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  1. The ‘slut’ appears to have the hots for Thomas. She’s definitely the aggressor in this confrontation. LOL.

    She won’t cover up but tries to force TradYouth into…sign servitude.

  2. She is bumping into people and spitting on them.
    She is covering them with sheets against their will to censor them.
    She is the one doing the raping.

    Rape is the left’s standard M.O. They never ask people what they want, they just force it on them, so they are rapists.

  3. Explain to me what possible political advantage could be gained by protesting at a self par0dying event like “Slut Walk”?

  4. I have to agree with comments that call this an essentially worthless “counter-protest,” but I felt certain the “slut’s” accusations of being sexually molested would turn out to be total bullshit – (a) leftists lie constantly (b) as if any normal person would want to feel one up of these freaks.

  5. I agree.

    These sorts of protests are worthless.

    A far better strategy is to sit at home and write anonymous comments on blog threads. That’s far more productive.

  6. We always learn something from these events.

    In Indiana, Matt agrees that the priority must be on getting more active and better organized. The “anti-fa” will boldly attack four or five people like Trad Youth in Bloomington, but are much less enthusiastic about taking on fifty of us.

  7. A public demonstration should make one’s group look formidable. Four or five guys with crudely lettered signs does not look like a group with forward momentum. It is one click away from a crank with a sandwich board about the apocalypse. So I have to wonder if such protests are counter-productive.

    Until a group can give an appearance of strength and forward momentum, why not at least try to exploit the internal contradictions of the enemy with some pranks?

    Four guys with rented vans and suitable incentives (cash, beads, firewater) could transport the following members of the diversity coalition to show “solidarity” with the “Slut Walk”: some shiftless male Negro “teens,” some members of the local mosque of peace and love, some mestizo day laborers, and some giggling Asian girls clutching math books to their flat chests. I am sure that such an arranged encounter would be instructive to all parties about the joys of liberalism and diversity.

    Be sure to tell them that they will receive their incentives after the event, then quietly drive off and leave them stranded.

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