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  1. Porter says:
    April 24, 2014 at 10:13 pm

    “Hunter, how did the SPLC come by that information?”

    How? Simple. This is no longer the 1950s. America is not a White country anymore. It’s just another corrupt 3rd world hell hole.

  2. Again, I have no idea.

    Either way, it is scandalous, and I would seek them out for answers. My activity on Stormfront is limited to posting about our events and posting the occasional comment on a big story.

    I don’t know anything about how Don Black runs Stormfront.

  3. It was done the same way the Mozilla CEO was outed. Corrupt employees in the government.

    If you donate electronically, you’re leaving a trail. Send cash in the mail and there’s nothing to follow.

  4. Now that Stormfront is becoming more effective, they are really going after it. After all this is war they are waging on Whites..

    You will note they are doing nothing to VNN, because VNN makes White advocacy look bad. Currently VNN is an asset to them.

  5. EricD,

    Are you speculating or do you know? Because there’s no overt position the government occupies in an exchange between a donor and Stormfront. And I know of nothing that compels the latter to report its donations to the government. But if you do, let me know.

    And how would they learn of his username from a donation? Did he conceivably add a note to an electronic payment saying “By the way, I’m ‘Squido’ on the message board. Don’t forget who loves ya.”

    If we rule out his own voluntary disclosure, then I don’t see where it comes down to anything but either Stormfront exfilling data to the SPLC or a bank. If the latter, then the SPLC snake has slithered in front of a moving vehicle.

    I am just assuming and hoping that such an opportunity to pursue every legal remedy isn’t being squandered.

  6. The links I posted above are moderated.

    “And how would they learn of his username from a donation?”

    They wouldn’t need that much.

    Google this:
    “Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages”

    Apple Computers has been doing the same thing. All the big companies are doing it.

    Google this:
    “NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans’ data with Israel”

  7. Your ISP can see everything you do as well, unless you’re encrypting your communications. Who are the people working for your ISP?

    Since privacy is a thing of the past, I think the trick is not to care if we are “exposed”. As Don Black says, “Don’t back down.”

  8. ‘Since privacy is a thing of the past, I think the trick is not to care if we are exposed’:

    Yes, THAT’S the solution! Simply DON’T CARE! The vast majority of the population of America already practice that trick, so when are we dull, thick-headed WNs going to learn it?

    And we know that Edward Snowden and other ‘crackpot conspiracy theorists’ who tell us otherwise are all traitors who must be brought to justice for the immense damage they have caused to our national security — says our perfect guide to all truth, Mr. Dalton. In fact we need EVEN MORE invasion of privacy to protect us from THE INCREASING MUSLIM THREAT!

    But I’m not sure whether Whites-north-of-the-Line or Muslims hold the rank of the GREATEST enemy of good (southern) Whites and good, southern Talmudists….

  9. Mosin, you’re the soul of idiocy. Snowden went to Russia with American intelligence information. That information can and will be used against us by Putin. The Rus can use that information to aggrandize themselves or they can give that data to the Chinese, or their other allies, like some of the Muslims.
    I don’t like the way the government wants to invade our privacy either, but to ignore the growing threat of Muslim aggression is sheer lunacy. The Christians who live in areas where there are large numbers of Muslims would call you a fool for your position.

  10. The only people that Putin will end up fighting are Muslims.

    His seizure of the Crimea is a long term check on Turkic expansion.

    The US, Britain and France (Germany too) are completely suborned by Arab cash and exponentially increasing Muslim populations.

    The Russians to some extent are defined by their border wars with Islam.

    The US is defined by support for every Islamic separatist you care to list. The US willingly imports Muslims and used the military as a proxy for Arab colonization in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt. The US military set up a best of Terrorists in Kosovo and Bosnia too.

    Dalton, wake the fuck up man.

  11. The US ought to look at the hostile population that occupies the main cities and the regional cities and look at the porous southern border. Arguing the toss over a river basin in an area where Europe meets Asia is inevitably going to benefit a Turk.

    Every encroachment on Moscow at this point on the map will effectively weaken white
    Authority. The only way we can counter Russia here is to whip up hostile Muslims. This was the original sin of American support for the Afghan-Soviet war.
    Perhaps it helped to liberate Eastern Europe, but it generated a hyper aggressive and confident Muslim Supremacy.

  12. Telling us about terrorism is our resident proponent of the Orchestrator of ethnic Christian cleansings and general scorched-earth terrorism in many places including the south of France in the thirteenth century and the north of the Balkans in the twentieth.

  13. “the north of the Balkans in the twentieth.”

    Milosevic was a Serbian communist thug. He was right to oppose the illegal ripping away of the historically Serbian province of Kosovo but he was dead wrong about denying Roman Catholic Croatia its right to fight for its independence by whatever means they deemed necessary.

  14. Mosin, I feel sorry for you that you have to libel me as a “orchestrator of ethnic Christian cleansings” because of your bigoted heart. I pray some day that God will open your eyes to what a hateful man you have become, so you can actually love people, instead of despising them because they are not like you. Luke 18:9-14

  15. I was referring (I thought obviously) to the genocide in the 1940’s, which we had been discussing earlier, Rudel.

    Dalton, I referred to you plainly as a proponent of the orchestrator of the cleansings. If you continue to spread lies about, and support the use of force to destroy ethnic or national churches who don’t SUBMIT to the rule of YOUR religious organisation and its Leader, then YOU are the one who is hateful.

  16. Milosevic colluded with Tujman for most of the war.

    The actual fighting was between Serbian residents in Montenegro (at least based there in their youth) and either the Bosniaks and Croatians that they lived near to.

    Milosevic was playing along with Tujman as far as Bosnia is concerned.

  17. Many Serb commanders grew up in Montenegro and caused trouble in Croatian and Bosnian territory later on. I know a couple of old salts who played poker with the gangsters in Titograd.

  18. “I don’t like the way the government wants to invade our privacy either, but to ignore the growing threat of Muslim aggression is sheer lunacy.”

    The federal police state’s secret courts of no appeal, their physically intrusive warrantless searches of our very bodies, their militarization of local police forces, their huge gobbling up of every single email, phone call, and bank statement of every American irrespective of any ties to Islam goes WAY, WAY, beyond any reasonable justification of protecting us from Muslim radicals.

    Thank God for Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, and others for exposing this authoritarian abuse of the American people, their effects, and their very persons by an out of control and tyrannical government.

    If we want to protect ourselves from any Muslim threat (and Saddam Hussein was not one of them) then we should stop financing Jewish ethnic cleansing in Palestine, stop invading and/or supporting insurrection in Arab countries, and stop importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims into the United States.

  19. “The actual fighting was between Serbian residents in Montenegro (at least based there in their youth) and either the Bosniaks and Croatians that they lived near to.”

    The Croats had to kick the Serbs out of Croatia not Montenegro and it took them the better part of four years to do it.

  20. You don’t know the geography there Rudel.

    Dubrovnik was beseiged by Montenegrins and the Bosnians were hammered hard in the south by Montenegrin cops and militias.

    These would have been called Serbs at the time. But the most effective warriors were all denizens of Cetinja and Podgorica.

  21. The names of the JA are all cities in Montenegro.
    Had the Serbs in the Krajina been realistic and gone with Croatia I suspect the JA forces in Dubrovnik could have stolen a march and sacked Dubrovnik and forced an annexation of a deep water port.

    Putin is quite clever here. He’s using separatists to kick up a fuss, make them look like plausible victims and he consolidates the key strategic port of Sevastapol.
    Serbia and Montenegro got greedy with their rebellion in Krajina.

  22. “These would have been called Serbs at the time. But the most effective warriors were all denizens of Cetinja and Podgorica.”

    I’ll bow to your superior knowledge of the subject. The coverage of the war here in America was, as usual, abysmal and completely tainted by the tame press who were lapdogs of Madeline Albright and the Clintons.

  23. My own feelings about the Balkans is that all White children should be taken from Muslim parents and then all Muslims of any race exterminated including those on Cyprus and the city and environs of Constantinople which should then be re-populated by Europeans much in the same manner as the Moors were driven out of Spain.

  24. Thank you for that Rudel. If you like California you’d like Croatia around Dubrovnik and Montenegro. Like Malibu or Zuma.

  25. Constantinople, we should have let the Russians sack it. Possibly even assist in the process. Could have been done in the late 1800s too. Now we are stuck pretending to support a bunch of weak tea Ukranians who couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery re-occupy Crimea! What for, I couldn’t tell you. Istanbul?

  26. Stephen E Dalton says:
    April 25, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    “I don’t like the way the government wants to invade our privacy either, but to ignore the growing threat of Muslim aggression is sheer lunacy. The Christians who live in areas where there are large numbers of Muslims would call you a fool for your position.”

    Our rulers make war on Islam, at the same time they invite Islam and everyone else into White countries. Then they say they must take all our freedoms away to make us safe. This is completely absurd!

  27. NyYankees, has it ever occurred to you that different people react differently to tragic events? This woman impresses me as someone who has a lot of composure. Apparently, you must believe that unless someone is shedding a river of tears, wringing their hands, and screaming Why! Why! they’re not reacting ‘normally’. BTW, I see the idiot who posted this video is a conspiracy theory flake who’s big on crisis actors.

  28. Stephen, I’m going to pose the same question to you that it seems the peanut gallery throws constantly at me (Silver, Lew, Brad, plekhanov, et al): You never quit, do you?

    As for expertise on the WN movement and feds, Brad has none compared to me. Yup, I’m stating that right here in front of everyone. He’s not a northerner, and has about as much street cred when it comes to sussing out jewish/feds plants and sting operations as I do making grits.

    So I have to ask people like…Silver who isn’t even an american, Brad who seems to think he can claim ‘southron’ status and simultaneously grok ‘northern,’ and Lew who accuses me of ‘crazy talk,’ what the heck any of you know about Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Boston, etc.? Can someone help me out here?

    Glenn Miller is the perpetrator du jour, and I think that a midwesterner – a northerner of a stripe – could and should best address how to place him, his context in Kansas City/Missouri and his actions. *But* having someone who is deeply, intimately versed in the integration and machinations of our truly Zionist Occupied Government ask some probing questions alongside of that will bring us closer to the truth than the Confederacy of Dunces’ cultivation of…stupidity. And it does appear to be cultivated, I must say. I lived all my life in the belly of the ZOG beast and I will continue to be confounded at the hubris people like Brad express. A southron is gonna tell a yankee all about the jews’ racket in New York City…uh huh…

    As for the mother of the alleged victim, her performance leaves me sort of baffled. Not only has it occurred to me that different people react differently to the same type of tragedy, but further, that very sense is part of what led me to suspect Sandy Hoax. The families all got together and lobbied against the Constitution when in reality such a uniform reaction would be unusual to impossible. Not one family expressed rage or anger at the system, the school, etc., yada yada.

    That’s not what you’d find in such a wrenching tragedy; human beings manifest a fairly vast array of reactions and processing mechanisms for ‘tragedy.’ I, having lived though some pretty extreme ones that I won’t detail here, witnessed this at prematurely young age. The problem I have with this mother is that she isn’t registering shock, or the kind of overwhelming anguish that any semi-normal mother would in such circumstances. Shock could take various forms (I’ve seen this personally) and would explain some of the lack of tortured grief that she seems to express.

    But she just doesn’t look ‘shocked’ in the variety of forms I’ve seen it manifested in immediate victims of this level of tragedy. Instead she comes across as capable of fathoming the depth of her own loss, but chooses to hold a freakin’ press conference in place of what most mothers (or fathers) would typically do – countenance the enormity of their loss inside themselves, their family members, and maybe their god in some capacity.

    Sorry, but to watch your baby – not your becoming eldery father – get mercilessly slaughtered like that and conclude pacifically and instantaneously that he has ‘gone to heaven’ just seems contrived and inauthentic. Her 14 year old son, her baby has been killed, who cares how…and she’s ‘okay’ with it. In fact, she’s counseling everyone to come back to ‘Heaven’ or ‘God’ with their anger and grief. Where’s hers? A mother reacts this way to the loss of a child? She comes across as neither in shock, which would explain bizarre reactions, nor ‘normal’ for a mother in such a situation. Who thinks it’s stretching the odds that this woman happened to be the only witness to the murders in a context which is already highly unlikely (that she was there without any other parents and her family happened to be murdered) and then comes out with this extremely unusual and seemingly canned reaction?

    But what do I know…I’m just a crazy white bitch…

  29. To countenance, if this was the right thread (I’m too tired to research):

    Besides the possibility that Linder is being ignored because he’s an official ‘asset,’ it’s also possible he’s just a spontaneously self-destructive and nationalist-sabotaging agent TPTB like to allow to thrive so that he undermines the movement. Or both. In my relatively brief stint in this milieu, I’ve already seen how destructive a force personality/character problems can be. And I’ve seen how the government allows them to flourish while doing everything it can to take down the solid people with real potential to make change, like Kyle Hunt.

  30. Dalton..Mosin is a troll..he always pops up with some idiotic crap about the Catholic Church..whatever the discussion he slides in some anti-RC propaganda..The man’s mission is obvious..to divert and divide we whites from uniting in support of our common interests in surviving..Earl Butz and Dixie girl are the same..they would rather refight wars of the 16th century than see our race survive

  31. The serve the purposes of their jewish masters…we always suspected Butthead of being a Jew

  32. ‘The man’s mission is obvious…to divert and divide we whites from uniting in support of our common interests in surviving’:

    De Chatillon, follow the ‘mission’ back to its source. For years I never mentioned RC in my comments on Occidental Dissent, but Dalton persists in attacking the church with his arsenal of RC lies and propaganda. Dalton’s mission is obvious. You are mistaken about mine.

    One man’s ‘troll’ is another man’s friend in truth. You might be an atheist, or an anti-Christian neo-pagan, or an RC like Dalton says he is, but you’re evidently NOT of the same conviction as ours or you would welcome my comments, de Chatillon.

  33. Reynauld, you’re probably right about Mosin. I laugh him off though. He’s soooo pathetically, willfully, ignorant about Church history, it’s painful to read his pap.
    I don’t believe Earl is a troll though. Earl is just a traditional Southern Baptist with the usual hang ups about High Churches. I’ve been around Baptists all my life, and most of them, with the exception of a few of them who are embittered bigots, just have a hard time understanding our faith. If you only read Baptist literature all your life, instead of studying the Church Fathers, you’re bound to believe that the Baptist Church was the Apostolic Church.
    I don’t know what DixieGirls hang up is. I don’t believe she’s intentionally vicious. I think, like a lot of Non-Catholics, she has a lot of misconceptions about the faith.

  34. NYYankees, the woman is a lady with a strong Christian faith. That’s why she’s acting the way she is. BTW, I’ve known several people who have acted the way this woman did in the face of unbelievable tragedy. I assumed you would consider them ‘crisis actors” too?

  35. ‘Earl is just a traditional Southern Baptist with the usual hang ups (…) I don’t know what DixieGirls hang up is. I don’t believe she’s intentionally vicious. I think, like a lot of Non-Catholics, she has a lot of misconceptions (…) NYYankees, the woman is a lady (etc.)’ — is the typically Talmudic tactic of ‘The REST of you are the GOOD ones (though misinformed) and this is the EVIL one we’re making an example of today’.

    ‘I laugh him off though. He’s soooo pathetically, willfully, ignorant (…) it’s painful to read’:

    You enjoy and read EAGERLY!

    I did not even MENTION the RC for several YEARS on Occidental Dissent (though it is a topic very near but not dear to our hearts) until Mr. Wormtongue (or the ‘Scot-Jew’, as he styles himself elsewhere online) arrived here and announced his ‘one drop’ of Talmudism, and began attacking non-RC ‘HERETICS’. His use of the term ‘heretic’ surely exceeds the use of the term by all other OD commenters combined.

  36. Dalton, you’ve known several women who’ve lost children who behave the way she does?

    I didn’t ‘assume’ she’s a crisis actor, I’ve merely pointed out glaring oddities. The evidence, including leaked internal documents from Homeland Security, abounds that there is such as ‘crisis actors’ and drills that simulate these events.

    Now, anyone want to get back to my list of questions…or compare the handling of this event and the one in Kansas City?


  37. “Dalton, you’ve know several women who have lost children who behave the way she does?” Yes, and so has every normal person on earth who doesn’t see a psy-op as the best possible explanation as to why other people don’t react like they do to an overwhelming tragedy.

  38. You see mental illness behind every friction between people. If that’s not ridiculous I don’t know what is.

    Women – mothers – who’ve lost children are okay with it…right on the spot? And you know several of these…


    You can’t even process the most basic information. I linked to an event that probably isn’t a psy op.

  39. We must NEVER question the $acred Linder Bung-holyio-kikeoco$t


    Ok, discussing Alex Linder’s obscure disease and spreading some conspiracy theory that this proves he’s part Jewish, that’s beyond weird and violates OD’s comment guidelines.

    Crap like this is another reason not to go off the deep end and drop out of mainstream society to hang out exclusively with dysfunctional nut case WN loons.

    Jack Ryan
    April 23, 2014 at 10:55 pm


    We’ve already had this discussion last year. Hunter Wallace’s position is that you DO NOT get to “moderate” any discussion threads other than those you write.

    The fact of the matter is whether or not Alex Linder is a jew and whether or not Rabbi Linder has Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS or, like Rabbi Linder has claimed for all of two years now, that it has “ulcerative colitis”/Aryan ass-GAIDS. Most people think that Linder is a jew, and point at Rabbi Linder’s name and looks and mannerisms, and hatred of Christianity and a number of other things. Like the State of the Kike’s blistered and bleeding bunghole. Or whether we wish to say whether the pore sick jewboy gots jew ass-GAIDS or Aryan ass-GAIDS. Now I expect “Mary”/Cora McGuire to be Carolyn Yenta Kahant-Yeager’s lesbo-fluffer and don’t overall mind Mary/Cora to fluff for Rabbi Linder either. But this ain’t Rabbi Linder’s Greater Free Range Colostomy Bag & ZOGtard Corral or the TraitorGlenn Miller News Nutwerk.

    That said, you can fluff for Rabbi Linder as well. Little gut-sick guido kikenweasels with jew ass-GAIDS now pretending to have Aryan ass-GAIDS we shall have with us for another year or two like we have had since Pierce set aside some Order ZOGbux way back in 2000. But what is NOT acceptable is for Brad/Hunter to let itz little fluffing hibernigger meercat to do some unauthorized forcible-sodomy/censorship fluffing in an area outside that lil hibernigger fluffer’s den. Lil hibernigger fluffers who cum outside theyz’ own dens might get fluffer-meercat hiber-stomped.

    Brad and the Council of Conservative Citizens and the like suffer from one big problem: They have a history of abandoning their allied Stormtroopers or Klan muscle whenever they get all butt-hurt over the “crudity” of the fighting men they need to project power. But someone gots to pokerize Rabbi Linder’s bleeding and blistered bunghole, and it sure ain’t Hunter or Greg gonna do it. And when I say I’m going to lick that jewboy’s ass, you can be certain that I mean something far different than you or Cora/Mary or Vargina the Linder-Miller VNNF/TGMNNF Meercat. Nope, it is the Quantrills and Forrests and Bloody Bills who “get her done” and in racial/religious/class total civil warfare there is no substitute for survival/victory.

    Maybe you should be bundling up that $5,000 you promised Harold Covington but didn’t deliver. Or going over to Axis Skanky’s and bitching about how I found out that she was a mongrel and how Karl Gharst run her, as well as CornCobb, out of Kalispell. Axis Skanky could use another hibernigger meercat fluffer bitching about what a deranged murderous psychopathic Aryan beast I am, Hunter’s fluffer.

    I guess that I’m just not very nice. Maybe if you promised me $5,000 and then actually delivered, I’d be nicer to hibernigger meercat fluffers.

    There is yet another reason why “anything goes” insofar as discussion of bowel-Movement “leadersheep” goes. For example, Harold Covington refused to state what the “Peaches” incident was about. Now if I’d have known that TraitorGlenn Miller was cornholing a nigger faggot named “Peaches” then I’d have figured out sooner the discrepancy between the $200,000 that TraitorGlenn Miller claimed the Order gave him and the $250,000 Katja Lane told me and others. TraitorGlenn Miller was a faggot as well as a drunken Lumbee melungeon, and the $50,000 differential was used to pay off blackmail until TraitorGlenn Miller and his ZOGbots committed murder of the blackmailing jew bookstore owner instead. The $50,000 was used for TraitorGlenn Miller’s Declaration of War on ZOG.

    Likewise, frank discussion of the jewboy Linder is useful. Do you think if Kevin Harpham had known Linder is a jew that he’d be facing another 30 years in prison?

    So yes, I think that you have an agenda, “Jack”. Is there anything I can further say in order to show what absolute coontempt I hold for you, one in no way diminished by the fact that other than the threat of censorship on a blog in which you really have no purpose other than threatening to abuse what little authority Brad gave you. And at that outside your acceptable domain on those few places where you actually write something. Like Chris313 the mongrel wop yardbird, you really have no discernable ability at anything anyone wants or needs.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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