White Renegade Traitor of the Year Nominations

Blessing Muslim Invasion of Europe
Blessing Muslim Invasion of Europe

Instauration magazine used to run a year end cover story shaming the year’s worst White American traitor. I would like to revive this tradition, but open up the contest to what remains of the entire White world. So who do you think was the worst traitor to White Western Civilization in 2013? I’m going to make some nominations.

#1. Pope Francis

This filthy rich traitorous Pope’s first trip was to the Italian Mediterranean island of Lampedusa to bless Muslim black African illegal alien boat people. The Pope denounced the White West’s “globalisation of indifference.” Next, his first papal proclamation denounces economic inequality at supposed “trickle down economics” – typical Marxist, same old, same old. Looks like the anti White, Marxists have completed the long march through the Catholic institutions, now they’ve got the papacy.

#2. Rand Paul

The last cursed presidential campaign was only over for six months before Rand Paul and his never say die, race-denying libertarian cult started his presidential campaign. Rand is basing his campaign in Detroit and from his Kentucky office on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue. Rand Paul made a staff member, once the “Southern Avenger,” renounce his horrible racist past and embrace the race pandering libertarian losing program of Jack Kemp and Paul Ryan.

Rand Paul father’s endless Presidential campaigns (non-stop since 1988) where Rand Paul and Ron Paul insist that Third World immigration, including mass Mexican and Muslim immigration, is really GOOD FOR AMERICA, and any problems associated with immigration are caused by too much border controls and wage restrictions that prevent the likes of Sheldon Adelson, Mark Zuckerberg and that cursed Onion King in Georgia from employing tens of millions of happy slave, diseased Mestizos and Muslims at $4 an hour or at unpaid internships. Compensation includes a promise to bring in all their diseased, jihadist relatives. If you want to vomit your lunch, read Rand Paul’s immigration comments in the official response to Obama’s State of the Union Address.

#3. Paul Ryan

Almost identical to race denying libertarian loon Rand Paul, Paul Ryan was not content to lose White America in the 2012 presidential election when he ran as a Jack Kemp clone libertarian panderer who couldn’t carry his own state of Wisconsin. No, Paul Ryan wasted 2013 on being the “conservative” poster boy for “comprehensive immigration reform,” doing photo ops with New York’s Sen. Charles Schumer and Chicago’s Rep. Luis Gutierrez. Paul Ryan makes a big deal about his shared Catholic faith with Gutierrez and the new liberation theology Pope Francis from South America.

Do we have any other nominations?

Previous White Renegade of the year winners include:

1985 GOP House Majority Leader Newt Gingrich

1986 Indiana Senator Dick Lugar

1987 Joint prize – White government/ADL/SPLC informants such as Glen Miller

1988 US Secretary of State George Schultz

1989 Once strong White political adviser Lee Atwater

1990 “Conservative” TV talking head George Will

1991 Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards

1992 “Conservative” TV talking head II Fred Barnes

1993 Hillary Rodham Clinton (Poor choice – see my letter next month)

1994 Jack Kemp and William Bennett (Very good choices)

1995 OJ Simpson attorney F. Lee Bailey

1996 Fidel Castro (strange call, shows Wilmot Robertson getting a bit old – Castro isn’t a renegade to White British American majority – plus it’s way in the past 1960)

1997 Last White American media owner Ted Turner (excellent choice)

1998 Al Gore (Kind of lame choice, all White American Vice Presidents are lame)


  1. Yes, Jack. They have the papacy and all the high offices of the Church. As our Lady stated at La Salette: “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the anti-Christ. The Church will be in eclipse.”

    Since the reign of Paul VI, the Church is now in eclipse.

    The post Vatican II magisterium is exactly what Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre stated ” riddled with Masonic errors under the condemnation of the Church”. Marxist cultural theology (all Judaic ideologies actually) fall under the anathemas of Popes Pius IX, Leo XIII and Pope St Pius X.

    People who have no concept of the Church will certainly have no concept that bishops who use their office to bind heresies condemned by the Church onto others are cursed by the Church. That is what the anathema means. Pope Francis I – a modernist heretic who preaches Judaic ideologies is under the anathema of Pope St Pius X.

    The Church in its official doctrine and infallible teachings (Quanta Cura, Paschendi, Quas Primas etc ) binds on pain of mortal sin the whole swag of errors now promulgated from Rome. Pope St Pius X called the whole passel of them: “Modernism” – the sum of all heresies.

    Beware the leaven of anti-Christ – Judaism in all its forms, including its secular ideologies like Marxism which were contrived for the ruin of the goyim.

    The great cause of the hour championed by the few (very few actually) bishops who remain to us and are not under the anathema is: omnia instaurare in Christo. (Restoration of all things in Christ) And this cause will prevail against all natural odds.

  2. Rudel says:

    ‘I vote for the Pope.’

    He certainly has the most influence. Hundreds of millions accept whatever he says.

  3. Of course they have, Rudel. Of course they have decreed that the Society of St Pius X is in schism from the post Vatican II sect currently in occupation of Roman Catholic Church structures worldwide.

    This is why I stated that the eclipse of the Church began with the promulgation of the novus ordo missae under the seal of the Fisherman’s ring by Pope Paul VI. The canonised Roman Rite was forbidden and a new mass concocted by a bunch of Protestants and a Freemason was put in its place.

    If they are going to promulgate a magisterium riddled with masonic errors (many times condemned by the Church) they have to change the canonised Roman Rite. This should go without saying. This is because the Roman Rite of tradition teaches the Roman Catholic Faith. The novus ordo missae teaches the beliefs of the Vatican II.

    Since 1968 the Roman Catholic faithful have been denied the canonised rite of their Church. This is why our Lady stated infallibly that “the Church will be in eclipse.”

    In the English version of the novus ordo missae, they changed the Mysterium Fidei in the consecration of the wine so that it came under the anathema of the Council of Trent. The canon of the Mysterium Fidei went back to Apostolic times. But they changed the canon so that the words of the consecration specifically stated what the Council of Trent states is NOT meant or NOT to be believed.

    The ancient canon states that the blood of Christ which seals the New Covenant is shed for many – those who believe and are baptised. The novus ordo missae said that the blood of Christ is shed for all. This lex orandi was supposed to teach the new ecumenism of all faiths and creeds that came in with Vatican II. Think the Assissi debacle and the golden Bhudda on the high altar of the Franciscan shrine.

    You think maybe the Holy Office ignorantly made this blunder? Maybe they don’t know the doctrines of the Council of Trent? Somehow they didn’t get the words of the Gospel that those who believe not this Evangel “will be condemned”.

    The Council of Trent does explain how it is that Christ did indeed shed His blood for all sin going back to the original sin of our first parents, that all men may have hope of salvation in Him according to the Father’s desire that none should perish in their sins; yet it is also true that those who reject Him and reject His Gospel – do not have a share in the holy blood of the New Covenant. So has hope of salvation for all in Christ failed? No. Has the Father who has no pleasure in the death of sinners now changed His mind and now ‘it’s all good’ No.

    But men (and nations) who reject Him and say “No. We will not have this man to be king”, do make that hope to fail by their own choice. Therefore, the wine must not be consecrated for all – it is consecrated for the many who do say “Yes. We will have to the Lord Jesus Christ to be King and our Saviour.”

    • Pope Francis.

      It’s not even close. He has a far larger following than Rand Paul or Paul Ryan. He has said all kinds of things that you would expect to come from the Unitarians or Episcopalians.

  4. I’ve been reading a book about Pope Francis written by Luis Rosales and Daniel Olivera, who are Argentine journalists who have followed the career of Jorge Bergoglio for many years. The information I’ve seen so far is disturbing. He had a communist teacher in his late teens, and he was also influenced by the Peronist movement as well. The authors make it quite clear that he imbibed deeply both of these ideologies while studying for the priesthood. Sigh, I’m afraid we’re in for a rocky ride. Thankfully, the church will outlive this pope, and continue on for many more years to come, until he comes again. And the name of the book I just mentioned is “Francis A Pope For Our Time.”

  5. Sadly, I vote for Pope Francis, though I would not go as far as Jack Ryan or Lynda. Benedict XVI had some awareness of the threat Islam poses to Europe. Despite John Paul II’s opposition to the SSPX, in his interview/book Memory and Identity he shows a respect for national self-determination unsurprising for a Pole whose country was behind the Iron Curtain.

    Francis simply hasn’t a clue about the threat of non-White immigration, and as done nothing but evil with his appearances at Lampedusa and elsewhere. I do not think he is a Marxist any more than social nationalist opponents of plutocracy, and think he has did great geopolitical good with his worldwide prayer vigils for Syria, which we should recognize. Nonetheless, a Roman Pontiff advocating White Genocide and the downfall of Europe is a far greater catastrophe than the as-advertized policies promoted by libertarians.

  6. I’d have to vote for the Pope. Rand Paul Ryan one could have seen coming, but Pope Francis is a big surprise to me.

    I won’t blame Paul Ryan for not carrying Wisconsin for Romney, because running mates almost amount to nothing politically in the long run for those on the top of the ticket. His antics this year which will presumably extend into next year, though? Those are all on him.

  7. Thanks everyone. I was leaning Rand Paul or Paul Ryan, but I agree with your arguments tht a pro queer, pro Muslim immigration, liberation theology Catholic Pope wins the dubious contest .Christ, he flew his private Pope jet to the Italian Med Island to bless the Black African Muslim illegal alien invaders!

  8. Another reason to vote for the Pope here.

    In the faithful opinion of perhaps a billion people, Pope Francis is the Viceroy of Christ. Now, anyone versed enough in Catholic theology and Canon law will tell you that the Pope is the Vicar of Christ when it comes to spiritual affairs, but when Pontiffs pontificate on politics, that is their own personal opinions, not to be taken with otherworldly imprimatur. But…that’s a distinction which most Catholics don’t grasp. So when the Vicar of Christ is preaching open borders and neo-Marxism, a lot of people think that that’s what Jesus Christ must want.

    Meanwhile, I don’t waste time worrying about Rand Paul Ryan because if they both run for President in 2016, they’ll be splitting that BIG BIG BIG BIG 5% Republican voter constituency that Jack Kemp got in 1988. Hell, some people in Paul Ryan’s own district are fuming at him. Over immigration? They should, but unfortunately no. They’re mad because the new budget deal he helped swing, bringing us the second worst formal Federal budget in the history of the republic, one that locks in ObamaDontCare spending into the Federal budget baseline, and spends more on almost everything else, and will never result in a balanced budget if extrapolated out years and decades into the future, does have slight cuts in veterans pension and health benefits. Just on that don’t be surprised if Paul Ryan doesn’t get re-elected to Congress.

  9. The Pope cannot be called a traitor to the white race, because that assumes falsely that Christianity and the Catholic church had any loyalty to white racial interests to begin with. The Pope’s loyalty is to Christendom, not the white race. He is not betraying his obligations, he is fulfilling them.

  10. Pope should lead by example.

    Found this comment posted by an ex-Catholic while surfing.

    ‘Limbaugh attacks pope, calls him a Marxists. If Pope Francis is Marxists he should act like one. It takes billions of dollars to keep the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church open. Without the billions of dollars coming in the church would have to close its doors. Doors that in most cities only a few people go through any more.

    The Vatican and all its possessions around the world are worth trillions of dollars. That money could go a long way in alleviating poverty in the world. Why not turn some or most of that real estate gold mine into cash? Much of church property is located in prime locations and some of it is sitting empty and unused.

    Additionally, the Vatican holds or controls untold and priceless artifacts, ancient books and manuscripts that are worth endless billions of dollars. Why is that hoard being kept in huge warehouses when it could be turned into cold hard currency and given to the poor?

    The Roman Catholic church, from its heyday of being the most powerful ruler of the world (Holy Roman Empire), has amassed huge amounts of solid gold relics (most remain unknown to the pubic), and Renaissance statues, frescoes and paintings that are the envy of the entire museum community, and private collectors. With one swell swoop, the Roman Catholic Church could end poverty in the world by simply converting church assets into
    cash, and with that cash feed and clothed the destitute, the poor people of the world.

    When ordained, priests take an oath of poverty. One only needs to visit the Vatican, not to mention many Catholic establishments around the world, to know that is not the case, the clergy are not impoverished.

    Perhaps the church should go back to its roots and lead by example and stop going against original doctrine, which condemns being in bed with adulterous money changers. The Catholic Church has more assets and
    resources than all money changers combined.

    Pope Francis, do as Jesus instructed and share the enormous wealth
    that the church sits on. Set the example, then, perhaps,
    others will follow.’

  11. The Pope’s ACTUAL comments on a lot of these issues is a good deal more nuanced than the popular press–or much of the Traditionalist press toward which I incline–give him credit. And his views on the Social Teachings of the Church are not Marxian–again, some have spun them that way, but in the larger context they are not such.

    Nonetheless–I concur that his style and manner of presenting historic Catholic teaching give aid-and-comfort to anti-Whites and progressive anti-Christians, while the scope of his influence may indeed render him anti-White of the Year.

  12. Pope Francis operates under the Sanhedrin and he and the Chabad Lubavitch go way back.

    Savour this, gentle readers

    http://mauricepinay.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/pope-francis-sent-his-priests-to-chabad.html. In other words – the priests serving under Archbishop Bergoglio were formed by the Chabad Lubavitch. There are no words in the tongues of men or angels for this treachery against the Church.



    The Maurice Pinay blogspot is written in the spirit of The Plot Against the Church by Maurice Pinay. This is an essential text for the 21st century.

    The developments in the Christian world that everyone should be following are in Russia. Despite being an essentially secular society with the highest abortion rate in the world and a KGB patriarchal succession in their church, Russia is very quickly returning to Christian nation status. Among the Christian population, they have enough of the Catholic faith to go the whole 9 yards.

    Indeed, they have enough of the Catholic faith and martyrdom of blood to step into the most elect role that any nation ever was granted by Heaven – the nation to be uniquely consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Roman Pontiff and the bishops with him.

    Russia, only Russia, is to be the instrument of our Lady’s triumph to the glory of Christ the King over all His foes both spiritual and temporal.

    All that is lacking at the present time is – the consecration. From this will flow all the graces they need to step into that elect role. They are the elect nation that will usher in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary against the foes of God and His rights and the rights of the Church. These are the same foes of the White race in its (now apostate) nations and indeed all of unregenerate humanity.

    I followed Vladimir Putin’s victory speech of May 9, 2012 at Manezhnaya Sq. Last year there were many uncut versions on YouTube with unobtrusive translations. (Now they are all censored by the YouTube Jews). In those [now removed] clips you could hear the roar of the crowd of 100,000 people. You could see the display of the holy icons being held up in the crowd. You saw the flags of mother Russia – not just tricolor flags of revolutionary Russia. Putin’s closing remarks delivered even above the roar of that crowd – ‘Glory to Russia’ was the roar of the lion Tribe. It was the voice of a Desposyniac heir claiming victory in the citadel of a mighty and spiritual people.

    That should have rattled The Crown of the Judaic Imperium and its sociopathic state: IsraHELL right down to their foundations in hell. And to that I say: Good. There is a lot worse than that for these anti-Christs where that came from.

    I am sure in Europe these liberal apostates think the Desposyni are finished. The heirs of Clovis, King of the Francs of the Tribe of Judah and the House of David sleep in the jewelled light la Sainte Chapelle which depict the Jesse trees of the Desposyniac nobility of the Francs. This is in the Cathedral of St Denys, Paris.

    And that is about all they know of the truth. Now, if they think of the Desposyni at all, they think in terms of that Jew blasphemy of the Da Vinci Code – which tells us that the Desposyni are the lineal descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Upon which tripe, the anathema sits in perpetuity.

    Well did the Fathers of the Church know our Lady’s prophecy in her Magnificat. We know that our Lord will reign over the House of Jacob forever. We know that His royal Davidic House gave to the Church many of the first kings of Christian nation states and bishops. Clovis, whom his people the Francs followed into baptism, was of that kindred. And so were his Merovingian, Carolingian and Capetian descendants – even into the modern day.

    The people of Kievan Rus came from the Varingian. They defeated the Khazars. The Varingians must have also had Desposyniac nobility. And this story is going to continue because, as our Lady said of our Lord: “He will reign over the House of Jacob forever.” And that is the House of the Kings of the Tribe of Judah who have reigned as kings in the temporal sphere over baptised nations.

    The Desposyniac nobility of Europe and Russia are of the royal House of David descended in direct lineage from those of our Lord’s own Messianic house. Clearly one of that kindred now rules Russia. Glory to Russia. And may that elect nation soon receive the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

  13. “When ordained, priests take an oath of poverty.”

    Actually not. Only priests who are ordained into religious orders that require a vow of poverty (the Benedictines for instance) do so. Diocesan parish priests who are ordained by a bishop into his diocese are not necessarily required to do so.

  14. John says:
    December 29, 2013 at 3:32 am (Edit)
    The Pope.

    Dishonorable Mention: Tim Wise (just pencil him in every year)

    Jack replies:

    No. We’re exposing White traitors. Not antis hating on us. Tim Wise is a same old, same old Jew who hates Whites. That’ not treason, he was never one of us. He’s an alien.

  15. I have come to the conclusion that traitor Whites are far worse than Jews. I’ve had enough of them. I want a homeland far away from them.

  16. Greg Johnson,

    The Pope cannot be called a traitor to the white race, because that assumes falsely that Christianity and the Catholic church had any loyalty to white racial interests to begin with. The Pope’s loyalty is to Christendom, not the white race. He is not betraying his obligations, he is fulfilling them.

    His loyalty might be to Christendom in some abstract sense. In practice, he is prioritizing the needs and welfare of non-white Christians over white ones. I think that can be reasonably interpreted as a betrayal of white Christians. He is not impartial. By playing favorites, he’s giving the white members of the flock the short end by conscious choice.

  17. Dishonorable mention–Steven Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, and shabba goy extraordinaire. I actually remember a Christmas address he made a couple of years ago where he stated “Happy holidays and happy Hanuka!”

    Aside from doing next to nothing to stem the flow of turd world invaders (Canada imports more immigrants on a per-capita basis than any other Western nation) he recently embarrassed and isolated us by refusing to recognize the recently brokered deal with Iran, making it very clear who his real masters are. Here’s a quick article on the matter:


    Considering the intense left-wing nature of The Georgia Straight, it’s very interesting to note how some of the commentators have pointed this out!

  18. Regarding Greg Johnson’s statement on Christianity vis-à-vis Europeans (white men), it is necessary to consider not only the current, but the historical political aspect within Christianity–the relationship between the Two Cities.

    In an ideal state, religion and politics would be conjoined in support of an organic civil polity. But from at least the Enlightenment, the two realms are now generally viewed as incompatible. At the same time, today in the West, the necessary religious influence has been replaced by an ersatz “religious secularism” (liberalism and all it implies), while the church has taken the path of least resistance available to it. In full support of the liberal regime it now focuses its efforts on ways to uncover new sources of revenue, along with expanding its influence among the barbarians.

    Because of it, Christianity has become useless for nurturing either white spiritual or secular interests. But it was not always so. Perhaps the words of Carl Schmitt are relevant:

    “The enemy is hostis, not inimicus in the broader sense; ????????, not ??????. As German and other languages do not distinguish between the private and political enemy, many misconceptions and falsifications are possible. The often quoted “Love your enemies” reads “diligite inimicos vestros,” ??????? ???? ??????? ????, and not diligite hostes vestros. No mention is made of the political enemy.

    “Never in the thousand-year struggle between Christians and Moslems did it occur to a Christian to surrender rather than defend Europe out of love toward the Saracens or Turks. The enemy in the political sense need not be hated personally, and in the private sphere only does it make sense to love one’s enemy, i.e., one’s adversary. The Bible quotation touches the political antithesis even less than it intends to dissolve, for example, the antithesis of good and evil or beautiful and ugly. It certainly does not mean that one should love and support the enemies of one’s own people.”

  19. ‘may that elect nation soon receive the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary’

    So the Jesuitic internet Propagandist confesses their goal of conquering Russia to what she (?) thinks is a sympathetic audience, with one exception. Beware, Southrons! Tom Watson understood the danger. The historically criminal organisation wants North America, and every other nation — and not only Bergoglio, but all the other Popes over at least the last thousand years, were evil men destructive to our race. Research it and understand, and you will become a ‘bigot’ and a ‘hater’ too.

  20. Just want to add a positive note. I thank Hunter Wallace, the League of the South and the Council of Conservative citizens for their excellent, effective activism and also for being so nice to me personally.

    Thanks everyone.

  21. “The Pope cannot be called a traitor to the white race, because that assumes falsely that Christianity and the Catholic church had any loyalty to white racial interests to begin with. The Pope’s loyalty is to Christendom, not the white race. He is not betraying his obligations, he is fulfilling them.”

    True Christianity and the True Church catholic (small ‘c’) HAS ALWAYS had a loyalty to the White Race. As RC of a prior century noted well: “Europe IS the Faith; the FAITH, Europe.”

    The loyalty of EVERY WHITE MAN should be to that of Christendom. For it is the incarnated, this-worldly equivalent of the Kingdom of God, that Christians pray for in the Lord’s Prayer. ‘Thy will be done ON EARTH, as it IS in Heaven, etc.’

    Lynda, thanks for the long (!) posts on Franky the First. And the tacit acknowledgment that Russia seems to be restoring her place as the “Third Rome.”

    But she needs neither the graceless nor the non-efficacious ‘blessing’ of an apostate cult. Russia already knows, reveres, and holds up as worthy of all graces, the Theotokos, the ‘semper virgine’ Mother of God.

    Franky the First – He’s my nominee for antichrist, race-mixing Mamzerim overlord, hands down.

  22. “The Pope’s loyalty is to Christendom, not the white race. He is not betraying his obligations, he is fulfilling them.

    His loyalty might be to Christendom in some abstract sense. In practice, he is prioritizing the needs and welfare of non-white Christians over white ones. I think that can be reasonably interpreted as a betrayal of white Christians. He is not impartial. By playing favorites, he’s giving the white members of the flock the short end by conscious choice.”

    Lynda, et al.

    This is the concrete outworking of the ‘filioque’ and the ‘universal jurisdiction’ heresy of the Papacy. It is what gave ontological ‘equality’ to the minds of European men, after Rome and the West departed from the Orthodox faith, and it then came into Orthodoxy via the two Lutheran (filioquist/Western) Russian monarchs, Peter and Catherine (so-called “Greats”) Because Franky thinks the Nig is his brother, he will (of course) view the ‘descamisados’ of the world as MORE WORTHY than the real “Israel(ties) of God” [Gal. 6;16] – the White Adamics of Magna Europa!

    The entire record of Scripture is covenantal, mono-racial, tied to one Ethnos in two ‘houses’ and clearly delineated as the sons of Adam in Europe, and the faithful sons of Adam in Judea. There are no other options- and that is why Franky is being ‘heretically consistent’ with his ‘lovin’ on’ the darkies of Africa, but is also being heretically consistent as the Pope of Rome- which has been heretical for over a thousand years.

  23. They always claim that OUR lands, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, belonged originally to them. Starting at around 11 mintues, this Pope lover says the TRUE heritage of our country ‘is NOT Anglo Protestant’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JChOR_M2qM4 Bergolgio is not really doing anything different than his predecessors, merely following the same, historical programme, so he’s not a renegade, and he CAN’T be the WHITE renegade of the year, not in the sense of white as Northwest European white.

  24. You must give the Pope’s two top representatives in Congress credit—Nancy Pelosi & John Boehner. Let’s not forget Joe Biden either.

  25. ‘And may that elect nation soon receive the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary’ (= Russia) ‘the nation to be uniquely consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Roman Pontiff and the bishops with him. Russia, only Russia, is to be the instrument of our Lady’s triumph to the glory of Christ the King over all His foes both spiritual and temporal. All that is lacking at the present time is – THE CONSECRATION’:

    For those who don’t understand the meaning of ‘THE CONSECRATION’ of Russia, in Lynda’s comment above: She is talking about a DECLARATION OF WAR AGAINST RUSSIA, AND THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE.

    See what ‘The Consecration’ meant, and what happened, when the Serbian Orthodox people were ‘consecrated’: http://www.thestillman.com/stillmanfiles/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/ravenwolves.pdf

  26. That strange man-in-a-dress in his weird palace, el popo is my vote (as you may have guessed).

    But more…the astonishing dependent endless rc peasants who (somehow) CRAVE this “cult of personality,” to abnegate their personal responsibility to the brains God gave them, to thought, faith, LIVING, by bowing down to a man who milks them for all they are worth, in an office that has such an ugly history, has birthed such ugly people, etc.

    He just doesn’t smell right. Men in dresses are a bad idea.

  27. True, Nancy, John, Joe. (Panetta, Napolitano, Reno, Ryan, Rubio, Menendez, Boehner…) El poop sort of covers it all.

  28. This is what you Protestants wanted ever since your revolt. You wanted no authority, you wanted everyone to have their own opinions valued and you wanted to protest everything.

    You now have over 36,000 protestant denominations and you have now infiltrated the universal church with your liberalism. Now the last hope for Christian Europe is liberal as all get out. When we were cleansing Spain, battling the Muslims and fighting for unity; you Prots were crying foul on crusades, Spainish Inquistions were cruel and respect for right authority was too Papist.

    Much like Obamacare, you get what you voted for…

  29. I thought we were discussing white renegade traitor of the year nominations. What does bringing up something that happened in former Yugoslavia 70 years ago have to do with this subject? BTW, fellow OD commentators who are not Catholic bashers, beware of Anti-Catholic books and literature written by Ex-Catholics, (like Monicia Farrel) especially if thy claimed to be priests, monks, or nuns. Many of these people were moral defectives when they were Catholics, (Charles Chiniquy) and some of them were not even Catholic clerics or members of religious orders at all, (like Maria Monk.) Many of them were alcoholics, con artists, drug addicts, and mentally ill. Some were (like Charles Chiniquy) were outright psychopaths. Mosin should rein in his Anti-Catholicism before pushing trash like this, but some Protestants have a history of swallowing stuff like this because of their dumb ass prejudices.

  30. There were lots of good, great pro European Catholic Popes. This new one appears to be the worst ever. The act of flying his private Pope jet to bless the Black Muslim illegal alien boat people invasion of Europe. That was straight out of Jean Respail’s Camp of the Saints.

    M’thinks anti White, Massonic forces in the Vatican elite deliberately committed this traitorous propaganda event as an exact replication of the fictional account in Camp of the Saints.

  31. There were plenty of “good” popes and bishops. The ones who fought as generals in fights against encroaching French armies in defense of Lombardy and also the ones who supported wars against the Moors an Arabs. You people know nothing of Western European history.

    Bag the absurd religion. The entire church hierarchy during the middle ages was well populated by second sons of the nobility and had its share of outstanding military leaders.

  32. DixieGirl, if you consider “men in dresses” a bad idea, What do you think of Jesus Christ? The last time I saw a picture of him or any other Biblical character, they weren’t wearing pants.

  33. Yes, Farrel’s little book about the ‘Consecration’ of Yugoslavia (genocide of the Serbian Orthodox ‘heretics’) COULD be dismissed here as bitter prejudice because she left the RC, and my comment would still stand on the many other sources that ARE ’emotionally disconnected’, neutral and even RC-sympathetic — and even the lowest figures accepted by the RC-sympathetic, prejudiced sources are still in the hundreds of thousands of Serbs liquidated to establish full RC tyranny in western Yugoslavia — and because there are many other historical examples BESIDES Yugoslavia seventy years ago, of what it means when the RC ‘consecrates’ a nation. But the culture of Propaganda knows how to respond to effective opposition — especially to effective ex-RC opposition — by calling them names like ‘moral defectives’, ‘hypocrites’, ‘con artists’, ‘mentally ill’, ‘psychopaths’, etc. to smokescreen the evidence while taking steps to ban and silence the opposition. Tyranny and free speech can never coexist.

    Re: ‘there were plenty of good Popes’:

    How could fighting the French to protect the home base (in Italy) of the tyranny make the tyrant good? How could having ‘the second sons of the nobility’ hold high positions in the church machine of the RC tyranny that oppressed the white people of Europe for a thousand years make it good?

    Finally, my main objection to naming Bergoglio as ‘the white renegade’ is that he ISN’T REALLY WHITE, at least not in the sense of white that most WN accept. My second objection is that he is not even a renegade in his universalist cult, but just doing what seems best for it, and for his own advantage, like any other Pope.

  34. I just noticed that ‘tyranny that oppressed the white people of Europe for a thousand years’ should have been: ‘tyranny that oppressed white European peoples (nations) for a thousand years’ — a small but significant edit!

  35. For those who wish to see the truth about one Ex-Catholic turned Anti-Catholic and the total unreliability of his so-called truths about the Catholic faith, go to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Chiniquy and http://www.philvaz.com/apologetics/Charles-Chiniquy-Anti-Catholic.htm Name calling or telling it like it is about a liar? Interestingly enough, Chiniquy was Anti-Southern, claimed in his “50 Years In The Church Of Rome” that many of the Southern leaders were under the influence of Rome and claimed John Booth was a Jesuit assassin.

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