Rand Paul Worships Nelson Mandela

Three of a Kind
Three of a Kind

Rand Paul is sinking to new lows each week as he prostitutes himself to the cultural Marxist “powers that be” all in a selfish attempt to gain free media coverage of yet another doomed Libertarian Presidential campaign/crusade.

Last week, Rand Paul was opening a minority outreach HQ in BRA bankrupt Detroit, this week he is heaping praise on ANC Communist terrorist leader Nelson Mandela. What will it be next week? Homosexual sex with HIV+ Black Haitian illegal immigrants?

Here’s Rand Paul’s official statement on Saint Nelson Mandela:

Sen. Paul’s Statement on the Legacy of South African President Nelson Mandela

Dec 10, 2013
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sen. Rand Paul today issued the following statement on the life and legacy of South African President, Nelson Mandela:

“Nelson Mandela not only changed history, his call for tolerance, peace and acceptance changed the minds of people across the globe. The indelible mark he left on his country and the world will serve as an example of rightness and perseverance for humanity for all time.”


  1. Both Pauls are Judeo Masons (Their Wives also),,,,like many many other Politicians. Their loyalty is always to ZOG. Period…. Today is Bloodriver Day in South Africa….Richard Kelly Hoskins says we dont need Presidents or Senators. We need Captains of 10, 100s and Thousands. Huey Long said everyman a King in his own Castle with no Crown… Daddy Ron Paul use to send out newsletters in the 90s. A friend of mine use to get them. Amazing how both Pauls play like they are for us–but in the end turn on us…

  2. Never say die Libertarian loons at Whitenewsnow.com are still covering for/excusing/denying Rand Paul’s racial treason. These Libertarian cult loons are as bad as those who covered for/enabled homosexual pedophile Jerry Sandusky at Penn State.

    Maybe stop by and politely suggest that they stop promoting the Jack Kemp anti White policies and insane state,ents of Rand Paul and Paul Ryan, or just open borders immigration, race denying Libertarians in general.

  3. OT slightly.


    …Because Paul Ryan helped negotiate the second worst formal Federal budget in the history of the republic.

    Paul Ryan….”libertarian.” See what I mean above about “libertarian” meaning everything and nothing at the same time?

    Way OT:


    Good job, JR.

  4. I could never buy libertarianism because of their stand on sex and drugs. I think they have proven themselves screwed in the head and dopey as all get out on the issues important to us.

  5. Libertarianism assumes a homogeneous creative population who will naturally make use of freedom to get things done. The sort of people who do well under that, or would, are the same ones punished by multi-cult, ethnic “diversity,” and so on. Only a rarefied group, it seems, needs and uses that system. After 1900, the ‘new’ populations just couldn’t embrace it—- many seem to NEED welfare-warfare statism and it’s three hots and their cots.

  6. Rand Paul & Jack Hunter both became slugs for the NWO/DC criminals…they need to be shunned completely along w/ the rest of the Bohner/McConnell mobsters!

  7. Short of voting for the local Sheriff and Mayor, at least I am saved the trouble of voting at all any more.

    Bring on the reset already.

  8. Read History of Masonry. Also in Germany in 1933-34 it was banned–Grand Orient Masonry was referred to as Judeo Masonry. The Jews have infiltrated Masonry and taken it over. Read V.S. Herrells –Diest Masons are Jews. Also Texe Marrs has excellent book on the subject. Judeo Masons are the Servants, Ram Rodders and Enforcers of Jews (ZOG). Todays Masonry is full of Pro Zionists and many are Zionsits by race. David lANE HAS WRITTEN A GOOD ARTICLE ON FREEMASONRY; Modern Freemasonry Degenerate Child of Noble Forefathers http://blacksuninvictus.org/modernfreemasonry.html Also read Secret Societies and Subversive Movements by Noah Webster. Most Judges are Judeo Masons, Most Politicians are Judeo Masons, Most Ranking Officers in Military are Judeo Masons, Most Sheriffs are Judeo Masons, and the list goes on and on. Many years ago their was good Whitemen in Masonry. The lower ranks there might be a few good Masons who are racially conscious. But for most part it is Totally Anti-White. They teach Brotherhood of Man and We are all one and same. The Foundiong Fatherrs were Masons–but tday its a different story. Look at Southern Baptist Ministers with the Rings on and how they rant to their congregations how bad White Racism is… Look at Congress and you will see members who play like they for us..yet in the end are against us. Its not a conspiracy–its fact.

  9. Who gives a crap about sex & drugs? Speaking of a racket. Two more things government has no business regulating. I dare say authoritarians are far more dangerous loons than any libertarians I have met. Take your goon squads and build up your reich in some other country where men have not shed their blood for freedom.

  10. Libertarianism is just another Jew “ism”. The latest “ism” is called Reactionism. It’s tied to the “Dark Enlightenment”. Now the Dark Enlightenment has a lot of good points to it so of course they have to have a response. What is it? Kings. I shit you not. They believe that the peasants are so stupid that we need Kings to make everything right. They go on and on about the “Cathedral” and how if we just had royalty it would be ok.
    I’ve reminded them that the term “Cathedral” for the liberal gov., school, and press complex is stupid and should be properly called the “#Neo-Synagogue”. This does not amuse them. I would appreciate it if every time someone prints “Cathedral” you would ask them , “Don’t you mean the “#Neo-Synagogue” “.
    Their high priest is a Jew called Moldburg with a tongue that could charm a princess out of her drawers. Of course like the Libertarians he tells us about all these problems we have with his brilliant essays (he is eloquent I’ll give him that) and then gives us ridiculous stupid things we’re supposed to do to solve them. Kings, what a laugh.

    I’ve pointed out also all we need is property and literacy qualifications to turn things around. Crickets. They insist on Kings. Please make fun of these people.

    As for Rand. Rand goes to party. Rand gets Boom Boom at party, maybe even with underage girls-or-boys, Rand gets hidden camera picture taken. Rand problem solved for “#Neo-Synagogue”.

  11. I think the citizenry of WVirginia should kick him out of office as soon as they possibly can, to he can LEARN that treason against Americans (whites) is just that… Treason.

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