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  1. So Stormfront’s Jack Fruity Booty deletes public images of Alex Linder on the Glenn Miller thread, and then proceeds to feign the dignified approach by running cover for certain members and saying “Enough of this VNN board-wars crap.” Apparently the bastion of White Nationalism and its stalwarts of moderation don’t find it a little bit concerning that VNN(and Stormfront to a lesser degree) has been a springboard for many who’ve found themselves incarcerated, admitted informants and homicidal maniacs who seem to have a habit of killing White people? Call me crazy, but I might find that a little newsworthy to the White people I was supposedly trying to save had this happened two or three times, let alone four, five and six.

    A board war? I think a reality of informants, murderers and various other miscreants constantly being paraded out for public consumption and called pro-White/White Nationalists might be a little more serious than a board war. Deep thought just ain’t Jack’s game.

  2. From Stormfront:

    “Considering how their website crashed from all the traffic, I am assuming it was quite a lot and that Dees will cash in on millions more as soon as he can get out his next fundraising appeal. They’re probably burning the midnight oil on that.

    Is there a better way to scare the shekels out of old Jewish ladies than to blast them with emails and direct mail featuring exterminationist “Grand Dragon Glenn Miller” screaming “Heil Hitler” while gunning down a 14-year-old Eagle Scout who he thought was Jewish? They can even pitch the “hate” angle to mainstream Christians now.

    After Craig Cobb and Joe Snuffy and now Glenn Miller, y’all are truly the gift that keeps on giving, a pot of gold for the SPLC.”

  3. I noticed in the list of 42 on board with both attacking Christianity and exterminating the Jews is Hunter Morrow, who I see ephemerally on AR from time to time spewing some sort of idiocy that never seems to last very long and is quickly removed. But disappointing to me on that list is The Bobster, if it’s the same AR “The Bobster,” who hasn’t been seen on AR in months. He was one of my favorites and one of the better respected regulars on AR.

  4. Brad, remember when Akins threw that diet Dr Pepper at a medical receptionist because she wouldn’t give him his drugs?

    WTF- the guy hangs out on Hate and Flame (Nimbusters the next Gen) all day and whines about being a royal short fat man in a skirt.

    I agree, he is on the list of the next wacko to lose it, along with Cobb, possibly Bill White when he gets out, maybe Mark Martin if he climbs out of the mothballs …

  5. Not a board war – a tard war.

    Hasbara will be very active in hammering into the public mind (esp of the grazers) that White nation advocacy = exterminationism; defense of White civil right to freedom of association = Naziswhowanttokill6millionJews.

  6. Christmas/Hannukah came early for the $PLC/ADL. And what is Linder’s “plan”? Lure 12 million Jews to BFE Kirksville by advertising a bagel festival?

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5pOg9iWRsI

    Look at the schnoz on that former ‘Grand Dragon’ Glenn Miller. He is an Abe Foxman and SPLC wetdream. He is a Fed asset and COINTELPRO – 100 proof. Unfortunately, his minders will probably pop him before we get to see him heiling Hitler and performing his ‘white power’ schtik for the media circus at his trial. What a doofus. He probably has nice old Jewish ladies all over the country wetting their pants. Ka-ching.

  8. In hindsight, I assumed that Glenn Miller was a blowhard and didn’t take him all that seriously. I knew he was cheering on Alex’s “let’s exterminate the Jews” position, but nothing suggested to me that he had it in him to go out and actually do it.

  9. Hunter, if a man like Miller is a heavy drinker with a reputation for foolish to violent behavior after drinking, you should always take the possibility of danger seriously. As a warning to my fellow commentators, when somebody like this starts boozing, get away from them, you might be sparing yourselves from serious harm or death.

  10. I’ll bet Mr Glenn ‘Fed informer’ Miller is currently scrutinizing the busted patsy clause in his contract with the Feds. Let that be a lesson to all those FEMA crisis actors and Fed assets out there in the psy-op theatre. When you are being pushed into a squad car heiling Hitler, it is too late to call your agent and re-negotiate.

  11. I just went over to VNN to see what their take on this was. Same old conspiracy garbage. It also appears that, Alex ‘exterminate the Jews’ Linder is hiding under his desk at this point, avoiding his own comment section. I’d like to hear what he thinks of his buddy killing two elderly white folks and a teenager. Apparently he is too scared to comment on his own website. Eventually he is going to have to come out from beneath his desk and say something about this disgusting event.

  12. Look at ol’ Jimmy Marr in the extermination column, good thing he’s working hard for the White Man March!

  13. Crusader, that is insightful.

    I’m glad Stormfront is taking some heat here. Don Black is one of the Old Guard who has killed this movement over the decades with his association with violence and violent groups.

    I consider myself part of the younger crowd who focuses on spreading a message and fighting for partitioning rather than “taking back” America. With 40+% of America being non-white you aren’t going to “take it back”.

  14. On Ron Doggett:

    “He also has been a unit leader of the White Patriot Party (WPP), a paramilitary, Christian Identity faction of the Ku Klux Klan founded by Glenn Miller that with funds obtained from the $3.6 million that was stolen in armored truck heists committed by Bob Matthews and his group the Order, campaigned for a white homeland in the south. Morris Dees and the SPLC had this group shut down after a number of years of the WPP, particularly Miller, harassing him, culminating in a plot to assassinate Dees. When Miller was convicted of threatening Dees, he struck a deal and testified against 13 of his old pals. Because if this, Miller is seen as a traitor, but Doggett still supports him. In 2010, Doggett made donations to Miller’s Senate campaign.”

    Good thing he’s working with the League of the South now!

    Shane Long – Co-organizer of May Day protest with Matthew Heimbach sez:

    “Vox Gladius, show up in DC and stand with us. If you’re not certain you are standing with stalwart compatriots, I will personally buy you a new shirt when yours gets soaked in urine.”


    “Shed some sweat and possibly more with us, then tell us you don’t have brothers here. Brotherhood is earned on the battlefield.”

    But don’t worry, they’re not looking for a fight… They just like to characterize peaceful demonstrations as being on a “battlefield” and shedding “more” (translation: blood).

    Michael Hill’s recent tweets:


    “Fed kills patriot–gov’t says “self defense.” Patriot kills fed–gov’t says “murder.”

    “The real enemy is in DC . . . Go there!”

    “These people are letting their weapons be confiscated? Why are they there? To hold signs or fight back?”

    “The Feds have air support. Does the militia?”

    “Very good to know the militia has air support.”

    But don’t worry, not trying to incite violence. Nothing to see here, move along, just average Southern White Nationalists apparently trying to gin up more support for taking up arms.

    Meanwhile, Matthew Heimbach writes on the Trad Youth Facebook in response to someone who asks, “Why business casual? The conservative approach doesn’t work…”:
    “I understand your concern comrade but one big issue is that the event is in front of the White House. We all know that the regime would love to pounce on any nationalist given the opportunity. Coming in looking for battle I feel would inevitably end with cops dragging some of our people off. Last year we all went home to our families and some of the Reds were in paddy wagons and bloodied from the cops”

    I am personally and publicly calling on Trad Youth and the League of the South to abort their planned joint protest of “Communists” in DC on May Day. Nothing good could possibly come out of your FORCING a confrontation for NO REASON. Organizers have already publicly acknowledged where this is heading. What exactly is the message the joint May Day protest is supposed to be sending?

  15. What is the point of continuing to bash VNN and folks who had nothing to do with this atrocity?
    Just remember that when you state that VNN, Storm front or any other forum as “inciting violence” then you fall squarely in the camp of the SPLC.
    Glenn Miller did what he did ALONE. Leave it at that.

  16. @dburghart: ”

    Important note: Frazier Glenn Miller is NOT a “lone wolf” shooter. In fact, he has spoken against the whole leaderless resistance concept.”

    Not so according to Brad.

    Don’t worry, Brad’s not going to throw “Rounder” under the bus.

  17. Just remember that when you state that VNN, Storm front or any other forum as “inciting violence” then you fall squarely in the camp of the SPLC. Glenn Miller did what he did ALONE. Leave it at that.

    That’s an interesting stance. So at what point are individual Jews that are spread across various social and economic boundaries all amalgamated into The Jooos, as a singularity worthy of blame for the actions of any other Jew who acts ALONE? Certainly if there were a couple of specific watering holes that claimed to represent the real voice of Jewry, and that were producing a larger-than-average number of murderers and other loons, and that promoted the idea of “exterminating Gentiles,” you’d be screaming it from the rooftops, right? Of course you would. That’s practically the entire premise of VNN and even Stormfront to a lesser degree. What exactly is Linder’s VNN if it isn’t trying to tie everything to Jews, blame them for the ills of society, and then promote the idea that the only way to fix the problem is to exterminate Jews? Anyone hanging around VNN for even a short period of time is either severely mentally ill or a complete liar if they say that VNN doesn’t revolve around the problem of Jews, and the solution of exterminating Jews; not metaphorically, but literally.

  18. 64% of Vantards that voted in that poll wanted to both attack Christianity and exterminate the Jews. Including Glenn Miller himself.

    Glenn Miller goes to a Jewish community center and murders three Christians?

    Coincidence? Or Glenn Miller knocking off two birds with one stone?

  19. Brad, how many posts have you left at VNN forum under your many pen names, and how does that number compare to people like Frasier Glenn Miller, aka Rounder and other heavy VNN users?

  20. Greg, you support Alex Linder, or at least regard his speech/writings as a safe alternative for people that regard themselves as pro-White. Is that right?

  21. This thing with Miller reminds me of the Ben Smith spree killings 15 years ago. Ben Smith was a member of the World Church Of The Creator that was headed up by Matt Hale. After Smith ended his rampage with his suicide, Hale piously claimed he didn’t known WTH happened with his friend Ben. Oh, bullfeathers! Hale was always talking about RAHOWA (racial holy war) so is it a surprise that one of his less stable followers decided to be an advance man for RAHOWA? Like some of Miller’s supporters, Hale eulogized Ben as a great warrior in the racial struggle. Nonsense! Both of these morons are/were psychopaths who needed a padded cell, not the adoration of misguided fantasists with apocalyptic visions of a bloody race war in their heads.

  22. The Seeker of Truth says:
    April 15, 2014 at 2:18 pm
    What is the point of continuing to bash VNN and folks who had nothing to do with this atrocity?
    Just remember that when you state that VNN, Storm front or any other forum as “inciting violence” then you fall squarely in the camp of the SPLC.
    Glenn Miller did what he did ALONE. Leave it at that.”

    Jack answers:

    The point is these out of control, ranting and raising V bulletin board web sites like VNN attract and enabled loons, societal misfits like Glen Miller, Cobb and that crazy old racist guy that invaded the US Holocaust Museum.

    These psycho violent rampages against museums, retirement homes are extremely counter productive and might as well be staged acts from folks reading from some Hollywood anti White, Jewish script of “EVIl RACISTS NAZIS are murdering innocent elderly people, little children, Christians, Jews, third world people of color, the disabled. We must empower the ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center, FBI, BATF even the US Marines to protect us from these a EVIL NAZIs”

    Then we’ll see patriotic images of (White) US Marines landing on Normandy Beach and some retired WORLD WAR II vet reassuring good patriotic Christian Americans that:

    “Don’t worry, we defeated these cowardly evil racist NAZIs once before, we’ll beat ‘me again”

    We might even get popular American Hollywood patriot star Captain America to do advertisements for the SPLC against the Red Skull, The KKK, stormfront, League of the South, Focus on the Family.

    So the solution is to simply end the out of control V Bulletin Board WN format where there are few, safeguards against loons, kooks, nut cases, drunks, Hollywood bad guy Nazis hanging out and spreading their poison.

  23. Re: Seeker of Truth

    I have criticized Alex Linder for years now for pushing this “let’s exterminate the Jews” agenda. I have said for years now that one day it would cause something like this to happen. Most recently, Jim Giles and I asked him in a Skype conversation, specifically, whether he could exterminate a Jewish child or teenager.

    The people over at VNN Forum are dysfunctional. If they want to criticize me and suggest that I am “working for the SPLC” for suggesting that it is immoral, dangerous, and grossly counterproductive to advocate murdering people, that’s fine and I will just say it reflects on them and how far off the deep end they have gone.

    I’m not the problem – people who advocate murdering others and who egg on others to do so are the problem, and now that this has happened like a bolt out of the blue, I am taking it much more seriously than I used to.

    I talked to Rounder quite often at VNN Forum and I didn’t have any reason to believe this was coming. If it sounds like I am blaming Alex for putting this idea in Rounder’s head, it is because I really do believe that and I liked Rounder and I blame Alex for inspiring what happened in Kansas City and causing him to throw away his life while taking the lives of three other people.

    • Let’s review the ways in which exterminationists have buoyed the SPLC:

      1.) Just when the SPLC was losing credibility with the FBI and local law enforcement as a legitimate source, Rounder goes on a shooting spree in Kansas City and the SPLC identifies him and shares their extensive file on him with the media.

      2.) The SPLC’s website crashes from all the incoming traffic and media attention which reinforces the idea that the SPLC is a “watchdog group” that objectively tracks these groups.

      3.) Predictably, within 48 hours Morris Dees is on MSNBC where Chris Hayes introduces him as Rounder’s #1. public enemy. The SPLC has probably already raked in millions of dollars in donations as a direct result of what happened in Kansas City. What better way is there to scare the shekels out of little old Jewish ladies than to send them mail about “Grand Dragon Glenn Miller” screaming “Heil Hitler” while opening fire on a Jewish retirement home?


      4.) Rounder didn’t even kill a single Jew in his rampage shooting. He was so blinded by hatred that he killed two Methodists and a Catholic! Is there a better way for the SPLC to illustrate the consequences of “hate” – particularly to non-Jewish Christians – than by pointing to Rounder gunning down a 14-year-old Eagle Scout?

      5.) Rounder had impeccable timing considering the events simultaneously unfolding in Nevada. He’s given a gift to the SPLC and media which allowed them to ride their favorite hobby horse of “violent rightwing extremism.”

      6.) Finally, Glenn Miller/Rounder has gotten extensive national news coverage for this (and by extension, so has the SPLC), which has predictably been used to give the WN movement yet another black eye – the previous one being Craig Cobb’s fiasco in Leith, which the SPLC also “broke” to the mainstream media, and which was a VNN Forum operation in conception and execution.

  24. Brad, did you ever meet Glenn Miller in your travels in Missouri? Or did you just know him online?

  25. The tiny number of people like Cobb or Miller can’t be controlled. They are statistically insignificant.

    The galling thing is that the BBC are on stories like this in quarter of an hour of them happening. It illustrates the double standard for the cornpone nazi. The daily grind of mayhem in any American city is vastly more troubling than a couple of isolated incidents. Jewish people in the US do not live in fear of the incipient takeover of the levers of power by the KKK. Jerry Springer used to have them on his show as freak show guests and a figure of fun.

  26. There’s another thing.

    In recent years, the SPLC started to piss off Christian conservative (“religious right”) because the SPLC started in on pandering to LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH to find a new revenue source, and attacked religious right groups an people in the process. That led up to the whole Family Research Council and Floyd Corkins affair.

    And white Southerners, especially younger to young-middle aged ones, were starting to drift away from Christian Zionism, mainly because the years after the turn of the millennium are starting to take their places in the archipelago of last years, and there’s no Second Coming of Christ.

    Then Glenn Miller goes and does this. They’re all going to kiss and make up now.

  27. Greg Johnson

    Brad is not a White Nationalist, he’s a Southern White Nationalist. There’s a pretty big difference between the two, mainly, one says “you all” and the other says “y’all”. Glenn Miller was neither, he’s an entirely different category.

  28. I hope nobody runs out and tried to exterminate gays because Brad thinks that if you get too close they will infect you with the AIDS virus.

    That is entirely different!

  29. Here’s Dershowitz, who had no problem calling Norman Finkelstein (and even Finkelstein’s deceased mother!) mean names when Finkelstein exposed one of his zionist books as a forgery, but there’s always a different set of rule for The Chosen. Dershowitz has also not spared Amanda Knox, whom he claims escaped justice for a brutal murder committed in reality, as opposed to zionist fantasy, by a black in Italy because she’s white and pretty (as in, not jewish):

    And I’ve seen articles openly calling for the Bill of Rights to be amended in today’s online headlines.

    Last, it appears Miller will be prosecuted for hate crimes. Every other day a white is murdered, raped, etc., by a black but it’s not only not ‘hate,’ it’s increasingly being construed as mental illness. Check Colin Flaherty’s blog for this phenomenon, starting last summer in Wilmington and recently finalized in Baltimore when, in December, two black males home invaded and murdered a white middle aged woman. Black pols officially called the black perps in both cases mentally ill and the white women guilty of having had either white privilege, or in Wilmington, of being whores (two white women were gang raped in a Wilmington park by a pack of ‘youfs’).

    But, an old guy with a history of heavy drinking who couldn’t identify one jew in some supposed pogrom is not only not mentally ill, but guilty of hate-killing…white people?

    I’d like to see pictures of the layout of this parking lot and the various buildings it serviced. Were the jewish facilities the only ones attached to the lots? Where exactly did the shootings take place in them? Because it doesn’t seem clear to me that Miller had a concrete grasp of what he was doing. I think he may have dementia, although I have no prior knowledge of him to really judge. I’d also like to know how they subdued him while armed and nuts without having to shoot him.

  30. Who’s talking about homosexuals? We’re talking about how you making sick jokes about homosexuals to other people who probably hate homosexuals just as much as you do might one day drive them to act out on their inner desire to murder homosexuals.

    When a militia member or any other nut job who follows Dr. Hill takes up arms against the Federal Government and murders troops, or police, etc., will Dr. Hill accept any responsibility for incitement like Alex Linder is being expected to?

    It’s a legitimate question. Discuss.


  31. Spelunkstein,

    You’ve reached the point where you are just making shit up now – the KKK being at our event in Richmond, the League’s connection to busting Goad Gatsby’s amplifier, my desire to murder homosexuals, etc.

    If I had desired to attack that little band of queers and lesbians chanting vulgar slogans, I could have easily done so. Instead, I came up with a much better idea. I would just record them on video and show our own people how weird and marginal those who claim to own the streets of the South are in real life.

    I’m planning to do it again soon too.

  32. 1) Where did I say the KKK was at your event in Richmond? I recall asking a question about whether or not KKK members were participating in the Richmond event. Please cite or retract. At this point, unless you would like to provide the other names that haven’t been identified, we’ll call it inconclusive for now. Of course, they could also volunteer to identify themselves for participating in such a noble cause. It would really drive home the message you have nothing to be ashamed of. If we had all of the facts to answer this question we may be able to also answer the next one.

    2) Again, I asked whether or not there could have been a connection between the busted amp and your event. I even stressed that no evidence had been found that linked the two together. It’s another legitimate question. If the name that has been reported to be the person that broke the amp is accurate, there is definitely a flagger connection. It would not just be a case of a “random” biker. One important point about this, a self identified Klansman who goes by “DanielZ” expressed his plans to you in your thread to participate in your event. The same person later made comments that could be interpreted as implying they might have been involved in busting the amp. The key here is who is “DanielZ” really? If DanielZ and the person who busted the amp are one in the same, that’s bad for Brad. If not that’s good for Brad. It should also be noted a second self identified Klansman who goes by “PaleFace33” also expressed interest in attending your event and even said “we” would be there. We as in plural Klansmen? Did any Klansmen make it? Who knows. Inconclusive. What’s not inconclusive is that you had no objection, at least publicly, to their announcing to you their plans to attend. You should urge ol’ PaleFace33 and DanielZ to come clean and make this a non issue. I’d be entirely happy to know they weren’t there!

    3) I never said you had a desire to murder homosexuals. I know that you can read and comprehend much better than that

  33. Putting on a show is one way to characterize it. Another way is being themselves. What’s funny is that after between 10-13 years, Brad’s blown away this happened. 10-13 years is not enough time for anyone to figure out what White Nationalism is about. It’s a logical argument. It totally justifies your continued posting on White Nationalist forums as if you’re completely clueless.

  34. No movement or organization or ideology is so pure as to not attract psychos.
    Psychos will be that way with or without a forum.

  35. “The Seeker of Truth says:
    April 15, 2014 at 5:22 pm

    No movement or organization or ideology is so pure as to not attract psychos.
    Psychos will be that way with or without a forum.”

    Psychos are being coddled as in the case of Stormfront, and in the case of VNN they are being encouraged. Yes psychos will always exist, but do we have to give them a place at the table?

  36. Just when you thought the dregs of the pro-White sphere couldn’t get any nuttier:

    “Friend of Stormfront” Sustaining Member
    Join Date: Jul 2004

    There is a significant possibility this is a ZOG false flag….

    If this is a false flag the “dead” will be alive and well in a witness protection type program.

    Nope, nothing crazy or kooky going on over at Stormfront. If only Don could find a way to fund his website on a per lunatic post basis, he’d never have to hustle members for donations again.

    As the saying goes, with friends like that…….

  37. Re: Seeker of Truth

    That’s true, but when a forum becomes a congregation of unstable psychos, misfits, and loose cannons organized around a cult of personality, and when the central guru figure in the forum advocates exterminating the Jews as a matter of principle for over a decade, it is no more surprising when one of his followers goes out and acts on his sermons than it would be when a member of a club of pyromaniacs starts a deadly forest fire.

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