism?

    In my estimation, the road to success will borrow heavily from the success that cultural Marxists have had in making something like homosexuality mainstream. I’m not all that old and I can remember homosexuality being at once taboo, and the object of ridicule and exclusion.

    The proponents of homosexuality adopted a “we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it” approach. They focused on the open minds of the youth, and let time do its thing. They put themselves in the role of the persecuted which invokes sympathy. They leveraged ideas such as freedom and universal inclusion and the equality of every soul before god to transform theological opinions. They allied with allegedly anti-homosexual groups such as negroes and Mexicans to put sympathetic pols in office and then used courts to push themselves over the top. At no point was homosexuality favored by a majority, but a majority that doesn’t give a shit about anything except their own comfort will eventually yield to an obnoxious minority who promises to go away if placated on just one small little thing.

    From the prosecution of Alan Turing on the charge of homosexuality in 1952 to the reversal which will come by election time in 2015 is a long time, but not even a life time and certainly inconsequential in terms of a race. See also Nelson Mandela.

    It all starts with taking the moral high ground for the idea of self-determination for any and all people, and then applying that specifically to one’s own people.

  29. Cobbinator Takes a Round from Morser Karl

    From September 2011 originally on
    http://www.occidentaldissent.com/forum/showthread.php?p=3853#post3853 (Which Hunter has taken down for some reason, Could have explained Craig Cobb)

    So I get this call saying “this is Craig Cobb, I’m staying in a homeless shelter…I heard you on the Hal Turner Radio show a few years ago and I hitch hiked down here to meet you.” The guy says he’s white and been a long time patriot – so I pick him up and feed him and find him a place to stay. Though his afro and moronic ramblings suggested I do otherwise, I took Cobb at his word and brought him on a painting job (where he excelled in the task of creeping people out). Within two weeks Craig Cobb had a $1000 in his pocket, a job, a place to live, a new laptop, signed up to collect SSI, $248 a month in Obongo stamps and friends he could never make on his own. I tried to take Craig Cobb to a doctor for his dislocated hip, cooked meals for him and cleaned up after him, apologized to others on his behalf for all the stupid crap that would come from his mouth and gave him a bicycle for the times I couldn’t run him around town myself–all because he saying he’s a member of my racial family and the lawful are their brother’s keeper.

    Three weeks after meeting Cobb I ran across some of his “literature” on the internet. It was some of the most Christ-hating Talmudic babble I think I’d ever read. That evening I calmly explained to him that “there is a book calling itself ‘The Word of God’ already in existence” and “for you to be a successful atheist you must prove that this book is in error!” I told him we are the only people on the Earth who have had a perfect man of our Race come amongst us (which explains why we the world hates us) and who promises us the preservation we so desperately need. The only people who have taken up this ideology called Christianity and we have made for ourselves wonderful lawful societies with these ideas – and there has never been a successful atheist society in our past and all of our pagan societies are an embarrassment to us.

    Like water off a duck’s back Cobb ignored any of my words (I always try to take it easy on non-believers – forced conversions only work until the whip is put away). Cobb preferred only try to lump the beliefs of Adolf Hitler, Pastor Butler and myself with Benny Hinn, Jimmy Swaggert and the Rev Al Sharpton. (Jews do this; “Guilt by association…you take an innocent person and put him right in the middle of a list of known thugs…”)

    A few days later Cobb agreed to help me get an email address on his new computer – I had asked for when I first met him. After several hours and two full pages of passwords, web addresses and encryption codes in which I could only access my account through his account I realized “the last thing this man will ever help me do is get an email address!” (A friend helped me a few days ago – it took about 10 minutes). I had the Cobbinator figured out.

    The pink “Barbie” cell phone always dangling around his scaly neck (Cobb was filming us), the meth-tard he brought over trying to get me to buy him some weed, his many uninvited and unwanted conversations about “killing Jews, queers and others.” Cobb was an agent for the ADL.

    The next day I asked Cobb to help me remove some asbestos from a ceiling and replace it with fiberglass insulation. After much deliberation Cobb finally agreed (making a Jew work is worse than killing them if the story of the Holocaust is any lesson to us). On the third day of the job, just as the last of the fiberglass was being put into place I called to Cobb “c’mere a minute.” Krusty the Cobb slowly ambled over the ceiling joists on his knees and poked his mug thru the access in the ceiling – a wad of yellow fiberglass insulation matted in his Jew fro – and weakly asked “What is it!” “I know it was you who wrote that anonymous feature on the SPLC and Montana Human Rights website about the politician’s son who is part of our movement.” I replied. Cobb looked stunned; his trade-mark smirk was gone! The only motion in the ceiling came from the sweat dripping off his greasy hippie face. “That means adios, Pedro,” I said. Cobb slowly clambered out of the ceiling until he was halfway down then jumped from the ladder heading for the door as if the room was on fire. I stepped in front of him and said “I knew you were a turd-eating Hindu (not from the years you told me you spent in India, but) from your Talmudic sophistry!” Cobb looked in the faces of the other two skinheads in the room and realized anything but a quick exit would land him in the hospital or the cemetery and backed to the other exit of the room and ran for his life.

    Cobb filed a restraining order on me – and it wasn’t because I always carry a razor sharp knife in my pocket or that I am never more than half a sentence away from a firearm or my rifle range scores in the Marine Corps (I’ve since improved). No, the reason Cobb filed a restraining order against me was he had done and was doing the things most men get their jaw broken over.

    At the hearing Cobb’s wide-eyed ramblings brought chuckles from the bailiffs and the judge (including his most common drone “I gave Obama a ride in my cab in Hawaii when he was 19 and I was 27 – he said he wasn’t born in this country!”???). The only thing he said that was true was “Karl doesn’t have a driver’s license!” Cobb kept repeating this and finally the judge stopped him and said “we are well aware of the status of Mr. Gharst’ driver’s license.” (I had only a few months previous told this same judge in a packed courtroom “When the last illegal alien crosses our border headed home I’ll be the first one in line to get a driver’s license.”) That brought Cobb to a halt and let me enter the conversation.

    I pointed out the Cobb was the intellectual author of the murders of Chicago judge Leftkow’s family and was the one who arranged the phone call from Benjamin Smith that set Matt Hale up for forty years in prison. Cobb blurted out “I never testified at Matt Hale’s trial, I was in Missouri!” Well, no one ever said he did testify at Hale’s trial. (Cobb had bragged to me during different conversations that he had known and talked to both of these men.) The ADL stooge who had bought $300 worth of powdered sugar (bogus meth from the mother and son team of gypsies off of Butler’s property) never testified at Pastor Butler’s civil trial, either. Like Cobb, he was conveniently unavailable in another state.

    (Cobb had a few conversations more recently with Kevin Harpham just before he placed a bomb at the 2011 MLK commie parade in Spokane.) I told Judge Ortley that Cobb was an agent provocateur for the ADL and “he would publish your address and engineer a crime against your family, just like he did Leftkow’s.” The judge dismissed the restraining order.

    A few days later someone told me Cobb was hanging around the apt bldg. with a gun saying he was going to shoot me if he saw me! Well, I’ve been just about as kind to my neighbors as I once was with Cobb and it wasn’t long before he showed his .45 to one of my friends who quickly called the cops and had “Feebus” swat-teamed out of the bldg., minus one brand new .45 cal. pistol. Cobb would spend Nov to April living in a hole in the ground covered by a tarp behind the old abandoned Wal-Mart – in one of the worst Montana winters in many years. God remembered what Cobb had said about him.

    Cobb was the 6th ADL pus-bag to appear in my life, uninvited, in the three years I have been showing documentary films the “Rabbis don’t want us to see” at the local library. I learned long ago that the first mission of the ADL scumbag is to entrap us in a crime (our Africanized gulags are full of white patriots who have never done anything wrong to anyone), second, the stooges try to drive all your friends away from you, get you fired from your job and encourage their fellow criminals to victimize you. When this fails they go around rubbing all the stink in the world on you and in every direction on the compass hoping something will stick. This is what you read about me and other genuine patriots when you “Google” our names on the internet.

    The Cobbster never caused me an ounce of worry! I felt sorry for him when I first met him and still do. All during his stay numerous semi-toothed drugged out women would come up to me and say “…please keep that guy away from me…he’s so creepy!” His only friends were imaginary Sadhus who would pat his back and spar with him on meaningless issues during acid flashbacks. Giving White People a bad name and driving a few cowardly people from our movement was Craig Cobb’s only accomplishment in Kalispell. Idiots (like Cobb) believe “I will go to work for the Sons of Hell and I will become a millionaire!” Jewish Organized Crime only pays for the real stuff and as little as they can get away with. And when the stooge is told to do something and he doesn’t do it – off to jail he goes or he gets whacked!

    A couple of good case studies in this matter would be April Gaede and Edgar Steele. April was fired from her $10 hr. job – not for being an outspoken racist – but for stealing office supplies and Edgar Steele was set up by his ADL handler because he wasn’t doing what he was told. (Steele had promised Pastor Butler he would call the old man and the ARA agent who caused the trouble to testify. When the time came Steele replied “we got this thing beat – we don’t need your testimony.”

    We always do well when we promote men who demonstrate courage and follow those men who bring us victories! Telling lies about these good men, calling them names or otherwise defaming them, engineering crimes to entrap these good people – this is what the ADL does! And always against all our good laws! (It is “the laws that have always worked for us and preserved us” that is most hated by the “lawless.”) Anyone who comes a-preaching’ “robbery, murder or the misuse of human life – for any reason” is probably going to be an agent of the ADL/Jewish Mafia, or, had just read a book written by them.

    And with all the lies they have told and with all the crimes Edom Jewry has committed against White Christendom and the all other peoples of the world – I would question the integrity of any so-called patriot who wasn’t sending his divisions thru these great gaps in our enemies lines. One thing we can always count on; if we don’t assume the role of leadership among our own people-the rabbis will!

    If there is a moral to this story let it be: never expect anyone with an “afro” to do anything good for our race!

    Karl Gharst

  30. @ Afterthought, re: ‘In other words, the Republican party and mainstream conservatism?’:

    Not at all, AT. That comment at 9:32 about eliminating all the ‘kooks and misfits’ to ‘grow the movement’ was obviously tongue in cheek, given the context of all my other comments about the ‘Mainstream WN’ movement and its treatment of Cobb in this post and other posts.

  31. Thanks Karl Gharst.

    If these nut case, loner, losers, societal misfits like Cobbdidn’t exist the Jews and other vicious anti Whites would have to invent them! Lot’s of our people believe that the Cobbs are really actors or FBI informants paid to act this way to discredit our cause (survival), but I know that these Cobb losers are real, our movement attracts them like s#€£¥ attracts flies.

    The worst part of these Cobb types is that they love, absolutely LOVE appearing on ZOG, BRA trash media and humiliating ou race, they love to be on TV to confirm the worst media stereotypes of WN being deranged hates, kooks a threat to any and all decent people.

    The correct term for the Cobb types are…. “Outcastes” – who must be cast out, shunned.

    A key to identifying these destructive Cobb kooks is…

    With a little help, can they dress appropriately for nature, basic social settings? If they can not, if they insist on doing things like wearing hippie sandals inNorh. Dakota in late November brandishing guns on patrol targeting local Christians, well…

    Best committed T&A lunatic asylum along with those in the Ron and Rand Paulrace denying, race pandering a libertarian cult. This R &R Paul cult also has a base in. North Dakota.

  32. Captain John Charity Spring MA says, regarding Craig Cobb: “What is he patrolling for? Blacks?”

    Why would he? He’s already got himself in custody.

  33. TMT–Episode #203.5 — Failed PLEs vs Indigenous Warlordcies — 12 Dec 13
    Time: December 12, 2013 10:00 PM EST/9:00 PM CST


    Well CornCobb is out of the NutHouse and back in the Mercer County jail, having released the video taken when CornCobb and his sidekick Dutton the Nutt was being filmed by Dutton’s girlfriend. Depending on what you think and what you think will depend on what side you are on, CornCobb is either a terrorist, and/or a nut or a pathetic schidzoid jewboy out to become a martyr or anything in between or outside the box.

    The matter will work its way with a lot of attention being taken.

    So we will discuss the matter. A lot some more.

    But let’s see what was the origin of this matter, namely the wish to establish a personal Pioneer Little Europe (PLE) to ride out the Great Tribulation / Apocalypse / Zombie ZOGling Whigger & Mamzer Apocrapsys / Great Die-off & Collapse.

    Most PLEs, either Christian Identity or CreaTard, end up like Elohim Shitty, or PierceTard ZOG Compounding, or April Gaede’s Two and a Half Whiggers or something both known by ZOG and then either destroyed or compromised by ZOG/Babylon.

    So, when someone who finds my web page asks me what to do I say either you form a political movement — The Best (and about onlyest) of which is Harold Covington’s Northwest Imperative — or you do the Ten Thousand Warlords Program. In which you stay put, fortify your farmhouse like Hershel Green didn’t do in The Walking Dead, along with other survivalist racialists, note the local [d]ruling regime criminals, and exterminate them after most of the herd animals die off.

    The Movement Turd recommends The Ten-Thousand Warlords Project as the bowel Movement is all fucked & ZOGbotted up.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  34. Deborah Henderson would like to thank those of you who sent her children things this Yuletide season. She is in a bad way, the city wants the hose she is in to be hooked up to city water and not the well. They also want a more up to date septic system installed which she did get a permit for, but the cost is ten thousand dollars. The city had given notice until December 3rd and the Mayor went on air during a recent talk show and said, “Her time is over.” Even if she had money enough to control the sewage issue with a construction port-o-potty the services are expensive, but could buy her more time since the permit is good for six months which gives time for the spring thaw to dig a hole -reasonable expectations would be met- for the city. The contractor wants $5,000 up front to give her a contact as well which is half the cost of the septic tank install.

  35. The residents of North Dakota used whatever means necessary to remove the perceived danger to their society named Craig Cobb.

    White racists will not be tolerated. No siree Bob!

    So, look at what the silly people are importing with the help of stupid cucktians.

    No one in that state will protest or or object in any way, I’m sure.

    Fargo and West Fargo could see 350 refugees move to cities by the end of September


    Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) – Local aid organizations and schools say they’re going to be very busy the next couple of months. More refugees than usual are expected to be coming.

    By September 30th, Fargo and West Fargo could increase to 350 new residents and the number in Grand Forks could be bumped to 100.

    Jessica Thomasson/CEO, Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota, “In an ideal world, it would be spread evenly over the 12 months of that year, but we know that in a lot of years you’ll have ups and downs.”

    Jessica Thomasson, the CEO of Lutheran Social Services, says the projections the next couple months are 10 to 20 percent higher than usual in North Dakota. The whole year is about 10 percent higher. She says their organization usually gets about two weeks notice of new arrivals during which they have to set up housing, furnishing and other things to prepare for a new life in a new place. (snip)

    Overall, the U.S. plans to resettle 7,500 refugees this month and over 10,000 in September to meet it’s commitment of 70,000 for this fiscal year. Most of the arrivals here in metro will be Bhutanese, Somali, Iraqi and Congolese. About 75 percent have family connections here. (end)

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