Rep. Tyrone Brooks Indicted on Mail, Wire, and Tax Fraud Charges


Here’s a new wrinkle in the removal of the Tom Watson statue:

Note: Brooks was indicted in May, but we were unaware of this when he was railing against “white supremacist” monuments at the Georgia State Capitol.

“ATLANTA—A federal grand jury has indicted Tyrone Brooks, Sr. on charges that he misappropriated almost $1 million in charitable funds from Universal Humanities, a charity he founded in 1990, and the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials (GABEO). ….

Brooks, 67, of Atlanta, Georgia, was charged by a federal grand jury in a 30-count indictment that includes charges of mail, wire, and tax fraud. The indictment charges that, from the mid-1990s through 2012, Brooks solicited contributions from individuals and corporate donors to combat illiteracy and fund other charitable causes, but then used the money to pay personal expenses for himself and his family. The indictment was returned today, and Brooks will appear for arraignment on a date set by the court.”

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  1. Since the Sixties, Black hustlers like Tyrone have hustled billions of dollars out of major corporations, banks, utilities, and labor unions no questions asked. In the last 15 or 20 years the “Hispanics” have also entered the corporate give-a-way game. They want their cut of the corporate charity action too.

  2. Most Black politicians and preachers are scam artists.

    Mega Church Pastor Dies In Hotel Room Of Drug Overdose –

    More than two years after the mysterious death of Pastor Zachery Tims in a New York City hotel room, the cause is now known: a toxic, fatal combination of cocaine and heroin.

    The New York Medical Examiner’s Office released the cause of death Thursday after a drawn-out legal battle by the Apopka preacher’s mother, Madeline Tims, to keep the cause sealed.

    Riva Tims filed for divorce in 2008 and she started her own church, Majestic Life Ministries, in Orlando. Initially stated as “irreconcilable differences,” the real reason behind the divorce, according to Riva Tims, seen below, was her husband’s alleged “multiple and repeated extramarital s*xual affairs.”

    In interviews following her former husband’s death, Riva Tims said she knew of Zachery’s drug abuse in the past, but didn’t know he was still using drugs. “I had no idea it was so much. I’ll put it this way: It’s one thing to have a struggle; it’s another thing to have a lifestyle,”

    From Derbyshire’s ‘The Talk.’

    (10f) Do not settle in a district or municipality run by black politicians.

    (10g) Before voting for a black politician, scrutinize his/her character much more carefully than you would a white.

  3. He swindled his own but watch them all stand in his corner and blame us rayssis for everything. Watch our race traitors agree.

  4. I’m completely crushed by this revelation that Comrade Brooks has been found to be a criminal.

    Just when the People’s Revolution was poised to take control, the reactionaries have won this battle.

  5. I see Rev. Tim’s position was taken over by Paula White:

    “She has received the 2011 Impact Leadership Award during the 5th Annual International Financial and Leadership Sumitt in Houston, Texas; the 2009 Humanitarian Award by the Trumpet Award Foundation; the 2007 Behind the Bench “Mind, Body, Spirit Award” from the NBA Wives Organization, and the 2006 “Trailblazer Award” by Jesse Jackson and Rainbow Coalition.”

    I think we can see a continuing problem with this Satanic church.

  6. These so-called black leaders, and don’t forget the preachers, are indeed nothing but hustlers and self-servers. Tyrone Brooks has not had a real job in his adult life. But what bothers me more is for my people to be so gullible as to not see through these guys. It is so sad that my people are so ignorant and content to let these guys continue to feed them that victim mentality mind-set and keep them buried in history. Tyrone Brooks is going to prison for quite awhile which is where he belongs.

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