The Busted Amplifier


H/T Spelunkstein

Just imagine how funny it must have been to watch … this guy …


… smash their amplifier blasting rap music…


Damn, I knew I should have went over there.

Note: There’s reportedly a video of this. I’m guessing it hasn’t been uploaded yet to YouTube because Goad Gatsby and his associate probably shit in their pants when they saw that good ol’ boy get off his motorcycle and approach them.

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  1. Brad, that was close! Yea, you escaped narrowly on this one…

    At least two of your participants did end up at the flagger event.

    To be clear, I never claimed he WAS with you, only contemplated that he might have been.

  2. Yeah, Spelunker, Hunter “came close” because of course he is responsible for the actions of any stranger that might in some way share a similar cultural identity, but you “anti-racist” scum are never responsible, never to be called to account, for having sicced the niggers on white society.

  3. I guess ole Spelunker suffers from Amnesia in regards to the violent left-wing attack by the infamous Tinley Park 5. The so-called ‘peace’ ‘love’ and lol ‘tolerant crowd,but only if you agree with their political ideology.

  4. I’d love to see a video of that boy kicking in that amp, lol, I bet it’s hilarious to hear and see them Liberals’ reactions.

  5. “I can sympathize with any White person audibly assaulted by rap music.”

    I was taking the bus home from work late one night (in suit and tie) when some nigger was playing rap at full volume on his boom box. I got up and told him if he didn’t turn it off I was going to smash his head in with it. He turned it off although he did slide open the window and try to spit on me when I got off at my stop.

    White men need to stand up to these sorts a lot more often.

  6. Only a little less irritating than Rappers are Broadway and Hollywood crooners. Not my sense of life.

  7. ‘The worst music in the world are all of these new Christian pop tunes instead of traditional hymns and church music’:

    Certainly some of the worst music produced by White people. I despise them too. Some traditional church music, especially nineteenth and early twentieth century Protestant, is also empty and emotional. It was never easy to write a good hymn.

  8. Art is of course the one place when you can legitimately taste another culture and then go back with with what you found valuable to fortify your own.

    Except now institutions are clearly in full imperial mode shoving back Jews and medeocre blacks in our faces.

    You can legitimately argue that there are appealing aspects to a Chinese Opera or a Hindi Dance, a great big Buddha statue. Except there is a hell of a lot of dross these that one can do without.

    Hip hop sounds like the rant of a mental patient. It’s clearly designed to sync up with some sort of loop in the mind of the subnormal.

  9. “your Bach Mass selection brought to mind the TANGO Mass”

    I’m sorry, but I don’t see the connection. J.S. Bach’s Mass in B Minor is one of the great works of Western civilization while that tango with the old man is simply silly.

  10. I think this new Pope is going to try to lead them to the Promised Land of mainland Europe. He should be arrested and when all the Catholic spics everywhere riot about it we should machine gun them all.

    Here in the States we should round up all these dwarf like Central American Indians and dump them and their little spiclet children across the Mexican border. Instead that sick Jesuit Jerry Brown is letting them flood in. He should be hanged as a race traitor.

  11. Could drones be privately contracted to sink these ships? A private Dr Evil Sub?

    A Piper cub with some incendiary flares? Surely there is a way to discourage the others? The Italians are behaving appallingly. My guess is that the Mafia are hip deep in people smuggling.

    Just blast these dingy and raft things out the water and don’t stop until the niggers learn to swim to Europe. If they learn to swim hit them with rowing oars.

  12. The Amerikan and Mexican Bishops’ follow-up to the Lampedusa Mass just took place on the Mexican border on April Fool’s Day, remembering the deaths of six thousand RC Hispanic migrants: Note: the video action begins after 8 minutes.

    Yes, Rudel, I know your original post was a strictly musical ‘mass’.

  13. I’ll dismount my high horse after this just one more and be off for the day.

    The Vatican is inviting Protestant charismatics (speakers-in-tongues) to ‘unite’: I know a local Protestant charismatic who recently answered that call, is a priest now. Beware, Baptist Southrons!

  14. The problem with the immigration crisis isn’t the Catholic Church, it’s the liberalism that has infiltrated and influenced the leadership of most of the religious bodies in this country since the 19th century. The average Catholic is getting fed up with the benighted leadership of the Church hierarchy on many things, and the bishops and priests who are refusing to show real leadership are discovering the collection plates are starting to come back lighter than they used to. The monies these clowns used to get are now going to support Catholic organization that uphold the historical Catholic faith.

  15. @Mosin

    “I know your original post was a strictly musical ‘mass’.”

    Although the devout Lutheran Bach first composed only the Missa portion which is common to both the Lutheran and Roman Catholic rites his final and full composition is a full rendition of the Roman Catholic “Latin Ordinary” celebration of the Eucharist.

    I realize that as a low church heretic you do not understand these finer points of the service, but there it is.

  16. Rudel, it takes an atheist or agnostic ‘Lutheran’, rather than a very, VERY low ‘Baptist’, to appreciate the finer points of Romanism, and distinguish heresy from orthodoxy.

    Dalton, reducing and redirecting some of your tithes and offerings won’t even reform your cult that is MUCH too big to fail. Only the Almighty with His forces can stop the progress of Babel.

  17. Notice the spin: The problem ‘isn’t the Catholic Church’, and ‘it’s not the Jooooos’, which leaves us with: the genetically deranged ‘Damnyankees’, WHITE people north of the Line!

  18. “Rudel, it takes an atheist or agnostic ‘Lutheran’, rather than a very, VERY low ‘Baptist’, to appreciate the finer points of Romanism, and distinguish heresy from orthodoxy.”

    I’m glad you admit to your woeful ignorance of the traditional and long-standing rites of Western Christendom. BTW, there is no reason to put the word Lutheran in quotes. The Lutheran religion is quite real and still functioning. If it wasn’t for the likes of Martin Luther you would still be getting your religious instruction exclusively from RC priests rather than reading the Bible yourself despite your whacko and completely unsubstantiated theories about early unlettered Welsh! conversion to the Faith during the times of pagan Roman rule over this region.

  19. We have nothing to do with Lutherans, and we are not Protestants, who ‘protested’ at the Diet of Speier that ‘All Anabaptists and rebaptized persons, male or female, of mature age, shall be judged and brought from natural life to death, by fire, or sword or otherwise’. Cardinal Hosius, one of the three papal presidents of the Council of Trent, admitted (Letters Apud Opera, pp.112, 113) ‘Were it not that the Baptists have been grievously tormented and cut off with the knife during the past 1,200 years, they would swarm in greater number than all the Reformers’.

  20. Rudel, there were no Welsh in pre-Anglo-Saxon Britain, only Britons — and evidence of Christianity along the tin, silver and gold trading coast is evident from the second century.

  21. Mosin. as usual, you show no real knowledge of church history. The Catholic Church has always been able to reform itself at critical times in it’s history. Nearly every time reform occurred, it was because concerned laity got upset with the nonsense going on in the Church and backed clergy who were upset too.
    In my post, I mentioned liberalism as the cause of the problems in the churches. you called this ‘spin’, and went on a tirade about “damn Yankees”. Well Mosin, the ideology called liberalism did have it’s origins in New England aka Yankeeland. Besides Hunter’s posts, my own reading of history shows nearly every crackpot idea, ideology, religious cult or frenzy had it’s origin or found a home in New England, if it came from someplace else.
    Your quote about Hosius again shows your ignorance, willful or not, of church history. You are, like so many before you, that Hosius is talking about Bapists like we have today. Uh-uh. The ‘Baptists’ he was talking about were the gnostic, dualist sects like the Manichees who believed in rebaptism. The Baptist historians who seize upon this quote usually carelessly copy it from another Baptist writer without thinking to check out what Hosius was actually writing about, just like you Mosin.

  22. “The Catholic Church has always been able to reform itself at critical times in it’s history. “

    What “reform?” Since Pope John XXIII and the Second Vatican Council in 1962 both the Roman Catholic Church and all the Mainstream Protestant churches have been on an unceasing leftward trajectory advocating nothing less than pure Marxism. The current Pope is an acceleration of this trend rather than any sort of reform.

  23. I’ve been aware of the tribes and divisions of ancient Britain for many years, Rudel. In childhood I loved to read books in our library on history and geography, including Tactitus on Agricola and Britain.

    Dalton, NO reform can change the essential nature of the Beast. Your RC propaganda always uses ‘dualism’, ‘Manichaeism’, etc. to full effect — but to no effect on me.

  24. “I’ve been aware of the tribes and divisions of ancient Britain for many years”

    Then why did you write the falsehood: “there were no Welsh in pre-Anglo-Saxon Britain, only Britons?”

    The peoples of Cornwall, Wales (the Ordovices, Demetae, and Silures among other tribes), Scotland, not to mention those of the Isle of Man, the Hebrides, Orkneys, and Shetlands, and apparently some Gauls in Southern England did not even speak any sort of Brythonic.

    You seem to be confusing the Island of Great Britain with England which didn’t exist at all until well after the Romans left.

  25. Rudel, I’m well aware that things are a mess right now. I was referring to the past successes of the church in reforming itself. The Church has been in trouble many times in the past, but it has always managed to solve it’s problems. After all, it’s been around since 33 AD. Any institution that has lasted 1981 years has something going for it.
    Mosin, I don’t want “the beast” to change. I want to wake up in the morning and know in spite of the lose of faith around me, the deposit of faith that the Catholic Church has won’t change.
    Your refusal to admit the truth about Hosius’s so-called ‘Baptists’ shows the depths of your historical dishonesty that Rudel so often decries.

  26. Rudel, the proper term is Cymri, not ‘Welsh’, which means ‘strange’, or foreign, alien — to the Saxons, Danes, Normans and other invaders. Southern Britain was mostly Brythonic, distinct from Gaels and Picts. I’m not really confusing England with the island, Rudel. Too bad we can’t have a proper conversation face to face.

    Some of my ancestors came from the mountainous region of the ‘Ordovices’ that resisted every invasion or survived them in accessible ‘fastnesses’.

    Dalton, I knew you’d like the Hosius thing.

  27. What I liked about the Hosius thing Mosin, is that once again exposed yourself as a falsifier of history. Even honest Baptist historians refuse to use it anymore because they know your kind of interpretation is a lie.

  28. “After all, it’s been around since 33 AD.”

    There was certainly not any Christian Church in 33 AD. The present Roman Catholic Church did take form until the reign of Constantine and the Council of Nicaea.

    Until Paul of Tarsus started preaching there was no record of Jesus and Paul founded more than one church in different locations. All the Gospels that have been found were written decades after Paul’s Epistles and the ones chosen to be included in the New Testament were picked based upon politico-religious disputes.

    There are absolutely zero contemporaneous historical accounts whether written by Romans, Jews, or anyone else of any such person named Jesus of Nazareth.

  29. Re: ‘honest’ Baptists who now ACCEPT the Vatican version of history:

    There are both Independent Baptist and Southern Baptist churches in our area, with southern seminary connexions, special speakers from the South, etc. — and I’ve heard the sad news for years that Romanism is infiltrating their seminaries, and corrupting the younger pastors. Again I say, Southrons beware!

  30. Rudel it’s obvious you have never read the Church Fathers, the Talmud, or Roman history. All of these sources witness to the existence of the Christian Church in the 33 AD 100 AD time period. The basic ideas and beliefs of what we call Catholicism were in place at that time.
    Your claims about Paul are just warmed over higher criticism. The earliest Gospel Mark was written about ten years after Jesus ascended into heaven. John’s Gospel was written about 100 AD. Paul founded different churches in different locations because he was an evangelist. And your idea the Catholic Church didn’t come into existence until Constantine’s time is an old Protestant chestnut that I’d expect from a unlearned person like Mosin.

  31. Mosin, your silly remark that we Romanists are infiltrating Southern and Independent Baptist schools is downright hilarious! Do you read Chick tracts much?

  32. ‘All the Gospels that have been found were written decades after Paul’s Epistles and the ones chosen to be included in the New Testament were picked based upon politico-religious disputes’:

    That’s exactly the belief (unbelief) of most Lutheran, U.C.C. and United Methodist pastors and seminary professors I’ve met. They claim to be honest, and that we’re NOT being honest about the facts. There is an old saying that ‘If you want to lose your faith, enroll in a seminary’. But you could gain a comfortable career. Southrons beware of Roman and liberal ‘Christian’ leadership and influence!

  33. Dalton, these conservative, South-connected Independent Baptists don’t think it’s silly. They’re downright furious that ‘Catholics are taking over’ some of their schools. The change is from the top down.

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