Old Conservative Traitors Never Die, They…

American Renaissance Magazine recently named Sen. Rand Paul as White American traitor of the year – an excellent choice. Amren has restarted Instauration Magazine year end boobie prize. One White pol who deserved to have won/lost the traitor prize in past years is former Arkansas Governor and Neo Conservative, Christian Zionist, Fox TV talking head:

Mike – the Huckster Huckabee

The Huckster got elected Arkansas Governor and made a GOP Presidential bid, actually winning some Southern states. He presented himself as a folksy, Southern Conservative, regular guy, working to restore good old fashioned, Southern, Christian family values on a nation corrupted by (Northeast, Hollywood) “liberals”. What could be more “Southern”, “Christian” than Mike Huckabee a former Southern Baptist minister, who plays bluesy electric guitar in church?

The anti White, anti Christ Jews like to use fake, Conservative White guys as Gentile fronts for their nefarious intrigue. And boy does the Huckster deliver on the Jew program:

1 Invade the world for Israel – endless US wars against Iraq, Iran, oppression of Palestinians.

2 Invite the world, the Huckster supports virtual open borders immigration to the USA, gets a nice kickback from Arkansas agribusinesses like Tyson Foods that demands sub minimum wage Latrino slaves.

3 In hoc to the world, endless borrowing from Jew Central bank to pay for 1 and 2.

Oh, and the Huckster did many other anti White traitorous acts like pardoning Black convicts who went on to tape and murder people – you know, the Mike Dukakis Willie Horton furlough thing.

The Huckster tends to talk out of two sides of his mouth when the White Conservative base becomes aware of his treason. This week, the Huckster caught Conservative base backlash for endorsing flaming queer, RINO South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. Here’s the TV advertisement, the Huckster endorses Grahamnesty’s strong support of Israel, says Lindsey is a great fighter against radical Islam (while both RINOs are flooding the South with Bantu Muslim polygamists.) the Huckster is taking a lot of heat from the Conservative base for endorsing a hated RINO like Lindsey Graham, so now the Huckster is back pedaling, saying his TV advert wasn’t a formal endorsement and he’s neutral in the hotly contested GOP primary.

South Carolina should be a great Southern State for us. It’s not. We don’t have a straight, Southern white guy or gal in the offices of Governor, US Senator. This open border immigration, Christian Zionist cult is a huge problem in the South. Grahamnesty has got to go. The Huckster should have suffered the fate of Judas a long time ago. I’m open to suggestions. How about posters depicting the two as homo lovers?


  1. Huckster was a really big backer of our campaign (Todd Akin) in 2012.

    Why, I have no clue, or actually I do but I won’t want to turn this comment into a dissertation. Huck was everything that Todd wasn’t on the issues that matter. Huck is open borders all the way, Todd had an A+ from Numbers USA and was an early adopter of Tom Tancredo’s patriotic immigration reform committee in the House. Huck is invade the world no questions asked, Todd wanted no part of Syria.

  2. Huckabee couldn’t even get the support of talk radio. Mark Levin used to rail on him for his support of amnesty. It’s Tea Party politicians that have mainstream support from Whites, such as Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, that must be discredited. When’s the last time White America has supported a politician that was authentically pro-White? I’m pretty sure it hasn’t happened in my life time.

  3. Vdare’s Patrick Cleburne had this traitor Huckster pegged a few years ago:

    “To an experienced eye, it is clear Huckabee’s commitment to repairing America’s immigration disaster is thin and cosmetic. (VDARE.com italics)

    Huckabee tried to shore up his credibility on the issue, which ranks at the top of Republican voters’ concerns, while speaking to a crowd at an Iowa Christian Alliance fundraiser. He… said there needed to be a “common sense approach” to the issue.

    That approach includes a physical fence in areas where it is needed and electronic monitoring in other areas, he said.
    (This of course is the minimalist position usually adopted by those against the idea. Why not a full fence?)

    While he said he is opposed to any plans for amnesty, he would like to see a path toward citizenship for people in the country.
    (In other words, he wants the effect of Amnesty.)

    “I just don’t think it’s realistic to say this weekend we’re going to round up 12 to 20 million young people and their children…â€?

  4. Why not a full fence?”….

    I oppose any fence, since I don’t want to be KEPT IN. We don’t need another Berlin Wall to keep the productive workers IN who have to pay for the 700 billion a year hunger of the military families, the endless programs, and absorbing the costs for the “deals” businesses give all the people on the warfare-welfare paychecks.

    EASILY, a government that wanted to do so, could set a tone that the ‘party is over’ and it’s time for foreign folk to go home. They could just enforce the laws, enforce the border, set a tone via propaganda for all the american sheep that it’s just no longer kosher and that they don’t get brownie points for supporting open borders, (by hiring foreigners, by pushing for laws and monies for others, and so on).

    When the word comes down, from on high, that something is not to be tolerated, the American sheep get right in line. If they are just told, the government is no longer supporting and tolerating that, and all the MacGinley judges are now going down, the “sheep” would quickly act accordingly.

    One of the things changing the tide now seems just that—- many are becoming convinced that a ‘new day has dawned’ and there is ‘political shakeup’ and the tone is going to be a bit different now. It doesn’t matter that others see is as ‘blow back from obama era’ or whatever… it seems the general feeling of people. The people who have not benefitted (or didn’t WANT to benefit) from the Open Borders Era, the big military and welfare and public systems paychecks are tired of the BS.

  5. “I’m open to suggestions. How about posters depicting the two as homo lovers?”

    How about posters advertising Israel’s immigration policy and asking why we aren’t allowed to have the same? Put Graham’s face on it and that should do the trick. Two birds with one stone.

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