Feds Out of Florida Rally


I’m waiting on news from the “Feds Out of Florida” rally in Ocala. This is the League’s third local rally in Central Florida since August.

Note: There was a “Remember the Bonnie Blue Flag” rally in Lakeland in September and a “Secede From Obamaland” rally in Orlando in November. The “Stand With Tom Watson” rally was the first local rally in Georgia. Henceforth, we expect activism to be the new normal in this part of the Lower South.





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  1. There weren’t a lot of us but we took our message to the people. We weren’t afraid of any opposition (which did not materialise), the media calling us names or the very few negative responses we got. In fact, most of the responses were positive. It’s good for people to see nationalists in public spreading our message.

  2. I just got a text alert and it reads “Most Duval school board members in favor of Nathan B. Forrest name change.” It’s referring to the high school in Jacksonville, FL.

    If we can’t stop a thing while we’re the majority, what hell awaits us as a minority?

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