The Busted Amplifier


H/T Spelunkstein

Just imagine how funny it must have been to watch … this guy …


… smash their amplifier blasting rap music…


Damn, I knew I should have went over there.

Note: There’s reportedly a video of this. I’m guessing it hasn’t been uploaded yet to YouTube because Goad Gatsby and his associate probably shit in their pants when they saw that good ol’ boy get off his motorcycle and approach them.

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  1. Mosin, I’ve known these types of Baptists all my life, before and after I became a Catholic. They have always impressed me as being not the brightest bulbs in a lamp. Their willingness to believe such a wild and wooly conspiracy theory confirms my life long suspicions about their lack of intelligence and discernment.

  2. “witness to the existence of the Christian Church in the 33 AD 100 AD time period.”

    You have changed your statement. I said there was no church in 33 A.D. and I also said that Paul established churches that by necessity must have existed by AD 100. These churches were not the Roman Catholic Church however, which required the bureaucracy of the Empire and a sorting out of doctrinal issues which did not really happen until the Council of Nicaea.

  3. “It’s a black or white issue, a deadly religious war, and there’s NO space for neutrality.”

    It’s not black and white, it hasn’t been particularly deadly for 300 years, and I for one am neutral to the point of disinterest now that all the mainstream churches have become culturally Marxist.

  4. “Rudel it’s obvious you have never read the Church Fathers, the Talmud, or Roman history.”

    Cite one single reference contemporary historical reference to Jesus during the time he was purportedly alive. You can’t. All those you reference were written decades after he was presumed to exist. I find this lack of evidence damning to your argument as there are a plethora of historical documents from Herod’s bureaucrats, Roman military and judicial records, and Jewish sources from the exact decades when Christ was supposed to have lived. None of them reference Jesus.

    The two favorite writers who believers trot out as proof are Josephus and Tacitus who were not even born until decades after Jesus’s alleged crucifixion.

    Religious zealots were a dime a dozen during the Roman suppression of the rebellious Jews and the destruction of the Temple. I wouldn’t doubt Paul synthesized the rantings of these crazies and made up the whole thing.

  5. ‘Their willingness to believe such a wild and wooly conspiracy theory’:

    Conspiracy theory? It’s visible, and also searchable, readable in black and white. You point your finger constantly at Whiteness north of the Line and the foolishness of ‘heretics’ (which means: ALL non-Papists, especially ‘low church’ ones like the ‘idiotic’ Baptists) both north and south of the Line — to deflect our attention from the TRULY race-destructive history of the Papacy and Talmudism. ‘Conspiracy theory’ is so Orwellian.

  6. I think the silent majority of Southern Christian conservatives, who may read this blog and never comment, agree with my position.

  7. “I think the silent majority of Southern Christian conservatives, who may read this blog and never comment, agree with my position.”

    You lie so much about so many things that I doubt anyone believes anything you say. And when anyone ever disagrees with you, your default position is to accuse them of being “Talmudic” i.e. Jewish.

  8. Mosin, I did a web search on your Catholic takeover of independent Baptist schools, and I found zilch. Where did you get your information about this vast conspiracy online at? If these folks actually believe we’re trying to take over their schools, they’re delusional to the nth degree! With the problems we have in the RCC right now, we don’t have the time or the money to take over their schools. And even if we had both, why would we bother? We would use them to build our own schools, not to infiltrate their schools. Nope, I suspect these poor souls have been reading far too many Chick tracts.

  9. When someone doesn’t agree with your position, Rudel, you like to say they ‘LIE’ — and then, you tell them to stop posting.

    “And when anyone ever disagrees with you, your default position is to accuse them of being “Talmudic” i.e. Jewish’:

    Not so. For example, I’ve never (to my knowledge) accused you of being Talmudic, yet I’ve questioned or disagreed with MANY of your positions.

    It is STILL TRUE that the majority of silent readers of this blog who are Christian conservatives would agree with my positions — regarding the nature of Papism and Talmudism, main sources of the corruption of our society, churches and government — and the REAL existence, and Deity, resurrection and immanent return of Jesus — and the Divine inspiration of the Holy, Canonical Scriptures (NOT human works selected by an in-group for political reasons) — and what is the nature of the Church, etc.

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