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  1. Re: ‘Re: Mosin: Japan, which isn’t a Christian nation, has also degenerated under liberal democracy’:

    Re-read my comment, Hunter, where I said: ‘atheistic materialism/apostate Christianity are the system under which THE WEST degenerated, and the example that Japan and other non-white peoples try to imitate’. OF COURSE Japan and other heathen nations did not degenerate by apostasising, but they have merely imitated the ‘post-Christian’ West including its moral (amoral and immoral) and political (liberal democracy, etc.) behaviour.

  2. Johnson clarified his rationale for the post in the comments. I don’t people get stuck on homosexuality. CC offers a lot material. James O’Meara work is small fraction. But whatever. A lot of people clearly don’t care about the truth when it comes to CC.

    • I saw Johnson’s rationale in the comments.

      It wasn’t convincing. He likes to claim that “our outreach is as effortless and omni-directional as the light of the sun.” In reality, what’s happening is that there is so much homosexual content on Counter-Currents already that it is attracting a bigger homosexual audience, which is why his influence is resonating in places like the “Brony” community. Just as OD appeals to Southern Nationalists and White Nationalists, Counter-Currents overlaps with the homosexual sphere of influence.

      As for James O’Meara, he posted an article the other day – see the screenshot above – that contained an explicit description of interracial sex between young boys. This interview about Counter-Currents’ growing influence in the “Brony” community is simply the next logical step forward in the direction it was already headed.

      Jack Donovan said pretty much the same thing in the comments.

  3. I just can’t get that spun up over homosexuals for many reasons. First, it doesn’t make sense in the current context. I’m a lot more concerned about crime, immigration, schools, neighborhoods, the rising police state at every level, local, state and federal, abuse of federal authority in general, global surveillance, mass education and mass media, and capitalist plunder driving down white wages. Homosexuality doesn’t hit my list with all that going on.

    Second, if people would stop being emotional about the topic and think on it rationally, they’d see evidence homosexuals can be an asset to dissident groups. Jack Donovan is an example of this. Glenn Greenwald is another one. I’ve challenged people to name a person who has done more to discredit the moral authority of the US government than Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald. Because I can’t think of anyone, and no has yet risen to the challenge.

    With O’Meara, the truth is I can’t offer a truly educated opinion on him, as I haven’t read most of his articles, because they tend to be extremely long. From the selections I have read, I think he’s good at combining insights from pop culture and high culture. In that respect, he’s similar to Camille Paglia (a lesbian, incidentally, who is as mannish as Greenwald is effeminate).

    But whatever anyone thinks about O’Meara, the notion that CC is a “homosexual” web site is just not true. As an intellectual exercise to satisfy my curiosity, I decided to looked over the numbers for the CC archives. Based on the numbers on the right, I’d estimate CC has published about 2000 articles. And based on a quick review of the James O’Meara tag, I’d estimate about 50 – 60 of those are by O’Meara. Those are crude estimates, it has been a long day, and maybe I’m missing something. But with that caveat in mind, if those numbers are even close to right, it means about 3% – 4% of the articles at CC are by O’Meara, plus one book and I think one or two ebooks. That means 96% – 97% of the CC material is from other contributors. These claims about CC and homosexuality are exaggerations.

    There is also the issue that there is nothing that can be done about homosexuality. For whatever reason, a percentage of people are homosexuals; that’s just how it is. Given that reality, and given the larger context, I think rightists need to ask themselves this question. If homosexuals are going to be around anyway and they are, would you rather have them promoting Evola, traditionalism and fascism, sometimes openly and sometimes subversively, or promoting multiculturalism, feminism and Cultural Marxism? That should be an easy call.

    • Re: Lew

      1.) America’s rejection of traditional Christian morality, its public celebration of homosexuality, and the ongoing attempt to push Christians out of the mainstream and into the closet is just one symptom of its overall national decline.

      2.) As many commentators have noted here in the past, the Jews have always been at the forefront of attempts to stigmatize traditional Christian morality and normalize homosexuality and other forms of sexual deviancy, so its surprising that you are giving them a pass here.

      3.) The various social problems that you mention above can be reduced to a change in male behavior in contemporary American society. A sick and degenerate culture which tolerates “gay marriage” and produces “Bronies” and turns young girls into sluts is kind of society that will allow other social problems to multiply.

      4.) I used to think like you, but my experience with Greg Johnson at The Occidental Quarterly taught me that homosexuals are not an asset to dissident groups. I notice you didn’t mention Chelsea Manning above. Well, Greg was the Chelsea Manning of TOQ, a drama queen who blew apart his own organization.

      5.) James O’Meara has advanced to the point where he is now writing articles for Counter-Currents about flute playing Mongoloids sodomizing young blonde boys. What’s the value of that type of bizarre material to racial and cultural preservation?

      6.) Counter-Currents has published thousands of articles, but there are only a handful of people there who are publishing original material for the website, and James O’Meara has wrote more stuff than most of their other contributors. Julius Evola and Friedrich Nietzsche aren’t writing for Counter-Currents.

      7.) In the “Odd John” review cited above, James O’Meara is quoting William S. Burroughs. How many of the writers whose work has been republished or reviewed at Counter-Currents are or were homosexuals like Burroughs? I understand that the purpose of Counter-Currents is to disseminate “ideas.” It just so happens that an inordinate amount of those “ideas” come from homosexuals. When I run a Google search on their names, it seems like almost half the time the author is a homosexual.

      8.) There are homosexuals in every society, but only a handful of societies tolerance, celebrate, or glorify homosexuality. The present degenerate version of the United States glorifies homosexuality and suppresses criticism of homosexuality.

  4. Counter-Currents has published 3,139 posts. Here are the ones tagged “homosexuality”:


    41 of 3,139 = 1.3%

    Homosexuals and bisexuals account for slightly more than 3% of the US population according to the best estimates. (Based on my experience, they constitute about 10% of the White Nationalists I knew in the South, although some of those people are so twisted it is hard to tell what they are.)

    If anyone reading this cares about truth, click the link, read through the articles, and then compare what you read to what “Hunter” says. Then ask yourself if you can ever trust anything he ever says again.

    Brad, do you really think it is news to any of my readers and donors (and it is really the donors you’re thinking about, isn’t it?) that I publish openly homosexual writers like James O’Meara, Jack Donovan, and now Mr. Dew, and I don’t really care if people get bent out of shape about them? (Not everything they write deals with homosexuality, either.) Do you think it is news to anyone that I reject Biblical and old school White Nationalist “homophobia” as dumb and divisive?

    I find that such trolling is usually motivated by the idea that there’s a big pot of money out there that one can get one’s hands on if one just smears whoever has it long enough. You made a point of lying that I paid O’Meara to write the article that you quote. And the quote, which O’Meara offered in illustration of the amoral use of “human material” in Burroughs’ Wild Boys, is lyingly characterized by you as an endorsement of interracial butsex. Well good luck with that. I know of two donors that I lost over James O’Meara, but I doubt they’re going to throw their money your way, and if they did, it wouldn’t keep you and Rosemary and the baby for 2 days.

    • Re: Greg Johnson

      1.) OD readers can follow this link and see for themselves that James O’Meara posted an article on Counter-Currents where a Mongoloid boy is explicitly sodomizing a pale blonde boy. Greg Johnson, the editor of Counter-Currents, publishes that kind of material:


      2.) No, it’s hardly news around here that Counter-Currents is the favorite watering hole of homosexuals in the White Nationalist movement.

      I can’t think of any other website in the movement which has spent so much time trying to normalize homosexuality and promote the “Mannerbund” while simultaneously taking such a dim view of women. Thus, this latest interview with your new associate, “Buttercup Dew,” hardly came as a surprise. After you published James O’Meara’s vivid interracial adolescent sodomy article, I wasn’t surprised that you would move on to boasting about the inroads the great “metapolitical project” has been making lately into the “Brony” community.

      3.) I just thought it was funny that after all your sweeping statements about changing the “metapolitical” foundations of American culture and spreading your ideas to the “elite” that you would be reduced to bragging about the size and reach of your influence into BronyCon! It turns out that the coveted “Bronies” who attend these conventions are creepy male perverts in their twenties and thirties who are masturbating to the My Little Pony television show.

      4.) Notice here that I haven’t lumped Jack Donovan in with James O’Meara, “Buttercup Dew,” or yourself … that’s because Jack Donovan himself told you that promoting effeminate homosexuals like O’Meara and Buttercup was a poison pill that would do more harm than good, and he was right about that.

      5.) I don’t know anything about your donors because we don’t run in the same circles. I honestly don’t care which websites they read or who they are donating to. If they get tired of the fag shit at Counter-Currents, I doubt that any of them would show up here. I would imagine that they would probably migrate over to Richard Spencer’s new “Radix Journal” and Washington Summit Publishers or some place like Arktos which is also about “Radical Traditionalism.”

  5. It wasn’t convincing. He likes to claim that “our outreach is as effortless and omni-directional as the light of the sun.”

    Outreach was an unfortunate choice of words, since it suggests that CC is purposely reaching out to such groups and fighting to get their support. That’s a flawed portrayal of what’s really going on and what the article and interview were about. As I noted in the comments there, Johnson didn’t make it as clear as he could have that his real interest was in investigating how CC’s ideas influenced Mr. Dew and in Mr. Dews’ attempts to adapt those ideas to his crowd.

    As for video games, until recently I wouldn’t have thought there was necessarily perverse or degenerate about them (unless you mean to count their absence in the Golden Age South, which I sometimes get the impression is the measure of all things). I stopped playing them around age 17, but I’d periodically play again for a few consecutive days two or three times a year thereafter, before taking a multi-year break that only ended in 2011. Growing up in the 80s I used to think of myself as the first generation weaned on video games (I spent ungodly amounts of time, mental energy and pocket money playing coin-ops), but video games were nowhere near as much a part of the air we breath back then as they’ve since become. I’ve begun to question the benignity of this phenomenon.

    Just recently I ran into the younger brother of a friend who frequents the same nightspots as I do. This guy’s in his mid-20s with a very southern European complexion and general demeanor. A sociable, good-looking guy, I’ve seen him with plenty of very good-looking girls. So I was astonished as I listened in to him talking to some hot little bargirl he knew the last time I saw him. I couldn’t hear everything properly, but he was relating some tale of his videogaming exploits, but casting himself in the role of the main character – “….’cos I’m an elf warrior… blah blah spell…. blah blah power….” or words to that effect, including physical reenactments of some of the moves. And it wasn’t in the mode of a database administrator explaining his job role to a girl bored out of her mind; she seemed to be genuinely going along with it, perhaps even sharing a mutual interest in it. I was astonished because it was completely unheard of in my generation to bring up anything like this with a girl unless you were so total a geek that you were beyond help.

    The experience really brought home to me just how differently ‘wired’ young adults are these days. I suppose my generation (Gen-X) were differently wired to the generation preceding too, but I think I could relate to that generation more closely than this generation can to mine; or at least I could understand that generation and its values, even if I didn’t quite agree with them, and vice versa, better than is the case today.

  6. I can’t hit every bullet, but it occurs to me that Jews always play both sides and switch sides as needed depending on their perceived interests. Right now, promoting homosexuality is in their interests. That could change. If Jack Donovan’s view ever becomes dominant among that subset of men, I suspect Jews would quickly turn and begin stigmatizing homosexuals. Homosexuality has never stopped Jews from smearing homosexuals who go against the Jewish agenda. Think about Justin Raimondo for example.

  7. I love that Celtic word, “daft, for “crazy.” It suggests a draft in the attic. For the Bronies the draft is a force-seven gale.

  8. re: Lew

    What amazes me is how much people miss that the jewish agenda is not just playing both sides, but helping to create those sides. It’s not that everyone would be perfectly happy together if the jews stopped bolstering these wars, but rather that often people would be happier if they just remained separate. The gays for instance are often happy to just exist without being attacked. I have a gay boss who just hangs out, doesn’t hide nor apologize, but also doesn’t brandish his gay life in everyone’s face either. He’s probably never stepped foot in a gay rights organization in his entire existence.

    I’ve known other gay people, men and women, who really just want to exist without having that right- to just exist in peace – violated, but who, if the jewish agenda weren’t fomenting the weaker more egomaniacal members of their community into aggressive imperialist stances, might be perfectly content to just hang out and not have to barge into people’s churches.

    Gay men are particularly problematic it seems to me, given that they cannot bear children and hence seem to often feel ‘wronged’ by a heterosexual society which can. I think this partially factors into their obsessive invasiveness. It’s as if gay men feel they lost the superiority they think they were born into – maleness. But in their gay fag lives, normal paternalism becomes twisted into narcissism, as straight men must reckon with both the natural right but also the responsibility of shepherding the family and the flock. Gay men manifest narcissistic personality complexes at much higher rates than lesbians in my observation.

    I just think religion and state shouldn’t be intersected to such a complete degree and it should be let go at that. I’m not a total extremist in either direction (except when southerners, or Big God stockholders in general, seem to have to force a pissing match, at which point I usually give in to taking the bait).

    No one has noticed something: GLAAD decided to take the mic in the latest go-round between Organized Gayness and Whiteness. I think that’s strategic, in that it sets up the nicest victim dynamic. Poor little innocent lesbian being bullied by Evil White Man, links arms with poor little innocent negro to champion True Righteousness. What’s going there is not totally clear, yet I’m absolutely certain the role-playing wasn’t without a self-consciousness.

    There’d be something about gay white men standing up to a straight white man…that’s it. Gay men have come so far that they no longer have a victim ground to stand on. No one’s doing anything to them, regardless of how hard they try to fake hate crimes against them in NYC. Just because a straight white man doesn’t want him in his church doesn’t mean a fag is ‘oppressed’ necessarily.

    But there’s still this vapor in the air called misogyny, which while at times quite real, is also conjured up like a spirit that doesn’t exist anymore, or never did to begin with but who cares what’s real or imagined in the silly seance world of Liberalism. The irony of the lesbians is that as an organized faction they rarely ever seem to actually stick up for lesbians. That might be because most attacks against lesbians involve attacks against whiteness by Diversity, as opposed to anti-lesbian attacks within the white community.

    ‘Big Fag’ doesn’t stick up for gay men either, come to think of it. Look at what happened in NJ, where Tyler Clementi’s tormentor was duly prosecuted and found guilty only to be let off by a judge who probably got a payoff from Ravi’s rich family (the Indian who filmed and threatened to post Tyler’s tryst with a lover). Ravi actually used ‘he’s poor’ as an excuse for violating Tyler’s privacy. And The Fags did nothing, I heard some even say it wasn’t important.

    So Organized Gayness is a movement without soul, character, or principles of any kind that I can see, and they are not White people’s friend or ally. But individual gay people who are not grinding obsessive axes can be. Always remember Alan Turing, the gay male genius who broke the Enigma code for the Brits and founded modern computers – and what England did to the poor man.

    We must strive to reward discretion and valor with same, and not give in to the degeneracy with which the zionists attempt to ensnare us. They want us to be at war with one another. Don’t fall into the trap. And never forget that jewish men functionally fail at maleness. They never spearheaded anything on their own, at least in regards to the european people. They harbor boundless jealousy towards White men and covetousness towards White women, who they know will always reject them in favor of their superiors. There’s something ultimately pathetic about a group of men who define themselves in terms of being victims, which is what the jews do. It’s bad enough when women do it, but in a man it’s purely disgraceful, and utterly asexual.

    So there you have it. The jew media will attempt to foist a contrived, even projected, image of impotence on our beautiful white boys so that they stagnate and fail to become men, but we shan’t let them, and I fear in this instance only take the bait by having this discussion.

    I am White, not Jew. Nothing can change that.

  9. I looked at the Brony links, and I think it’s sad that Howard Stern is actually a voice of sanity on this garbage!

    I have an idea for a new animated series. It will be called “My Little Glue Factory”. Where Ponies and Bronies go to die. It will be a big hit among the parents, relatives and friends of Bronies who are fed up with this crap.

  10. It is just not credible that homosexuals in general, or bronies in particular, have a legitimate interest in white nationalism, with rare exception. Imagine a day when there actually is a Southern nation, how much tolerance do you think there would be for bronies? Like blacks, like feminists, like jews, this is a group that needs big ass Big Brother to force acceptance upon an utterly subjugated population.

    I suspect that someone is paying them off under the table to sidle up to you for the sole purpose of smearing you. If you let these people approach you, you are going to end up as a laughing stock.

  11. Enough with these fags from Counter Currents already! They suck each other’s cocks. What difference does it make what they think?

  12. I’m commenting merely to say, ‘Remove that ugly, fat, perverted whack job with the pink shirt,’ and I find you are discussing a subset of sodomite behavior.

    I should have known.

    And ANYONE, I repeat, ANYONE who augurs for allowing sodomites to live, should be stoned along with them. They are the nadir of a civilization, they are demonically possessed, and offer NOTHING to normal people- even Tchaikovsky had the decency to drink cholera-infested water, upon the command from his church hierarchs, to remove himself from the Russian society he contaminated. And what happened less than twenty years later? A Jewish-led mass orgy of death, racial genocide, etc. because those who DIDN’T die, continued the downward spiral of their culture, becoming more effete, religiously flaccid, and morally degenerate.

    Sodomy is a SIGN of the wrath of God to come on ALL who allow it to continue.

  13. Re: ‘gay people, men and women, who really just want to exist without having that right- to just exist in peace’:

    THERE IS NO PEACE, saith the LORD, UNTO THE WICKED — Isaiah 48:22

  14. In addition to ‘What would Vlad (Tepes) do with Bronies?’: ‘North Korean Canine Treatment’: http://irishsavant.blogspot.com/2014/01/a-reader-quiz.html

    ‘We organize the intellectuals and use them to make Western civilization stink (…) Degradation and conquest are companions. By attacking the character and morals (…) bringing about, through contamination of youth, a general degraded feeling, command of the populace is facilitated to a very marked degree. By perverting the institutions of a nation and bringing about a general degradation, a population can be brought to heel’: http://irishsavant.blogspot.ie/2013/04/the-opostles-of-degradation.html?zx=b248dff464c3b881

  15. Fr John is probably secretly a broney. O I’m going to burn for hell for that one I’m sure.

    Actually the only people I know who are interested in My Little Pony are young adult women; they tell me they are known to the broneys as PegaSisters. They are not white by the way but are in longterm relationships with white men. The men they are in longterm relationships with are not broneys. Apparently even the female fans aren’t interested in broneys. Take from that what you will

  16. The recent article on Counter Currents is yet another manifestation of that website’s frothing desperation to bleat, “I’m here! I’m here! Notice me! Notice me!” For as that website becomes top-heavy with overt homosexuals it seeks more and more to “justify” itself among the greater body of psychologically-normal WN’s. Oozing with Jew-friendly promotion of homosexuality, Counter Currents is fast-becoming a de facto island of homosexuality adrift along the greater archipelago of anal-fixated writers like James O’Meara, Jack Donovan, Donar Van Holland, and – most conspicuously of all – Greg Johnson. And these are only the KNOWN homosexual writers in that group; with the implication being that many of the other contributing writers are probably homosexuals themselves.

    In regard to promoting “My Little Pony” as a viable means to further the goals of white nationalism it might be effective with those like Jamie Kelso and Kevin Alfred Strom but no one of normal sexuality. For it is a twisted, perverted attack on masculinity of the kind that conquered this land and sent men to the moon and beyond. That Greg Johnson frets that Brad Griffin is after his “donors” may well be true – but only those donors not of the homosexual persuasion themselves. Of those, there is no doubt they will stay loyal to the pink and lavender ponies now in the service of Greg Johnson’s warped and fevered imagination. But other donors – sick of the faggotry of Counter Currents – may well jump the Good Ship Lollipop – if not for OD, then for Jared Taylor or Dr. Tom Sunic.

    Counter Currents is a diseased manifestation of a moribund white nationalist movement, of that there is no doubt; it is time it died.

  17. “Odd Thomas”: I used to think that Odd Ward Kendall was the undisputed master of this kind of prose, but you have surpassed him by far. Congratulations, I guess.

  18. Counter-Currents is the only White Nationalist website on the internet that publishes essays about BronyCon and “naked boys fucking” who “smile in invitation to the reader.”

  19. Fr. John, Mosin, Maybe you two should worry more about what white Christians are up too than homosexuals. Lutherans, I believe, were responsible for dumping this boatload in white Maine. Some of you do not appear to understand priorities.



    “Maine’s Somali Muslim settler problem is growing worse with gang violence and welfare abuse threatening the state. Governor LePage’s efforts to make Maine’s generous benefits system less attractive to Somali Muslim migrants who have swarmed the state seeking taxpayer handouts has led to protests from those same Somali Muslims.”

  20. Like I said, it seems like half the authors Counter-Currents talks so much about are homosexuals:


    It is known that Mishima visited gay bars in Japan. Mishima’s sexual orientation was an issue that bothered his widow and became one which she downplayed after his death.[14] However, the writer Jiro Fukushima published a revealing homosexual correspondence between himself and the famed novelist.

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