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  1. I think the Kentucky LoS event should include some local issue, local enemy target – instead of just listing Obama in far away Washington as the enemy, problem.

    We had had good success in Middle Tennessee and recently Montgomery because we focused local attention on real, negative bad guys, groups in their area (Tyson foods/Donnie Smith, the SPLC).

    Making things personal, local – that’s the effective strategy of Saul Alinsky. Too often the conservative White side makes the enemy so e far away, nebulous entity like “big government”, “international finance” and regular White folks at the local level can’t focus on something so intangible or else they fall down in to Libertarian nonsense that all government is the problem, instead if racial realities, with real bad guys and good guys who they can oppose/support.

    Can’t we do some research and come up with a bad guy around these Kentucky? Isn’t there some selfish rich agribusiness owner who is bringing in sub minimum wage illegal alien workers, Somalians?

  2. Jack raises an excellent point. I’ve thought about this too: in my own area of TN, what issue is a pet peeve, a “hot button”, that we’re dealing with that the League would deal with completely differently…..were we in the driver’s seat?

    Folks don’t like Obama(rightly)….is this the best star to hitch this onto? Or should it be something unbelievably uncomfortable in their own backyard?

  3. I take the opposite view of our resident anti-Southern meddler from Chicago.

    Obama overwhelmingly lost Kentucky both times (more so when only counting white voters – and even more so when only counting Southern voters). 19,000 Kentuckians signed the secession petitions that followed his re-election 18 months ago. This is a good “big picture” issue to use to introduce Kentuckians to the League. There’s a danger in not focusing on the bigger picture from time to time.

  4. LLD, the late Tip O’Neil said “All politics are local”. True, a lot of folks are upset with Obama right now, but he’s going to be gone in in two years. A local issue that won’t go away will stay in the craw of folks for years. BTW, Jack Ryan maybe a “meddler”, but he’s not Anti-Southern. Please, get over your deep seated bias against friendly Copperheads like Jack and myself, we’re here to fight with you, not against you.

  5. Dalton: “True, a lot of folks are upset with Obama right now, but he’s going to be gone in in two years.”

    That’s true, but Obama is wildly unpopular everywhere in the South. Every demonstration thus far has addressed a local issue. This upcoming demonstration keeps things in perspective by addressing a more fundamental issue. I think this keeps a healthy balance between the two.

    Dalton: “BTW, Jack Ryan maybe a “meddler”, but he’s not Anti-Southern.”

    Jack Ryan visited SNN some months ago and showed his contempt for Southern nationalists. He views the SN movement as something that he can manipulate to meet his own goals. He lashes out with hatred towards SNs who don’t go along with his un-Southern agenda.

    Dalton: “Please, get over your deep seated bias against friendly Copperheads like Jack and myself . . ..

    I have no problem with Yankees who wish to humbly support us from afar. I don’t know either of you personally, but I don’t consider the two of you to be in the same league. JR’s comments have been far more offensive than anything I have seen from you.

  6. I just know that the attendance for this event is probably off the charts, especially on the heels of the international coverage!

  7. No news is pretty much good news on the Kentucky LS protest.

    We don’t have our first string LS there, Dr. Hill isn’t directing security, Hunter and Dr. Hill aren’t the only ones allowed to talk to the press. W don’t have a solid local issue, instead, it’s borderline revolutionary fantasy making secession from Obama’s Washingon happen this month in areas of Kentucky, the facts on the ground in Kentucky are the White Conservatives in Kentucky mostly support Amren White traitor of the year Sen. Rand Paul.

    So, I am hoping for mostly no news from this event – maybe 20 LS supporters do a solid meet and greet, wave at regular folks in passing cars and pick up trucks and nobody talks to the press – I really hope nothing much to do with guns firing live amo comes out of this.


  8. I think it is still going on.

    They were supposed to go to two places, Carrollton and Warsaw, which seem to be small towns. I’m not familiar with the area.

    Renee and I are focused on our son right now who is due to be born next Saturday. We’re going to the beach in Florida for two weeks after that. Then we are coming back and going to the League national conference at the end of June.

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