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I’ve added a simple and easy to use “Join Us” contact form in the header.

The “Join Us” tab will be used to help build up our real world social networks. I can use this information to send out a mass email whenever we have a state conference or a demonstration in, say, Virginia or North Carolina. I can also put you in touch with chapter leaders or state chairmen in either the League or the CofCC.

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  1. It also tells you who is willing to be an open Southern nationalist and not merely a keyboard commando or armchair general.

  2. In the League, we have people all over the South, particularly in the states east of the Mississippi River.

    In the last two weeks, I have been contacted by about 7 or 8 people in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. I already know people in our network in places like Birmingham, Atlanta, Nashville, Jacksonville, Greenville, Charleston, Richmond, Baltimore, Knoxville, Tallahassee, Orlando and so on.

    Harold is based in North Carolina. We know people who live all over the state. That’s one of the many advantages of building these real social networks through street demonstrations.

    Now, I can get my truck and drive from Montgomery to Baltimore, or Montgomery to Orlando, or Montgomery to St. Louis, and know various people all along my route who share my views.

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