Caribbean Project: The Origin of AIDS

AIDS came to the United States from Haiti
AIDS came to the United States from Haiti


In the mid-1970s, Port-au-Prince in Haiti was a prime destination for American gay sex tourism, especially for male homosexuals in the New York City metropolitan area.

It was these adventures of these New York homosexuals in Haiti that brought AIDS to America in the 1980s. In the Baby Doc years, Haitian immigrants also brought AIDS directly to New York City from Haiti.

This was denied for thirty years by apologists like Paul Farmer who accused scientists of “racism” and “ethnocentrism,” but recent studies have settled the issue. We now know for certain that AIDS came to the United States from Haiti.

Listen to this:

“The researchers think an unknown single infected Haitian immigrant arrived in a large city like Miami or New York, and the virus circulated for years — first in the U.S. population and then to other nations.”

It came to Haiti from the Democratic Republic of Congo:

“The next link was Haiti. Because white Belgians never trained an African elite, only about 30 Congolese outside the priesthood had university degrees at independence.

To fill the gap, the United Nations hired bureaucrats and teachers from abroad. About 4,500 Haitians answered the call; they were black, well educated, French-speaking and eager to earn more than they could at home.

Now Dr. Pépin’s calculations get slightly more speculative.

Group M of H.I.V.-1 is, in turn, broken into subgroups A through K.

Haiti’s epidemic, like that of North America and Western Europe, is nearly all subgroup B. But subgroup B is so rare in central Africa that it causes less than 1 percent of cases.

That suggests AIDS crossed the Atlantic in just one Haitian. Molecular clock dating indicates it reached Haiti roughly in 1966.”

AIDS Haiti First Model

A single Haitian brought AIDS to the Western hemisphere from Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the 1960s.

“Once again, Dr. Pépin argues that rapid expansion through sex alone is mathematically impossible and that there must have been an amplifier. He believes the culprit was a Port-au-Prince plasma center called Hemo-Caribbean that operated only from 1971 to 1972 and was known to have low hygiene standards.

Plasma centers take blood, spin it and return the red cells. If new tubing isn’t used for each patient, infections spread. Sloppy plasma operations caused later H.I.V. outbreaks in Mexico, Spain and India and, most famously, in rural China, where 250,000 sellers were infected.

Hemo-Caribbean’s co-owner was Luckner Cambronne, leader of the feared Tontons Macoutes secret police. Nicknamed the “Vampire of the Caribbean,” Mr. Cambronne, who died in 2006, bled 6,000 sellers who were paid as little as $3 a day and exported 1,600 gallons of plasma to the United States each month, according to an article in The New York Times.”

This is interesting.

The article goes into some detail about this. AIDS went through several “amplifiers” before becoming the virus that it is today. A key event in the history of AIDS was the “Vampire of the Caribbean,” Luckner Cambronne, who under Baby Doc sold the blood plasma of poor Haitians to American buyers.

“Haiti was also a prime destination for gay American sex tourists; the Spartacus travel guides described how much young men expected to be paid. By the early 1980s, subgroup B was killing both American homosexuals and hemophiliacs, suggesting it arrived via both routes. The modern history of AIDS had begun.”

In the 1980s, Haitian ancestry was identified as a risk factor for AIDS along with heroin addiction, hemophilia, and homosexuality.

Note: The full story behind this can be found in Dr. Jacques Pépin’s 2011 book, The Origin of AIDS.

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  1. Amazing. And thanks to the Western medical connection, and Western sex tourism, this is a story that progressives would be willing to accept.

  2. Isaiah Oke, the author of “Blood Secrets” that book on the JuJu cult I’ve mentioned several times on OD, believes the practices of JuJu, and it’s spin offs, like Voodoo, is largely responsible for the spread of AIDS. Juju uses a lot of of blood , and perverted sexual rites in it’s rituals, so STD’s could easily come from the practice of it’s rites. Oke also mentions that many JuJu practitioners (like his own grandfather) suffered from a wasting illness that was called ‘thin’. He now believes ‘thin’ was AIDS, because a ‘thin’ victim looked just like an AIDS victim when it was killing them.

  3. If African blood rituals are a potential “amplifier,” and it makes sense that they would be, then that is something whites in the establishment would not want to report for political reasons.

    It’s easy to see why HIV has been such a highly politicized disease from the beginning. Male homosexuals and negroes have been the primary transmitters of the disease throughout the world. I think it’s worth noting in this context that blacks have the highest percentage of male homosexual of any race.

  4. ‘Christian’ missionaries from the Voodoo culture will be evangelising post-Christian Europe?

    ‘In West Africa His flock is flourishing, despite antagonism and even violence between Christians and Muslims in several countries. New vocations are booming. The Ouidah Catholic seminary is the burgeoning training ground for new African priests who — 150 years after the first Catholic missionaries from Switzerland established themselves there — are prepared to reverse the missionary direction and carry out pastoral work among Europeans in Europe (…) It is the heartland of Voodoo, whose rituals and beliefs travelled to the Caribbean and to South America, particularly Brazil, during the centuries when slavery depopulated West Africa (…) Many who have converted to Catholicism still refuse to abandon their former beliefs’:

    ‘Vatican Council II (…) recognized that there are truth and good, seeds of the Word, in the various religious traditions (…) as the Apostle Paul said to the first Christians: “Everything that is true, noble, just, pure, amiable, honorable, whatever is virtuous and deserves praise, let all these things be the object of your thinking.” From this comes our approach of respect [toward you]: respect for true values wherever they are, and overall respect for the man who looks to live these values that help him set aside fear. You are strongly attached to the traditions which your ancestors transmitted to you. It is legitimate to be grateful to the ancestors who transmitted to you the sense of the sacral, faith in a one and good god, the taste for celebrations, and consideration for moral life and harmony in society’: La libertà religiosa è un diritto inalienabile, in L’Osservatore Romano

  5. Ignoring the Roman news from Mosin, observations of sexual profligacy would indicate that it was Anglo Faggots who were searching to ‘go black’ in the late 1970’s.

    Which makes sense. After Loving v. Virginia, gays were the next ‘taboo’ to be broken, in the cry for ‘equal rights.’ And, from a religious standpoint, both heterosexual miscegenation and sodomite miscegenation are the flip sides of the same coin; they negate (forever) the image and likeness of Adamic man. Which makes Satan quite happy. And the Jewsmedia/Liberals as well.

  6. It all started with tainted tissue used in polio vaccinations in Linde.
    The labs are still there! Lab techs and local resident’s testimony confirmed what happened. Just tell the truth! Hilary Kaprinski, the Wistar Institute and the entire medical research community must share in the initial responsibility as well.
    It is plausible that Haitians working in The Congo contracted HIV.
    When they returned to Haiti, the were exiled, moved to New York and Boston.
    However, examine all the facts!

  7. A lot of medical people who treated STDs from the 1960’s on believe that it was East Coast America gays who brought HIV to Haiti.
    There are various accounts of wasting diseases in past centuries.
    In the 1950’s a young black man in St. Louis Mo died of a mysterious disease. Some tissue was frozen. Around 1990 the tissue was tested and it turned out the young man had died of AIDS. He had a juvenile record as a prostitute among other things.
    There was also an English sailor who died in the 1950’s and his frozen tissue was tested. He too died of AIDS.

    But it was the gay men of America who spread it all over by constantly infecting their 400+ sex partners per year.

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