SECEDE Billboard Reactions


Let the conversation begin … we need to put up more of these billboards starting in Montgomery and Atlanta.

Note: See also Orlando Weekly, FSU NewsThe Guardian, Broward Beat, Amren, Lew Rockwell, and Imagine2050.

“I am begging.

Please, oh please. I implore any one of the 160 lawmakers in the Florida Legislature to file this bill. Let’s settle this thing, put it to a vote, make it plain where we stand as a state and bring this to an end.

File a bill for Florida to secede from the union.

This is not a joke.

A billboard has gone up on Apalachee Parkway, visible to motorists and observers who look westward toward the Capitol. “SECEDE,” the billboard exhorts.

I tire of this. It’s demoralizing on the face of it and stupid in the extreme. Here is idiocy of the highest sort. And yet it persists. …”

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  1. Secession is a basic human right.

    The practical threshold should be a persistent majority or a transient super-majority, and the requirement that the seceding body not restrict the right of its people to secede in the aftermath.

    In our case, the easiest path would be for secessionists to set up a shadow government, and then have the Federal Government cede territory by treaty to the shadow government.

    The powers that be would only agree to that with a proverbial gun pointed at their head in the form of widespread white civil disobedience which was shaving 10%+ off of GDP.

    Treaty is preferable because of the minimal legal hurdle (2/3ds of the Senate and the President) and because of the flexibility of the treaty as a legal format. Something along the lines of Mountbatten’s partition of India will be required to logically place various territories and state assets in the proper balance, as well as define border and visa relationships, etc.; something an “in-or-out” referendum just can’t do.

    Sadly, when our ancestors were truly ascendent they could have imposed a better compromise then we will be lucky to get at this stage of the game; a failure on the scale of resisting the repatriation of the slaves to Africa.

    Sagacity matters.

  2. It looks like some great publicity. Read the comments.

    The prog abuse is actually a positive; no one is impressed except the other progs. Reasonable people easily see it for the vacuous diatribe that it is. The prevailing effect of their rants is to provide an objective demonstration of their own moral bankruptcy.

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