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  1. I haven’t followed the latest media witch hunts … on the way to Richmond, it was the Mozilla CEO, and that was just a month ago. There seems to be a new Two Minute Hate every day now.

  2. Wrobel was Jewish btw. He worked hard to murder Europeans then get whites in SA murdered then a black found him in Wimbledon to fix him. Bwahahaahaha.

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iURU6RFgZVs

    Check out Julie the Jewess Borowski’s latest contribution to the ‘We are the World’ jewish campaign to prove they’re just like us! Now, before Lew, or Dan Poole, or countenance chimes in to call me a ‘crank,’ I’d just like to ask: why is it only jews are coming forward to challenge this insane concept called ‘White privilege?’ One obvious answer is that actual whites are still terrified of defending themselves.

    Could it be because after 40 some odd years of benefiting from AA the jews are now terrified that the chickens have come home to roost? The jews were already legacies at the prestigious universities by the time AA was passed, which mostly simply punished the rising lower and middle class white americans who weren’t. The jews had also amassed huge capital reserves both in Europe (off the backs of the white peasants) and in the US; that idiot Fortgang’s family arrived here with capital available to him courtesy of the western european jews, who, no matter how much social disdain they felt (and sometimes publicly faked) towards their eastern european counterparts, still funneled vast sums of money towards ‘uplifting’ their jewish brethren. One tactic to deal with the necessity of imposing AA on actual whites in the jewish campaign to effect Chosenness, was to take all the money they’d squeezed out of the europeans and invest it in schools like Washington University. As the jews bought their way in, they also were able to use these stolen funds to lift the school from ‘highly competitive’ to ‘most competitive.’ This way all the jews could join take their rightful place among Chosenness. I have friends and family who went to Wash U, on their own merits, not by buying into it, and they themselves are the ones claiming this, not just me.

    Here’s a jewess now appropriating our white voice to answer slavers like Ignatiev… intentionally around 50 years late:


    The jews are scrambling to contain the tide that’s rising against them in the US and Europe. Kyle Rogers has enabled them with his ridiculous parroting of their lies that seven jewesses were being knockout gamed in NYC (without any evidence, no videos, no women willing to put their names forward, etc) because of ‘the way she looked’ in one instance! How was that I wonder? Like a jew? Ain’t no jews in NYC who look white. Anyone trying to tell me otherwise needs to check their southern imperialism.

    Then we had the crypto Judge Barbero (I’m not the only white advocate in the northeast who claims he’s crypto; well known italians are pointing this out with me) ‘spontaneously’ realizing he’d wrongly convicted an ‘innocent white man,’ aka a guilty jew. (The italian mafia, BTW, was completely run by the jewish one that had been here long before them; they were middlemen, contrary to the jew-propagated Hollywood myth, and often jewish mobsters would change their names to camouflage themselves as italians.) Oh the poor jews, such martyred comrades in the struggle! Rogers also posted about how the rape rate in NYC had skyrocketed by late last fall. Where was the evidence? What timing!

    And now the spring finds us heralded with tales of hard fought gains won by these defiant righteous ‘whites!’ Such paragons of the American working class dream!

    Dumb da dumb dumb…

    Or, are ‘pro-whites,’ dumb like foxes?

  4. Is there any truth to the argument that Jews are hostile to White people?

    There sure is. However, in the wake of this week’s South African election, I’d like to talk about a Jew who has emerged as her country’s foremost defender of the interests of White people: Helen Zille. Actually, Zille is a half-Jew (both her parents were half-Jews) who is married to a Christian, raised her children as Christians, and is a practicing Christian herself. So is she a Jew or not a Jew? You be the judge.

    In the election itself, the ANC romped to victory once again with more than 60% of the vote. Zille’s Democratic Alliance party finished second with 22.2%, almost 6 points higher than in the last election in 2009. The ANC won 8 of the 9 provinces while the DA won the Western Cape with nearly 60% of the vote.


    There is a useful map on that site showing that the DA (in yellow) dominated most districts in the western third of the country (the Western Cape and parts of the Northern and Eastern Cape provinces), while the ANC (in green) won most of the rest of the country. In Gauteng, the richest and most populous province, the DA had their second best showing with more than 30% of the vote, mostly in the White neighbourhoods of Pretoria and the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. There is a large yellow blob on the country’s northeastern border that cries out for explanation: this is Kruger National Park, thinly populated with mostly White game wardens and the like.

    The reason why the DA dominates the western third of SA is because this area is mainly populated by Coloureds rather than Blacks. I would estimate that the DA won about 60% of the Coloured vote, an incredible 80% of the White vote, maybe a quarter of the Asian/Indian vote, and even 5% or so of the Black vote. The ANC won about 75% of the Black vote with most of the rest going to Julius Malema’s fanatically anti-white and communist EFF party, and two competing Zulu parties, shown in red and pink in the southeastern part of the country.

    The politics of Zille and the DA are no one here’s cup of tea. They are liberal multiracialists committed to a unified South Africa. In this way SA may presage the future of American politics, with a mostly White and Asian liberal party facing off against a mainly Hispanic and Black socialist one. In fact, looking at the worldview of the GOP establishment, the future may already be here.

    The White “conservative” party in SA, the Freedom Front Plus, are worse than useless. After the 2009 election, they joined the ANC government in exchange for their leader getting the agriculture portfolio in cabinet. They are seemingly content to gather crumbs from the table of the new kaffir baas rather than offer any opposition to the ANC, leaving that role entirely to the DA. The FF+ received less than 1% of the vote in this election.

    The DA are gaining in popularity because — in stark contrast to the ANC — they have delivered relatively honest and competent government when and where they have been in power. Zille was a very effective mayor of Cape Town from 2006 to 2009 (she was selected as World Mayor of the Year in 2008) and has been premier of the Western Cape since 2009. Needless to say, the Western Cape under the DA has been far better managed than any of the other provinces under ANC rule.

    Of course the only long-term solution for the Whites and other minorities in SA is the secession of the Western Cape and surrounding areas. Unfortunately this is absolutely not in the DA’s platform. They have delusions of one day defeating the ANC and governing the entire country. Stranger things have happened (Detroit now has a white mayor), but this is very unlikely to ever occur. One problem is that Whites in post-apartheid SA have not consolidated themselves in any one area of the country. If a majority of South African Whites moved to the Western Cape, Northern Cape, and contiguous areas of the Eastern Cape (west of Port Elizabeth), then they could have a White and Coloured nation of their own free from Black nationalist domination under the ANC. But until then…

    There is, or rather was, a political party proposing just this; the Cape Party. But they didn’t run in this election and their website has disappeared, leading to the sad conclusion that they no longer exist. This is truly unfortunate as there is no longer any serious voice in the country proposing separation. I say “serious” because the Orania movement is anything but. Orania is almost 25 years old and still only has about 1000 settlers; in other words 99.9% of White South Africans have chosen not to move there. Also, contrary to popular belief, Orania is not a town but merely a Whites-only settlement on private land. Orania is part of the ANC-ruled municipality of Thembelihle, which is part of the ANC-ruled district of Pixley ka Seme, which is part of the ANC-ruled province of the Northern Cape, which, of course, is part of ANC-ruled SA as a whole. The White residents of Orania are lorded over by the ANC at all 4 levels of government. So much for self-determination.

    The only solution going forward that I can see is for secessionists to infiltrate the DA and attempt to take it over in the post-Zille era, which may be many years away. This can’t be a racialist movement because there is no area in the country larger than a neighbourhood where Whites form a majority. It has to be allied with Coloureds and Asians in a minority front opposed to Black rule. And it can only be done where minorities dominate demographically, i.e. in and around the Western Cape.

    For secession to work there needs to be a second Great Trek, this time with the Whites of Gauteng and the rest of the eastern two-thirds of the country trekking en masse west towards the Cape. Otherwise the Whites of Cape Town will be very unlikely to separate from their racial compatriots in the rest of the country. Unfortunately this hasn’t happened over the last 20 years in ANC-ruled South Africa. So the odds of it happening some time in the future don’t look very good. But that shouldn’t stop patriotic Whites from trying; after all they can see the likely alternative just north of the border in Zimbabwe.

  5. Who is Tal Fortgang? Either way I think Salon just says stupid shit for attention, their jefe, Joan Walsh constantly whines about “white privilege” and I doubt she’s jewish.

  6. Marcus says:

    ‘Joan Walsh constantly whines about “white privilege” and I doubt she’s jewish.’

    Jew by injection.

    The American Conservative article: ‘She needed to find some other way to occupy her subconscious mind, so she appropriated the identity of her Jewish husband and refashioned herself as a classic perfect mother.

    We had named our daughter Nora, after searching for a name with both Irish and Jewish roots—thank you, Nora Ephron! I realized how thoroughly I had transformed myself one Friday afternoon, sitting in a tiny chair at a tiny table at my daughter’s pre-school, eating challah the kids had baked themselves, drinking grape juice, and singing Shabbat songs. I realized I was as observant a Jew as I was a Catholic. Nora attended a wonderful Jewish Community Center pre-school, and I never missed a Shabbat. ‘

  7. ETA to my previous post:

    Besides Rogers’ promotion of jewish anti-white lies, Taylor’s assertion that jews have higher IQ’s than europeans is similarly anti-white propaganda. I know not one soul in the entire area of Jew York/Jew Jersey who believes this; whites/europeans who have tested IQ’s well into the 140’s and even 150’s and have witnessed direct attacks by jews on whites in academia and elsewhere can attest to just some of the ways the jews effect this distortion of reality.

    It’s common knowledge among europeans (as well as blacks) who have to live around dense populations of jews that they do not achieve this ‘superiority’ through innate talent, contrary to what the race realist camp tries to assert. AA enabled the jews to rig the competition with whites when they could never have otherwise competed on a level playing field and attained jewish privilege. Europeans, certainly, were simply too smart for the jews to be able to rise above without the jews having to resort to various forms of rigging the system (there are many and base violence is one of them), even as the jews were already class-advantaged coming out of Europe, and given that eastern european jews arrived in the US with capital being made instantaneously available to them, unlike the vast majority of european immigrants.

  8. Controlled opposition Jeppo. As you well know.

    No, I think the DA are a genuine opposition party. The FF+ on the other hand, they’re definitely controlled.

  9. “”…… A Second World War veteran who helped found the Anti-Apartheid Movement died after being knocked to the ground by a man who accused him of making a racist remark, a court has heard…..”””

    That’s just irony in a nut shell, Jury. How tragic and sad.

  10. It’s actually poetic justice.

    It would be rather funny to set some blacks on these civil rights hucksters.

    Have a black loiter around someone like Tim Wise’s house. The cops will be called and the dogs set on the noble savage.

  11. Borowski is more often a polish jewish name:

    Parkhurst is not as common but often an English jewish surname in places like Wisconsin (Parkhurst was the guy who directed the White Male Privilege video).

    Judge Barbaro had a history of affiliations with communists and radical civil rights advocacy in NYC; his family came from Sicily and Calabria (both mafia strongholds, and in both cases, full of conversos: http://forward.com/articles/169974/one-italians-secret-jewish-heritage/?p=all). While I’m not certain about Barbaro’s totally bizarre recanting of his verdict regarding a jewish NYC man, Kagan, whom he’d convicted of murdering a black, the weight of the evidence strongly suggests more going on here than meets the eye, both in Barbaro’s background, his career path that was so at odds with most of the NYC southern italians in some fundamental ways, and in the reversal. More of the evidence I’ve seen points to the fact that Kagan, the convicted jew, was indeed guilty; it would have already been very odd for an innocent jew to be convicted in NYC (or even a guilty one) and further, the trial wasn’t conducted in any way that would have reflected a bias:

    There has been significant discussion in the Amanda Knox case and in it’s offshoot organization, Injustice Anywhere (which is devoted to fighting cases of wrongful convictions in primarily the US), about the phenomenon of lower (and middle) class whites being the typical targets of malicious prosecutions and wrongful convictions. In 2012 the moderators there were called out for defending Al Sharpton during a discussion of the Trayvon Martin case, and their critics continued to expose the pattern of whites being scapegoated by the legal system. A jewish anti-dealth penalty advocate had gone on there at one point, right after Knox was acquitted, and suggested she’d been lucky as a white person to have escaped death, unlike so many blacks in the US. He got screamed off by some of Knox’ ‘pro-white’ critics who later impugned a mod for her defense of Sharpton.

    Knox and Sollecito were convicted of murdering a british exchange student, when in fact all the forensic and circumstantial completely implicates a black italian immigrant from Africa for the crime. Allen Dershowitz, Zionist Extraordinaire, has openly supported the railroading of Knox and claimed americans only consider her innocent because she’s ‘all american pretty,’ meaning, white, and a famous french jewish mathematician with personal ties to Guede, the murderer, has said the same thing, adding that Knox’ defenders don’t want to believe a ‘pretty blonde’ could be a murderer.

    Knox isn’t even, but who cares, she’s pretty and white… One could say the Duke Lacrosse players were too…

  12. Jeppo – you answered your own question about Jewess Zille, in SA:

    “The politics of Zille and the DA are no one here’s cup of tea. They are liberal multiracialists committed to a unified South Africa”

    There ya go.

    A Jew is a Jew is a Jew.

    I truly enjoyed the lovely irony of the Jew Wrobel, in SA, receiving well deserved poetic justice, in SA, by getting clocked by an immense Black Beast. Not the death, of course; I would never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER want every single entire Jew in the entire world to be beaten to death by a Pet Negro! Heaven forfend!! That would be truly TERRRRRIIIIBLE.

    I just enjoyed the irony.

  13. Captain John – Wise used to live in a Jewish enclave, right next to Negro neighborhoods, in Nashville.

    Dunno where It is now.

  14. The jewess Nadine Gordimer was also mugged in her own house, how delicious! I had to read its short story “Once Upon a Time in high school.” :/

  15. “thank you, Nora Ephron! I realized how thoroughly I had transformed myself one Friday afternoon, sitting in a tiny chair at a tiny table at my daughter’s pre-school, eating challah the kids had baked themselves, drinking grape juice, and singing Shabbat songs. I realized I was as observant a Jew as I was a Catholic. Nora attended a wonderful Jewish Community Center pre-school, and I never missed a Shabbat. ‘

    Do they not know that they eat and drink to their damnation?
    [ I Cor. 11:29]

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