Ain’t That America: Birmingham 2014



50 Years Forward after MLK’s Birmingham campaign brought about the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the “liberated” black residents of Thugham have published a YouTube video that calls for “police bleeding” and “dropping a cop.”

MLK’s “Dream” has come true in Birmingham:

“Friends of a 21-year-old man fatally shot by a Jefferson County sheriff’s deputy one week ago have recorded a video lashing out at police, and some law enforcement officers countywide are on a heightened alert.

The three-minute video produced by BLACK DISTRICT is a tribute to Devante Kyshon “Red Man” Hinds, who died May 9 near Walmart and Milo’s on Parkway East. Authorities said Hinds tried to run a deputy over with a car and then was shot to death by lawmen.

Authorities said Hinds was involved with a heroin deal when he was shot. He was pronounced dead at a Birmingham hospital.

The video calls for leaving “police bleeding” and “dropping a cop” and has caused a stir among law enforcement, some of whom believe it is a not-so-veiled threat. “They are in an uproar and worried about some type of retaliation,” said one officer who didn’t want his name used. …”

SBPDL writes:

“The cameras of the civil rights movement left in 1963. But time didn’t stop. It kept moving forward, with white flight from Birmingham birthing a majority black city.

A majority black city, where the black youth threaten the police in rap videos.

In 2013 we celebrated “50 Years Forward”; the events of 1963 Birmingham helped shape America’s domestic racial policy from that day to today.

Now, black youth threaten to kill cops in the city.

America needs a reset so bad.”

… and the shots were heard from Red Mountain as “freedom” rang out through the hallways of the UAB trauma center. Ain’t That America.

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  1. These thug’s are absolutely smug in their arrogance. Right now they think they’re on top of the world, but in a few short years most of them will be in prison or a grave. Yep, they will find out that whites, especially cops, don’t appreciate being threatened with murder.

  2. Let’s get this video to every law enforcement contact, Republican elected official in the state of Alabama.

  3. Of the African American men in the sample, 5% carried two MAO-A promoters, the condition that Shih had found to be associated with higher levels of delinquency. Members of the two-promoter group were significantly more likely to have been arrested and imprisoned than African Americans who carried three or four promoters. The same comparison could not be made in white, or Caucasian, males, the researchers report, because only 0.1% carry the two-promoter allele.

    – Nicholas Wade (pg 56-57)

    A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History

  4. The problem is not these thuggish negroes. The problem is the blindness of the sheriff’s department and the lies fed to us by the media and school systems at large. I would bet dollars to doughnuts that Mike Hale and Randy Christian would swear up and down that A.C. Roper and William Bell are their equals and are indeed upstanding members of the community. There worst liars in the world are those that lie to themselves. Now the police are on high alert because their precious lives might be threatened. Guess what? That’s part of the trade you officers chose and it was that way when you chose it. While you bitch and moan about “officer safety” our streets and towns are being saturated with hard drugs like heroin and meth and overrun with nonWhite hordes. All the while this city government and county commission panders to the feds for scraps and lies to the citizenry.

  5. @It’s Gay To Be Homophobic

    Yes, wet sidewalks cause it to rain. Or perhaps people commit crime because prisons exist.

  6. You know, with the right political will, these humanoids could be swept up out of our communities and disposed of like dirt on the porch. They really are insignificant and totally unnecessary to humanity. Just a genetic failure that is being protected ………..for now.

  7. The blacks in Birmingham invaded. Birmingham is a old steel town. There is no particular reason for blacks to have colonized it.

  8. @WG
    GMTA re: Rhodesia.

    Did you notice they were toyi-toying like the ANC mobs in South Africa?

  9. Just so we’re clear, “fuk da po-leese” is OK but my use of the politically incorrect term “nigger” isn’t?

    If I can’t describe those particular apes as “niggers” without flack from fellow whites then we have lost.

  10. @ Gay who is really a Fag –

    You make the case against your group when you attack whites who did not commit the wrong only a very small percentage did 150 years ago. So should I be demanding reparations from blacks for my forbears who freed them from slavery?

    People like you make it very difficult to defend gays.

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