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  1. So, having been splashed with holy water, a Jew with Communist kin is an Orthodox Christian who polices the church for signs of white racial consciousness and resistance to Jewish-engineered anti-white genocide. Yet one more example of how Christianity is not a bulwark against Jewish subversion but one of its oldest and most useful instruments.

  2. John Wesley was no Pope. That’s what you don’t get about Protestantism. LOL. Wesley was also interested in haunted houses, poltergeists, and other unexplainable things. Personally, I think a Christian can’t be effected by those sort of things, so why bother with them? I will leave that spook and mumbo jumbo stuff up to you “catholics”.

  3. “That’s what you don’t get about Protestantism.”

    That’s right Earl, having been raised a Lutheran I don’t “get” Protestantism. 🙂

    What I don’t get is what you do with all that venom you milk from the snakes before your church services.

  4. Mosin: “your thoughts on the supposed ‘heresy’ of Phyletism?”

    I’m not a theologian by any measure but I like looking at this from its original context (correct me if I’m wrong). The Bulgarians wanted a Church jurisdiction within the Patriarchate of Constantinople that only received the faithful Bulgarians and was run by Bulgarian pastors. Bulgarians at this time were spread out unlike the Romanians, Greeks, and Serbs but formed an strong minority within Constantinople. The fallout from that unfortunate situation caused a jurisdictional nightmare setting up more than one bishop for one territory. The schism with the Bulgarian Church ended with them gaining autocephaly in 1945 when most Bulgarians finally lived within the territory of Bulgaria. To me, this isn’t a condemnation of racialism at all but a condemnation of overlapping jurisdictions and an implied preference against pluralism. In proper nation-states, this problem doesn’t exist.

    “What about the Old Believers orthodox churches?” – You’d probably know infinitely more than I on that subject, I’ve only ever had exposure to ex-Old Believers.

    I wish that stunts like this didn’t put people off the whole Church but unfortunately due to the naivety and/or revolting malice of some actors within it, that’s exactly what’ll happen now. I’d like hopefuls looking to Orthodoxy not to be discouraged – remember always that the Orthodox Church is not centralized. Even if the Ecumenical Patriarch himself condemned racialism as a sin, that doesn’t make it necessarily so. A whole patriarchate, even more than one, could fall into that trap but that still wouldn’t mean that Orthodoxy = no racialism allowed.

  5. ‘remember always that the Orthodox Church is not centralized’:

    Excellent key point, Holly.

  6. Sorry guys, but Christianity has no loyalty to anything but itself. If people want to believe that’s fine, but its got nothing to do with nationalism.

  7. Shotgun says:
    May 2, 2014 at 5:10 pm
    “And while I don’t want to wag my finger at my orthodox friends while they’re down – this incident proves that *NO* Western institution (by that, I mean: institutions active in the west, as the Orthodox church currently is), are free from the new syncretic religion of liberalism.

    …none of them are.”

    This is due to the failure of the conservatives and the right to recognize that politics is psychological warfare. The left keep winning because they understand this and they use it. Our side as a rule never did. There has been some change in this area, but no where near enough.

  8. The only thing a religious institution cares about is that it grows. They care not the race of their believers, as long as they get more of them.

    Don’t not try to mix your cause with others, or you will blunt your own. You must stay focused on the task at hand.

  9. ‘the Orthodoxy bandwagon has crashed and burned’:

    RC, false orthodoxy, Mormonism and other false ‘Christianities’ are all bandwagons that have or will crash and burn, but putting Race before all else (as in: ‘my Race is my religion’, with perhaps some ‘Christian’ window dressing or use as a weapon or tool) is also a bandwagon that will crash and burn.

    ‘The only thing a religious institution cares about is that it grows. They care not the race of their believers, as long as they get more of them’:

    However. not EVERY Christian congregation is institutional. Talmudists, one-drop Talmudists and the disciples of Talmudism don’t manage or join the non-institutional ones.

    ‘Don’t not try to mix your cause with others, or you will blunt your own. You must stay focused on the task at hand’:

    The Faith is the first cause you must follow, and all other causes and tasks must be secondary. Otherwise you will certainly fail.

  10. Eric D, here I am. As is Cambria. There are still 700 who have not bowed the knee to Baal.

    “Now Europeans believe that they must atone for their whiteness by sacrificing their people to the gods of color. Why must we do this? Why do popes, bishops, and ministers of the Gospel join with the jackals of Liberaldom to tell whites they must hate not only their ancestors but also their children if they are ever going to inherit the kingdom of heaven? Such a heaven is really a hell, and we can’t, in the name of all that is holy, submit to the ethos of hell, no matter that our clergyman and their liberal overlords tell us we must. But that is the issue. The liberals and the self-serving clergy are acting in accord with all that they think is holy. To them the negro and the lesser gods of color are holy, and whoever denies that tenet of faith is a blasphemer and will be dealt with accordingly.”


  11. “You wish. But it was, and the truth came out. Every word shall be established.

    ‘His bones lie underneath the altar at St. Peter’s on the spot where he was crucified’:

    Not likely. Most of your relics are fakes. Lies, in other words. No matter how many people repeat them for how many centuries, they’re still lies.”

    Mosin- really. Even I acknowledge the factuality of relics, and their importance to historical Christianity. While I may deny that post-Schism Rome’s ‘saint’ relics to be such, those still in posession by the Cult of Rome that pre-date the Schism, are most likely valid.

    This is one of the doubting Thomas elements of Prots, generally. Devoid of the things that point to historicity, they err. Sometimes, greatly. Mosin, I know your heart is in the right place, but really…

  12. Mosin wrote: “It will soon be time for Tradyouth to separate from this: http://frjohnpeck.com/about/the-orthodox-church-of-tomorrow/

    What a ‘Peck’ of Trouble this vision is!

    ” They [Priests in the ‘American Church’] will be white, black, Asian, Polynesian, Hispanic, and everything in between. Fewer will be Russian, Greek, or any other traditionally Orthodox background.”

    It is ANTICHRIST. For every sin and heresy in the O.T., and the Church was the MIXING of the ‘holy seed’ [Ez. 9:2] with the perverse PAGAN SATANIC rituals of the ‘goyim’ around them, coupled with Adultery (the mixing of the genetically pure seed of the Sons of Eber [Hebrews/Hibernia/Iberia]) – that is, perverse sexual relations.

    What this despot antichrist is advocating is WHITE GENOCIDE, at the SACERDOATAL level.

    The rot in the SCOBA-dox goes deep. I’d be happy to be in an ‘Ethnic’ parish, even one not of my own ethnicity, as long as it was European/White. But what this jackass advocates is no different than the worst excesses of the UMC, TEC, PCUSA, or the WCC- you know? The idiots that voted in the Obamanation… twice.

    RAHOWA, we’re here….

  13. The Church does not put race before everything else as an idolatry, but neither does it lose sight of the nation and the significance of nation (which implies race), because a race is by definition expressed in its nations (ethne).

    “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore to all nations (pan ethne) and make disciples of them (all nations) , baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.” Matt 28: 18-19.

    The Church is the Divine Kingdom order of and for nations. Baptised nations are to be regenerated in baptism and built up through the sacramental life (ie life in Christ) on this order – as nations. In history, only one race has been regenerated in baptism and built up on the foundation of the Church in its nations. That race is the Caucasian race. And they communed in the body, blood, soul and Divinity of the God man for over a thousand years in their nations. The power of this sacramental life re-created all their social institutions. And people of all nations still travel from all over the world to look at the ruins and monuments left by those regenerate social institutions in the Christendom of Europe.

    This regeneration and the powers of the age to come communicated to us as a race for over a thousand years does explain all the ‘white priviledge’ Jew mind-venom cooked up for white people and now downloaded to us by all social anti-Christ media.

    The fact that now the white race in its nations is almost completely apostate and so in decay (nationally and in every other way) does not change the historical fact of this communion and that virtually all white individuals carry the fact of this ancestral communion in the powers of their DNA – even though they and their family line may have been apostate for a few centuries.

    The holy faith is the necessary basis and beginning for the re-establishment of that communion.

  14. Thank you for posting this link, Fr. John.

    In this essay you touch upon the important doctrine of the Immaculate Conception. This is essential and in our time its importance can not be overstated. For our Lady is the Ark of the Covenant and the place of refuge at this time of the eclipse of the Church.

    The doctrine of the Anti-Christ “dissolveth Christ” as St John tells us. This was the doctrine of anti-pope John Paul II who gave this doctrine to the Church and to the world under the seal of the Fisherman’s Ring. In his very first homily (Oct 22, 1978) , quoting Gaudium et Spes he stated that in His Incarnation, the eternal Word, the Son of God in taking a human nature “in a certain way” united Himself with every man so it can be irrevocably stated of every man: “Thou art the Christ, the son of the living God.” And John Paul II proclaimed this doctrine of Anti-Christ throughout his 26 year papacy and idolatrously venerated man at [false] religious ceremonies all over the world. Most notably praying in the synagogue for the Messiah awaited by the Jews to come

    It should not be imagined that a human intellect, however brilliant, could have written a document like Redemptor Hominis.

    The doctrine of the Immaculate Conception, however, refutes this wickedness absolutely. The eternal Son of God who is one Christ and a single divine person also took upon Himself a human nature. Was it the fallen human nature of Adam and his descendants? Theotokos was a member of the Adamic race born of St Anne and St Joachim, yet the Archangel hails her: “thou full of grace”. No creature of the fallen race can be “full of grace”. Our Lord took upon Himself the sin of Adam and sins at the cross. He did not take upon Himself a fallen human nature at His Incarnation. As the last Adam, He took upon Himself the original imago Dei given to Adam at his creation – the perfect human nature. This is the nature He has from His mother. Therefore, the reality of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin – the new Eve.

    Those who receive this regenerate nature in the holy Eucharist commune in the body, blood, soul and Divinity of the God man as the Head of the new race, His body – the Church. The powers of the age to come are communicated to them.

    This is why the Anti-Christ must extinguish the sacramental life of the Church.
    You do not get more apostate than this.

    The very week that the cult of the Anti-Christ is elevated to the altars of the Church, the SSPX goes over to Rome to be received in “the embrace of tolerance”. Bishop Fellay has nixed any attempt at doctrinal agreement – not that the holy faith could be reconciled with the doctrine of Anti-Christ anyway. This just out from Menzigen and Encone. The last bishop standing has told the Roman Catholic faithful – “head for the hills”.

    Take refuge in the Ark of the Covenant – the Immaculate Heart of Mary because the windswept house of the novus ordo is now being renovated for the cult of the Anti-Christ.

  15. Rudel- While I disagree with Lynda that Rome possesses ultimate doctrinal authority (which, with this post, she clearly does not- at least not MODERN Rome!) you are neither infallible, omniscent, nor the arbiter of history.

    This dogma is what the entirety of Christendom once held to, for over 1000 years. Are you more intelligent than St. John Chrysostom, more holy that St. Louis the Pious, or more learned than Thomas Aquinas?

    If not, STFU about things you have not been given the grace to understand, or have (like Pharaoh) hardened your heart to grasp. You consistently insult, defame, and demean almost everyone on this board, at one time, and in one way or another.

    I don’t know why life had made you so bitter, but you are what your name implies, Rude.

  16. In this country it is good to kill an Admiral to encourage the others–Voltaire

    Something as true then as it is now.

  17. “more learned than Thomas Aquinas?”

    Possibly in some subjects at least. Philosophy and science have come a long way forward since his day. BTW, I make my arguments from reason. You appeal to authority in the manner which has been considered since the time of the Ancient Greeks to be a primary logical fallacy in argumentation.

    If you think I disparage the majority of people on this site (which I dispute) then it is only because of the lamentably low level of both education and intelligence shown in some of the posts here.

    You yourself should stop posting forthwith as you do nothing but spew superstitious nonsense based upon unsubstantiated rumors from Iron Age religious fanatics mixed in with your own totally bogus conspiracy theories. GTFO and take Lynda (sic) and Mosin along with you.

  18. @ “Fr.” John

    I would also add that your scurrilous attacks on anyone who disagrees with your lunatic ideas deserve an answer, and an answer that spews back at you all your bile and hate in full measure.

  19. Rudel – your arguments from reason are not even reasonable. Man does not live by reason alone. Reason will not reveal to man his origin and last ends. Only the eternal God (whom the Luciferians, anti-Christs and philosophes always hate) can reveal these truths to man through the Son of God Jesus Christ – the head of His body, the Church.

    There is no hope for any man in the times that are coming upon the world – not even natural aspirations and hopes – unless they repent of sin and covert themselves to God. If I were you, Rudel, I would stop ranting on the blogs and commence this process today.

    Even with the Church in eclipse, God is making this possible to lost souls, like yourself, through the great powerhouse of graces for our time: the union of the Sacred Heart of the Lord Jesus Christ with the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    Archbishop Lefebvre placed the symbol of this union upon his Society as the in hoc signo vinces that would carry the true doctrine of the holy faith – what the Roman Catholic Church always and everywhere has taught right up until the Revolution in the Church overthrew St Peter’s Chair in Rome 1958 – 1963 and instituted a counterfeit church that now is proclaiming the doctrine of the Anti-Christ, the doctrine that the Bible clearly states is the doctrine of the Anti-Christ.

    The Revolution has now crowned the rights of man with the idolatry of man. This is the certain recipe for universal disaster which most people can only envision in natural terms. Well. Try this Rudel. If all that exists was created by Christ and for Christ, then do you think that even the very elements [ the Periodic Table] are going to serve His declared enemies now coming to power all over the world. The offering of His eternal sacrifice for sins, which in the time of the Church was re-presented daily in the offering of His own body, blood, soul and Divinity – that is being extinguished all over the world by the counterfeit church and now the cult of Anti-Christ. What exactly do you think is going to stand between man (blaspheous and idolatrous man) and God when this sacrifice is out of the way? Well you are going to find out Rudel. Do get back to me on that, Rudel – we’ll see how its working for you.

  20. ‘take Lynda (sic) and Mosin along with you’:

    Can only one atheist excommunicate three Theists?

    The fool hath said in his heart there is no God.

    Off topic but still ‘theological’: Support from the Khazar theory for the supposed distinction made frequently on Occidental Dissent between ‘the good Talmudists’ (Sephardic) versus ‘the bad Talmudists’ (Ashkenazic) is now weak or nonexistent: http://www.dailystormer.com/whose-jews-rethinking-the-khazar-theory/ I encountered the Khazaric ORIGIN hypothesis a long time ago, in the 1980’s, when I was looking for arguments against Premillennialism. But I never fully accepted it and in recent years rejected it, although I know there must be SOME Khazaric admixture.

  21. ‘overthrew St Peter’s Chair’:

    Did the Gates of Hell prevail? But if Peter never visited Rome, or if ‘the Rock’ was no reference to the man….

    Lukewarm and backslidden Christian Southrons, beware of strong delusion! Even in its Post-Vat II form, the Beast has you all in its sights.

  22. About those false relics: I cherish historicity, too, and appreciate the contributions of archaeology, radioisotope dating, etc. — but I see no good, only harm, in the practice of the creation and sale of false relics. The printing press and literacy informed the people of the Gospel much better.

  23. Matthew Heimbach and the rest of TradYouth are always welcome (in his case back) into the Catholic Church. We certainly have our problems, but excommunicating members fortheir political beliefs is not one of them. The last time I can recall that happening was to the great Leander Perez in 1962, and he was reconciled before his death. Even the excommunicates always have the option of continuing to attend Mass but abstaining from the sacraments in hopes the hierarchy will change its mind later. Many are the saints who died in ill favor with worldly-minded superiors.

    Nonetheless, so long as Matt does not expound his ideas at the altar, I think even anti-White clergy would most likely look the other way.

    St. Joan of Arc, pray for us!

  24. crusader, just because there is room for MANY different kinds, even Voodoo pagans, in syncretistic RC, doesn’t make it right for Biblically-, orthodox-minded racialists. But the ‘big tent’ of the RC is bound to attract some racialists. Hitler was never excommunicated and as he declared, near the end, ‘will always remain a (Roman) Catholic’ — and consistently with that, a deaconess in a nearby RC church declares her ‘second-favourite book next to the Catholic Bible is Mein Kampf’. But Matt and friends should stay out of the fire as well as leave the frying pan.

  25. I feel incredulity and contempt for people who will take a “sabbatical” from what they presumably believe is the struggle for the very existence of our race because a priest tells them so.

    I thought they were taking a “sabbatical” from their religion when I first saw the link. This is just laughable. The only tradition being maintained here is that of WN’s legendary ineptitude.

  26. @Mosin,

    Yes, but the difference is: Voodoo is a heresy that involves false syncretistic theology, whereas what racialists like the Matts argue, unless they hold that mixed marriages are a sin (rather than just unwise and bad for our people, which is what I hold), is purely a matter of political theology that does not touch on faith or morals.

  27. Mosin, Hitler didn’t have to be formally excommunicated, he exed himself by his involvement in socialism, sodomy, and some people claim the occult. His statement “I will always remain a Catholic” was merely for the crowds, not a real confession of faith.

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