A Glance At Banal Republican Politics


I don’t consider the subject to be worthy of attention, but here is the latest for those who are still fighting for “the soul” of the GOP:

RNC Launches Black History Month Ad Campaign

“WASHINGTON In recognition of Black History Month, the Republican National Committee today announced a series of paid advertisements placed with black media outlets in urban markets. It is a first of its kind ad buy recognizing the accomplishments of black Republicans making an impact on the American landscape. …”

Rand Paul, George P. Bush talk Hispanic outreach

“DALLAS — Sen. Rand Paul on Friday met with George P. Bush, a rising star in Texas GOP politics, to discuss how to broaden the Republican Party’s appeal in diverse communities.

“Really I wanted to get advice from him, as much as anything, about how the party grows in Texas and states with large Hispanic populations,” Paul (R-Ky.) told POLITICO backstage after stumping for a state senate candidate here. …”


It’s a waste of time to vote for Republicans, any Republican, as even the “good Republicans” are subservient to the “bad Republicans.” By their existence, the former empower the latter at all levels of government.

Note: In December, Reince Preibus and the RNC celebrated Kwanzaa.

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  1. The only way to ‘broaden their appeal in diverse communities” is to give away more of OUR money.

  2. “No taxation without representation”
    We white taxpayers have no representation in federal gov’t. We are sheep to be fleeced by our greedy cowardly kith and kin.

  3. Thanks Mighty, I agree that most slaves were a lot wiser about the benefits than the Red Republicans will ever admit. Hunter does God’s work but these FDR GD profiles really do tell the tale!

  4. These are just two obscure pandering traitors. We at OD, Amren have done a good job of exposing these traitors. Rand Paul and Jeb Bush aren’t going anywhere. We don’t despair that they are traitorous idiots.

    Both come from traitorous, pandering families Ron Paul and the Bush family.

    What did anyone expect?

  5. No, Amren has done an excellent job of covering for the problem.

    I personally think Whites should be organizing a White Caucus or something…anything to let it be known that we will not vote for our own displacement. So that way both parties will start trying to win our votes instead of the republicans assuming they’ll have it, and it also establishes that neither warrants the respect or obedience of Whites.

    We should have a protest in which White Americans burn their SS cards or something…since there is no country anyway. If there’s no such thing as an alien to a nation there’s no such thing as a citizen.

    We need to make our unwillingness to march in step known. Protest is the first step toward revolution.

  6. >Dozens of black teens attack five white victims while screaming racial slurs near Macon, Georgia

    >About thirty black teenagers, in Warner Robins, Georgia, celebrated a snow day by rioting and committing racially motivated hate crime mob attack.

    >Five white adults were brutally attacked by the mob. One of the victims was a woman who had an infant baby with her. The thugs posted the this photo on the internet to gloat about the attacks,


  7. The sucking up that the Conservative/Republicans do with the minorities is amazing and appalling. Some are probably motivated by sincere idealism, but I suspect most in the Republican establishment are motivated by pure and simple greed. I regard the sincerely idealistic as the most dangerous to us. They will appeal to the sincere, honest, but naive white folks among us with appeals of patriotism, fiscal responsibility, and the foolish idea that anyone can become an American, no matter were their forefathers came from. Uh, how well is that idea working out with the Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Orientals and Blacks among us?

  8. Was listening to James Edwards interviewed by a couple of Swedish expat nationalists just last week. James made the point the Republican Party have not reversed a single “progressive” law, the left have forced on us over the last 50 years. He said they are false opposition, they are the left’s enforcers. That says it all really.

  9. “We should have a protest in which White Americans burn their SS cards”

    I’d gladly burn my SS card (if I could find it) as long as I keep getting my check every month! 🙂

  10. Will Obama’s coalition show up for Hillary? Doubtful.

    But they will show up to keep the usual GOP garbage out of office.

    The GOP primary process is completely rigged in favor of the money candidate (I never saw a Romney sign until OCTOBER).

    Nevertheless, as in 2010 a House victory is helpful to prevent runaway Communism.

  11. I’m sorry to be the one to say it, But “F&ck Black History month” – or any other month week, day or year when non-Whites are given hegemonic holidays over the Native American Whites of this land. Same for “Stinko de Mayo.”

  12. @ Yankee & Afterthought. There is no voting our way out of the anti-White, open borders deathtrap the Jews have created in the ‘Kwa. Whites will fight and win a racial civil war, or they will go extinct.

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