Jew or Not Jew

I highly recommend the website “Jew or Not Jew”:

The website is run by Jewish people and takes a “pro Jewish” perspective, in a fairly honest and often humorous way (Jews sometimes do have a decent sense of humor, when they aren’t lying, slandering, committing ponzi financial schemes, inciting wars, producing hateful, degenerate, anti White movies like “Bad Santa” or Django Unchained that open on Christmas Day 🙂

If you ever have a question about who is Jewish, this is the best web site I’ve found. I am particularly pleased and surprised to learn that they honestly admit that many of the worst Communist/Bolshevik/Anarchist butchers were Jewish and that this was a very bad thing to be, bad for every one. I generally agree with all their calls except their call that VI Lenin was Jewish enough to be Jewish and Levantiya Beria was not a Jew, though he looked very Jewish.

One very small category that needs to be noted here, they don’t recognize Jewish converts to Christianity who brutally persecute Jews as Jews.

Example Spanish Inquisitor Tomas de Torquemada

Tomas de Torquemada

Jew Score:

1420 – September 16, 1498
Dear Conflicted Goyim,

We are aware that not everyone wants to be Jewish. Like people who eat peanut butter and banana sandwiches or who watch “Deal or No Deal”, there’s just no accounting for taste.

But we also know that some of you ARE Jewish and that irks you. After all, you weren’t raised Jewish. Perhaps Mom was Jewish and she converted. Now you worry that if anyone finds out she traded the matzohs for the martyrs they’ll penalize you in some way.

OK. We can’t see it, but OK. Feel free to continue on pretending to not be Jewish. Hey, everyone has psychological baggage. Ours is heavy enough. Far be it from us to try to carry yours, as well.

If it bothers you so much, just get counseling or something. There’s probably a non-Jewish psychologist out there somewhere if you look hard enough. Or just put a really big cross in front of your house and get season tickets to Billy Graham. That should solve the issue once and for all.

But, for the love of G-d, whatever you decide to do, could you please stop propagating inquisitions where you publicly slaughter anyone of even remotely Jewish heritage that happens to live within the randomly assigned borders of your chosen country just to prove how un-Jewish you are?

Seriously. The next time you have an urge for something like that, just make yourself a peanut butter and banana sandwich and calm the hell down, OK?

Thank you.

Verdict: Barely a Jew.”


  1. I’ve been on that site before and referred to it in the past. To let everyone know WHY their judgement is not always accurate, here is how they come up with their ‘score’:

    ‘We evaluate how Jewish a person is based on three factors. How Jewish they are internally, how Jewish they are externally and how much we want that person to be a Jew in the first place. In practice, the I Score tends to refer to birth history with some adjustments for how we imagine they see/saw themselves. The O Score is for how Jewish they look and act. The K Score stands for Kvell (pride) and is subject to the whims of the creators of this website. Each score ranges from 0 to 5. The Jew Score refers to our opinion only and is affected by but not definitive of one’s actual Jewishness.’

    Some well known Jews are denied Jewishness simply because ‘we really don’t want to have them’. The ‘Jew or Not Jew’ site is NOT a good primary source for determining who is Jewish. Thanks for letting this comment appear.

  2. ‘we also know that some of you ARE Jewish and that irks you (…) Now you worry that if anyone finds out (…) We can’t see it, but OK. Feel free to continue on pretending to not be Jewish (…) If it bothers you so much, just get counseling or something (…) whatever you decide to do, could you please stop propagating inquisitions where you publicly slaughter anyone of even remotely Jewish heritage (…) just to prove how un-Jewish you are?’

    So the ‘Anti-‘ Semites are really repressed Semites after all. That Jewish-psychologising sounds pretty Jewish to me! They’ll be proud of YOU, and want to have you and give you AT LEAST a mid-range J-Score, just for that. Thanks for letting this comment stand.

  3. I like Jew or Not Jew – it’s very accurate and often very humorous. I appreciate the fact they don’t try to deny bad Jews are Jews, like a communist atheist Jews, Jewish conversos like St. Paul, St. Peter, Torquemada.

    I wish they would cover Jewish Neo Conservative Conversos.

  4. The masters of disguise are the masters of the world. Look no further than the #1 financial center on Earth, the ‘City of London,’ that square mile of diabolical activity aka ‘Britian’s Holy See’ and you’ll find who really runs the Western world and quite possibly the entire world.

    The “bergs,” “steins,” “felds,” and “mans” are obvious, but Edward Mandell House, Valerie Jarrett, and Barack Obamas, the insidious ones and their number is large, work just as well because the Jewish bloodline literally infests everything.



    By the way, the Irish Savant said a close friend in Moscow, whom he has known for years and who he feels is of good character, swears Putin’s mother is really Jewish.

  5. In the state of Israel, a person has the right of return if their mother was Jewish. Entire rabbincal courts are dedicated to geneological determinations and gnat straining exercises. Seen in this light, Jews are a race. So whether they are secular, observant, Talmudic, Masonic, Kaballistic, revolutionary or whatever – they are a race.

    As a race, they are descended geneologically and spiritually from the Pharisees (Idumean adherents of the ‘the traditions of the Elders’ later codified in the Talmud). This was the Judaic sect which presided over the murders of the Israelite Maccabean king and the Sanhedrin rose. They rose to power through Rome and ruled in Roman Judea through their Temple money scam. (Now there is a surprise).

    And they usurped the Chair of Moses in Jerusalem, the monarchy, the Sanhedrin and dominated the Levitical priesthood.

    At the time of Jesus, there were very few Levites left in the priesthood of the Judahite nation living in Roman Palestine at the time of Jesus.

    And many of the race of Israel were gathered to them. Notably, Saul, the Pharisee of the Tribe of Benjamin – who converted to the Christian faith and renounced Judaism at his baptism.

    The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ born at Pentecost is now the Israel of God according to St Paul.

    Baptismal regeneration removes the ancestral curse that the Judaic elders took upon themselves and their descents and their people – “His blood be upon us and our children.” With wicked hands, the Judaic Elders shed the blood of the incarnate Logos – the Deum vero de Deo vero, true God of true God and the witness of His blood against them explains why, as a race, they are beyond natural remedies for their sociopathy.

    Down the track if someone converts to Judaism as a religion they take that curse upon themselves and their children or grandchildren in due course might ‘marry in’.

    Traditionally the Church has not allowed Jewish converts to hold office because it has been known since the writing of the Apostles Jude and James (both of Judah and the House of David) that infiltration of the Church and seizure of its hierarchy is the path (the Marrano path) which the Judaic hierarchy has chosen in order to destroy the Church.

    The fact that they are now successful (as they were when they sat in the Chair of Moses) means that now things are going to happen.

    From the traditional Christian perspective

  6. Snowhitey writes:

    “By the way, the Irish Savant said a close friend in Moscow, whom he has known for years and who he feels is of good character, swears Putin’s mother is really Jewish.”

    jR responds.

    This is why an honest web site like Jewornotjew serves a very solid purpose. Internet movement posters are always flying off saying everybody is a Jew or everything is a conspiracy. Tis web site clearly states the fact that people like Hitler, Stalin and now Putin are most definitely not Jewish.

  7. My criteria for figuring out who’s a Jew is behavior. There are plenty of people in the world who have Jewish ancestry, like myself, but were totally unaware of it until late in their life. If a person acts like a Jew, by supporting Jewish interests or by adopting Jewish cultural and religious customs, he’s a de facto Jew. Now genetics can play a role in what we call “Jewishness” , but the thing that makes a Jew a Jew is his identification with secular or religious Jewish culture. If the person rejects Talmudism, Zionism, communism , or any another Jewish group identity, he’s not a Jew, no matter how much Jewish DNA he has.

    • Well the person is not behaving like a typical Jew. But how can you say for certain that some traumatic future event might not precipitate an atavistic regression to stereotypical norms?
      Re imprinting is possible but how long lasting is it?

  8. Jack,

    Personally, I would believe Henry Makow and Nathanael Kapner over any Jew running the website ‘Jew or Not Jew.’ Kol Nidre works wonders in the Jewish immunity, I mean community.

    As for Jews being a race, that’s pure bull. The ones we know as Ashkenazi (but to a lesser extent Sephardi and an even lesser extent Mizrahi) are, in fact, largely Asiatic/Turkic and have as much genuine Hebrew blood as you and I. Practically everything about them is a lie although I know there are some good Jews and they are just as deceived by the tribe as the rest of us. From yesterday’s Myron Fagan and Benjamin Freedman to today’s Dr. Eran Elhaik (Israeli) & associates at the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, et al., these Jews will all confirm that most of today’s Jews are not Jews at all. It’s the biggest marketing deception of all time! But, who’s better at marketing than Jews?

    I do, however, consider them human, although many of them often do not act it. Perhaps we should classify them as an Asian/Caucasian blend which does not mean a new race but simply a combo of two already existing races (aaah, miscegenation). I have never met any members of another race consistenly as self-bloated, manipulative, and paranoid as Jews. The real Jewish Question is “Is it nature or is it nuture?”

    Remember, it is they who call themselves AshkeNAZI! How fitting.

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