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  1. Could be the Swiss thing on second thoughts. might be good to know so he doesn’t get Cobbed.

  2. If you put some embroidered suspenders and lederhosen on Matt Heimbach and transported him to an Austrian beer fest – he would fit right in with the rest of the Austrian mountain farmers.

    These are people who can put in long hours of demanding physical labour, can fix any machine, can carve intricate boxes and clock casings, very fond of beer and sausage with sauerkraut, can quote the Psalter from memory, can play musical instruments, dance and sing the plainchant of the high mass on Sunday – in one of those beautiful churches built right on the mountain.

    When I was there a friend of mine needed a part for his motorcycle and was going to be delayed weeks getting another one. The Austrian farmers felt sorry for him that he had to wait and one of them just machined the part for him in a farm shed.

    You could not find a more ‘unjewed’ place on the planet that those mountain villages. For one thing, Jews are allergic to physical work.

  3. “and by noting that there are … some northern italians”

    No shit, Sherlock. The Lombards are a Germanic tribe who were the final ethnic group to arrive in Italy after the fall of Rome..

  4. I certainly didn’t look at him and think Jew.

    Anyway, we shall see how his TV career goes.

  5. If the TV producers are giving him air time there is going to be a catch.

    If he is evolving fast in his political affiliations and beliefs he’s likely to end up hoisted on a gibbet.

  6. So Rudel do you have the exact specs on how the mediterraneans came to look not much like the mainland and northern europeans? Can you confirm that the Romans were in fact north african, and how the Greeks came to look so different from us?

    All I’ve seen is speculation for the most part on this dynamic. I hear from a scientist that Europe and North Africa populations originated in the Caucasus mountains and from there dispersed. At some later date it seems to me that some of the north africans went into southern Europe, but exactly what the italians, for eg, who were there at the time, or the Greeks, looked like I’ve never heard addressed. So I don’t commit to something I can’t verify.

    Does anyone know how that photo of Heimbach heiling Hitler got into circulation? Obviously someone there leaked it, but I wonder if there’s a mole or if it’s true that the whole scene is mostly a set up orchestrated by the jews or the government or the intersection thereof, which is almost complete at this point in time.

  7. “So Rudel do you have the exact specs on how the mediterraneans came to look not much like the mainland and northern europeans?”

    Many northern Italians in Lombardy and Switzerland have blonde hair and blue eyes. This is a result of their ancient Germanic heritage. Ancient Greeks and Romans also had features such as red and blonde hair and blue eyes. I assume that the darker features of modern day denizens of places like Spain, Sicily, and Greece reflect Moorish or Turkish interbreeding although there seems to be some ur-Sardinian Mediterranean type based on DNA analysis of pre-historic bones like Otzi the Iceman.

    The expansion of the proto-Celts (Bell Beaker culture) and Germans (Corded-ware culture) into Europe from either the Caucasus/Anatolia and/or Macedonia during the Bronze Age, their migration routes, and the extent to which they either interbred or replaced the indigenous hunter-gatherers is the subject of intense current study and debate. Further analysis of full genomes of both modern and ancient populations and how they relate to archaeological artifacts will spread further light upon this. Start here for some of the latest cutting-edge research:


  8. “exactly what the italians, for eg, who were there at the time, or the Greeks, looked like I’ve never heard addressed.”

    ??? Have you never studied Greek or Roman sculpture or read the actual contemporaneous historical accounts written by the famous authors of the day? We’re talking about historical times here. Your ignorance of history makes one despair of our modern educational system. Try reading some Penguin classics.

    Julius Caesar looks pretty damn White to me:


  9. I have not exhaustively studied either, but have gathered from a fairly superficial acquaintance with Greek and Roman sculpture that they had more mediterranean features than celtic or germanic. But my sense is just that, superficial.

    I have read arguments by various people about whether or not the original greeks were fair, and of the accounts I’ve seen it sounds to me more plausible and persuasive that they were in fact not. This comes from various Greek historians. Greece is situated similarly to Wash, DC in latitude; http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/distances.html?n=26

    What did that natives of that area look like before northern europeans conquered it? They were noticeably darker than the northern europeans. I am around half irish, and then dutch, scot and german. I have very fair light hair, and extremely fair white skin. Once I helped work a protest in DC in April I think it was and I was shocked to find that even with SPF 15 on during a sunny morning, I was still lightly sunburned by around 1:00pm after having been out all morning.

    Natural blonds and especially redheads will tell you that they don’t come from these environments. We come from the north, or at least somewhere probably farther north than Greece. Here is an interesting theory on how very fair skin, usually associated with natural redheads and blondes, although clearly prevalent in northern europeans generally, may have evolved:

    So I’m not sure how that fits in with things. It’s noteworthy that dark hair in the irish is usually associated with fairer skin than it’s paired with commonly in the mediterranean. I used to think the selection may have been sexual or something, but wonder if it also relates to Vitamin D absorption. The alleles linking red and blonde hair to fair skin are far stronger than those linking brown hair to any specific skin tone.

    In short, I really am not certain with the greater access to stronger sunlight in the mediterranean that there would have been this need for fair white skin to appear or dominate, as it does in the north. So I conclude based on the meds’ features and their coloring that they are a hybrid, which it seems you contest.

    What I don’t know is why you have to be so caustic and brittle, Watson. It’s unnecessary and unpleasant. The meds aren’t the same as me, sorry if that offends you. I’m totally for them fighting our common enemy, and like some of them, but don’t consider them my culture really. That is another reason I strongly suspect they are hybrids. Our cultures are extremely different in some fundamental ways. I have no idea where you come from and haven’t intended insult you.

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