Richmond Anti-Fa’s Perspective


The anti-fa have posted a video shot from their perspective. In photos on the Active-RVA website, you can see the street gyrator with the black hair and megaphone next to the blonde tambourine lesbian and the boy in the brown jacket holding the Anti-Fascist Action banner who kept looking down at the ground and away from us.

There’s no evidence that we were “outnumbered” by anti-fa in Richmond. Quite the opposite. In total, there were 30 to 35 people at our event, and several of them had left early (there are photos of them on SNN) before we took the group photo at the end of the demonstration at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. OTOH, the obscenities that were shouted by the anti-fa can be heard in the video that I shot with my smartphone.

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  1. I knew that would get to people 🙂

    I seriously think, if you watch the video on the other thread of Matt H in DC last May, that more women need to be involved. This government is raping us anyway, why not let whites and the world see on camera what they’re willing to do to our people as a whole, not just ‘racist thug white males?’

  2. She spits lies and swallows bullshit, so that answers Rudel’s question.

    “Wanna know what’s even funnier? My yankee men find that sexy”

    White Yankee, self-identified Scottsman Chad MacDonald agrees:

    But there is a small portion of the American population, composed of small people, who get hostile upon learning that I am an immigrant. They sneer at and degrade me. They tell me to “go back to where I came from.” That I am not a “real American.”

    How am I not a “real American?” I made a willing choice to become one. I changed my life to do so. I am putting conscious work into being American. They are not “better” than me because they were born three hundred miles south of where I was.

    I met a woman from New York. We fell in love. We married. We have a son. America is now my country too. I will love her and defend her. I was already well-versed in American history. I know the Constitution. I moved here for love.

    America is built upon immigration, is descended from immigrants. Making the already difficult Naturalization process even harder, as some want to do, does nothing to solve the nation’s issues. It is only discrimination against immigrants, which is unethical and immoral. Not to mention un-American.

    I am an immigrant. If you are not, then you came from one. Take pride in this. To hate an immigrant is to hate yourself. And that is a problem nobody can solve but you.

    Chaddy boy’s profile. Note that he’s from New York City:

    He’s a textbook example of the Yankee mind. A dime a dozen, his kind is. That’s who NYYankees would have those trying to save our race make alliances with.

    Get over it sweetheart: Your culture and your people are filthy, which is to say “our” people and “our” culture are filthy. After all, we’re both Northerners. I don’t care if you trash my home state, because it’s not like we’re much better then any Northeastern state. So go ahead: Delude yourself with fantasies about how Yankeedom is teeming with undercover WN’s who are ready to take Borat’s words literally (reference: Because meanwhile in the real world:

    Still want to “take me?”

  3. Another thing, NYYankees: I looked into that case with the 15 year old white girl, and now I know exactly why those Amren commenters weren’t White Knighting her:

    The 15-year-old victim of a gang-rape and beating at a Richmond High homecoming dance spoke out for the first time Tuesday.

    “Violence is always the wrong choice,” she reportedly said in a written statement delivered by victim advocate DeAnna Schlaum at a rally and candlelight vigil.

    “We realize people are angry about this,” the statement said. “But let the anger cause change; change that is necessary to keep our children, our neighbors and our friends safe. We thank everyone for their love, support and ongoing prayers.”

    The victim herself doesn’t want anyone to get angry at the 20 savages who raped and tortured her. That’d be “racist,” you see.

    It was the same narrative with Channon Christian’s parents. When hundreds of WN’s rushed to her defense, and when thousands of Whites across the country called that that massacre for what it is (a HATE CRIME), here’s how her mommy and daddy responded:

    Some people have called the murders a hate crime because the suspects are all black and both the victims are white.

    But if you ask the Christians, the only color they see in all of this is the color of blood.

    “I believe in my heart that wild animals come in lots of different colors. The end result is they’re still wild animals,” Gary says.

    “I could care less if they were pink or purple or whatever color they were. They took our child. They took our daughter. They took Chris, took away from Newsom family,” Deena adds.

    To them, “racism” is worse than having their own daughter murdered. Here’s another doozy from them:

    Like investigators, Channon’s parents believe this was a crime of opportunity and that skin color wasn’t a factor.

    “We’re not racial people. That’s not what my daughter was about. She loved everybody she met,” Deena says

    And here’s the cherry on top:

    The parents of the victims wanted nothing to do with the rally and expressed anger at the out-of-town protesters for using the case to stoke racial tensions. “I think any kind of crime like that’s a hate crime,” said Gary Christian, Channon’s father. But he added: “Was it racial? No, I don’t think so.”

    The Lord doesn’t help those who don’t help themselves. Neither should we.

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