FBI Dumps The SPLC

District of Corruption

A small bit of good news

“Christian groups are celebrating with the news that the Federal Bureau of Investigation appears to have scrubbed the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) from its hate crimes webpage, where the controversial group was listed as a resource and referred to as a partner in public outreach. …”

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  1. The SPLC couldn’t FULLY control their impulse of greed for more donations, and expanded their range to target even some LIBERAL and ANTI-RACIST organisations as hate groups, to raise even more funds from frightened donors. This over-step was corrected by others higher in the Enemy order, hence the lesson of removal from the FBI’s recommended resource list.

    This is is yet another proof of that the Enemy, which controls many other, much more powerful and wealthy organisations, industries, religious denominations and governments, cannot ALWAYS manage its lust for money, power and prestige perfectly — doesn’t ALWAYS know exactly ‘when to stop’. They are such masterful controllers that the ‘sudden economic collapse’ will probably never happen, only slow frog boiling, but they DO have a missing scale or two in Their armour, and DO have divisions and squabbles among themselves over money, power and prestige. However more evidence of the spirit of Mordor is never really GOOD news.

  2. I read this on isteve:

    Personally, I think the future can be seen in the nastier sections of Florida etc. Basically nasty, low-level, continual warfare by self-declared ‘tribalists’ against a lot of pink, fat, bloated, ‘privileged’ peoples.

    Morlocks and ugly looking Eloi.

  3. “King of the hate business” sums it up perfectly. SPLC manufactures hate for profit. They have no credibility. The walls protecting their phony moral high ground are cracking and crumbling.

  4. Don’t trust the FBI. Come on. Many things are possible. They might want to lower the FBIs profile a bit to make it less conspicuous they take orders from Jews in this area, while still working with them behind the scenes. Or, they might have just offloaded tracking the white haters in collaboration with SPLC to DHS.

  5. Big Jew, Inc. of late is suffering setbacks everywhere. They are not the superhuman, invincible juggernaut that some folks imagine they are.

  6. Where have Jews suffered any setbacks? Syria maybe, although that was a partial setback for Jews at best because even though they didn’t get a US war on their local enemy, they got their most important goal accomplished. Assad lost is CW.

  7. The ‘divine g_ds on this planet’ currently ruling the Rothschild state (aka Israel) have this very week closed all their embassies throughout the world and recalled all their ambassadors. Now that is bigger than Ben Hur.

    No wonder that Big Jew orgs in the ZOGs are changing their camoflauge.

    I would say that Big Jew is very busy behind the scenes of their global polical theatre – moving scenery, organising special FX, assembling the actors, re-checking the scripts before the curtain opens on the next act. Maybe we will get to see their take on the most famous stage direction in the English theatre: ‘exit pursued by a bear’.

    With Yatz the Yid now running Ukraine for Big Money Jew, wouldn’t you love to have a look at Vladimir’s script?

    BTW – I hope no one is going to see that stupid Noahide schtick that Big Movie Jew has just launched on the goytards. That turkey opens this week in Oz. Hope it tanks.

  8. Lynda- Why the H8 against seeing a bunch of WHITE ANGLOS portraying Noah- you know, the man who was ‘perfect in his generations’?

    I’m actually looking forward to it. As a scifi epic, not as exact Biblical history.

    At least they got the race angle for the Chosen People right!

  9. Pope ‘call me Jorge’ Francis I claims that Chagall’s ‘White Crucifixion’ is his favourite painting. Seriously.


    When he is not praying in the synagogue with his pals in the Chabad Lubavitch, apparently Jorge has quite a thing for that blasphemous Jew, Marc Chagall’s depiction of the Lord Jesus Christ, Saviour of men as a Jew, bolshevik ‘martyr’.

    Which calls to mind the world’s most famous rhetorical question:
    “Ye Serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?”

    The real Jesus Christ and the real Roman Catholic Church would make Jorge poop his dignity pants.

  10. Hello all, I’m back.
    This is good news. By targeting anti-gay groups, even though most of these groups are not racist, SPLC was undermining the anti-racist alliance of the secular left, Christian Left and other mainstream religious, including most right-wing sectors of most world religions. This alliance needs to be maintained in case there is an economic collapse and a revival of pro-white activity. The Pope is doing a good job with this.

  11. I meant Christian Right; not Christian Left; although Christian Left is an important corner of the Grand Alliance, led by everyone’s favorite southern patriot and human rights activist, Jimmy Carter.

  12. Fr John, White Anglos and those (including Jews) who look and sound like White Anglos always translate into box-office because those are the actors that everyone (and I don’t mean just those of White European heritage) will pay to see.

    I seriously doubt that ‘the perfect in his generations’ theme will feature in the Noahide film. I seriously doubt that trans-humanism and the breeding / bio-engineering of monstrousities will feature in the Noahide film. The first prophecy given to Adam about “the seed of the woman crushing the head of the serpent” was known to all the patriarchs and is entirely subversive to Jewry. The Genesis recording of the patriarch’s curse upon one of his sons’ descendents and by extension his generations is politically incorrect and guaranteed to make ‘equalist’ ideologues cough up their collective fur-ball, especially since the ethnography of those peoples is not all that difficult to trace.

    It is a foregone conclusion that Hollywood Jew would have to make a movie with a Talmudic ‘over the rainbow’ spin. Otherwise, why pay a rabbi to assist the script?


    Bottom line – I do not see Jew films or watch television.

    The story of the Genesis is the foundational history. A correct understanding of it (i.e. according to the teaching of the New Testament, the Apostles, Fathers and doctors of the Church and doctrines of saints) is the key to understanding our own times.

    You are going to see “Noah” – I look forward to reading your comments.

  13. Fr John – you’ve got my curiousity piqued now. You might have to go and see it just so you can roast it here. I look forward to your thoughts. The whole epic is wall to wall Jew. What’s not to like?

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