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  1. I have been meaning to re-ask this question. Do the southerners really think they could be successful in seceding? It didn’t work last time, and there are even more enemies and fresh bodies to ‘fight’ (if it even came to that, I think modern military technology will rule the day) now then there were last time around. You’re surrounded by southern Florida, Texas and the northeast, hell, it’s the mid atlantic at this point that will turn Fed. So basically there *might* be some shot in the interior of the South but it seems both slim and worse, not tenable in any even interim period.

    I have spoken with a southern activist who feels that the southerners need to have their own movement, but that there needs to be an alliance with pro-Whites in the north to survive. She thinks some who are willing to be absorbed into the South should just go down now.

    One issue I have with that is that I don’t think Southerners are known for thinking realistically about these situations, given their history. I think they’re too outnumbered. Recently some of the British Resistance were urging the southerners to stop looking back and start looking forward, and to move out to the Northwest where there might be some possibly successful resistance.

    I don’t think there’s much hope without pan-aryan unity that even my southern ally seems to find unrealistic. So here’s my latest salvo to that end:

    This is where we’re all gonna be very soon. No jews are getting thus attacked. They can’t fake videos like this, although they’re probably trying as I type.

    And, where are the southern survivors of anti-white violence? Why have none come forward? We have Autumn Pasquale’s family in NJ suing the black parents of her murderers (to what will certainly be no avail), Connie Russo-Carriero’s sons suing – for more police state, however, and this Dominic Conti kid whose parents aren’t taking any from some sexual harassing negro in California.

    Besides that our anglo celt people seem utterly demoralized as per Flaherty’s blogpost above, at least the northerners and even Californians! can claim to be challenging Diversity Cult’s anti-white.

    I think it is a reflection on the southern movement that none of the white martys’ (and there are so many) families have been willing to side with it. There is no real movement in the north and other liberalized bastions but at least individuals are doing something.

    I see this as a sign that I’m right about southern lack of realism. You have a movement and even with it none of your fallen’s families want to align with you.

    Drop some of the social issues fascism and overt racializing and I think we could unite and save ourselves. In fact, I think we must.

  2. Very good.

    I suggest “autonomy”, not a repeat of Confederate secession.

    We can’t bring back the past, but we can make something new that honors the past, works well in the present.

    Putin’s Russia is a good model. Putin isn’t a 19th century Czar brought back in the present. But, he is an authoritarian, Russian strong man.

    Autonomy for the South can and will work well in the South, similar to the Swiss Canton system. Souern states have autonomy to decide local immigration, media is local Southern owned and staffed. baknking and finance, again, local good Southerners own and operate Southern banking.

  3. Re: Jack

    There’s no reason to believe that either 1.) autonomy or 2.) states’ rights will be respected by the US federal government. The last 200 years of US history has discredited the idea that it is possible to “limit” the power of Washington.

    The US federal government can’t even respect the independence of foreign governments like Serbia or Syria.

  4. Autonomy will work fine. Too many regular White folks in the South are patriotic for America, like American military, yeah – they’ll go for Christian Zionist Neo Con wars.

    I found this out the hard way when I fought a one man crusade in Tennessee in 1991 against the first great Amurikan war against Iraq/Saddam is Hitler under George Bush Sr.

    Under autonomy, Southern Christian Zionists can still do dumb things like enlist in the American military, but regular folks in the South will insist that Southern media, education, banking are in Southern hands, so good Ol boys and gals don’t have to stomach Northeast Liberals (Jews) lesbian Rachiel Maddow on Southern TV sets.

    Yeah autonomy. Swiss style cantons with a distinct Southern style.

    Let’s try for something realistic, not bringing back the past.

    The past is history
    The futur is a mystery
    But the present is a gift.

    • This idea of Swiss-style cantons in which most powers would be reserved to the states while the powers of the federal government would be extremely limited was the scheme that was used to convince our ancestors to ratify the US Constitution in the first place. Once again, the subsequent course of American history completely discredited that idea. Just as the critics of the Constitution predicted, the whole history of the federal government has been aggrandizement at the expense of the states.

      There’s no reason to believe that the federal government is capable of being reformed, that it will ever voluntarily relinquish the powers it has usurped, or that it will ever respect “autonomy.” Again, it doesn’t even respect the “autonomy” of foreign countries. It won’t even allow Virginia to define the nature of marriage or Florida to give drug tests to welfare recipients. It is utterly unrealistic to believe that it will suddenly start acting in a way contrary to its entire history.

  5. Well I agree with Hunter on that. No way will the federal government just let Whites walk away, as it were. If they would we wouldn’t have to be doing what we’re doing.

  6. Jack Ryan

    The former Soviet Union is actually a good ante-model here. We all know that empires based on ideological cults fail. The Soviet Union did, it eventually ended and separate ethnostates were restored, and the same thing will happen to the USA. Not because any one of us fires the shots at Fort Sumter or Lexington-Concord, but because it’s inevitable. If, for example, there is one day soon a T-bill auction and nobody shows up, then it’s all over.

    That said, I would gladly accept a Swiss Canton style system superimposed over the current USA over what we have now, if actual secession or partition is politically untenable. That way, effective local activism would actually be, well, effective.

  7. Secede is catchy. As I’ve tried to explain, the US is going to break itself apart, and is at this very moment in the process of doing just that. All the LOS is doing is working to provide an organization to pick up the pieces. Even if many of them don’t know it themselves. Historical forces are at work—I’m sure Mike Hill see it.

  8. Well done, Palmetto. Looks great and reminds me how much I need to leave these yankee transplants and their multiculti minions behind. The local mosque down the street is almost finished. So am I.

    BRA continues to become more desperate, lawless, and vicious in a vain attempt to hide its increasing weakness. Support of most northern whites for the “fundamental transformation” of Amurrica continues unabated. As such, any notions of “pan-aryan” unity are and will continue to be stillborn. BHO is the apotheosis of yankeedom, the fulfillment of their narrative regarding the purpose and destiny of the glorious union.

    Despite the death rattle of the “conservative/libertarian/patriotard” GOP, who won’t be winning any national election any time soon, the leftists are badly overplaying their hand. The resultant weaknesses from their destructive policies have enfeebled Amurrica beyond repair.

    The kleptocrats genuinely believe they can maintain a first world nation with a third world population. Wrong. Common sense ought to tell you that.

    While most northerners support the restriction of second amendment rights, clearly there are a significant number who don’t. They have now been made felons overnight by the elected representatives they so enthusiatically voted into office.

    I wonder if all those schmucks standing in line applauded their keepers later the way the Bostonians did after their lockdown? Sheeple will never be free because they don’t deserve freedom.

    This is the shape of things to come in BRA. It will continue until the last remaining shred of legitimacy is gone from the government and its poisonous political system.

    A free and independent South is the antidote.

    For the record, Southerners learned all about anti-white violence at the hands of its earliest practitioners, northern whites.

    Deo Vindice

  9. Hunter Wallace writes:

    “There’s no reason to believe that the federal government is capable of being reformed”

    jr replies:

    Taking away the Federal government/Hollywood/northeast media’s power in media, education, banking – that’s not trying to “reform” the Federal government, it’s a power move. Restoring local Southern control of the South in most places, short of creating a seperate country, restoring the 18th century Gone with the Wind past, it’s a good move in our direction, something realistic.

    Let’s be realistic.

  10. Earl is right, it’s about picking up the pieces, providing communities for people who are like minded.

    NYY says: “I think they’re [southerners] are too outnumbered,” but isn’t that the whole wn saw about jews? Only a certain folk fight only with “numbers.” And yes, latinization is the numbers (they have flooded the country against the will of the people, printed things in their own language, not the mexicans…but the white guys behind it, who were loyal to their south americans over and above the generational american people). Anyway, don’t jews prove, in the wn cosmos, how much can be done WITHOUT “numbers?” On that maybe people should be reading the talmud for the parts they can use.

    Also, the south (and generational americans, really) have ALWAYS ALREADY (to use that deconstruction word) seceded. They are a DIFFERENT PEOPLE already. They have a different language, often religion, manners, system of codes and manners, way of life and law that was specific to them and out of synch with the current DC establishment, democrats and republicans (both of whom seem foreign to most of them).

    At issue is the fact that they will always already have been Seceded IN THEIR HEARTS, AS they are a different people. And b/c the constitution said “for us and our POSTERITY,’ it was very very wrong to genocide them (or attempt to), not to mention illegal.

    They are the ones who believe in self-determination (for peoples) and that would mean them, too. Why should ny yankee RULE OVER me, and especially annoying when they invoke anything about “the constitution” since most of them were still back in the old country until very recently and obviously have no traffic with that non-genocidal document (that said “for us and our posterity,” which is very plain language) In ENGLISH, too, not espanish or chinese)

  11. countenance says:
    February 18, 2014 at 4:05 am
    Jack Ryan

    One thing we have to remember is that it’s not 1991 anymore. It’s not even 2003 anymore.

    Who in Tennessee in 2013 wanted to march into Syria?”

    Jack replies:

    It’s not as bad as 1991′ or 2003. But, the under lying problems stil exist. Southerners like guns, like the military, worship Israel as the nation of the Bible. They associate opposition to US wars, opposition to the US military as the opposition of extreme Leftists, Michael Moore, queers, pinkos, lazy college students, now added in Muslims.

    We don’t even have Pat Buchanan or any straight, White a conservative in the media saying NO to these wars. Add in Rush Limblob and Hank Williams Jr doing pro war “bomb Iran, bomb Iran” and Southern good Ol boys will do what their daddy’s and grand daddy’s done.

    No, it’s like getting on the wrong side of Religious Right Bible folks in the South, best to just agree to disagree on foreign policy, military policy, focus on real problems at home (Blacks, immigration) and disgust for Lib queer Washington Beast). Autonomy, is much more realistic.

  12. “….Taking away the Federal government/Hollywood/northeast media’s power in media, education….

    After media and socialization propaganda, most everything else follows. Gramsci-Trotskys got quite a ways with that idea. “Home schools” aren’t helping (the parents doing it are probably far more brainwashed than they, themselves, even realize). Many of them are just yuppies trying to give their kids a leg-up in the current system.

    You can see why Marx wound up writing about the lower middle classes/middle class and what to do with them. The question is still out there: why can’t they act in their own self-interest. Why do they ally themselves with social and economic classes that, back in reality, are worlds away from their real lives?

    That question was what caused the whole culture war in the first place. Now, they are all fascists (militarist-corporatist) or communists, and either way, statists going on about how happily they fork over the results of their labor for others—-and calling it “freedom” and “constitutional” and so on.

  13. Anyone who writes that “Texas is already gone” has no credibility.

    The biggest obstacle to secession is the notion that it is the seigniorage of the Federal system that actually keeps the US economy afloat.

    In terms of the Red States, we would all be much better off after secession, but that notion hasn’t been fully articulated compared to racial and cultural benefits which are not utmost in people’s minds at this time.

    The second biggest obstacle to secession are the emotional ties to America the brand. How many of the people who would really benefit from the end of America choke up at the playing of the national anthem or have “support the troops” bumper stickers on their SUVs?

    Undermining that brand has to be a key part of any real-world secession plan. “America’s Army: bringing food stamps and gay marriage to the world” and similar tropes need to be pushed on your stereotypical ditto head.

  14. “Religious Right Bible folks in the South”
    Redundant. Why don’t you just say Southerners? That language sounds like something you would hear in the mainstream media. Trying to obfuscate identity for whites is a classic cultural Marxist trick. Are you a “Native American” or were you just born here?

    What exactly is the difference between “autonomy” and “secession”? It seems to me that if one has autonomy one can secede, and certainly secession is an autonomous act.

    Excellent points, Dixiegirl and Afterthought.

    The battle is for the hearts and minds of our fellow Southerners and counteracting BRA regime/media/institutional propaganda at every turn is essential. The American brand has sullied itself in the minds of many already, and will only continue to do so in the future.

    While we do not want to slavishly ape the past, the precedent for an independent South has already been established by our ancestors. Which is why we must continue to honor them and resist those who would eradicate or distort their memory.

    All this is reason enough to applaud the efforts of Palmetto, Hunter, the League and others who are willing to stand up and speak up for our people. The frequent attempts to defame them are attempts to defame all of our people as well.

    We must be loyal to our own before all others.

    The federal government has clearly shown us that they no longer abide by this principle. What loyalty should any honorable man owe such a government?
    It is a monstrous fraud. Citizenship in such a nation is meaningless.

    Paul and Afterthought are both right about this. It is time we convince our people to stop sacrificing their honor at the altar of the federal beast.

    Deo Vindice

  15. So, I’m in Charleston on business and was wondering back from the bar…

    Five years ago, I would have read this plaque and thought “How interesting”.

    After reading OD, I can now read between the lines: Jew, slave trader, re-invented as anti-white.


    Any of you regular readers…aka “dirty southern nascar lovin’ beer drinkin homophobic racist hitlers” live around in Charleston? I’ll buy you a beer and we’ll checkout the old slave market.

    BTW, I grew up a yankee, moved to the heartland and am now a full southern independence supporter. I worked on explaining how the civil war was really about independence to my colleage from NJ. He seemed to agree (and loves his guns).

    Sometimes I wonder if there will be hope after the baby boomers die off. After all, I converted.

  16. A writes :

    “What exactly is the difference between “autonomy” and “secession”?

    jr replies.

    The difference is “secession” is something for the past. We can not bring back the past.

    Autonomy is something positive, realistic , something we can achieve now in the here and now year 2014.

    The past is history
    The future a mystery
    But the present is…
    A gift.

    Let’s all try to do our best in the here and now , year 2014.

    God bless our people in these rough times.

  17. Good to see you, Apuleius. Sad, but true that many people don’t seem to deserve freedom (and really, don’t even seem know what it is or what to do with it when they get it. You really would have to teach people all that stuff). That anyone would spend their life watching tv, gladiator sports in the arena and so on, is the proof that they do not know what to do, nor have any energy drive that overrides eating potato chips and staring at screens. Nowadays, it’s easy to meet people who don’t even have ANY interests or hobbies… they cannot even THINK of what they’d do if they didn’t just take SSRIs and watch tv.

    So the real crash will come when you take away SSRIs and Tell-a-vision. Not the economic system, not the corruption, not any of the things people talk about, nor the breakdown of organic communities….because drugs and cathartic crime shows keep it going.

    With enough psych drugs, the endless stream of Criminal Minds, Forensic Files, NCSI, Law and Order, etc, will allow them to experience Aristotle-style catharsis of the whatever level of breakdown is all around them.

    But just 2 days without prosac (sp) and cable…and omg.

  18. Hunter, i was in Prattville this past weekend north end. I did not see a single white person working at my stop at McDonalds, Wendys, or at the nursing home i visited. As much as i love my homeland of Alabama, see no reason to continue to bloody my head against the wall for southern secession. I have to say i agree with the likes of Robert Spencer. If a white homeland is to be carved out of this nation it will be the northwest. There are plenty of liberal whites there, but they are cowards for the most part. Logistically, i don’t see how you would ever get the blacks and hispanics to leave Florida. Here in Northwest Florida, we can’t even get an majority of whites to admit minorities are the problem.

    I don’t see this as pessemistic. I see this as reality and hope.

  19. Whoever said I have no credibility @ Texas, I’m mostly repeating what a regular on Amren said, who is a Texan. Sorrrrry…

    Apuleius –

    The southerners hate us, it’s not that we hate you. It wasn’t we who orchestrated anti-white violence in the south, no matter how much you try to blame us. Nope, that was another ‘race’ altogether. Your post is well-written but like many southerners (not all) your seeming determination to cultivate such obtuse ignorance – and misguided anger – might perhaps engender our distrust.

    White northerners were never your enemy no matter how much you need us to be. Wherefore this cowardice in your people to face the real enemy?

    Meanwhile, New Hampshire whites bombard the state congress with pro-2nd agitations.

    The refusal to countenance the truth in an abstract sense bothers us more than the concrete difference in perspective. I’ve tended to think we ‘yankees’ had the greatest responsibility in allowing the real culprits in and granting them so much power. But as time goes on I wonder if something there is that doesn’t love a wall…

    Spring is the mischief in me, and I wonder
    If I could put a notion in his head:
    “Why do they make good neighbors? Isn’t it
    Where there are cows? But here there are no cows.
    Before I built a wall I’d ask to know
    What I was walling in or walling out,
    And to whom I was like to give offence.
    Something there is that doesn’t love a wall,
    That wants it down!” I could say “Elves” to him,
    But it’s not elves exactly, and I’d rather
    He said it for himself. I see him there,
    Bringing a stone grasped firmly by the top
    In each hand, like an old-stone savage armed.
    He moves in darkness as it seems to me,
    Not of woods only and the shade of trees.
    He will not go behind his father’s saying,
    And he likes having thought of it so well
    He says again, “Good fences make good neighbors.”
    Robert Frost

    Mending Wall, a real Yankee benediction.

    In the rising anglo celt nationalist wave, the irish have come to understand that it was not most english who bled their celtic forbears, but an alien occupier. I felt such joy when I read an Irish Volunteer grant this forgiveness to his brother, so long in coming.

    If the irish are capable of seeing, what keeps my southern kin in such darkness?

  20. I’m a lifelong southerner. Some comments:

    “Drop some of the social issues fascism and overt racializing and I think we could unite and save ourselves. In fact, I think we must.”

    Criticizing the opposition to left wing filth as “fascism” is either ignorance or trolling. Please, for your own sake, educate yourself. If you are realistic about race, learning what fascism is, and how it has less than nothing to do with the anti-left, is a very small step.

    “Anyone who writes that “Texas is already gone” has no credibility.”

    I live here. You don’t know what you are talking about. Texas is gone.

    In brief, the number of illegal Mexicans has been grossly underestimated. 11 million? There are probably 11 million in Texas alone. Parts as far north as Dallas are heavily stocked with Hindus, blacks, and Central Americans. On my way to work every day I see a billboard for some Arab running for congress. Guess which party he is running for? Texas Whites worship football and don’t care about “secession” or anything similar. Black-on-White domination is common. Once Mexicans figure out nothing will happen against them if they vote en masse (which will happen in at most 1 or 2 generations), Texas will be Massachusets, only with less cod and crab and more tortillas. There is no hope of a White awakening taking Texas from the left/USA. God willing I’ll be able to start a family in the next 5 or so years. I have no plans to put down roots in this sinking ship of a state and as soon as I can go PNW, I will.

    The overall theme of this weblog, that the USA will never voluntarily give up power, is 100% correct. No tyranny ever has any self control. At this point our best hope is for a sustained Chinese attack that brings about the complete and total defeat of the military. As stated by other people, the USA would have no qualms about killing large numbers of American Whites, and the idiot populace wouldn’t even blink.

    For obvious reasons the pacific NW is a far better place to start a place for White survival. America is on its way to becoming the Brazil of the northern hemisphere and I see nothing, short of overwhelming (foreign) military force against Washington DC precipitating a total economic collapse, that will rid us of this tyranny. I could see China nuking LA and NY. While the loss of life would be terrible, it is obvious that America is a Satanic organ and it desperately needs to be broken. Bloated empires only understand one language, that of force.

    • Why on earth would anyone ever go to the Pacific Northwest to “start a place for White survival”?

      That’s on the same level as moving to the Northeast or Midwest. Why should anyone believe that they would have a future after settling among the very people who are responsible for electing politicians like Obama and flooding America with Third World immigrants in the first place? If we ever lose the South, I know for damn sure that I will never move to any other part of the United States, only to be ruled by the exact same people with the exact same policies who rule us here. I would almost certainly move to a foreign country.

  21. I notice the reaction here and elsewhere generally falls into one of three camps: 1) People like it and are excited by it. 2) People feel all is lost and want to flee. 3) People write anti-Southern diatribes where they claim that Southerners hate Yankees for no reason and that really it’s all the Jews’ fault (Ok, that last position mostly is taken up by ‘NY Yankees’ despite all of HW’s posts demonstrating the falsehood of this position).

    1) I’m very pleased to see the excitement. I think it will grow as more media reports began to trickle in and more people react to the billboard and its message. They should join the League of the South. Especially the LS in Florida is very active and has not given up. It engages in constant activism and is led by strong nationalist-minded men.

    2) I don’t understand why those with no hope seem bent on spreading their lack of hope to others. Do they wish to convince people to join with them in declaring everything lost? If so, why? As far as fleeing, what is the point of that? Better to take a stand here. Others are doing so. You should join them. You’d be surprised how much hope you’ll find after joining with us and engaging in some SN activism. The fellowship alone makes it well worth it and you’ll be impressed (as I have been) by the overall quality of the people involved.

    3) I really have no response to the last position. What’s the point? HW has already demonstrated it to be baseless. I’ve also done some work in that direction.

    As the reaction to the billboard grows I know we will encounter more anti-Southern reactions, especially from outsiders living in the South and from the usual suspects (‘Progressive’ people everywhere). I will highlight these, of course, and they will merely strengthen the identity of SNs and help convince non-SN Southerners who are sympathetic to us that there is no hope of reforming a system dominated by people who hate us, our culture and values.

  22. “Taking away the Federal government/Hollywood/northeast media’s power in media, education, banking – that’s not trying to “reform” the Federal government, it’s a power move.”

    I agree with that, but it should be done with the goal of independence in mind. Otherwise, what ever progress is made would quickly be reversed. Currently, no major media exists in the South (they even moved most of CNN to NY) and not a single supreme court justice is one of our people. They would not allow much progress to be made unless we were united behind a common goal. Depriving them of power just for the sake of it is unlikely to work, even if some of us are smart enough to see that it would be very beneficial to do so.

    Having our own media and passing state / local laws making it more difficult for out-of-state corporations to buy our media would go a long way towards taking away their power. We could also pass (or attempt to – the publicity in such an effort would be golden even if it failed) laws requiring cable and satellite companies to debundle their offerings. If consumers were allowed to pick and choose what channels they paid for, MSNBC and the like would become much less viable.

    “Do the southerners really think they could be successful in seceding?”

    There were those who thought the Soviet Union would never fall. It did. You can either go out striving for something better for yourself and for your people or quietly resign yourself to oblivion. Those are the choices here. There is no in between.

    “There’s no reason to believe that the federal government is capable of being reformed, that it will ever voluntarily relinquish the powers it has usurped, or that it will ever respect “autonomy.”

    That is a very astute observation. I think that at least some of the opposition to it on this board stems from the fact that some cannot let the US go in their hearts. They desperately want to find a way to make it work no matter how unrealistic the approach; thus, the Swiss canton idea. There is comfort in self-deception. However, there comes a time when you just have to accept the truth no matter how uncomfortable or painful it is to do so. The truth here is that the current system is finished. It has run its course into degeneracy and must be broken and renewed in a new state.

    On our current path, the US is doomed to tyranny:

    Google attempts to limit speech it doesn’t like by withdrawing ad revenue (see the WND story on AMREN) from websites and promotes that which it does like via its homepage.

    The government has cleverly outsourced drone use to local police departments, ready, I’m sure, to be co-opted at a moment’s notice.

    The elite may perjure themselves before congress, a serious felony, and walk (James Clapper). You, however, are expected to OBEY every law.

    The FCC is setting the ground to regulate conservative political speech (see the drudge story and Howard Kurtz’s response).

    The media is completely dominated by the other side. They can even edit your 911 calls and get away with it.

    The government spies on every American and justifies it through preventing terrorism, even though it has done exactly nothing to prevent terrorism. This is a system ripe for a dictator (or one party state) to use. It also clearly violates the fourth amendment. The government no longer ever respects its own laws.

    Elections mean nothing. Rand Paul will almost certainly lose to a war monger in Hilary Clinton. It will then become obvious to all that the GOP is finished. At that point, you can either become a democrat or not even bother running for president.

    Every other day there is some witch trial on television where “racists” are publicly flogged. Will you be next?

    At some point, the Empire will involve the country in a nuclear confrontation with a nuclear-armed state. I would guess either Russia via Ukraine or China via the Tiawan Straights. That’s certainly not something I want to live through. But I think it may happen in my lifetime if something is not done. Seceding will make the world a more peaceful and safer place. I think this could be used to draw at least a modicum of foreign support, especially from wealthy donors in Russia and China. It may also resonate with the public, especially if there is another Cuban Missile Crisis.

  23. “Texas is gone.”
    …but the US is forever? I call bullshit on this one.

    Massive immigration and other US policies engender weakness, not strength. I have observed the steady decline of the US throughout my lifetime. Anyone here want to argue that the US in 1960 was not far stronger, more influential, more well respected, more affluent, etc. than it is in 2014?

    Federal policies virtually ensure a future breakup of the yankee empire. Bureaucratic waste and increasing domestic dysfunction, overextension in matters of foreign policy, little industrial base left in a debt driven consumption based economy predicated on inflation, etc. These do not make for continued strength. Amurrican power such as it is, is unsustainable.

    The federal government remains hubristic, bombastic, yet completely pusillanimous and increasingly ineffectual. We are no longer a nation of laws. We are now a nation whose corrupt “bought and paid for” legislature is too dysfunctional to pass a budget in six years and increasingly governed by executive/judicial fiat. The last time the US declared war in accordance with it own constitution was in 1941.

    “As stated by other people, the USA would have no qualms about killing large numbers of American Whites, and the idiot populace wouldn’t even blink.”
    Wouldn’t you? Are you that far gone? I don’t believe that for a minute.

    The federal beast is killing itself. Secession is a increasingly viable alternative and will continue to gain appeal. Most don’t see it yet, but more will every day as the US grows more incompetent, more indebted, more rapacious, more confiscatory, and more invasive. It’s not like the government has a surplus of credibility with people, anyway.

    There is a lot of ground to cover before then, but a free and independent South provides plenty of reason to hope for the future of our people, a people which otherwise have no hope at all under the current government. We should not allow the federal beast to take us down with it.

    Deo Vindice

  24. Palmetto Patriot said:

    “3) People write anti-Southern diatribes where they claim that Southerners hate Yankees for no reason and that really it’s all the Jews’ fault (Ok, that last position mostly is taken up by ‘NY Yankees’ despite all of HW’s posts demonstrating the falsehood of this position).”

    I would like to be directed to these posts of HW’s in which he demonstrated the falsehood that it is mostly the jews’ fault.

    A true russian patriot has recently commented on Jack Ryan’s recent Go Putin post, and he seems to dispel this notion that Putin is some sort of white liberationist. Graevling instead points out how Putin was chosen precisely because he is ultimately a tool, of the jews more than any other group, and that a jewish elite essentially rules Russia.

    Back to the US…remember that it was a northeastern irish president who was removed by the Zionists and replaced with…LBJ…whose zionist ties are well documented and who went on to both hand over our government to the jews (okay, maybe Truman was probably the first official Israeli Lobby-appointed – or bought – president) and to impose the far more radical civil rights legislation package onto the white populace (JFK’s was significantly less indulgent of blacks, and meant to be passed at a later date).

    Tell me again who the bigger tools are? All over this country it is the jews like Ignatiev and Wise, Foxman et al, who are forcing enslavement and slaughter aka ‘White Privilege’ on us yet which region of whites are the most pro-Zion?!

    For the record I am not so much anti-southern secession as I am skeptical that it will succeed without at least some coordination of pan-anglo celt unity, at least in some phase.

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