Cobbsville: Kynan Dutton To Testify Against Craig Cobb

North Dakota

Et tu, Kynan?

… and now for something serious:

“(Reuters) – A man charged with threatening residents of a small North Dakota town pleaded guilty on Friday to lesser offenses and agreed to testify against a white supremacist who had been working to establish an all-white enclave there, his attorney said.

Kynan Dutton, 29, pleaded guilty to seven misdemeanors and agreed to testify against co-defendant Craig Cobb in a deal with prosecutors that reduced his charges from seven terrorizing felonies, Dutton’s attorney, Robert Quick, said.

Dutton had moved to Leith, North Dakota, a town of about 20 people, to help out Cobb, Quick said. His plea agreement allowed him to be released from jail on Friday. …”

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  1. I know why he turned on Cobb, he wanted heat, running water, and an indoor toilet! Sad, selling out for the baubles of modern civilization, so sad.

  2. There’s the old Jewdar going off again. A chinless yeshiva student and 14% Mulatto … Walking around with rifles.

  3. I go with the idea that if you now agree to go on a taped, MSM TV show as an open White nationalists, White separatists you will suffer this fare, same as Matt Hale. So just don’t do the taped MSM TV show. Finesse the race issue just a bit. Jared Talor or David Duke didn’t get taken down, though David Duke did have to do some short jail time on trimmed up election fraud charges.

    Best to just stay off BRA, ZOG TV, certainly never do taped shows where they get you to act as threatening like shooting guns. I thought Heimbach did OK, except for when he was shooting guns and preparing for a Seperatist race war.

  4. None of us know what is going on, so we cannot judge anybody. Let’s just be glad one less white person is behind bars. Remember, nobody was harmed and not even one shot was fired, so what was the crime?

  5. Last year I read a comment from an Indian (from India) where he claimed, reversing the swastika is taboo. He said there are ancient warnings against it. The forward facing swastika as used by the ancients, brings bounty, good luck and health. While the reverse is forbidden, it comes with a curse. Likely he made it all up, but the results speak for themselves.

  6. Brad you take way too much satisfaction in endorsing the system’s railroading of Cobb. Besides perhaps behaving in a not so well thought out matter, in terms of how he’d be distorted by the governmedia, what horrible crime did he commit?

    Seriously, you go beyond criticizing him with equanimity here to downright collusion with a government which is literally killing whites and our civilization every day. What’s your problem? I find the spirit in which you discuss Cobb profoundly disturbing.

  7. Sellout.

    The German flag did not reverse the symbol. See Loose Cannon by Graeme Donald on this topic.

    If you get to live in a nice enough white enclave/state. Don’t draw attention to yourself. M’kay? These burgers of Dakota now have their peaceful little town advertised on the TV.

  8. One historical note on this. The Nazis were not white supremacists. They were happy enough to recruit as many Indians as they could to deliver India to independence.

    Note that these Indians, and there were many in Europe and from POW camps, who didn’t object to fighting under an unlucky banner.

  9. Why can’t people in the movement just admit the faults or mistakes when they are obvious? Do you know how stupid you look when you try to play off Kynan’s testifying as something positive or not so bad. Why the fcuk would the DA give him a get out of jail free card deal? Because the testimony he’s going to give will hurt the State’s case? Come on. Can Cobb get out of more prison time? Possibly, but it won’t be because Kynan is helping him, please realize Welfare cases like Dutton and his ox don’t work, don’t like to pay rent, beg for money more than anyone I’ve ever seen, except maybe a few welfare queens on YouTube, and when the free rent went away, they turned on the host they leeched off of in less than 4 weeks. Please listen to Henderson’s Nat geo interview and Dutton’s statement. They both say this was all Cobb’s fault. They just wanted to mooch, not live in an all white town. Such a gracious couple. Way to thank the guy that housed them.

  10. When the System stitched up Tom Metzger, they did so by granting a snitch a pass on a violent felony in order to testify against Metzger in his *civil* case. The felony was a *criminal* charge, State of Oregon vs. Joe Snitch. The *civil* case was one person suing another, Mulegata Seraw vs. Tom Metzger. I never figured out how they could do that legally. Of course, Metzger went to court without a lawyer.

  11. Craig Cobb is a social misfit. Isn’t that rather obvious. What was walking around with guns supposed to do for his people?

    And how was this guy going to create any community? No sensible people are going to want to join someone who acts like him.

    Appearing on the Jew Jerry Springer show just really sealed the deal on what a moron Craig Cobb is. What the hell was that supposed to accomplish?

    If he was sensible, then he would have gone to live among other European Americans somewhere. He also would have joined or created some European American ethnic advocacy group.

    Instead he was acting like a jewish group’s wet dream.

  12. Exactly Wally.

    Once you are in a 99.99% white place, just lay low. If you want to be in a conflict find an ethnic white area that borders a nigged out slum. Then make your stand.

  13. Mosin, this fool appeared on Jerry Springer and that Halfricoon Trisha’s show.

    He’s not on the up n up.

  14. “One historical note on this. The Nazis were not white supremacists.”

    Nor were the Germans necessarily the most anti-Semitic country in Europe, at least compared to Ukrainians, Latvians, and Romanians. Hitler referred to the numerous “races” that constituted the “volkisch” nation of Germany. His anti-Semitism was as much a tactic as a personally held doctrine. His protection of his beloved mother’s Jewish physician, willful ignorance of Jewish officers in the Kriegsmarine, allowance of officers in the Wehrmacht who were fully 1/4 or more Jewish, and toleration of Jewish wives of the military officers shows this.

    Jews were leaving German lands prior to the outbreak of war. It was only the stupidity of the British in declaring war on Germany over the military dictatorship of Poland (beneficiaries along with Germany of the Munich Peace Agreement) that hastened the timeline of war and prevented the emigration of Jews from Nazi occupied Europe and left them in the far less tolerant hands of Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich.

  15. I’ve been digging around some of the personalities involved in the war party, and one character keeps turning up. An Anglo-French Jewish General called Edward Spears (ancestrally Spiers). He owned factories in Czech and Poland. Also the Anglo-French liaison in ww1 and ww2. Georges Mandel is a near French equivalent. The whole things looks pretty shady from bottom to top. Personally I think Chamberlian was blackmailed to declare war and then murdered by Churchill’s henchmen later on.

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