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  1. The woman who co-hosts the show with Stern says at one point ‘This is the saddest thing I’ve ever heard.’ I would have to agree with her. It is also another indication of a dying society – one which almost surely can not be saved.

  2. I said in my above comment that this is a society which almost surely can not be saved. Then I thought about it. Who would even want to save this society? Would anyone actually defend a society that spawned Bronies?

  3. A lot of these ‘Bro(p)onies’, ‘Furries’, ‘Perv(ert)onies, ‘Fur(r)verts’, etc. are in the military!

  4. Their filthy, degenerate ‘Urban Dictionary’ speech and our own inspired, Biblical (King James Bible) national mother tongue are complete opposites.

    • Yeah, he’s right though on “Bronies.”

      Some of these people are sexually attracted to cartoon ponies and masturbate to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. He interviews several of these people at the “BronyCon” national convention. It’s a bizarre subculture. I had never heard of it until it was featured on TAC and Counter-Currents.

  5. Never heard of Bronies before. Next up CC should write an article on Star Wars? They are White, go to meetings, do not grow up and aren’t afraid to make fools of themselves. Counter Currents is a troll website, so why not?

  6. It would be better not to have ever heard of some of these things. The Bible says ‘be wise unto that which is good and simple concerning evil’. I didn’t open the evil Howard Stern link.

  7. It is just the online expression of a tiny fraction of the weird people that in more natural times would have succumbed to some merciful childhood disease.

  8. Since I found the Counter-Currents article, Hunter, I see the relevance of Bronyism or Ponyism to WN, or to some forms of WN, and why you brought it to our attention.

    Greg Johnson says: ‘go forth and preach a form of White Nationalism tailored to every white constituency and subculture (…) building cultural hegemony one discursive space at a time. Bronydom is just as implicitly white as NASCAR, country music, and the Republican Party (…) there are more young men in America today, who identify as Bronies, than there are Jews. 1 in 10 men in the USA (…) in the age bracket we are looking to inspire, to motivate, identifies as a brony. Can you imagine wielding that sort of emotional gravity, influence, and power within mainstream society? Can you imagine wielding the ability to manifest groups of military age young men with such insane devotion to an ideal that they are put themselves outside of mainstream society in the same way bronies do? Bronies are more politically loaded as a target group than any Republicrat scum, because they have already demonstrated a willingness to place themselves out of polite discourse and risk being tarred and feathered as pedophiles’!!! I’ll stop commenting now, before I ‘go forth and preach’ back at him.

  9. I head this stuff on Stern a few years back. These guys are like the “furries,” the sick faggots that dress up in animal costumes, like a Disney theme park worker, and knock each others turds in. MTV did a documentary on them years ago.

    As disgusting as this is, you got lots of degenerates out there, in the age of the internet, beating their pathetic puds to all sorts of sick and outlandish things. Just go to one of these free porn websites and look at all the niches that exist. For example, I was golfing with a buddy who told me there is a type of pornography where a man is pounding a young gal and and older women walks in the room and acts as if she is her mother and is outraged. The guy ends up cramming the two of them! Lulz This world is rotten to the core.

    Back in the day, society controlled for such deviants, but in the modern age any perversion is greenlit. Strange days we are living in boys.

  10. The idea that fully grown men who are obsessed with a cartoon made for elementary school kids have the balls to stand up to the powers at be, especially on society’s ultimate taboo, race, is naïve at best. Having recently graduated from art school for my MFA here in NY I’ve met a couple Bronies.

    They are overgrown children with not a lick of courage, masculinity, or intellectual maturity. In fact they are the type of man-boys escaping from what it means to be an adult man for perpetual childhood. They are pathetic capital L losers.

  11. I seem to be getting solidly into the start of middle age at just the right time.

    If I was just a wee bit younger, I would have already heard of these “bronies.” Not that I would have cared. But turning 37 pretty soon gives me the luxury of not being plugged into certain media so that I hear about the latest fads and fetishes of the set of people that run around only in their underroos in their parents’ basements doing activism on their iPads.

    What’s even more goofy than these “bronies” is the suggestion that we can somehow hitch our political wagon to these “people.” So Sam Francis dies in February 2005, and within nine years, not even a decade, we hear that young men who buff their bananas to girl cartoons are our future.

  12. You are late to the party on this one Hunter Wallace. I have known many bronies since 2011. Most of the fanbase are not perverts just nerds. The group includes famous people like Gabe Newell (the creator of the Half Life games), Markus Persson (the creator of Minecraft), and Chris Evans (yes, Captain America).

    Bronies are most likely not going to become defenders of the white race. The bronies I knew were pretty liberal with a few libertarians. While the majority are not perverts, and Stern’s segment is disingenuous. However most of them are at best hipsters and at worst basement dwellers.

    Greg Johnson is not going to build a gay loving pagan white nationalist movement based on brony subculture. These guys buy into all the political correct nonsense in existence. Many are feminists that use words like heteronormativity. However, considering that Counter Currents is made up of what I like to call Fascist Theory Queers, it would not surprise me that they would want brony converts.

    Here is another brony who is a Fascist Theory Queer on the internet.

  13. “…In fact they are the type of man-boys escaping…” metrosexual at the next level, an extension of the gaming world, which they say they share cross-over with, call of duty, mine craft, etc. Howard Stern just laughs at alienated white boys who are more cerebral and so wind up in something like that—- for other groups, the idea that they can’t find jobs (which one kid mentions) is taken seriously. In fact, some groups even get “anchor babies” to help grow “families.” Not these guys.

  14. In case anyone else had a problem with the first link last night, today the first link in the article does go to Counter-Currents. Last night it took me to TAC (I tried three times) just like the second link, and hence my delayed comprehension.

    I haven’t looked at an episode of ‘My Pony’ yet, and I don’t intend to. It is a waste of time, a dead end. It will disappear but the Word of God will remain.

  15. I have been commenting on the artcle at Counter Currents. I was surprised somewhat when a follow up to my comment indicated i was saying my non-support of so-called bronies equates to non-support of whites. He asked if that was what i was implying. I said simply, “hell yes”.

    They can’t seem to understand that a culture is composed of people with like values. Lose those values and lose that culture. If whites start dressing and acting like blacks or worse, why the hell would i suport them? I would simply draw my circle of freinds much smaller.

  16. Mosin,

    So you are saying open up that umbrella and make room for more multi-cultural influence? Sounds like another failed group of people i know.

  17. “It is just the online expression of a tiny fraction of the weird people that in more natural times would have succumbed to some merciful childhood disease.”

    Excellent comment, Randy. But now, everyone is kept artificially alive, even if they’re born at 5 months’ gestation.

  18. I think Hunter Wallace and the rest of you are being too hostile. Coming clean, as an otaku who never watches anything without subtitles I have never watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and it looks like a lame program. That being said, we should be welcoming to hipsters who feel drawn to the Right.

    For Southern nationalism, the audience will of course always consist primarily of people enamored of traditional Southern culture, but only so much of the population can stay tuned out from pop culture at a time. Some people are of just the disposition to enjoy the tripe produced by the corporate world, but see past its propaganda or take hold of a secondary aspect with more traditionary significance, as is the case in My Nationalist Pony. These people will likely always remain marginal, but they 1. may provide personal presence or financial support for nationalist causes from time to time, and 2. help to break up the Left’s monopoly on hip subcultures, which will, alas, be with us as long as modernity lasts.

    Deo Vindice~DESU~!

  19. Some people like to make believe they are gay cartoon characters, dressing up in costumes and going to conventions. Others like to pretend that white southerners will unite and secede from the federal government, holding imaginary flags and going to protests. Anything to escape the reality of our dystopia.

  20. Douglas wrote: ‘Mosin, So you are saying open up that umbrella and make room for more multi-cultural influence? Sounds like another failed group of people i know’:

    I think you must have misread something, or confused one of my comments with someone else’s. We don’t allow ANY room for anti-our-cultural influence.

  21. ‘crusader’ said: ‘we should be welcoming to hipsters who feel drawn to the Right (…) they 1. may provide personal presence or financial support for nationalist causes from time to time, and 2. help to break up the Left’s monopoly on hip subcultures’:

    THERE is your welcoming, open umbrella, Douglas.

    ‘Deo Vindice’ sounds familiar. Where have we seen that before? But not recently.

  22. Hunter Brad, you give too much attention to the attempts by the Others to define Whiteness and White Liberation.

    Howard Stern once advised young males on his show to whack a woman on her head while having sex so that her muscles would tense up and his ‘pleasure’ be heightened.

    Sorry, but linking to him is hitting an all-time low. WN males need to learn that the ‘Manosphere’ is the refuge of maladjusted emotionally troubled boys and not for men. You earn the pejorative of ‘white male’ when you stoop to this.

    • Re: NYYankees

      I don’t care for Howard Stern either, but these “Bronies” his underling interviews openly confess to masturbating to My Little Pony characters. There’s no getting around the fact that it is a sick, bizarre subculture.

  23. You do not need to embrace every fruit that falls out of the tree. Doing so will cost you the essence of your movement. You would be selling your soul for a nose count, and you would end up with an amorphous mass paralyzed by internal conflict. You will do much more with a small core of committed individuals that can form a cohesive community. To achieve political power, you must build an organization of individuals who will defer to the objectives of principled leadership, will remain loyal, and will perform their duties with courage and honor. If you can only find a few such people, then so be it. (Whether or not you like the Jews, they are 2% of the population. Do you get my point?) Opening you door to every psycho that wants in is only going to bring you ill fortune and once they are in you are never going to get rid of them.

  24. Regarding the My Little Pony cartoon, and fanbase:

    It is undoubtably steered toward young girls, there is some strange perverted and generaly sick stuff the fanbase is composed of sodomites, “cloppers” perverts who get their satisfaction from sexually provocitave descriptions of ponies, and some who take a perhaps even sicker satisfaction in turning innocence into other depravity. This is the scum of the fanbase.

    The show itself is has certain negative aspects. Things like putting some male ponies in a very poor light, have empowered female ponies, and the like are usually its worse excesses.

    Positevely the show is most likely the best cartoon in recent years, it has no asinine stupidities like many others, no swearing, no rap and only one entire rock and roll song in it’s entire present history.

    One thing that endears My Little Pony Friendship is Magic to myself is that it feels very fiftyish with a segregated society, three tier society, earth(farmers and sundry), pegasi(military and weather duties) and unicorns (intellectual and business) but the best part is that a white coated winged unicorn pony rules all of the little ponies under a monarchy.

    It’s no masterpiece but to the young of today it would seem like an old movie made under the moral censor regime with modern sensibilities.

  25. I’ve met Stern. When I migrated I was a clerk at a book store and his book was just released. Total Cunt. He was knee deep in claiming faithful monogamy with his wife, while he had strippers perched on each arm.

    Oh you gullible Goy.

  26. ‘a segregated society, three tier society, earth (farmers and sundry), pegasi (military and weather duties) and unicorns (intellectual and business) but the best part is that a white coated winged unicorn pony rules all of the little ponies under a monarchy’

    The BEST part? You must mean the best of the worst. A caste elitist system under a dictator (‘monarch’ is the nice word) is not something good, but what we despise and resist!

  27. This is what you get once things like Fox Hunting and the like are banned. What were horses bred for in the first place?

  28. @Mosin Nagant

    Oh I agree monarchy is but little better than a republic, but a democrazy is even worse. I for one would much rather have it as it should have been in old Israel before the Kings. If there be any rule let it be the rule of Christ.

    Of the three tribes caste would be a bit harsh, it is simply what each tribe is best suited for, there are businessmen earth ponies, guard unicorns, etc…

  29. Admit it, Hunter: your horror is based on the fact that during your peak basement-dwelling, web-trolling years, you fit the Brony personality profile all too well. You were just born five years too soon, just a metaphorical mane-hair away from Bronydom yourself. There but for the grace of Princess Celestia go you . . .

  30. Nope.

    Sorry, but I was never a “Brony” or a “juggalo” or a “hipster” or an “emo” or a “goth.” I was never into any weird subculture like that. I quit playing video games around the 8th grade and had a normal adolescence and college life.

    This whole “Brony” thing on Counter-Currents (perverts, usually queers, who masturbate to the My Little Pony television show) ranks up there with some of your other greatest ideas for saving the White race like gay marriage, anti-natalism, and of course, the Wild Boys of the Männerbund:


    ^^ I didn’t get that either.

  31. This goes back to the previous discussion about Craig Cobb.

    As bad as the Craig Cobb fiasco was for the public image of the White Nationalist movement, it wouldn’t be nearly as bad as being identified with the “Brony” or “Juggalo” subculture.

    Can you explain why you think it is a great idea to influence these “Bronies” who masturbate to the My Little Pony television show?

  32. http://www.counter-currents.com/2014/01/my-nationalist-pony-an-interview-with-buttercup-dew/#comment-43723

    Ted expressed it well:
    “Bronyism may be an interesting topic of study as an example of sociological morbidity among Whites.I But adding anything like that to our core message, associating it with our core message, is adding an unnecessary layer of weirdness that makes people tune us out. Our core message is controversial enough.”

    I see this pathetic Counter-Currents thread as a logical extension of the homosexual fixation that lies inside Counter-Currents’ foundation, controlling its worldview and corrupting the White Nationalist message–overriding it, when the two collide.

    Greg Johnson’s embrace of this very unmanly “art” form fits well with the “homoerotic Mannerbund” scam his monkey, James O’Meara, is selling. However, it doesn’t fit well with the values held by White Nationalist men and women. At least I hope not.

  33. “You were just born five years too soon, just a metaphorical mane-hair away from Bronydom yourself.”

    No. I’m younger than Wallace, and I first heard of this a few days ago. It strikes me as disgusting and perverted. Ewwww……

  34. ‘Democracy is the system of government under which the West and Japan have degenerated’

    But the real cause is NOT POLITICAL! Not democracy, but atheistic materialism/apostate ‘Christianity’ are ‘the system under which the West degenerated’, and the example that Japan and other non-white peoples try to imitate. ‘Mainstreaming’ WN needs to remove its political lens filters to see the full spectrum of reality.

    Democracy as such is not the problem. For a virtuous white ethny, something like ‘Jeffersonian agrarian democracy’ may be ideal.

  35. Just teach the kids to ride and shoot–in real life.

    Actual horses will disabuse young men of notions about animals. A mechanics class would be useful too.

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