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Update: We’ve found the Facebook event page for the “Richmond Rally for Racial Justice and LGBTQ Rights.”

Unfortunately, we missed out on the “energizing music by queer artists of color”:


Here’s confirmation of what reportedly happened at the “rap battle” at the VA Flaggers event:


47 Going, 52 Maybe, 712 Invited … Confirmed Turnout, 12! Victory!


One People’s Project has a new article about our Richmond demonstration. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the things that OPP missed:

1.)  Liberty Lamp predicted that the League of the South would probably have 5 or 6 people, 10 to 15 tops in Richmond. My guess was 20 to 30 based on previous experience. The actual number turned out to be 30 to 35.

Richmond was supposed to be just a local event along the lines of Ocala or Atlanta. It turned out that there were more people there than in Greenville in December. There were people in Richmond on our side from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and even New York.

2.) “Anti-Fascist Action” claimed that “both sides had a little over a dozen protesters, but the anti-fascists outnumbered the secessionists.” That’s bullshit. They were outnumbered about 3 to 1 in Richmond.

3.) Obviously, there was no fighting in Richmond because a dozen lesbians and queers weren’t dumb enough to storm across the street and find out how many Southern “gun nuts” there were in our entourage, and we had no interest in fighting with them anyway, as we have our own reasons to prefer having them there.

Just look:

Fashion victim Goad Gatsby holds "Hip Hop Is My Heritage" sign
In his yellow shoes, fashion victim Goad Gatsby holds a “Hip Hop Is My Heritage” sign

Contrast with us:



4.) The boy holding the “Anti-Fascist Action” banner was obviously embarrassed to be seen in public with his associates. We noticed that he wouldn’t look us in the eye when we stood across the street and laughed at their bizarre public display. If their goal was to shame us and make us look like “extremists,” it backfired.

5.) As we previously noted, we heard that the promised “rap battle” ended in failure when a biker stopped by and smashed their little radio. We were eating lunch at the time and that was a source of great amusement.

6.) Spelunkstein’s article about the KKK is baseless. Going into the Richmond demonstration, we wondered if the Klan would show up like they did in Florence, KY, but we didn’t see, meet, or recognize anyone from the Klan there. Surely, if there was a Klansman at our demonstration, Spelunkstein would have told us by now.

7.) There was never any “march” from the Museum of the Confederacy. It was just a convenient gathering point to GPS. Also, there was never any plan to use the grounds of the Virginia State Capitol because of the one hour time limit and the limitations on using our flags and signs.

8.) According to OPP, no less than SIX organizations and leftwing newspapers turned out a whopping 12 lesbians and queers in a large metro area. Is this not a huge source of embarrassment for the “anti-fa”? What kind of message does that send to us?

It tells us that “anti-fa” are pretty weak on the ground in the South, even in their own urban strongholds, and probably non-existent in our turf. You’re supposed to be the “mainstream.” We are supposed to be the “extremists.” Well, it looks like Richmond and Tallahassee are not exactly Chicago and Portland.

9.) Where was OPP?


Daryl Lamont Jenkins was supposed to show up in Murfreesboro. It says on the Active-RVA event page that DLJ was supposed to be in Richmond. We didn’t see him in Murfreesboro or Richmond or anywhere else. This is surprising because Richmond is fairly close to DC and we believe Daryl was at the NPI conference.

10.) We’re told that there were about 50 people at the Equality Virginia conference. What a disappointing turnout in the wake of such a major legal victory.

11.) Finally, we learn something new from experience every time we do this, and we learned some things in Tallahassee and Richmond that will be applied later down the road. In Richmond, we were underestimated. Keep it up.

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  1. @Have your genetic studies prepared you to explain the so-called ‘gay gene’ for us?

    There are certainly physical differences between the brains of homosexual men and straight men especially in the region of the hypothalamus which in “gay” men more closely resembles that of heterosexual women. The causes for this are complex and not at all clear. It might be a result of being exposed to different hormones in the mother during gestation or other environmental effects including those in childhood.

    Any distinct phenotype is often a combination of many different genes, nutrition, epigenetic effects caused by hormones etc… For instance some traits that are considered highly heritable like height are spread over many (perhaps hundreds of genes.) Eye color is now thought to be influenced by as many as eight different genetic segments.

    The statistical analysis of a huge number samples of fully sequenced human genomes (and from different generations, although getting samples from graves is a hard row to hoe due to political and religious opposition) will undoubtedly spread more light on these issues but it is still very early days yet.

  2. It’s probably genes rather than gene. This brings in the possibility of Eugenics.

    If it isn’t genes then it is a matter of free will. This risks the possibility of reconditioning, or shock horror sin.

    Either way the gay lobby can’t quite decide which way to go on the origin of the gay.

  3. Spel,

    I don’t think I’ve lost. You’ve succeeded in one thing only, which is to make fag marriage legal. That’s a minor setback, and can even be advantageous for my side because it highlights just how crazy and vicious you kooks are. If the fightback against fag marriage can gather sufficient momentum you might find yourself on the back foot on a number of fronts.

    Capt John,

    Living and letting live is one thing. But that’s not what their side wants. They’re not satisfied with mere tolerance. Tolerance suggests that there’s something unpleasant that unfortunately has to be endured. That won’t do at all for the lunatic left. No, they want appreciation, not toleration. They want you to celebrate homosexuality as boon to diversity of immeasurable value, something you couldn’t possibly stand to live without. Your kid is gay? They want you to feel that that is wonderful news, simply splendid. This is what we’re up against.

  4. “Spelunkstein”

    Thank you for realizing this guy’s probable ethnicity/religion. He shouldn’t be able to claim he is European-American when it is overwhelmingly likely he is not.

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