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  1. The Clark County Sheriff is speaking now and has just announced the BLM is backing off for now. We’ll have to see if this really occurs.

  2. I have relatives in Montana who have big ranches. I hope they are not in the gunsights too!

  3. Reid is negotiating a contract with some of his relatives and the Red Chinese to build a solar pawer plant on the Bundy ranch.

  4. Thanks for posting on this subject, Hunter:

    1) I am a proponent of the Texas-centric Partition model; which unites the South the Mid West, the Mountain West and the South West. What is happening in Nevada is an example of an opportunity to spread the idea of Partition. Folks holding up “SECEDE” signs at the ranch and such can end up on TV, they can feed narratives and news stories to the main-stream people on the ground. They can network with like minded individuals and build infrastructure. Imagine a “League of the South” stands with Bundy” sign on world wide TV!

    2. Credit has to be given to the Infowars and the Free Republic, where actual journalism lead to the breaking of the Harry Reid / ChiCom solar farm connection.

    3. The BLM chief Kornze, who worked for Harry Reid for the 8 years prior to becoming chief of BLM needs to be impeached, investigated and prosecuted. Same also with Harry Reid.

    4. This isn’t over, the Populist Right needs to continue the pressure.

  5. What mystifies me, now that I think about it, is this:

    Why no PR pushback from the Feds? At least with Ruby Ridge, they concocted some nonsense rationale, and with Waco, they trucked out the child abuse line. So why aren’t they even trying with this case? Is it just a matter of they’re so arrogant that they don’t think that they even need come up with a reason?

    Nevertheless, our side is winning the PR battle just because we showed up on that front and the other side did not.

    One more thing: I bet the Bundy family can trace its roots to Dixie. His family has been on that land since the 1870s, and that’s when many Dixierons, frustrated with reconstruction, gave up on Dixie and headed west. Far southern Nevada was aligned with Dixie during the WBTS.

  6. Well I should have looked before I hit Enter. Looks like we won, for now, this time, and the reason seems to be that two groups that we ordinarily have a lot of problems with, Info Wars and the Kosher Republic, scooped Harry Reid’s interest in the whole matter.

    Jack Ryan, if you’re reading this, take a victory lap.


    Because you’re the one who has always told us to study how our enemies have been able to steal one institution after another away from us without even firing a shot.

    That we won this round is not quite as important as why we won. And why did we win? Like I said in my comment above, we waged and won a war of public relations. A war where not one bullet flew, at least from our side. Because we actually tried and the other side did not. But I think we still would have won even if they would have tried to push back, because they had nothing, or what they had would have been easily refutable.

    And I’m not just saying this because I’m now working a job that is partially PR. I had to learn the hard way in 2012 how important PR especially good or at least competent PR is. As far as that goes, I turned out to have a talent for it that I never knew I had.

  7. “Need a tl;dr to bring me up to date if anyone is willing.” –
    1) The chinese want to build a solar power farm on this land, or otherwise want to do something else and the solar farm is just cover.
    2)They need Bundy kicked off of it because actually paying what the family would be willing to sell for would cost money.
    3)Reed and his family are involved.

  8. “They need Bundy kicked off of it because actually paying what the family would be willing to sell for would cost money.”

    The Bundy’s don’t own the land the U.S. Government does (as it does in over 50% of the Western states and 85% of the land in Nevada.)


    What the Bundy’s have is a grazing lease on which the feds claim they are one million dollars in arrears in their payments.

  9. @ countenance:

    At least 51% of the battle is PR, which is why I offer my unsolicited and now moderated opinion on issues like, being seen engaging aka ‘heckling’ lesbians, even as the lesbians themselves basically came to sort of heckle.

  10. Somebody else said it best: it’s all one lie covering up for another. The BLM says
    it’s protecting the desert tortoise habitat, but that’s just covering up the Reid/Chinese
    solar connection, which is covering up for the real reason. They gov’t wants to mine rare earth minerals on this land.

  11. There will never be another Waco. Unless he stays surrounded by mobs of sympathizers with cameras at all times going forward, the Feds will take him out in the dead of night with no one around if they decide taking him out is the way to go.

  12. “Baldwin weighing in.”

    That politician Baldwin is flat out lying when he says that Bundy owns the land. For good or bad the simple fact is that he doesn’t. He leases it from the government.

  13. “What the Bundy’s have is a grazing lease on which the feds claim they are one million dollars in arrears in their payments.” – Since 1993 when they seized the land because reasons. Though I will agree that there is no such thing as a property right in this country, certainly not any more.

  14. I know a farmer in Iowa who said for many years the government has been trying to seize land according to federal edict. Once they released an endangered animal on a farmer’s property that was not native to either Iowa or even America, nor known to have been brought here. It was only known to be from China or somewhere.

  15. “Since 1993 when they seized the land because reasons.”

    The feds never seized the land except from the government of Mexico during the Mexican War whereupon the land now known as Clark County became part of the Territory of New Mexico. The U.S. Government never relinquished its ownership to the Bundy’s “property” and merely negotiated a formal grazing lease agreement with the Bundy’s in 1993. While they may have been running cattle on it for years, the Bundy’s have never held any title whatsoever to the land now in dispute.

  16. ” The U.S. Government never relinquished its ownership to the Bundy’s “property”” – then it falls under adverse possession.

  17. More red meat for the PHREEDUMB spewing Constitooooshen plebes that form the base of Conservatism Inc. Dollars to donuts this Bundy guy employs illegals to work on the 600,000 (!!) acres he rents, er, “owns.”

  18. Oh my.

    Even when we win and have a much needed morale boost, and we win the right way, and I’m using “we” a bit loosely, we still have our Debbie Downers and cranks and kooks (who probably still live in their parents’ basement) to dump all over it.

  19. “or homesteading as the case may be.”

    The area was never open to homesteading as regrettable as that may be. OTOH I’m glad the conservation movement saved many wilderness areas from development by Mormons.

  20. Countenance,

    Did you throw a block party when the DREAM Act was defeated in December 2010? Or when the Robertsons beat back the LGBT crowd exactly three years later?

    Hannity and Faux News rushed to this guy’s defense. He’s given no vibes whatsoever that he’d be at all sympathetic to people like us who are pro-White. And as Rudel has dutifully explained, he’s got no legit claim against the government. That’s three good reasons right there not to support him.

  21. He may not have a strictly legit legal claim but I do support all the anti-government fuss he has caused. Anything like this that de-stabilizes the United States is a good thing.

  22. “Why no PR pushback from the Feds?”

    Perhaps the Reid/Chicom deal is an illegal breaking of the Bundy’s lease through executive order and/or other administrative shenanigans?

    Plus I don’t think Obama wants another Waco to add to the Democratic congressional 2014 campaign’s already disastrous prospects. This is good as it shows that BRA is running scared.

  23. “…Hannity and Faux News rushed to this guy’s defense…”
    Maybe they want to publicly crush him. See what happens. A test. As much as I sympathize with him and hate the evil oppression attacking him it’s not his land. Maybe they want to kick up a fuss with him for exactly that reason.
    Could be as others are saying. Reed wants Chinese money. Neither are good.

  24. I read something about the grazing fees I didn’t understand. They reclassified the land THEN said he could still graze on it if he paid higher fees. LAND GRAB.

  25. Rude- your comment on Pastor Baldwin is just another exercise in that ‘I have to be right’ penchant you have… especially against ‘people I dislike’ mindset you exhibit here so frequently. (basically, honest Christians)

    It’s rather infantile. And futile. God reigns. YOU will bow the knee, or perish.

  26. “YOU will bow the knee, or perish.”

    I am right most of the time because I am smarter than you. And I bow to no man and certainly not to supernatural deities emerging from the fevered brows of delusional religious cranks like yourself who found their own religions (usually considered a signal sign of mental illness.)

  27. The ranchers look like they are being turned into Injuns.

    If they have raised their hand like this they better go to full Watt Tyler or better yet Jan Huss.

  28. This reminds me of John Keegan’s POV on the Souix.

    They were rich pastoralists unwilling to share the land with the needy.

    I was kinda surprised by his rationale.

  29. Reading further seems he hasn’t paid grazing fees for a long time. According to the link at the bottom they are very small $1.35 per animal. He’s been doing this for a long time. What can you get for a cow? According to this market page,


    Steers: Live Basis: (all Grades: 940 head) 124.00-126.00

    Far as I’m concerned he’s ripping me off. The problem being they’re only moving him because a Senator gave a deal to the Chinese. They hardly need to have snipers on him nor put up free speech zones. My original idea was that it may be a test too see what it takes to crush some one and what the reaction would be. So a few BLM agents get shot up. Cost of business. I was a little ashamed of that idea. Thinking it’s a little too conspiratorial but it’s starting to seem a little more reasonable. Especially the free speech zone business. What’s that about? I know someone had to order the BLM to do this. I doubt they would have thought such a atrocious idea on their own. Here’s a page that’s balanced and covers the facts fairly well if your interested.


  30. Apparently a lot of ranchers in that area had to shut up shop because of overhead and other laws.

    I’m not inclined to feel much sympathy for a cattle baron but it’s a fascinating example of the way rural whites are increasingly taxed to death. There’s probably plenty of ways you could demonize the chap but he’s just another guy with a business getting hammered.

  31. Bundy is a goddam Mormon whose father didn’t even move to Nevada to take over the adjacent Mormon ranch until the 1930’s. The Mormons are still pissed that the feds created the state of Nevada and used parts of the Utah Territory to do it during the WBTS in 1864. Harry Reid is just one Mormon stealing from another. Fuck ’em both. Rural Mormons still practice polygamy with a lot of uncle-niece and first cousin marriages among those who live outside the SLC-Provo metro area.

  32. “I bet the Bundy family can trace its roots to Dixie. His family has been on that land since the 1870s, and that’s when many Dixierons, frustrated with reconstruction, gave up on Dixie and headed west. Far southern Nevada was aligned with Dixie during the WBTS.”

    Probably not. Cliven Bundy’s a Mormon – that’s Puritan offspring.

  33. As a general rule. American White agribusiness owners/farmers tend to do overwhelmingly destructive things to our land/people.

    When one White guy insists on some right to farm 60,000 acres, well is he really going to care about who, what is going on in each acre?

    It’s another hideous part of US Constitutional Libertarianism where some Lone a White guy insists he can do whatever he wants with..

    “His land”

    The Onion King in Georgia insists he can hire and fire whomever he wants on HIS LAND, and he prefers sub minimum wage, non White illegal alien workers “happy slaves” at least for a short time before their children move in to our cities and join brutal drug gangs.

    And of course these ranchers usually have close connections to Agribusiness meat processing owners like Tyson Foods CEO Donny Smith, contributing to the likes of AK Governor Mike the Huckster H. All insist that American Constitutional pro business, pro individual traditons mandate that they (selfish, non Jewish Rich White men) have the right to do what they want with their land, their businesses, so they prefer to hire Somalian Muslim Bantus who are happy to work dangerous meat processing jobs for minimum wage – the externalities is that the Somalian Bantu Muslims bring in cultural traditions of polygamy, AIDS, TB and make once nice, safe places of Middle Tennessee look smell and fell like…..


    OK, so do OD readers understand why I do not take the side of selfish, race denying White agribusiness owners who insist they have some unfettered right to farm 60,000 acres without any concern for the environmental impact on the land, beautiful endangered species like wolves, or….

    Our Indo European White people who are now threatened with extinction like the wolves?

  34. Hunter, can you grant me temporary comment editing privileges ?

    We have some commenters (Rudel) violating OD comment guidelines, using vulgar curse words and hating on perfectly decent White Americans.

    Hey Rudel, clean up your mouth. You are sounding like Spike Lee.

  35. Don’t get your lace panties in another twist. Still pissed I called you out for your incessant gun control spiels? You are and remain a hoplophobe.

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