SECEDE Billboard Campaign Hits Snag, Gets on Drudge Report, Makes National News


The League of the South’s second billboard in Montgomery, Alabama was taken down over the weekend by Lamar Advertising.

Here are the reasons why I am not concerned:

Secede billboard gets on Drudge Report
Secede billboard gets on Drudge Report

1.) It is my understanding that the League is getting their money back plus a ton of free publicity. Thus, as long as the League has the money to pay for a billboard, it is inevitable that the second billboard will go up again … somewhere.

2.) The SECEDE billboard in Montgomery has already generated statewide publicity in three stories by There is now an AP story circulating on the bottom right corner of the Drudge Report.  I’m hearing that there will be even more publicity now that the billboard has been taken down amid controversy.

At the end of the day, the SECEDE billboard will probably go up somewhere else in Montgomery and will have generated far more publicity for the League than the last billboard in Tallahassee.

3.) The League will consult with its lawyers and will file a lawsuit depending on their legal advice about the nature of the contract – a legal victory in court can be used to show the League’s supporters that it is willing to fight to defend their interests.

4.)  It is important to keep in mind that this is the third billboard that has been put up by the League of the South. The “Get The US Off The USS Titanic” billboard on I-75 in south Georgia didn’t generate any publicity from the media. There have also been other billboards which haven’t been sponsored by the League which didn’t attract any publicity from the media.

As I pointed out in “The Logic of Street Demonstrations,” the mistakes of the past are valuable because we gain more practical experience. We learned from the south Georgia billboard that we needed a more provocative billboard and setting. We learned from other billboards that we needed a simpler message.

This experience has underscored the importance of developing a legal arm of the League of the South to defend our interests in court. It has demonstrated that the “SECEDE” message is provocative enough to generate significant publicity. It has also demonstrated the importance of developing stronger institutions and will certainly spur the evolution of the League further down that path.

5.) We have learned that not everyone who is League member or sympathizer is inclined toward being an activist in the spotlight at public demonstrations. The billboard campaign is an easy way to channel the energies and resources of League members and sympathizers who prefer to remain in the background. The League has now shown how the resources of these people can be channeled into generating positive publicity that will grow the Southern Nationalist movement.

The overarching goal of the billboard campaign and the street demonstrations was to take the “movement” off the internet and back into the real world. The League has been statewide news in Alabama for the last two weekends in a row.

Note: You can sign the petition to restore the SECEDE billboard here.

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  1. Logan Smith says:
    May 20, 2014 at 2:26 am
    “I’m not a “White Supremacist” or a white nationalist”

    You cannot be a White Supremacist in a country just for Whites. No non-Whites in your country, means there are no non-Whites to lord it over. Therefore a White Nationalist cannot be a White Supremacist.

    Its amazing people can’t see truths that are right in front of them. But that’s what psychological warfare does to people. It inhibits their ability to think.

  2. BTW Brad, stop beating the horse. It’s dead already. Quit posting links to your media coverage. They are all the same syndicated story. I went through them all. The only original reporting was WAKA, The Anniston Star editorial, and 3 blog posts. Everything else is a cut and paste of the pitifully brief AP blurb. That’s a bad day, no other way to spin it. Even when there’s controversy, no one cares.

  3. “All I care about is having my State’s flag fly without the US empire’s flying on top. All I care about is being free from DC, and I don’t really mind whatever form of government or political philosophy will make us free, as long as we can retain our culture, heritage, and morality”

    You can’t have freedom in a multiracial country. As soon as they brought “minorities” into Europe, they brought in “hate speech” laws to protect them. As Europe and America have turned darker, they have become more Orwellian.

    And you can’t have your White Man Traditions in a non-White country either. Colonizing peoples have their own cultures and traditions, they aren’t going to adapt to yours when they outnumber you.

    If you want the program of White Genocide to continue, there is no point seceding at all. That would be about as productive as running on ice.

  4. EricD, we can stop what’s happening to us. The blacks here are really not that big of a threat, if you get rid of the “hate crimes”, and just focus on quelling crime. In a free South, we will be able to do that, but you don’t have to rub it in people’s faces that it’s this particular race or that. It shouldn’t matter, just as long as criminals are being charged justly, and we can deal with social issues without PC getting in the way.

    I don’t believe in PC, I just don’t think it helps pointing out certain folks short comings. It would be beneficial to maybe wink at certain things, then blatantly holler it out. It would make it easier for folks just now waking up to accept our cause. Then again, whatever works, and whatever gets people supporting us, I don’t really care.

  5. Yes you made the point. My count is 80 cut and paste syndicated blurbs from the short original by AP, and 5 original stories, 3 of which are blog posts from the same writer and 1 an editorial. Wah, Wah, Wah, Waaaaah. Even a master propagandist can’t spin that into a WIN. Technically, you garnered next to no coverage.

  6. @Logan Smith
    Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, Africans, Arabs, etc, they are coming into all White countries in their unending millions. While their countries are untouched by this racial replacement.

    Always the migration is one way, from non-White to White. Diversity means chasing down the last White person.

    Whites are only 8% of the world population and White children are a minority in America, so you better start thinking like a minority that is under threat.

    You are still thinking like a 1950s White Supremacist, who thinks Whites are a majority and no harm can come to us. You are living in a past that is long gone.

  7. “I don’t believe in PC”

    Yet you have been saying we we should not talk about race, to appeize “PC”. So in reality you do support “PC”.

    You need to to get your head straight. Your mind has been twisted in knots, by PC double think.

  8. The Leftist, anti-White troll says that tons of newspapers across the US printing the same article about the League is a ‘bad day’ for us – all of whom mentioned that we want the South to be independent from the USA. lol Ridiculous. I would rather have 100 people on message than 500 people saying a bunch of different things. A consistent message always prevails.

    • We basically got a lot of free publicity out of this for the minor inconvenience of having to put the billboard up somewhere else. In the future, the same thing will happen if it is taken down in another state. It will be a win-win scenario.

      • Spelunker is just mad because hundreds of blog posts have proven ineffective. A year ago, he was writing breathless articles about Matt Heimbach and Scott Terry. A month ago, Ron Doggett was going to be arrested for distributing easter eggs. A few days ago, Andrew Tracey was going to be arrested for littering.

  9. Eric, with an independent South, we can make our immigration more strict, like in the Faroe Islands and Greenland. I also realize we are a minority, with a very low percentage.

    On your second point; I’m not advocating PC, I just think we ought to ease things on to folks instead of blasting them in the face with it. I don’t know, maybe we’re so far down the road that it doesn’t matter. Maybe folks just don’t care anymore, as long as we offer a why out of the reign of DC. Whatever works, I was just trying to offer some advice. I know when I’m talking to people I know about political issues, I tend to use euphemisms with a wink and a nudge. They tend to take that better than if I were to come out and say everything bluntly. They know what I mean either way, it’s just an easier pill to swallow.

  10. @Little PP

    You can spin it however you would like. The truth is, and you can ask anyone in media, those syndicated AP pieces don’t reach many people. Those pieces get buried on page 21 in Newspapers and online they get hits in the single digits sometimes. Also, in terms of original reporting, you garnered 6 stories yesterday, 3 were blog posts, 1 was an editorial and another was the syndicated AP blurb. I don’t hear you arguing that fact. If you don’t believe me, go check for yourself. The majority of your major “international” coverage came from 1 AP story, that’s it. If you’re content with that then fine, but you are kidding yourself and inflating it into being more than what it is. At the end of the day, you should be embarrassed that Florida Fire-Eater is bragging on Facebook that he’s receiving death threats from people who found your trash in their driveways and that the public told the advertising company they didn’t want to see your “message”. Your message does not resonate in the South or America as a whole. Secede is just step one, why don’t you ever talk about step two? Why do you feel it necessary to leave out the most important part? Don’t you think that’s being just a tad bit disingenuous? By the way Little PP, what is the tattoo on your Right arm that you wish people not talk about?

  11. It doesn’t lessen coverage if people are reading the same article from one city to the next vs. reading dozens of original articles.

  12. You are right. It does not lessen coverage. Quantity over quality is fine for you. That’s fine. I’m sure there are a ton of prleople who have converted to Southern White Nationalism because of this. Your next rally is going to be insane. It will be a sea of supporters!

  13. Spelunker, why are you so against secession? Not the individual people who run the LS, but secession in and of itself. What is so bad about a people forming their own government, and deciding their own way, that you come here and irritate this website? I never see you on southernnationalist, and I’ve definitely never seen you on any altright websites, which would seem to be more of a priority than secessionists. Why do you only come onto this particular website, but no other?

  14. The League wants people who are already inclined toward secession – the sort of people who signed the secession petitions after the 2012 election – to hear about our activities and know there is an active and organized secession movement in Alabama and other Southern states.

  15. The entire idea of Secession is not encapsulated in one experience. The fact that people want to SECEDE means there is a systemic problem. I think for those in the movement, some of those problems are different. If Secession happens, I for one do not want an Oligarchy of so called intellects running the show. What is the goal? To me, it is simple, self government at the consent of the governed. Again, I beg the question, what is the goal? Again, what is the goal? What is the focus? I support secession 100 percent. However, I am not a robot to be programmed in one particular pedagogy of action. I think South Carolina joining the nations of the Earth is a good idea. What Florida, Texas and Alabama do, is up to them. I support them, but would sure love to see some SECEDE signs going up in South Carolina. Again what is the goal? I suppose as long as I beat my drum to the beat of the other drummer, all will be well, however, I am a Saxophone and that’s what makes a symphony.

  16. Robert, I completely agree. I reckon the goal is to….well, govern ourselves. Whatever we want South Carolina to be; whether it’s a Republic, Monarchy, Oligarchy, Communist, Fascist, Theocracy that’s what it will be. The goal, I believe, is for South Carolinians to control South Carolina, with no one else dictating how we live. We ought to have the right to control our borders, dictate our social laws, and decide who we want to do business with, without outsiders telling us otherwise. That’s my goal, anyway.

    Hunter, that makes sense. Not too long ago, there were a-plenty of Confederate flags around. SN has done a great job fixing that image, especially with the changing of colours. Although, there’s still a Confederate flag at dixienet. Do you think that will ever be replaced with a Southern Nationalist flag, the black St. Andrews cross?

  17. Wow, that’s good news, Hunter. I know that website hasn’t changed in a while, and definitely needs a revamp.

    That reminds me, is that old “radio” station still running?

  18. Why do you only come onto this particular website, but no other?

    The answer should be obvious. If you had a blog or website that was claiming to be about the practical applications of a pro-White message, would you allow its[anti-White] presence to dictate the flow and atmosphere of your message? If you were an anti-White, where would you go to spread your message?

    It’s really no different than the approach AmRen takes when it allows Asiaphiles and various other sycophants and apologists to roam freely, while it continues to sanitize and scrub comments that are obviously a little more pro-White than some of the crap they don’t filter out. AmRen will NEVER even come close to reaching critical mass because of this. It can hold another 50 conferences over the next 50 years and it will not grow much beyond what it had already accomplished by its tenth year in existence. And when I say grow, I mean growth in the sense of it being any kind of impetus for a pro-White revolution or path to autonomy for White people. When Jared croaks, AmRen will cease to exist and that will be the end of it. No plan, no path, no inspiration, no warriors, philosophers and poets to carry on the legacy.

    The entire pro-White sphere already has enough disagreement and drama to last a thousand lifetimes. There are a million and one “arguments” to be made within that sphere before you even begin injecting the anti-White voices. Fooling one’s self into believing that you are winning something or gaining something by jousting with the anti-Whites on your small little piece of the Internet is simply naive. When it’s all said and done you’ve gained very little aside from preaching to the choir, and in the process lost a priceless commodity called Time. Hunter, like many others, is just going to have to learn the hard way.

    So to answer your question: What Spelunker is doing here isn’t to be honest or truthful or to even win an argument. No, he’s here to keep your message predictable, corralled and waste your time in an arena that would allow him to waste your time. I have to say, he’s doing a pretty good job.

  19. The new website will be and it’ll be much more modern. It will look a bit similar to the Vlaams Belang website of our Flemish nationalist friends and will be much more visual and oriented towards media and activism. I think the imagery from the 1860s will be replaced with images of what we’re doing now.

  20. An updated website would be great. Many of the Europeans Nationalists sites look great. I really like the BNP. While I find the Confederate constitution a fantastic document, especially after the financial debacle 2008 which could not have occurred under it, Confederate imagery does not fit our cause. The “heritage not hate” folks bend all the time at the mention of racism. Southern Nationalist do not apologise over someone’s perception of racism, we just don’t care. The young leaders are doing a great job. Secession is going to become a major issue in many regions and countries the coming years. This issue is not on the decline nor is the League.

  21. I’ve been on board since the beginning with the new SN flag, but it lacks the recognition, the emotional appeal, and the precedent as a symbol of our people that the Confederate flag has.

    As I’ve said before, I think demoting our traditional flags to historical objects of the 1860s is a mistake. At some point, we’ll need a civic flag for our folk state. I can’t think of a better option than the Confederate flag (the rectangular one with the full Saltire). I don’t view the flag as having lost its importance or meaning just because the 1860s are over. It has remained a de facto symbol of our people ever since.

    Speaking of Vlaams Belang, the flag they use has been in use for more than 1000 years. As far as I’m aware, every nationalist party in Europe uses a traditional flag of its people. I’d be surprised if any of them want to distance themselves from their flags or talk of them as merely historical objects. A Golden Dawn rally, for instance, is a sea of Greek flags.

  22. Logan Smith: “LLD, I understand that, but some new dissenter might not. I’m just suggesting to prioritize topics. We will definitely deal with immigration and the like after secession, but first we need to attract the former Republicans who’ve been indoctrinated. You don’t give a starving man a feast, for instance. You ease him back onto eating. Some of these ideas might be too much to handle for a lot of folks to handle, like a child spitting out medicine.”

    I can agree with that to a point. I don’t recommend throwing the entire racial agenda at every prospective member. But I also don’t recommend hiding the agenda until after independence. In fact, race can be a major recruiting tool. Southerners are fed up with mass immigration and enforced equality. If we avoid addressing those issues or if we water them down heavily, like we did in the 1990s, then we’ll lose potentially good members and we’ll attract more conservative-minded members who aren’t interested in making waves. Essentially, we need to decide which type of member we want. I think the League is choosing wisely in opting for a message that appeals to a younger, more radical, and more pro-active group of Southerners.

  23. @HulkLogan

    “Spelunker, why are you so against secession? Not the individual people who run the LS, but secession in and of itself.”

    Because I can.

    “What is so bad about a people forming their own government, and deciding their own way”


    “that you come here and irritate this website? I never see you on southernnationalist, and I’ve definitely never seen you on any altright websites, which would seem to be more of a priority than secessionists. Why do you only come onto this particular website, but no other?”

    It’s fun.


    “So to answer your question: What Spelunker is doing here isn’t to be honest or truthful or to even win an argument. No, he’s here to keep your message predictable, corralled and waste your time in an arena that would allow him to waste your time. I have to say, he’s doing a pretty good job.”

    I am, aren’t I?

  24. So, you really don’t have any political or philosophical reason for going against us. You just want to aggravate us. You really are just a troll.

  25. I don’t know. I saw a troll in Harry Potter once, but he didn’t look anything like me. It’s possible though.

  26. Spelunker might be a high-functioning autistic man or have some other form of mental illness. He definitely does not seem aware of how he comes across. Disavowing violence is the only thing he has written worth reading. And the only value in that he is an EXCEPTION among white-hating Jews, not the rule, because nearly all anti-white activists promote violence.

  27. Being a dick isn’t the same as destroying someone’s argument. It was all preconceptions and assumptions on the part of that host.

  28. Logan, what are you talking about? Hill was woefully underprepared to answer tough questions. The League DOES NOT have any plan for secession. Even if it was a reachable goal, which it isn’t, you don’t have a plan, of any kind. I know the argument will be, well, we have to get there first… How in the hell do you expect to convince people without having answers to simple questions?

    The host made a very good point. Even if there were Blacks and Hispanics who were down with your “fight” against Federal tyranny, you wouldn’t accept them in your hypothetical Dixie after you broke away. That right there is there reason no one supports you. LOS has a very small core of supporters. There is no movement of any kind. No one is being attracted by your message. Stop buying into all the nonsense propaganda that Cushman and Griffin feed you.

  29. Spelunkerstein: Oh no. Another snag. This time it’s your leader.

    You think throwing out the unoriginal and ill-defined “Nazi” slur is an example of winning an argument?

    Once again, the Left shows that it is more interested in labelling its opponents than in arguing the issues. The only thing I would fault Dr. Hill with here is going too much on the defensive. We’ll never win by acting defensively against the Left’s slurs.

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