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  1. I’m in telecom construction and have built these high frequency trading networks. I was once told how much one company made in a matter of minutes, and if true, it’s more than I’ll ever see in my lifetime.

    I wouldn’t say the average Joe is being screwed, as I’ve been mildly successful in the market myself, but I can see how this gets in the way of potential gains for the little guy.

  2. I’m reading this book:


    It makes a case that investors can get a better return investing in local businesses than in the stock market. Also, you see on the ground what that business is doing.

    There’s plenty of hot money from Americans that wants to be invested. One problem is that laws do not allow unaccredited investors to fund businesses that are not trading on a stock market like NYSE. The above book tells you how to circumvent securities laws, for example, with co-ops.

    Also, pooling is a way to spread risk. So local people pool their investment money in a local fund, funding local businesses. The local fund hires a management expert who advises the business owners so they are less likely to fail and lose the principal. Once the loan is paid off, the business owner can do as he pleases with his business.

    but yeah, forget reform of the securities market. let’s just upend the whole table and do local economy.

  3. Capt John, you asked a rhetorical question. An Archbishop MUST be. His father was not really called Welby, but Weiler, of Jewish descent. He says: ‘When I went to the Holy Land last month, I discovered that I’ve got enough Jewish blood to have been picked up in Hitler’s Germany’.

  4. Yes it’s rigged, much like a casino or a sheep farm is rigged.

    In addition to the obvious free money given to the Jews on Wall Street by the Jews at the Federal Reserve (which gives them near unlimited political and economic influence) there is the following;

    the computer algorithms track how much the “little guys” are investing and when they have put enough in, the crash the market, like one would shear a sheep. They have run this bull up so high because they cannot quite fool the common man into investing, so they keep going up until enough suckers take the bait, once enough sucker money is in, they crash it. Suckers bail, and the treadmill starts all over again.

    Research the term “token economy” to understand our system.

  5. Sorry, I failed to include the link: http://kiwianglo.wordpress.com/2013/07/13/the-telegraph-interview-with-the-archbishop-of-canterbury/ ‘Justin Welby uses Roman Catholic models – the contemplation and stability of Benedictines, and the rigorous self-examination of St Ignatius. And, in a choice that could not possibly have been made since the 16th century – until now – the Archbishop’s spiritual director is Fr Nicolas Buttet, a Roman Catholic priest. The Archbishop recently visited the new Pope, Francis, and was thrilled’. So much for Anglo-Celtic ethnic Christianity….

  6. The middle class tax-derived U.S. aid to the Ukraine is really bailout money going directly to the Global banksters to pay the interest on the growing ‘debt’ of the Ukrainians.

  7. A former friend of mine told me that inside trading was the norm for the higher ups in the market. He was told this by a lady who worked for these higher ups. The ones who get caught are the ones without the right network connections.

  8. Anything the system does to screw white upper middle class boomers is good for southern nationalism. For the most part, they are probably the single most aggressive and influential defenders of the status quo you’ll ever find.

  9. I actually saw the Matrix as a thinly veiled take on finance.

    That idea of a build up of harvested energy, then the build up of aware who become enough of a liability to necessitate a massacre and a reload.

    Creepily similar to stock exchanges and war policy.

  10. The economic and political systems have been rigged since before the ancient Romans. “The complexity disguises what is happening.” Remember “Invade the world. Invite the world. In hock to the world.” Cui bono? Remember Warren Buffett learned his bag of tricks from the Jew Ben Graham. Why does the system attempt to disguise biological differences between races and hide Jewish power and influence?
    “This uneasy truce will not last.”
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMG-LWyNcAs Body Invaders – YouTube

  11. The real scandal, are those who have been trading in markets & forex ( foreign exchange) using insider information supplied by the NSA, CIA, FBI, and other government intelligence agencies! This high frequency trading, while risky and dangerous, is only a few seconds ahead, compared to hours, days, even weeks with those who have government intelligence information.

    Did you ever wonder why there is a revolving door between government intelligence agencies and Wall Street? Now you know. Spread the word. It’s called insider information. That’s why the scandal will never be cracked.

  12. Btw, the time to buy stocks was in the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2009, you will not see stock prices that low for another 20, 30 maybe 50 years. The best you could do know would be a broad based index fund like the S&P 500, or similar.

    Now if the banks get back into sub-prime mortgages & lending to Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, Orientals etc. then we could be headed for big trouble again.

  13. HFT = insider trading at the speed of light, and it’s >50% of the market; I’ve seen figures as high as 85%. All of the Senators in Sodom on the Potomac, and most of the House members, have burgeoning Wall St. “investment” accounts with the main NY JewBanks that ride the HFT…and this, along with direct campaign contributions from wealthy Jews (+ MSM acess) is how the Tribe controls politics. If all else fails (see: Ted Cruz)…an Esther will put a move on.

  14. Wall St. is organized crime.

    There’s another aspect as well which is the Fed using the same methods (HFT) to mold public mood.

  15. “the contemplation and stability of Benedictines”

    Wasn’t Brother Cadfael who is the main protagonist in the novels of the Welsh medieval scholar Edith Pargeter OBE written under the name “Ellis Peterson” a Benedictine? Great stuff, and a highly accurate and entertaining description of life in Great Britain during the High Middle Ages especially about Wales and the Welsh borderlands.

  16. Of course it’s rigged to rob average white Americans. And to think so many have hoodwinked into betting their retirements in the stock market is like a splinter in my mind, driving me mad. These secret computer systems and software should be taken apart, scrutinized and declared illegal world wide. This is why I have nothing to do with stocks, do not trust banks, and only deal with a local credit union. There must be ways to bypass the cabal of thieves called the stock market AND make money without becoming a thief or harming Mr. and Miss America.

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