Live Blog Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

PutinOpening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics in Russia, things are looking rather good and very White. It seems to be toned down just a tiny bit that it isn’t Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Olympics in Berlin 1936 (?). It’s Vladimir Putin’s Nationalist Mother Russia restored – looking rather good on this brutal cold Chicago night.

Bosnia Olympic marchers have to be the Whitest, best looking Muslims in world history!

Lot’s of good looking Nordics on the Brazilian team.

Great Britain all White, but they seem to only compete in curling, which is pretty much bowling on Ice. The Brits don’t really do Winter sports.

German team is wearing pseudo gay rainbow flag uniforms. Russian crowd is booing!

Danes, small team but solid.

Zimbabwe – one White guy now living in Switzerland.

Israel…. Marches before Iran…

Russian crowd quiet for both Israel and Iran – neither is a threat to win even a bronze medal.

Ireland… Maybe they should try to get drinking contests.

Big Italian team..

Kazakhstan.. A few whites, rest look like Mongol barbarians.

Canada – don’t look like the crazed Lib – Lefty – ZOG nation we know it to be. The biggest White vs White grudge match is Russia vs Canada in hockey.

Latvia… SS Divisons here.

Lebanon 3 Athletes – good looking White “Arabs”, White crusader genes.

Mexico – one White skier, European Aristocratic family, ridiculous Mexican outfit.

Netherlands looking really good, Nordic speed skaters , none of the Muslim invaders made the Winter Olympic team.

New Zealand hot chicks.

Norway – most medals in Winter Olympic history… Not even a suntan on this beautiful White team.

South Korea – they’re getting the next Winter Olympics – handsome high East Asians.

Serbs.. Bosnian Muslims looked better.

USA trashy uniforms, acting stupid, very, very White- ah OK. Russian crowd being nice.

US Athletes chanting “USA, USA, USA” – this crowd would gladly go to war against Iraq, but not bother to think of the implications of 11-20 million 3rd world illegal aliens!

Sweden and Estonia look like Sweden and Estonia should.

First Blacks, Jamaica – stupid bobsled team, kind of like the Harlem Globetrotters.

The Russians….

Dressed like White Americans from Montana.

Largest Olympic team.

Bad Russian pop song, but, still – Russia is looking great.

Yeah, 2nd best Olympics after Berlin Germany 1936.


  1. Now there is a musical history of Russia.. All good, up to Tolstoy’s war and peace . I wonder how they will depict the Yid Bolshevik revolution, terror?

  2. Was that a jewish commentator on NBC at the beginning of the opening ceremony trying to psychoanalyze Vladamir Putin?

    I’m guessing NBC’s political analysts about Russia will be Jews. Who will bring all of their genocidal ethnic hatred towards Russians. I guess genociding 61+ million Soviet citizens isn’t enough for them.

  3. I didn’t think the US uniforms were that bad. They were better looking than the French who think they’re the epitome of style. Plus it looked like their winter team had more negroes than we do.

  4. I liked this opening ceremony. It was almost entirely classy and respectful.

    No gangs of brats jumping up and down on mattresses like two years ago in London.

    The 2012 London Olympics were more overtly political and ideological than the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.

  5. Some mental notes I made while watching it:

    1. Matt Lauer (?) said that Putin was once quoted as saying that the collapse of the USSR was the biggest geopolitical disaster of the 20th Century, because Russia lost so many Russians.

    I think that’s either an invented slander or something was lost in translation, because I don’t think Putin thinks that or believes it. And if he did, he would be wrong, because it gave Ukranians, Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians, and all the other ethnic groups representative of former non-Russian SSRs their countries back, their gravid spaces. And on top of that, Russia got Russia back and got the opportunity to ditch a destructive ideological cult in the process.

    2. What’s driving all this contempt for Russia these days? Sure, I think it’s the whole gay thing, but then I remember Russia gave Snowden asylum, so I think that plays into that somehow.

    3. I think that the threat of terrorism was credibly worse during London two years ago than it is at Sochi now, because of all the naughty Muslim types that live in London. And going back, there is a big Muslim undertow that lived (and presumably still does) in Turin, Italy when it hosted the 2006 games. And I don’t want to think about the threat that an Olympics held in the United States would have to endure. Sure, the threat in Sochi is ever-present, but Putin isn’t going to let accusations of Islamophobia do what it takes to keep any funny business from happening.

    4. The history of Russia presentation did a good job of soft selling the Soviet era, except they had to run up a hammer and a sickle.

  6. I saw part of the opening too. I loved that dance they did to Swan Lake, the lighting effects gave it a almost mystical quality. That lady singer, and the choir that accompanied her was wonderful. It beat the opening the Brits did a year ago by a Russian country mile.

  7. The NBC commentator that I previously mentioned is David Remnick, editor for the New Yorker. Based on his anti-Putin commentary, I knew that commentator would be jewish. I was correct.

    Looks like I wasn’t only me irritated by David Remnick’s commentary during the opening ceremony. The Los Angeles Times also didn’t like his yapping. The LA Times produced the article titled “Opening Ceremony: Commentators already threaten to ruin Olympics”. The newspaper writes this about Remnick:

    “But most especially, we don’t need Remnick pontificating about what “Putin is trying to project’ as beautiful bits of floating landscape dart by, or explaining that a delightful group of candy-colored dancers and wildly circus-like props is a representation of the creation of Russian state ‘isolated from the rest of the world, isolated from the Renaissance…in a sense the source of all of Russia’s problems. Remnick…..during the opening ceremony……was one big drag fest, and not the good kind.”

    It is good to see an national newspaper call Remnick out for that horrible performance. I had to turn off the sound when Remnick spoke. What the LA Times didn’t point out was that Remnick attitude towards Putin and Russia was just Jewish Russophobia.

  8. Yes…there was a weird voice over interpreter for the dances. But idk, maybe I’m just too small town (and like that). The overpowering fireworks, high angle shots making people look like ants, the gazillion dancers and all the red, red, red colors…. the whole feel was just too globalist, alienating-feeling. Like it better when they play up the “home team” things. The so-and-sos story from their real village with their home town friends cheering and so on. The events are good but the hoopla not so much, imo

  9. Good analysis, Jack. Everybody knows that the purpose of the opening ceremonies is to determine which country has the hottest chicks. I didn’t see the whole thing, but the Netherlands usually does very well in this particular ‘event’.

    Norway – most medals in Winter Olympic history

    While this is technically true, if we add the totals of East and West and unified Germany, and also Russia plus the Soviet Union plus the Unified Team (which competed in 1992 after the SU imploded), then Norway actually finishes third. Also the correct way to rank the nations is in order of gold medals rather than total medals.

    Here are the top ten nations in Winter Olympic history ranked by gold medals (and, coincidentally, the top ten in total medals as well):

    Nation – gold medals – total medals

    1. Germany – 128 – 358
    2. Russia – 123 – 318
    3. Norway – 107 -303
    4. United States – 87 -253
    5. Austria – 55 – 201
    6. Canada – 52 – 145
    7. Sweden – 48 – 129
    8. Switzerland – 44 – 127
    9. Finland – 41 – 156
    10. Italy – 37 – 106

    If we rank the nations by Winter Olympics won, then the list looks like this:

    Russia: 8
    Norway: 6.5*
    Germany: 4
    Canada: 1
    United States: 1
    Sweden: 0.5*

    * Sweden and Norway tied in the medal count in the 1948 games.

    The biggest White vs White grudge match is Russia vs Canada in hockey.

    Yep, it’s gonna be the Crosby v. Ovechkin show. Of course men’s hockey is the marquee event at the Winter Olympics, but there are only six nations that are truly competitive here: Canada, Russia, the US, Sweden, Finland and the Czech Republic. It’s highly unlikely that any other nation will even win the bronze medal here, much less the gold.

    In the 2010 Vancouver games, Canada and the US finished 1-2 playing on an NHL regulation 200 by 60 foot ice surface, which favours the tight-checking North American game. In Sochi however they’re playing on an international standard 200 by 100 rink, which favours the wide open skating and passing European game. The last time Olympic hockey was played on the big ice, in Turin in 2006, neither Canada or the US medalled.

    Opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics in Russia, things are looking rather good and very White.

    The Winter Olympics are like a white nationalist’s wetdream. It’s 17 days of Aryan world domination. There are a few quality black athletes who do medal occasionally. One particular niche that they seem quite suited for is anchor on the four-man bobsled, where size, speed and strength rather than technical skill are the desired qualities.

    The real threat to white supremacy at the Winter Olympics comes not from blacks, but from our slanty-eyed cousins in East Asia. The Yellow Peril is very real in at least some winter sports. In 2010, South Korea finished 5th, China tied for 7th and Japan 20th, the only non-white nations to win medals (I’m not counting Kazakhstan’s silver medal, won by an ethnic Russian). One day China will probably be a Winter Olympic superpower, right up there with Germany, Russia and Norway.


    Most gold medals and total medals: Russia
    Men’s hockey gold: Canada

    One more thing. In the all-important hottest chicks event, there is one family from Quebec that has supplied 3 sisters for the moguls skiing competition. Regardez-vous les soeurs Dufour-Lapointe:×427/201110/07/384777-soeurs-chloe-justine-maxime-dufour.jpg

  10. Clearly the Norwegians are pound for pound the best. Per capita the Norse outstrip everyone.

  11. Jack Ryan- Hysterical.

    Well, at least you pointed out the real nations/races who alone have a ‘right’ to represent Olympia’s goals and raison d’être- that is, White Europeans.

    End of story.

  12. Norwegians love winter sports like no one else. I was in Norway for business recently, and many of the businessmen I dealt with professed to cross-country skiing after work for fun. This included businessmen over sixty years old. In America cross-country skiing is an unusual hobby, and even in Sweden most people don’t really care for it anymore (favorite outdoor hobby in Sweden is wild mushroom gathering!).

    The country is made for winter sports. Nearly the entire country is mountainous and receives heavy snowfall in the winter, and the mountains abruptly plunge into beautiful fjords. And since Norwegians only work around 1400 hours per year, that leaves plenty of leisure time.

  13. Artaputin never ceases to amaze.

    With the entire Jewish world out to topple Ukraine while he is hogtied with the olympics, he releases one cell phone call and scuttles ZOG.

    How do we bring Artaputin to America for a few terms?

  14. Great comments Jeppo!

    You obviously know your Winter Olympics sports.

    My favorite sport it’s (I think it’s called) women’s biathlon – incredibly hot White chicks, in tight fitting ski suits cross country sky with riffles on their back, then they stop to shoot at targets. The sport has a sex, guns and war theme in a completely Bordic setting, so the men watching envision being attacked by Nordic supermodels on skies and one is hard pressed how to resist this type of military attack.


  15. Captain John,

    I was thinking the same thing. Norway’s population was under 3 million until 1946 and was under 4 million until 1980. It just reached +5 million in 2013. No disrespect to Russia and Germany – the two White countries that are most despised by our enemies – but they’ve had a much larger pool to draw from than Norway. That goes double for Amurrika, which is only No.4 on the goal medal and total medal count cause it’s had over 100 million rootless white people for a century.

    Random observation: It’s surprising that given Norway’s dominance – relative to its size – in the Winter Olympics, the Norwegians haven’t been a hockey force.

  16. Hey Sand Nigger Pedophile Prophet worshipping troll…

    Shut up. You’re not welcome here any more than your kind is welcome at Vladimir Putin’s Russian Winter Olympics.

    Out of 2 billion world Muslims (98% ugly, hairy, toilet paper soap avoiding scum), the only Muslims competing in the Winter Olympics are handsome Whites from Bosnia!

    Maybe you and your kind should start some new Olympic Games for mountain Muslim goat f &$&&&s. you can include sports like shooting 8 year old girls in the face for wanting to go to school, stoning contests, human stampedes.

    Go back to the 8th Century. And stop trying to gain support here by expressing hatred of Jews. Everyone hates the Jews, so that doesn’t make you anything special.

  17. @Jack
    You beat me to it on the biathlon. Agree with you 100%.

    There’s something about Scandinavian women on skis with rifles, that makes me pine for the next Ice Age.

  18. Who wrote this? It was written a little more than two weeks ago.

    Gold star if you can get it right, but honor system, don’t use Google to find the answer:

    The Olympic Games reinforce nationalism, racism, and personal identification with whatever protection racket you happen to have been born into. They should be replaced will global sporting events that celebrate human beings as individuals or members of cooperative teams, not as subjects of governments seeking to reinforce a collectivist slave mentality.

    I’ll give you a hint: It was written by someone generally accepted as right of center, but I’ll give you another hint: It was NOT Ron Paul, Rand Paul, or the former Southern Avenger. But it’s a person very very tangentially linked to Rand Paul.

  19. Terrible comments Jeppo!

    “if we add the totals of East and West and unified Germany”

    The East Germans competed with men posing as women and women so steroided up from the age of eight years old that they were effectively men (and looked it.)

  20. Lebanon isn’t just crusader genes. Christians have lived in that region since the days of the Empire. It’s the Arabs and Turks who invaded.

    Our government, of course, supports their genocide.

  21. Countenance – you got me pretty much stumped there.

    Hmmm, linked to Rand Paul… Doesn’t sound like Kelso. How about that info wars guy? Glen Beck?

    I’m going to google it.

  22. Lew Rockwell might as well have written this, because he’s saying these kinds of things lately.

    Alex Jones is slowly moving away from that mentality, so it’s not him.

    This was from Adam Kokesh, aka Adam KOOKesh. The quintessential leader in search of a cause, but never any of our causes.

    Why is the “right” employing Bolshevist rhetoric? Answer: Because Libertarianism and Bolshevism are two different sides of the same coin.

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