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  1. So much of the imagery is straight out of Weimar and the carnival images of their propaganda. In Hungary, Bela Kuhn was said to have failed due to his use of George Lukacs as ‘sex czar’ for the Institute of Sexual Research, run by Hirshfeld, later linked to Kinsey in u.s.

    There is a really great, unwritten book about the history of sexual social control, and one unlike Foucault’s history of sexuality, in that it would trace the links in such institutions, including the roman sex baths, etc, and how they morphed into various practices of the roman church (I’ll be polite today and not put church in quotes), as well as torture devices. The attempts in early 1900 by Kuhn and others were “too much too soon,” and the “masses” could not be manipulated.

    Another thing, grammys only had 28 million viewers. This is supposedly a big deal, but it means in u.s. alone, 300 million didn’t watch it. If you weed out the number who had to watch for work (media workers) and wannabes (hoping to be media workers), the number would probably be 10 million (real) viewers.

    Anyway—- there’s a good unwritten book in there for a willing graduate student that better links the various sexual agencies of the 20th century, as well as the use of the repeated images in the propaganda

  2. There’s a great book about sexual social control that’s been written and published already. It’s “Libido Dominandi” available from http://www.culturewars.com Culture Wars also has a book available on how music was used to subvert ours culture called Dionysos Rising.

    DixieGirl, that “paganism morphed into Catholicism” meme is so unhistorical. Nobody, even honest Protestants, who knows anything about ancient church history buys that bilge now days. It’s only historically illiterate sectarians like the 7th Day Adventists, groups that sprang from Herbert Armstrong’s cult, and extreme fundamentalist groups believe this foolish these days.

  3. We live in Weimar Germany.

    When the financial system collapses make sure you can get out. This is going to be a killing field.

  4. Vigilant Citizen was quick to respond:

    The awards then took an odd turn when Mackelmore performed his pro-gay song “Same Love”. The performance featured 33 couples (a symbolic Illuminati number) being wed by Queen Latifah. Right after, Madonna, the Grand Priestess of the music industry herself, came out to sing to her subjects.
    Holding a scepter, symbol of power, Madonna gives Grand Priestess’ blessings to the mass weddings.

    The performance took place in a mock-church, complete with a gospel choir, under which 33 couples were legally married. That is essentially what the Illuminati industry is trying to do: Become the new religion of the masses … complete with televised mega-rituals.

  5. Bible Definitions

    Interracial Marriage = Adultery

    Seventh Commandment forbids adulterating the Chosen race, the ‘holy seed’ [Ez. 9:2]- that’s race mixing.

    Sodomy = Abomination

    While Adulteration of the species is heinous, there is the proviso that ten generations of pure line breeding, restores a person to covenant status. With Fags, God’s curse rests on them.

    That’s the difference. In spades.

    Dixie- Don’t think Rome was evil from the beginning. She was the ‘only true Church’ for her first millennium in the West, as Orthodoxy was in the East.
    All of the liturgical, sacramental, and hagiographic things were proclaimed holy and good then. It’s only as the filioque took over in the West, did both Rome and Protestantism depart from the ‘church’ . For the record.

  6. Glad you posted about the Grammy Awards. What are your thoughts about Kasey Musgraves, the country singer from Texas who sang the song implying an endorsement of homosexuality? It did have a nice country music arrangement, which arguably makes it even more dangerous. The song is called Follow Your Arrow. But the song doesn’t say anything about interracial marriage, so maybe Greg Johnson will invite her to be the next great WN leader. Anyway, what will happen to people like her in a restored Confederacy?

    And I must continue to attack the united position by the racial right and the pro-homosexual Left that homosexual marriage is in any way equivalent to interracial marriage, when in fact white people as a whole are more tolerant of homosexuality than any other race. Since nonwhites tend to oppose homosexuality, I follow them in doing so; a choice most white liberals will not make.

  7. Today sports are a vehicle for NWO-type ideas. Expect the Super Bowl to be full of filthy messages. With so many people watching, they won’t let it go to waste.

  8. When/Where the Jew rules, Satan rules. Never more obvious than now, and Hollywood is the kosher apotheosis: a squirmy mass of rich, red, Jewish faggots and their hirelings.

  9. @ “….It’s only historically illiterate sectarians like the 7th Day Adventists…”

    And surely their cousin “Branch Davidians” but REno took care of those, right? Please don’t go preaching on what people other than yourself supposedly think, with that backdoor ATTEMPT to shame people (humiliate, belittle, etc.) by saying an idea is so HAS-BEEN, (old-fashioned, out-of-touch, etc.) or that only the radical STOOPID minority believes something….

    Now THAT is a “has-been” strategy. The attempt to silence various groups that way is OVER. It is no longer going to work for you.

    When you use the “Shut-up” strategy of shaming people for being stoopid, “uneducated,” rednecks, hicks, out of touch, etc… IT WILL NOT WORK. And you start to run the risk of just exposing yourself.

  10. —-Am aware of that book, Stephen, but it seems mired in Frankfurt school, Bernays, Gramsci, placing the blame in enlightenment, etc, just the things you’d learn while getting a masters degree in humanities until now. Not at all what I had in mind.

  11. Lew, Political Correctness is a religion that the Illuminati, NWO cult practices and pushes on the rest of us.

    Seb, I expect the commercials and half time “entertainment” to be full of particularly hateful anti-White messages.

  12. Good suggestion, and I agree, DixieGirl. Your comments might not often add facts and statistics to discussions, but you always provide the right White ‘sense of life’.

  13. DixieGirl, I stand by what I said. There was no shaming involved, just a plain statement of factual knowledge. If you took it personally, that’s your problem, not mine. I merely stated, from my own personal experiences, and what I have learned since then, that the paganism morphed into Catholicism meme was something that only certain historically illiterate groups outside the mainstream believe in now days. I fail to see what the Branchers and Reno have to do with this. BTW, I thought the actions taken against the BD’s was stupid and ill-advised. I knew from my own experiences in a paranoid cult, that what the authorities were doing would end in disaster. I had no love for Koresh, but I have even lesser love for a government that thinks a sledgehammer is the solution to problems like these.

  14. Re: ‘morphing’: The preferred term is syncretism, but DixieGirl is not illiterate or under- or mis-educated, and she has the correct historical understanding, not a mere ‘meme’.

  15. Tuck it in there, folks. This thread is not tagged religion. Although, speaking as someone who is not conventionally religious and therefore neutral in these disputes, I believe Stephen Dalton has soundly defeated his critics in the debate.

    It should be obvious to all that Organized Jewry: Hollywood, Music Industry and New York Division, hates the Catholic church and Christianity in general with all-consuming, searing, pathological hate.

    Describing this group as the nebulous “illuminati” running the world behind the scenes from afar draws attention away from the very real Jews who adopt this symbolism and push the agenda. Regarding “devil” symbolism specifically, here, for example, is Granny Rothschild sporting some kind Moloch necklace.

    They’re laughing at you Christians, all of you. How many times do you need reminding? How about sticking to the real enemy for once?

  16. A Moonie type wedding ceremony, isn’t cult behaviour? It’s not religion?

    God Grief.

  17. Well I do apologize. There is a humor tag here, so I thought there was more leeway than usual for off-the-wall material.

  18. Re: the ‘Grammy’ ceremonies: I’ve never seen any of them. It would be torture (for me) to watch, even years ago. Popular cinema, and pop culture, and professional sports, have never interested me. We already know ‘the lovers of money’ are at the root of all that evil. We don’t belong to rootless cosmopolitanism; we have our own ethnic white culture and faith in need of our attention — and as anyone can see, there was no ‘debate’ here, Lew; your necklace looks photo-shopped; but you’re right: there IS a humour tag on this article.

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