Finland Defeats Russia!


Huge upset in Winter Olympic hockey:

Finland defeats Russia!

This great Finnish victory harkens back to the brave Finns defeat of the Russians in the 1939-40 Winter War. This was when the Russians were Bolshevik Soviets, so it was definitely the good guys winning.

The Finns are the only Eastern Europeans, Central Europeans to never be conquered by the Soviets.

Here’s a good video from a movie documenting the Finns toasting Soviet Minister Molotov

The Finns were fighting on their own turf, frozen tundra, brave men facing down Soviet Tanks. The Finns effectively used “Molotov cocktails” to toast the Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov.

Here’s a good video from a movie documenting the Finns toasting Soviet Minister Molotov

Unfortunately, I was unable to view this historic Finnish win in hockey as NBC was featuring non stop figure skating, with a very annoying homosexual skating commentator who looks like “Loki” dressed in drag, which I guess Loki used to do.


  1. Finland was defeated in the Winter War.

    The outcome of the Winter War was a peace treaty in which Finland ceded 11% of its territory to the USSR. Finland inflicting five times more casualties than it took didn’t change this.

    The Continuation War, when Finland was a co-belligerent of Germany from 1941-1944m, also resulted in defeat for Finland. In addition to the previous territorial losses, Finland was forced to give up Petsamo. Finland was also required to pay massive reparations and partly ceded its sovereignty in foreign affairs to the Soviet Union.

    That said, the tactical superiority of the Finnish troops resulted in very impressive casualty exchange rates against very long odds. The 1944 Soviet offensive for instance was basically defeated by the Finns and was recently the subject of one of the biggest budget films in the history of Finnish cinema.

  2. Congratulations for Finland!!!! But Thorfinnson is right. The Kosher led Soviets were the biggest winners of WW2. The Soviets got to rape countless German women, enslave thousands of German and Axis allied men, made vast territorial gains, stole patents of German scientists, murdered and imprisoned scores of intelligentsia throughout central and eastern Europe, leached the resources of the countries formerly of the Eastern Bloc and subjugated them with a currency tied to the Ruble, and bankrupt the people of Russia. And we had the Marxist lackeys in this country like FDR and Kikenhowser to thank for it. The two most vilified groups of history today, are the men of the Confederacy and Third Reich Germany. Ok I need to stop this rant, sorry. Lets just say there isn’t too much room for celebration with this hockey victory since the real culprits of the “Great War” and their descendents now live in the U.S or a Mideast country under a different banner.

  3. No sorry.

    Finnland kicked Soviet, Bolshivek as&.

    Toasting Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov with Molotov Cocktails in 1939′ or yesterday when the Finns defeated Russia in hockey on Russia’s home turf.

    God bless our kinsmen the Finns.

    May they send us some support in these dark times.

  4. The Rus are Varangian, as well. They are ALSO our kinsmen.

    And they are returning to the White Man’s God, while the Finns are some of the most amoral individuals, next to the Swedes.

    Just reading some of the observations of John de Nugent’s Finnish former ‘friend’ (H. Holappa) and how the most visible symbol of Finland is now a Black (possibly transexual) ‘female,’ one can only wonder at a mind that would cheer on such godless trash, while still tacitly supporting the ‘cold war’ mentality that is as dead as Freedom in drone-infested, NSA listening Amerika.


  5. Good observation, Fr John. Better that the Russians, who represent Orthodoxy, had won, and we hope they will win the REAL battle against the ‘Globalists’ for Ukraine.

  6. Jack Ryan, I suggest you review the terms of 1940 Treaty of Moscow, the 1944 Moscow Armistice, and the 1948 YYA Treaty. Does a victor concede territory, reparations, and foreign policy sovereignty? You might as well say Germany won the war since they inflicted more casualties than they took on all fronts.

    The right in America has long enjoyed raging against FDR and Yalta. The more paranoid elements (well-represented here) also enjoy raging against Eisenhower (supposedly a stooge of Bernard Baruch according to them).

    How exactly was the United States supposed to prevent Eastern Europe falling under Soviet domination? Perhaps by unilaterally withdrawing from the European Theater of Operations and switching our Lend-Lease aid from the USSR to Germany?! Or maybe you master strategists think we should’ve executed Operation Unthinkable and declared war on the USSR in 1945. I’m sure the 90 Anglo-American divisions would’ve had no trouble with the 500+ Soviet divisions in Europe at the time, who in two years had marched from Stalingrad to Berlin against the finest land army since the Mongols. And certainly Patton’s plan to rearm the Wehrmacht as an ally would’ve been popular on the homefront…

    Some slightly more realistic people suggest we should’ve raced the Soviets to Berlin, thereby exposing British and American soldiers to the joys of urban combat against the Wehrmacht in closed terrain where superior armor, artillery, and air support are not decisive. The result would’ve been to double our ETO casualties during the war and show ourselves as obviously unreliable and untrustworthy to Stalin.

  7. The Russian government is controlled by the thugs who used to be in control of the KGB. The Orthodox Church has been a subsidiary of the Russian government for centuries. The so-called revival of Christianity in Russia is merely a continuation of the old status quo, with the ‘Church’ supposedly having more ‘freedom’. My Finnish grandpa was right. He told my mom and her siblings, “Never trust the Russians!” Since the Rus are still committing acts of espionage against this country, that advice holds true today.

    While Finland is not in the best shape in the world spiritually, at least the Finns are not a bunch of barbarians who wear a mask of civilization, while trying to oppress their neighbors with their military might.

  8. Stephen, I politely think that you are living in the past. White, racially conscious non Jewish Russians took back Russia/Soviet union/Russia by at least 1960. Just look at Russian media, sports all White.

    During the time of chaos after the fall of the USSR, drunk Boris Yelstsin sold off state run economy to many Jew oligarchs and some tried to start US style Jew run media, political parties. Enter Tough guy, White Russian Nationalist Vladimir Putin.

    Putin put the worst Jew Oligarch head of Yukos Oil in a public cage!

    Look what Putin and Russian leadership did to that Mrxist, lesbian punk rock band Pussy Riot – sentenced to hard labor in Siberia!

    How great is that?!

    Look at everything positive Putin does to Homosexual perverts, Islamic terrorists, Russian does Middle Eastern policies that we White American nationalists want, anti Zionists, anti Neo Con wars, protect Whiter Christians in ME from Muslim dogs.

    What’s not to like about Putin and Putin’s new/old Russia?

  9. The commander of the Berlin Garrison at the Seelow heights said:

    We will consider our job done when the Americans attack us from the rear!

    I kid you not. The Germans wanted the Brits and Yanks to take Berlin. They were begging it on.

  10. At the onset of the Russo-Finnish War, Stalin’s goal was to conquer all of Finland, that is, restore the Czarist colony. The stalwart defense thrown up by the Finns – plus pressure from Hitler – forced the Reds to limit their goals. In this sense, the Finns won: they saved their nation from yet another Jew-communist massacre.

  11. Stuka, you’re right on target! The Finns may not have won in the conventional sense, but the fight they put up kept Finland from suffering the horrific fate of the Baltic states and many Eastern European countries.

    Jack, your rosy view of today’s Russia is extremely unrealistic. To see what Putin’s Russia is really like, go to and start reading Toby Westerman’s articles. I’d also recommend reading his book, “Lies, Terror, And The Rise Of The Neo-Communist Empire: Origins And Directions. It shows that Putin is still a unrepentant KGB thug who has never apologized for the terror that organization unleased on all it’;s victims.

  12. Russia will NEVER be right, in the view of faithful RC, until the ‘Eastern heresy’ has been extinguished and the Russian people are brought to full obedience.

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