Elliot Rodger’s Retribution


I just heard the news about the Eurasian loser in California, Elliot Rodger, aka the “supreme gentleman,” who went on a shooting spree after he couldn’t get a date with a beautiful blonde White woman:

Update: Here’s the link to Elliot Rodger’s YouTube channel. Check out “Why do girls hate me so much?” and “Life is so unfair because girls don’t want me” and  “I’m awesome” and “My reaction to seeing a young couple at the beach, Envy.”

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  1. What’s interesting about Pike is that her eyes are very dark, distinctly so. Sorta soft and warm, but she is quite clearly a natural blonde. It always seemed to be her selling point.
    I grew up around a fair number of women that looked like her back home. The carpets matched the curtains. But plenty of soft brown eyes.

  2. “Is she actually wearing brown contacts? I doubt it.”

    I doubt it too as she has steel blue eyes. They are merely in the shade here.

    Google her images. They are clearly steel blue in 90% of the pictures. They are only “dark” when there is no light on them.

  3. “They came to steal people. They were slave traders.”

    That’s true but they also settled in Northeast England. According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle they “proceeded to plough and support themselves.” If nothing else English contains many words of Norse origin.


    John, I’m really shocked to hear that you are so uninformed about the history of Norse England.

  4. “They call these “blue” in the accompanying text but looking with my own eyes I’d say they are brown. “

    I’d say you are blind. She is backlit in that picture so her blue eyes are particularly dark but are still blue. That’s a particularly low res photo BTW. The vast majority of her portraits photos are clearly steel blue and show no brown whatsoever.

  5. Lighten the fuck up old man. You’ll give yourself a goddamn heart attack.

  6. Heartiste has a post up discussing the possibility he was a repressed homo. It would be interesting to know just how many of the spree/serial killers are homosexuals. The Columbine killers among others were homos. I found this in the comments. Turns out Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza had homosexual child porn on his computer, a detail buried by the media.


  7. Lew, I read widely, and to the best of my knowledge, nearly every serial/spree killer I’ve ever read about was a sodomite. It’s a part of their psychopathology.

  8. Oh poop, another crisis actor explanation for this tragedy! Accusing the grieving father of being a crisis actor is the most heartless thing I’ve ever seen or heard. NYYankees, you’re one of the most gullible idiot commentators we have here. It’s no wonder Jack Ryan rakes you over the coals all the time. You see, like far too many others in WN/SN, a conspiracy in everything that happens. This crisis actor balderdash has been exposed time and time again as nonsense, yet people like you who can’t except the real world explanation that dung happens, grab onto stuff like this because it fits your paranoid world view. Start realizing random acts of violence happen more than vast conspiracies. You will sleep better at nights.

  9. This page is hilarious. None of you are even euroepan yet you are bashing this kid for being half Asian! you’re all mongrelised yanks! Mediterranean men are handsome. WHite American men are ugly as they are too non-descript for my liking. Shapeless faces, stubby chins, malformed bodies bc of steroid filled milk and crap diets. I can tell you that I lived in the US for 4 yrs and met maybe 4 men that were good looking that weren’t foreigners from Europe. FOUR! ONe was latino (mostly Spanish), one INdian, and the others Italian americans. The reason game of thrones uses Englishmen? americans look like non-descript and have absolutely no shape to their faces. UGLY and that’s why non-white men have luck with your women. And half the WN’s I met in the US had oriental gf’s . youre all frauds

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