The GOP Is Worthless on Social Issues

District of Corruption

Scanning the news, here is what we find:

1.) Former US senator and “mainstream conservative” Alan Simpson is set to release a television ad in favor of “gay marriage.” This is the latest proof that the GOP is unable and unwilling to “conserve” core institutions of our culture. If the GOP can’t even be trusted to “conserve” the traditional definition of marriage and the nuclear family, why should anyone believe they are capable of conserving anything?

2.) The Republican-controlled US Supreme court won’t protect conservative business owners from anti-discrimination laws that force them against their will to cater to homosexual activists. This is the latest evidence that the present strategy of electing conservative Republicans to change the federal courts has failed.

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  1. It’s popular among conservatives to call the Democratic Party the evil party. Some conservatives have called the GOP the stupid party. I think a better term for it now days would be Hypocritical Evil Party, for they claim to represent conservatism and moral values, but betray both.

  2. Some old grandmom on our side needs to publicly beat down Alan Simpson.

    This falls on to the very predictable “old Conservative guy from some Red State wants to be back on TV, back being talked about”.

    No fool like an old fool.

  3. “Why don’t we have our own party and politicians?”

    Southern Democrats with seniority from the FDR coalition famously controlled the most important committees in the U.S. Congress up until the 1960’s. These “Dixiecrats” under Strom Thurmond as they were known carried a handful of states in the Deep South in the presidential election of 1948. Barry Goldwater carried them (as a Republican) in 1964, and George Wallace (as an American Independent party) in 1968.

    After 1972 there began a massive exodus of conservative Southern Whites (including Strom Thurmond) to the Republican Party which is now almost complete.

  4. I understand that. We’ve been infiltrating other parties and what not. However, why not just form our own Southron National Party? Why not have our own politicians in our own party, so we know who’s who, and who is on the up and up? We’ll know for sure if someone is going to live up to his promises, and won’t switch positions once he arrives to D.C., because our party will hold him accountable.

    Also, we won’t have that problem where when we’re at the voting box, we look at the names and have no clue as to who the senators are. Are they neo-cons or are they true Conservatives? It’s hard to tell when they both have an R next to their names.

  5. “we look at the names and have no clue as to who the senators are”

    It’s not as though you can’t look at their voting records online. It seems to me that in local politics, wherever you go in the U.S., that regardless of party affiliation the elected officials are pretty much the representatives of the local Chamber of Commerce types i.e the top 5 or 10% property-owning and income-wise. These are the same folks that finance the Republican state legislatures with the teacher and government worker unions financing the Democrats. Big in and out of state corporate lobbyists finance both sides.

    Social issues are for scaring the masses but the real point of the game is getting one’s nose into the public trough.

  6. Simpson is the same wimp who authored the last illegal alien amnesty. GOP is totally worthless.

  7. I really see little point in voting at this point. As someone who opposes democracy (esp US style democracy) I am much happier engaging in direct action in the streets to engage our people. I think it is far more productive as well.

  8. Rudel, maybe it was my ignorance, but the first time I voted I swore I was not going to vote all Republican. I swore I was going to vote for the man, and not the party. Unfortunately, the media only covers the Presidential candidates, so when I went up to that booth, I had no idea who anyone was except for Romney.

    This year, locally anyhow, I am trying to keep my eye out for who is supposed to be running and what their stance on social issues are. It’s just difficult, because as far as I can tell with what little experience I have in voting, they wait until the last second to explain who they are. Instead, you just see signs with names and which party they affiliate with.

  9. I always look up the voting ballot on the web. I then read the paper for a couple of days before the elections. Most of the time I can vote against whoever the Jew paper wants and come out ok. I go through all the names on the ballot and look them up on the web and see what they say they’re for. Then make a ballot list. Takes about six to eight hours. If you have no idea who your voting for you shouldn’t vote.

  10. We do need another party but game theory and the way elections are set up means you can lose voting for the independent. That said I voted for Ross Perot twice and don’t feel bad about it. I never thought he was perfect but I do believe he would have at least been for honest government which is half the battle. If we can ever get a party on our side and over the hump they should be able to use the same dynamics to stay in office for a while.

  11. George Wallace set up the Independent party to run as he said there wasn’t a “dimes worth of difference between em” and became so popular in the National primaries that the Jew Bremmer shot him.

    We need something like a new Independent party.

  12. “That said I voted for Ross Perot twice and don’t feel bad about it.”

    I honestly think that Ross Perot could have been elected president in 1992 if he hadn’t sniveled out and quit, and then lamely re-entered the race, because the opposition said mean things about his wife (or was it his daughter.)

    He just wasn’t tough enough.

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